Cahier D Un Retour Au Pays Natal French Edition Presence Africaine Edition By Cesaire Aime 2000

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The French Atlantic Triangle

The French Atlantic Triangle Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822388839
FileSize: 1291kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1291


The French Atlantic Triangle by Summary

The French slave trade forced more than one million Africans across the Atlantic to the islands of the Caribbean. It enabled France to establish Saint-Domingue, the single richest colony on earth, and it connected France, Africa, and the Caribbean permanently. Yet the impact of the slave trade on the cultures of France and its colonies has received surprisingly little attention. Until recently, France had not publicly acknowledged its history as a major slave-trading power. The distinguished scholar Christopher L. Miller proposes a thorough assessment of the French slave trade and its cultural ramifications, in a broad, circum-Atlantic inquiry. This magisterial work is the first comprehensive examination of the French Atlantic slave trade and its consequences as represented in the history, literature, and film of France and its former colonies in Africa and the Caribbean. Miller offers a historical introduction to the cultural and economic dynamics of the French slave trade, and he shows how Enlightenment thinkers such as Montesquieu and Voltaire mused about the enslavement of Africans, while Rousseau ignored it. He follows the twists and turns of attitude regarding the slave trade through the works of late-eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century French writers, including Olympe de Gouges, Madame de Staël, Madame de Duras, Prosper Mérimée, and Eugène Sue. For these authors, the slave trade was variously an object of sentiment, a moral conundrum, or an entertaining high-seas “adventure.” Turning to twentieth-century literature and film, Miller describes how artists from Africa and the Caribbean—including the writers Aimé Césaire, Maryse Condé, and Edouard Glissant, and the filmmakers Ousmane Sembene, Guy Deslauriers, and Roger Gnoan M’Bala—have confronted the aftermath of France’s slave trade, attempting to bridge the gaps between silence and disclosure, forgetfulness and memory.

Postcolonial Thought in the French Speaking World

Postcolonial Thought in the French Speaking World Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Charles Forsdick,David Murphy
Editor: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 1802079343
FileSize: 1878kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1878


Postcolonial Thought in the French Speaking World by Charles Forsdick,David Murphy Summary

In the late 1990’s, Postcolonial Studies risked imploding as a credible area of academic enquiry. Repeated anthologization and an overemphasis on the English-language literatures led to sustained critiques of the field and to an active search for alternative approaches to the globalized and transnational formations of the post-colonial world. In the early twenty-first century, however, postcolonial began to reveal a new openness to its comparative dimensions. French-language contributors to postcolonial debate (such as Edouard Glissant and Abdelkebir Khatibi) have recently risen to greater prominence in the English-speaking world, and there have also appeared an increasing number of important critical and theoretical texts on postcolonial issues, written by scholars working principally on French-language material. It is to such a context that this book responds. Acknowledging these shifts, this volume provides an essential tool for students and scholars outside French departments seeking a way into the study of Francophone colonial postcolonial debates. At the same time, it supplies scholars in French with a comprehensive overview of essential ideas and key intellectuals in this area.

The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination

The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Philip Kaisary
Editor: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 0813935482
FileSize: 1883kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1883


The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination by Philip Kaisary Summary

The Haitian Revolution (1791–1804) reshaped the debates about slavery and freedom throughout the Atlantic world, accelerated the abolitionist movement, precipitated rebellions in neighboring territories, and intensified both repression and antislavery sentiment. The story of the birth of the world’s first independent black republic has since held an iconic fascination for a diverse array of writers, artists, and intellectuals throughout the Atlantic diaspora. Examining twentieth-century responses to the Haitian Revolution, Philip Kaisary offers a profound new reading of the representation of the Revolution by radicals and conservatives alike in primary texts that span English, French, and Spanish languages and that include poetry, drama, history, biography, fiction, and opera. In a complementary focus on canonical works by Aimé Césaire, C. L. R. James, Edouard Glissant, and Alejo Carpentier in addition to the work of René Depestre, Langston Hughes, and Madison Smartt Bell, Kaisary argues that the Haitian Revolution generated an enduring cultural and ideological inheritance. He addresses critical understandings and fictional reinventions of the Revolution and thinks through how, and to what effect, authors of major diasporic texts have metamorphosed and appropriated this spectacular corner of black revolutionary history.

Modernist Literature and European Identity

Modernist Literature and European Identity Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Birgit Van Puymbroeck
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000088375
FileSize: 1226kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1226


Modernist Literature and European Identity by Birgit Van Puymbroeck Summary

Modernist Literature and European Identity examines how European and non-European authors debated the idea of Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. It shifts the focus from European modernism to modernist Europe, and shows how the notion of Europe was constructed in a variety of modernist texts. Authors such as Ford Madox Ford, T. S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, Aimé Césaire, and Nancy Cunard each developed their own notion of Europe. They engaged in transnational networks and experimented with new forms of writing, supporting or challenging a European ideal. Building on insights gained from global modernism and network theory, this book suggests that rather than defining Europe through a set of core principles, we may also regard it as an open or weak construct, a crossroads where different authors and views converged and collided.

Frankétienne and Rewriting

Frankétienne and Rewriting Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rachel Douglas
Editor: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739136356
FileSize: 1213kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1213


Frankétienne and Rewriting by Rachel Douglas Summary

'Rewriting' in the context of critical work on Caribbean literature has tended to be used to discuss revisionism from a variety of postcolonial perspectives, such as 'rewriting history' or 'rewriting canonical texts.' By shifting the focus to how Caribbean writers return to their own works in order to rework them, this book offers theoretical considerations to postcolonial studies on 'literariness' in relation to the near-obsessive degree of rewriting to which Caribbean writers have subjected their own literary texts. Focusing specifically on FrankZtienne, this book offers an overview of how the defining aesthetic and thematic components of FrankZtienne's major works have emerged over the course of his forty-year writing career. It reveals the marked development of key notions guiding his literary creation since the 1960s, and demonstrates that rewriting illustrates the central aesthetic of the Spiral which has always shaped his Iuvre. It is, the book argues, the constantly moving form of the Spiral which FrankZtienne explores through his constant reworking of his previously written texts. FrankZtienne and Rewriting negotiates between the literary and material ends of the burgeoning field of postcolonial studies, arguing that literary characteristics in FrankZtienne connect with changing political, social, economic, and cultural circumstances in the Haiti he rewrites.

France and Indochina

France and Indochina Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kathryn Robson,Jennifer Yee
Editor: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739155172
FileSize: 1428kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1428


France and Indochina by Kathryn Robson,Jennifer Yee Summary

At the intersection of literary, cultural, and postcolonial studies, this volume looks at French perceptions of 'Indochina' as they are conveyed through a variety of media including cinema, literature, art, and historical or anthropological writings. The volume is long awaited, as France's memory of 'Indochina' is understudied compared to its relationship with its former colonies in West and North Africa. The book has contemporary urgency as the makeup of France's immigrant population changes and grows to include Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotioan populations.

The Changing Face of Afro-Caribbean Cultural Identity

The Changing Face of Afro-Caribbean Cultural Identity Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mamadou Badiane
Editor: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1461634296
FileSize: 1710kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1710


The Changing Face of Afro-Caribbean Cultural Identity by Mamadou Badiane Summary

The Changing Face of Afro-Caribbean Cultural Identity: Negrismo and Négritude looks primarily at Negrismo and Négritude, two literary movements that appeared in the Francophone and Hispanic Caribbean as well as in Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century. It draws on speeches and manifestos, and use cultural studies to contextualize ideas. It poses the bases of both movements in the Caribbean and in Africa, and lays out the literary antecedents that influenced or shaped both movements. This book examines the search for cultural identity through the poetry of Nicolas Guillén, Manuel del Cabral, and Palés Matos. This search is extended to the Négritude movement through the poems of Léopold Senghor, Léon-Gontran Damas, and Aimé Césaire. Mamadou Badiane further discusses the under-represented Négritude women writers who were silenced by their male counterparts during the first half of the twentieth century. Ultimately, this is a book on Caribbean cultural identity that shows it in a slippery and fluctuating zone. By demonstrating that while the founders of the Négritude movement both identified themselves as descendants of Africans and were proud to proclaim their African heritage, the members of the Antillanité and Créolité movements see themselves as a product of miscegenation between different cultures.

Art, Creativity, and Politics in Africa and the Diaspora

Art, Creativity, and Politics in Africa and the Diaspora Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Abimbola Adelakun,Toyin Falola
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319913107
FileSize: 1431kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1431


Art, Creativity, and Politics in Africa and the Diaspora by Abimbola Adelakun,Toyin Falola Summary

This book explores the politics of artistic creativity, examining how black artists in Africa and the diaspora create art as a procedure of self-making. Essays cross continents to uncover the efflorescence of black culture in national and global contexts and in literature, film, performance, music, and visual art. Contributors place the concerns of black artists and their works within national and transnational conversations on anti-black racism, xenophobia, ethnocentrism, migration, resettlement, resistance, and transnational feminisms. Does art by the subaltern fulfill the liberatory potential that critics have ascribed to it? What other possibilities does political art offer? Together, these essays sort through the aesthetics of daily life to build a thesis that reflects the desire of black artists and cultures to remake themselves and their world.

Francophonie littéraire du Sud

Francophonie littéraire du Sud Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Najib Redouane
Editor: Editions L\'Harmattan
ISBN: 2296140432
FileSize: 1561kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1561


Francophonie littéraire du Sud by Najib Redouane Summary

Le présent ouvrage vise à montrer que la Francophonie littéraire apparaît de plus en plus comme un espace de création de par le monde avec pour unité linguistique la langue française et pour richesse la nécessaire complémentarité des différences pluriculturelles. Les études réunies ici proposent des réflexions critiques sur les oeuvres d'écrivains africains (Mongo Béti, Aminata Sow Fal), antillais (Justin Lhérisson, Aimé Césaire, René Depestre, Edouard Glissant, Ernest Pépin) et maghrébins (Rachid Mimouni, Assia Djebar et Abdelhak Serhane).

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cary D. Wintz,Paul Finkelman
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135455368
FileSize: 845kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 845


Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance by Cary D. Wintz,Paul Finkelman Summary

From the music of Louis Armstrong to the portraits by Beauford Delaney, the writings of Langston Hughes to the debut of the musical Show Boat, the Harlem Renaissance is one of the most significant developments in African-American history in the twentieth century. The Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, in two-volumes and over 635 entries, is the first comprehensive compilation of information on all aspects of this creative, dynamic period. For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit the Encyclopedi a of Harlem Renaissance website.

Postcolonial Slavery

Postcolonial Slavery Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Charlotte Baker,Jennifer Jahn
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443814571
FileSize: 954kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 954


Postcolonial Slavery by Charlotte Baker,Jennifer Jahn Summary

This collection of eight essays by research students and academics from the UK, France, Germany and the USA examining different forms and manifestations of postcolonial slavery underlines the significance of the year 2007, marking the bicentennial anniversary of the passage of the British law banning the slave trade. Slavery and its legacies galvanized a diachronic series of ethnic crossings and transformations that engendered new and complex patterns of crosscultural contact. And the importance of communities of runaway slaves can scarcely be overstated as a symbol of an insistent black resistance and self-affirmation. But in bringing the material realities of slavery to the forefront of the imagination, this volume also highlights the marginalization of British and French colonial practices in institutionalized frameworks of historical knowledge. Actively contesting the related traumas of transplantation, the middle passage, and the fracturing of the collective memory, and drawing actively on a wide range of approaches and perspectives, this collection seeks to reinscribe a material historical consciousness of slavery and its legacies through a strategic interaction between history, subjectivity, and representation. —H. Adlai Murdoch, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Architextual Authenticity

Architextual Authenticity Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jason Herbeck
Editor: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 1786948214
FileSize: 683kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 683


Architextual Authenticity by Jason Herbeck Summary

Construction of identity has constituted a vigorous source of debate in the Caribbean from the early days of colonization to the present, and under the varying guises of independence, departmentalization, dictatorship, overseas collectivity and occupation. Given the strictures and structures of colonialism long imposed upon the colonized subject, the (re)makings of identity have proven anything but evident when it comes to determining authentic expressions and perceptions of the postcolonial self. By way of close readings of both constructions in literature and the construction of literature, Architextual Authenticity: Constructing Literature and Literary Identity in the French Caribbean proposes an original, informative frame of reference for understanding the long and ever-evolving struggle for social, cultural, historical and political autonomy in the region. Taking as its point of focus diverse canonical and lesser-known texts from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti published between 1958 and 2013, this book examines the trope of the house (architecture) and the meta-textual construction of texts (architexture) as a means of conceptualizing and articulating how authentic means of expression are and have been created in French-Caribbean literature over the greater part of the past half-century—whether it be in the context of the years leading up to or following the departmentalization of France’s overseas colonies in the 1940’s, the wrath of Hurricane Hugo in 1989, or the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010.

Not at Home in One's Home

Not at Home in One's Home Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Víctor Figueroa
Editor: Associated University Presse
ISBN: 9780838641774
FileSize: 1373kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1373


Not at Home in One's Home by Víctor Figueroa Summary

This study examines the work of three important 20th century Caribbean poets, focusing on one major work by each of them: Pales Matos' 'Tuntun de pasa y griferia' (Puerto Rico); Cesaire's 'Cahier d'un retour au pays natal' (Martinique), and Derek Walcott's 'Omeros' (St. Lucia).

Packaging Post/Coloniality

Packaging Post/Coloniality Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard Watts
Editor: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739158597
FileSize: 641kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 641


Packaging Post/Coloniality by Richard Watts Summary

Packaging Post/Coloniality reads the marketing matter surrounding works of Francophone literature as an important though overlooked source in the cultural history of colonialism and the articulation of new identities in France and the Francophone world.

A Companion to African Literatures

A Companion to African Literatures Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Olakunle George
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111905821X
FileSize: 1003kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1003


A Companion to African Literatures by Olakunle George Summary

Rediscover the diversity of modern African literatures with this authoritative resource edited by a leader in the field How have African literatures unfolded in their rich diversity in our modern era of decolonization, nationalisms, and extensive transnational movement of peoples? How have African writers engaged urgent questions regarding race, nation, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality? And how do African literary genres interrelate with traditional oral forms or audio-visual and digital media? A Companion to African Literatures addresses these issues and many more. Consisting of essays by distinguished scholars and emerging leaders in the field, this book offers rigorous, deeply engaging discussions of African literatures on the continent and in diaspora. It covers the four main geographical regions (East and Central Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa), presenting ample material to learn from and think with. A Companion To African Literatures is divided into five parts. The first four cover different regions of the continent, while the fifth part considers conceptual issues and newer directions of inquiry. Chapters focus on literatures in European languages officially used in Africa --English, French, and Portuguese-- as well as homegrown African languages: Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Swahili, and Yoruba. With its lineup of lucid and authoritative analyses, readers will find in A Companion to African Literatures a distinctive, rewarding academic resource. Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students in literary studies programs with an African focus, A Companion To African Literatures will also earn a place in the libraries of teachers, researchers, and professors who wish to strengthen their background in the study of African literatures.

L'esclave fugitif dans la littérature antillaise

L'esclave fugitif dans la littérature antillaise Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marie-Christine Rochmann
Editor: KARTHALA Editions
ISBN: 9782865379859
FileSize: 880kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 880


L'esclave fugitif dans la littérature antillaise by Marie-Christine Rochmann Summary

On appelait " nègre marron " l'esclave qui, aux Antilles, s'échappait de la plantation. La figure de cet esclave fugitif ne cesse d'attirer les écrivains. Des premiers auteurs blancs du XIXe siècle aux romans afro-antillais contemporains, le marronnage hante la littérature de Martinique et de Guadeloupe. Sa célébration culmine avec Le Quatrième siècle d'Edouard Glissant, pour redescendre dans les dernières décennies. Aujourd'hui, un Glissant ou un Chamoiseau entraînent leurs marrons, l'un à la conquête du Tout-monde, l'autre, à celle de l'immortalité dans l'écriture. Le renoncement à l'idéologie du territoire sonne le glas des représentations conflictuelles du marronnage. Faute d'avoir pu renverser le maître, le marron consent à l'ailleurs. Pour quels nouveaux voyages ?

Migrant Text

Migrant Text Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Subha Xavier
Editor: McGill-Queen\'s Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773599371
FileSize: 797kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 797


Migrant Text by Subha Xavier Summary

The expression "littérature migrante," coined by Québécois critics in the mid-1980s, reflected the emerging body of literary works written by recent immigrants to the province. Redefining the concept of migrancy, Subha Xavier’s The Migrant Text argues that global movements of people have fundamentally changed literary production over the past thirty years. Bringing together a corpus of recent novels by immigrants to France and Quebec, Xavier suggests that these diverse works extend beyond labels such as francophone or postcolonial literature to forge a new mode of writing that deserves recognition on its own terms. Weaving together literary theory and salient examples taken from numerous French-language novels, The Migrant Text shows how both external and internal factors shape migrant writing in contemporary French literature. The opening chapters trace the elusive concept of the migrant as it appears in extant theories of nationalism, postcolonialism, world literature, and francophonie. What follows are incisive analyses of fiction written for French audiences by authors from Algeria, Cameroon, China, Haiti, Iraq, and Poland, whose works reveal that the processes of troubling national categories and evading colonial power dynamics can be wellsprings for creativity. One of the most pressing social and political topics of our day, immigration challenges our ideas about homeland and citizenship. Celebrating the courage and tenacity of immigrants from around the world, The Migrant Text carves a new space for discussing the dynamics of global literature.

Edouard Glissant. Déchiffrer le monde

Edouard Glissant. Déchiffrer le monde Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Aliocha Wald Lasowski
Editor: Bayard Culture
ISBN: 2227499567
FileSize: 1112kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1112


Edouard Glissant. Déchiffrer le monde by Aliocha Wald Lasowski Summary

Du traumatisme des esclavages aux mouvements de protestation contre le racisme et les violences policières, comment réinventer la relation dans nos sociétés fractionnées, confrontées aux tumultes de l'Histoire ? Pour le penseur antillais Édouard Glissant, le monde nous bouscule et il faut entrer dans le chaos pour y porter l'action, le rêve, l'espoir du renouveau. Le philosophe Aliocha Wald Lasowski saisit dans cet ouvrage toute l'actualité de Glissant pour déchiffrer le monde, dix ans après sa disparition. Comment ancrer le multiculturalisme dans la république ? Comment éviter à la fois les pièges de l'universalisme abstrait et du repli identitaire ? Du débat avec Aimé Césaire sur la négritude à la lutte anticoloniale avec Frantz Fanon, du projet d'indépendance par l'antillanité à l'interdépendance de la créolisation, Glissant nous invite à une pensée-monde qui décrypte nos paysages bouleversés. Poésie, roman, philosophie mêlés, la mémoire historique redonne chance au langage. L'humanité vaut par la rencontre des cultures. La volonté de liberté rythme ses passions. Tel est le pari et la beauté d'une philosophie de la relation que ce livre met en scène.

Race, Anthropology, and Politics in the Work of Wifredo Lam

Race, Anthropology, and Politics in the Work of Wifredo Lam Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Claude Cernuschi
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351187856
FileSize: 1235kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1235


Race, Anthropology, and Politics in the Work of Wifredo Lam by Claude Cernuschi Summary

This book reinterprets Wifredo Lam’s work with particular attention to its political implications, focusing on how these implications emerge from the artist’s critical engagement with 20th-century anthropology. Field work conducted in Cuba, including the witnessing of actual Afro-Cuban religious ritual ceremonies and information collected from informants, enhances the interpretive background against which we can construe the meanings of Lam's art. In the process, Claude Cernuschi argues that Lam hoped to fashion a new hybrid style to foster pride and dignity in the Afro-Cuban community, as well as counteract the acute racism of Cuban culture.

Law and the Public Sphere in Africa

Law and the Public Sphere in Africa Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jean Godefroy Bidima
Editor: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253011280
FileSize: 900kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 900


Law and the Public Sphere in Africa by Jean Godefroy Bidima Summary

Jean Godefroy Bidima's La Palabre examines the traditional African institution of palaver as a way to create dialogue and open exchange in an effort to resolve conflict and promote democracy. In the wake of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and the gacaca courts in Rwanda, Bidima offers a compelling model of how to develop an African public space where dialogue can combat misunderstanding. This volume, which includes other essays on legal processes, cultural diversity, memory, and the internet in Africa, offers English-speaking readers the opportunity to become acquainted with a highly original and important postcolonial thinker.

Race on Display in 20th- and 21st Century France

Race on Display in 20th- and 21st Century France Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katelyn E. Knox
Editor: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 1781388628
FileSize: 1509kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1509


Race on Display in 20th- and 21st Century France by Katelyn E. Knox Summary

An Open Access edition of this book is available on the Liverpool University Press website and through Knowledge Unlatched. In Race on Display in 20th- and 21st-Century France Knox turns the tables France’s rhetoric of ‘internal otherness’, asking her reader not to spot those deemed France’s others but rather to deconstruct the very gazes that produce them. Weaving together a vast corpus of colonial French children’s comics, Francophone novels, and African popular music, fashion, and dance, Knox traces how the ways colonial ‘human zoos’ invited their French spectators to gaze on their colonized others still inform the frameworks through which racial and ethnic minorities are made—and make themselves—visible in contemporary France. In addition to analyzing how literature and music depicting immigrants and their descendants in France make race and ethnicity visible, Knox also illustrates how the works she analyzes self-reflexively ask whether they, as commodities sold within wider cultural marketplaces, perpetuate the culture of exoticism they seek to contest. Finally, Knox contends that to take seriously the way the texts interrogate the relationship between power, privilege, and the gaze also requires reconsidering the visions of normalcy from which racial and ethnic minorities supposedly depart. She thus concludes by exposing a critical ‘blind spot’ in French cultural studies—whiteness—before subjecting it to the same scrutiny France’s ‘visible minorities’ face.

Aimé Césaire. Une saison en Haïti

Aimé Césaire. Une saison en Haïti Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lilian Pestre de Almeida
Editor: Mémoire d\'encrier
ISBN: 2897121343
FileSize: 884kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 884


Aimé Césaire. Une saison en Haïti by Lilian Pestre de Almeida Summary

Cet essai témoigne de la passion du chantre de la Négritude pour Haïti. En effet, le grand poète martiniquais Aimé Césaire a deux patries, sa Martinique natale, et Haïti. Il a séjourné six mois en Haïti en 1944. Depuis, Haïti demeure le marqueur principal de son imaginaire de poète et de politicien. Il revendique tout de ce pays où, ditil, la négritude se mit debout pour la première fois. L’oeuvre de Césaire autant que ses actes politiques sont imprégnés par l’exceptionnelle rencontre avec Haïti, sa culture éclatée, sa rébellion permanente et l’imaginaire grandiose de son peuple. D’où cet urgent besoin chez Césaire que se recoupent poésie, éthique et politique. Dans Aimé Césaire. Une saison en Haïti, Lilian Pestre de Almeida souligne la puissance de la relation - belle, généreuse et dynamique - entre Césaire et Haïti. L’auteure analyse, à l’aide de tableaux comparatifs, les différentes versions et éditions du célèbre poème Cahier d’un retour au pays natal, révélant ainsi comment cette saison en Haïti a trouvé de profonds échos chez Aimé Césaire. Aimé Césaire Né en Martinique le 26 juin 1913, Aimé Césaire est décédé le 17 avril 2008. Chantre de la Négritude, il est un grand maître de la poésie contemporaine. Nègre fondamental, son oeuvre est capitale. Il a écrit notamment concernant Haïti, Cahier d’un retour au pays natal (poème, Présence africaine, 1956, édition définitive), La tragédie du Roi Christophe (théâtre, Présence africaine, 1963), Toussaint Louverture. La révolution française et le problème colonial (essai, Présence africaine, 1961).

The Poetics of Radical Hope in Abderrahmane Sissako’s Film Experience

The Poetics of Radical Hope in Abderrahmane Sissako’s Film Experience Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Olivier-Jean Tchouaffe
Editor: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498539823
FileSize: 323kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 323


The Poetics of Radical Hope in Abderrahmane Sissako’s Film Experience by Olivier-Jean Tchouaffe Summary

This book explores Sissako’s original cinematic vision, which tackles complex in-depth African realities with the power of imaginative excellence. Sissako’s work defies existing normative global geopolitics and conditions of knowledge and aesthetic production in Africa through radical hope and creative adaptation.

Critical Theory to Structuralism

Critical Theory to Structuralism Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David Ingram
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317546873
FileSize: 1839kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1839


Critical Theory to Structuralism by David Ingram Summary

Philosophy in the middle of the 20th Century, between 1920 and 1968, responded to the cataclysmic events of the time. Thinkers on the Right turned to authoritarian forms of nationalism in search of stable forms of collective identity, will, and purpose. Thinkers on the Left promoted egalitarian forms of humanism under the banner of international communism. Others saw these opposed tendencies as converging in the extinction of the individual and sought to retrieve the ideals of the Enlightenment in ways that critically acknowledged the contradictions of a liberal democracy racked by class, cultural, and racial conflict. Key figures and movements discussed in this volume include Schmitt, Adorno and the Frankfurt School, Arendt, Benjamin, Bataille, French Marxism, Black Existentialism, Saussure and Structuralism, Levi Strauss, Lacan and Late Pragmatism. These individuals and schools of thought responded to this 'modernity crisis' in different ways, but largely focused on what they perceived to be liberal democracy's betrayal of its own rationalist ideals of freedom, equality, and fraternity.

The Colonial Fortune in Contemporary Fiction in French

The Colonial Fortune in Contemporary Fiction in French Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Oana Panaïté
Editor: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 1786948141
FileSize: 1929kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1929


The Colonial Fortune in Contemporary Fiction in French by Oana Panaïté Summary

"The Colonial Fortune" highlights the features of a paracolonial aesthetics emanating from a significant body of contemporary Hexagonal and non-metropolitan texts. Authored by writers who are either directly involved in the debate about the colonial past and its remanence (J. M. G. Le Clézio, Paule Constant, Édouard Glissant, Tierno Monénembo, Marie NDiaye, and Leïla Sebbar) or who do not overtly manifest such concerns (Stéphane Audeguy, Marie Darrieussecq, Régis Jauffret, Pierre Michon, and Claude Simon), these works create a shared imaginary space permeated by the symbolic, rhetorical, and conceptual presence colonialism in our postcolonial era. The paracolonial describes the phenomena of revival, resurgence, remanence, and residue – in other words, the permanence of the colonial in contemporary imagination. It also addresses the re-imagining, revisiting, and recasting of the colonial in current works of literature (fiction, autobiography, and essay). The idea of the colonial fortune emerges as an interface between our era’s concerns with issues of fate, economics, legacy, and debt stemming from the understudied persistence of the colonial in today’s political and cultural conversation, and literature’s ways of making sense of them both sensorially and sensibly.

Paths to Contemporary French Literature

Paths to Contemporary French Literature Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Taylor
Editor: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412846404
FileSize: 1027kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1027


Paths to Contemporary French Literature by John Taylor Summary

Praised for his independence, curiosity, intimate knowledge of French literature, and sharp reader’s eye, John Taylor is a writer-critic who is naturally skeptical of literary fashions, overnight reputations, and readymade academic categories. Here he examines various genres of politically committed literature (such as Jean Hatzfeld’s "narratives" about Rwanda or Tchicaya U Tam’si’s verse), some overlooked fiction, and several provocative experiments with literary form (ranging from the poetry of Jean-Paul Michel and Marie Étienne to the "three-line novels" of Félix Fénéon). Taylor continues to reveal the remarkable resourcefulness of French writing. Besides drawing attention to authors (like Dai Sijie or Albert Cossery) who have come to French from other languages, he has added younger novelists to his critical panorama. Challenging persistent clichés and recovering deserving voices from unjust neglect, Taylor’s vision of French literature conjures up the image of a vital nexus. Poetry crisscrosses with prose, writers from one generation meet up with those from the next or the previous one, while the philosophical ideas underlying French writing are scrutinized. This is an essential guide to the realities of French culture today.

The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions

The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patrick Taylor,Frederick I. Case
Editor: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252094336
FileSize: 1548kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1548


The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions by Patrick Taylor,Frederick I. Case Summary

The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions is the definitive reference for Caribbean religious phenomena from a Caribbean perspective. Generously illustrated, this landmark project combines the breadth of a comparative approach to religion with the depth of understanding of Caribbean spirituality as an ever-changing and varied historical phenomenon. Organized alphabetically, entries examine how Caribbean religious experiences have been shaped by and have responded to the processes of colonialism and the challenges of the postcolonial world. Systematically organized by theme and area, the encyclopedia considers religious traditions such as Vodou, Rastafari, Sunni Islam, Sanatan Dharma, Judaism, and the Roman Catholic and Seventh-day Adventist churches. Detailed subentries present topics such as religious rituals, beliefs, practices, specific historical developments, geographical differences, and gender roles within major traditions. Also included are entries that address the religious dimensions of geographical territories that make up the Caribbean. Representing the culmination of more than a decade of work by the associates of the Caribbean Religions Project, The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions will foster a greater understanding of the role of religion in Caribbean life and society, in the Caribbean diaspora, and in wider national and transnational spaces.

Faulkner's Geographies

Faulkner's Geographies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jay Watson,Ann J. Abadie
Editor: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1496802284
FileSize: 1023kb
File Format: Pdf
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Faulkner's Geographies by Jay Watson,Ann J. Abadie Summary

The recent spatial turn in social theory and cultural studies opens up exciting new possibilities for the study of William Faulkner's literature. The fictional domains of Yoknapatawpha County and Jefferson, Mississippi, are not simply imagined communities but imaginative geographies of remarkable complexity and detail, as evidenced by the maps Faulkner created of his "apocryphal" county. Exploring the diverse functions of space in Faulkner's artistic vision, the eleven essays in Faulkner's Geographies delve deep into Yoknapatawpha but also reach beyond it, to uncover unsuspected connections and flows linking local, regional, national, hemispheric, and global geographies in Faulkner's writings. Individual contributions examine the influence of the plantation as a land-use regime on Faulkner's imagination of north Mississippi's geography; the emergence of "micro-Souths" as a product of modern migratory patterns in the urban North of Faulkner's fiction; the enlistment of the author's work in the geopolitics of the cultural Cold War during the 1950s; the historical and literary affiliations between Faulkner's Deep South and Greater Mexico; the local and idiosyncratic as alternatives to region and nation; the unique intersection of regional and metropolitan geographies that Faulkner encountered as a novice writer immersed in the literary culture of New Orleans; the uses of feminist geography to trace the interplay of gender, space, and movement; and the circulation of Caribbean and "Black South" spaces and itineraries through Faulkner's masterpiece, Absalom, Absalom! By bringing new attention to the function of space, place, mapping, and movement in his literature, Faulkner's Geographies seeks to redraw the very boundaries of Faulkner studies.

Comparative Literature for the New Century

Comparative Literature for the New Century Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Giulia De Gasperi,Joseph Pivato
Editor: McGill-Queen\'s Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773555374
FileSize: 1143kb
File Format: Pdf
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Comparative Literature for the New Century by Giulia De Gasperi,Joseph Pivato Summary

Since its beginning, Comparative Literature has been characterized as a discipline in crisis. But its shifting boundaries are its strength, allowing for collaboration and growth and illuminating a path forward. In Comparative Literature for the New Century a diverse group of scholars argue for a distinct North American approach to literary studies that includes the promotion of different languages. Chapters by senior scholars such as George Elliott Clarke, E.D. Blodgett, and Sneja Gunew are placed in dialogue with those by younger scholars, including Dominique Hétu, Maria Cristina Seccia, and Ndeye Fatou Ba. The writers, many of whom are multilingual, discuss problems with translation, identity and belonging, the modern epic, the role of tradition, minority writing, Francophone and Anglophone novels in Africa, and politics in literature. Engaging with theory, history, media studies, psychology, translation studies, post-colonial studies, and gender studies, chapters exemplify how the knowledge and tools offered by Comparative Literature can be applied in reading, exploring, and understanding not only literary productions but also the world at large. Presenting some of the most current work being carried out by academics and scholars actively engaged in the field in Canada and abroad, Comparative Literature for the New Century promotes the value of Comparative Literature as an interdisciplinary study and assesses future directions it might take. Contributors include George Elliott Clarke (University of Toronto), Dominique Hétu (Alberta & Montreal), Monique Tschofen (Ryerson), Jolene Armstrong (Athabasca), E.D. Blodgett (Alberta), Ndeye Fatou Ba (Ryerson), Maria Cristina Seccia (Hull), Sneja Gunew (UBC), Deborah Saidero (Udine), Elizabeth Dahab (CSULB), Gaetano Rando (Wollongong), Anna Pia De Luca (Udine), Mark A. McCutcheon (Athabasca), Giulia De Gasperi (PEI), and Joseph Pivato (Athabasca).

Bescherelle Français Collège (6e, 5e, 4e, 3e)

Bescherelle Français Collège (6e, 5e, 4e, 3e) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marie-Pierre Bortolussi,Christine Grouffal,Isabelle Lasfargue-Galvez
Editor: Hatier
ISBN: 2401071261
FileSize: 872kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 872


Bescherelle Français Collège (6e, 5e, 4e, 3e) by Marie-Pierre Bortolussi,Christine Grouffal,Isabelle Lasfargue-Galvez Summary

En un seul volume, tout le programme de français du collège, avec des explications visuelles et des exercices. La référence incontournable en français pour les années collège. Tout le programme de français du collège • Grammaire : les notions essentielles • Orthographe : toutes les règles • Conjugaison : les principaux tableaux modèles • Vocabulaire : étymologies, famille de mots, synonymes, etc. • Littérature et image : pour acquérir une culture littéraire et artistique Un ouvrage adapté aux collégiens d’aujourd’hui • Des explications en doubles pages • De nombreux visuels : illustrations et schémas récapitulatifs • Des exemples littéraires amusants • Des exercices pour vérifier qu’on a bien compris, et leurs corrigés Sur le site Avec l’achat du livre, l’accès à des ressources complémentaires : – des vidéos d’orthographe et de conjugaison, pour mémoriser les règles plus facilement – des dictées audio classées par difficulté

Politique et émigration irrégulière en Afrique. Enjeux d'une débrouille par temps de crise

Politique et émigration irrégulière en Afrique. Enjeux d'une débrouille par temps de crise Pdf/ePub eBook Author: LENDJA NGNEMZUE Ange Bergson
Editor: KARTHALA Editions
ISBN: 2811132546
FileSize: 1549kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1549


Politique et émigration irrégulière en Afrique. Enjeux d'une débrouille par temps de crise by LENDJA NGNEMZUE Ange Bergson Summary

Ce livre est le résultat d'une longue recherche de sociologie politique sur les origines et les enjeux africains de l'émigration "irrégulière". Circuit de la débrouille parmi d'autres, l'émigration "irrégulière" pose la question de la gouvernabilité des sociétés africaines contemporaines et incite à réexaminer certaines pratiques à nouveaux frais : corruption, clientélisme politique, insubordination à l'"ordre qui vient d'en haut", promotion des cadets, etc. L'enquête montre aussi qu'à travers l'analyse de l'urbanisation du pouvoir et de la pauvreté, se pose la question de la sociogenèse de la fascination réelle ou supposée des Africains pour une Europe inscrite dans la subjectivité des colonisés comme "pays de cocagne", et cela par l'invention de plusieurs dispositifs de la violence, en l'occurrence la ville (post)coloniale.

Return to my Native Land

Return to my Native Land Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Aime Cesaire
Editor: Archipelago
ISBN: 193574495X
FileSize: 1280kb
File Format: Pdf
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Return to my Native Land by Aime Cesaire Summary

A work of immense cultural significance and beauty, this long poem became an anthem for the African diaspora and the birth of the Negritude movement. With unusual juxtapositions of object and metaphor, a bouquet of language-play, and deeply resonant rhythms, Césaire considered this work a "break into the forbidden," at once a cry of rebellion and a celebration of black identity. More praise: "The greatest living poet in the French language."--American Book Review "Martinique poet Aime Cesaire is one of the few pure surrealists alive today. By this I mean that his work has never compromised its wild universe of double meanings, stretched syntax, and unexpected imagery. This long poem was written at the end of World War II and became an anthem for many blacks around the world. Eshleman and Smith have revised their original 1983 translations and given it additional power by presenting Cesaire's unique voice as testament to a world reduced in size by catastrophic events." --Bloomsbury Review "Through his universal call for the respect of human dignity, consciousness and responsibility, he will remain a symbol of hope for all oppressed peoples." --Nicolas Sarkozy "Evocative and thoughtful, touching on human aspiration far beyond the scale of its specific concerns with Cesaire's native land - Martinique." --The Times

All That Was Not Her

All That Was Not Her Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Todd Meyers
Editor: Duke University Press
ISBN: 1478022515
FileSize: 371kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 371


All That Was Not Her by Todd Meyers Summary

While studying caregiving and chronic illness in families living in situations of economic and social insecurity in Baltimore, anthropologist Todd Meyers met a woman named Beverly. In All That Was Not Her Meyers presents an intimate ethnographic portrait of Beverly, stitching together small moments they shared scattered over months and years and, following her death, into the present. He meditates on the possibilities of writing about someone who is gone—what should be represented, what experiences resist rendering, what ethical challenges exist when studying the lives of others. Meyers considers how chronic illness is bound up in the racialized and socioeconomic conditions of Beverly’s life and explores the stakes of the anthropologist’s engagement with one subject. Even as Meyers struggles to give Beverly the final word, he finds himself unmade alongside her. All That Was Not Her captures the complexity of personal relationships in the field and the difficulty of their ending.

Martinique, Guadeloupe, Amériques. Des marrons, du gouffre et de la Relation

Martinique, Guadeloupe, Amériques. Des marrons, du gouffre et de la Relation Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Corina Crainic
Editor: Presses de l\'Université Laval
ISBN: 2763740960
FileSize: 558kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 558


Martinique, Guadeloupe, Amériques. Des marrons, du gouffre et de la Relation by Corina Crainic Summary

À travers l’œuvre de trois écrivains des îles antillaises de la Martinique et la Guadeloupe, Corina Crainic dresse ici un portrait saisissant et mouvant de l’identité de ses habitants. C’est principalement la figure des marrons, ces esclaves fuyant la plantation pour la liberté dans la forêt, qui signe la trace de ces récits. L’identité des Martiniquais et des Guadeloupéens est particulièrement complexe. Elle a oscillé entre une origine africaine dont l’expérience coloniale a oblitéré la filiation, une intégration à la France d’outre-mer jamais complètement consentie, et une insertion socioéconomique sur un territoire qui suinte encore la douleur de l’esclavage. S’éloignant des figures de la négritude, comme de celles de la créolité, le marron, le seul véritable héros antillais décrit dans ces travaux d’écrivains récents, s’ouvre sur l’américanité. Une américanité qui prend ses distances face à l’appartenance et au sens pour une identité de relations à l’autre, une identité du recommencement. L’acceptation de l’appartenance au continent n’est pas pour autant dénuée de troubles identitaires et de violences propres à ces lieux de liberté et de commencement. Le lecteur québécois trouvera dans cet ouvrage des complicités identitaires certaines. Déjà, au cours des années 1960, les œuvres de Frantz Fanon sur la décolonisation et d’Aimé Césaire sur la négritude avaient nourri nos imaginaires. Les écrits de Simone Schwarz-Bart, Édouard Glissant et Patrick Chamoiseau, lus à l’aune de l’américanité, ne sont pas sans faire écho à nos propres débats sur notre appartenance continentale.

Decolonial Judaism

Decolonial Judaism Pdf/ePub eBook Author: S. Slabodsky
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137345837
FileSize: 407kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 407


Decolonial Judaism by S. Slabodsky Summary

Decolonial Judaism: Triumphal Failures of Barbaric Thinking explores the relationship among geopolitics, religion, and social theory. It argues that during the postcolonial and post-Holocaust era, Jewish thinkers in different parts of the world were influenced by Global South thought and mobilized this rich set of intellectual resources to confront the assimilation of normative Judaism by various incipient neo-colonial powers. By tracing the historical and conceptual lineage of this overlooked conversation, this book explores not only its epistemological opportunities, but also the internal contradictions that led to its ultimate unraveling, especially in the post-9/11 world.

Suzanne Césaire

Suzanne Césaire Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anny-Dominique Curtius
Editor: KARTHALA Editions
ISBN: 2811127968
FileSize: 725kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 725


Suzanne Césaire by Anny-Dominique Curtius Summary

Suzanne Césaire (1915-1966), épouse d’Aimé Césaire, est l’auteure d’une œuvre trop longtemps méconnue mais essentielle pour l’histoire littéraire antillaise et l’écocritique postcoloniale. Cofondatrice et pilier théorique de la revue Tropiques (1941-1945) où elle a publié plusieurs articles, elle est aussi l’auteure d’une pièce de théâtre et a entretenu une correspondance littéraire avec nombre d’intellectuels de son temps. Cet ouvrage analyse la pensée de cette théoricienne martiniquaise des cultures caribéennes à travers ses écrits, tout en décryptant les marques de sa présence dans les œuvres de ses contemporains (André Breton, Aimé Césaire, René Étiemble, Michel Leiris) et les résonances de sa grammaire émancipatrice et humaniste chez Kamau Brathwaite, Ina Césaire, Édouard Duval Carrié, Fabienne Kanor, Lénablou et Daniel Maximin. Anny-Dominique Curtius élabore une méthode d’archéologie littéraire et artistique pour comprendre les raisons d’un si long silence sur l’œuvre de Suzanne Césaire et explore l’originalité et la modernité de sa pensée critique. L’approche comparatiste, interdisciplinaire et genrée de cet ouvrage puise dans l’esthétique qu’a privilégiée Suzanne Césaire elle-même pour façonner ses grilles conceptuelles et épistémologiques. Sa réflexion cannibale, audacieuse et libre s’inscrit dans ce qu’elle appelle une «lucidité totale» sur la Caraïbe.

Patrick Chamoiseau

Patrick Chamoiseau Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Maeve McCusker
Editor: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 1846313732
FileSize: 1547kb
File Format: Pdf
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Patrick Chamoiseau by Maeve McCusker Summary

This timely new book skilfully examines the work of the award-winning writer Patrick Chamoiseau. Considered by many as one of the most innovative writers to hit the French literary scene in over 40 years, Chamoiseau made his name with his book Texaco (published in 1992 and winner of the highest literary prize in France, the Prix Goncourt). His books have gone on to sell millions and his work has been translated by a number of academic presses. McCusker sets the author in context, providing a valuable contribution to ‘memory studies’ by looking at literary representation of memory in Martinique, a society founded on slavery but now politically assimilated to the metropolitan centre, France.


Afro-Dog Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bénédicte Boisseron
Editor: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231546742
FileSize: 473kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 473


Afro-Dog by Bénédicte Boisseron Summary

The animal-rights organization PETA asked “Are Animals the New Slaves?” in a controversial 2005 fundraising campaign; that same year, after the Humane Society rescued pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina while black residents were neglected, some declared that white America cares more about pets than black people. These are but two recent examples of a centuries-long history in which black life has been pitted against animal life. Does comparing human and animal suffering trivialize black pain, or might the intersections of racialization and animalization shed light on interlinked forms of oppression? In Afro-Dog, Bénédicte Boisseron investigates the relationship between race and the animal in the history and culture of the Americas and the black Atlantic, exposing a hegemonic system that compulsively links and opposes blackness and animality to measure the value of life. She analyzes the association between black civil disobedience and canine repression, a history that spans the era of slavery through the use of police dogs against protesters during the civil rights movement of the 1960s to today in places like Ferguson, Missouri. She also traces the lineage of blackness and the animal in Caribbean literature and struggles over minorities’ right to pet ownership alongside nuanced readings of Derrida and other French theorists. Drawing on recent debates on black lives and animal welfare, Afro-Dog reframes the fast-growing interest in human–animal relationships by positioning blackness as a focus of animal inquiry, opening new possibilities for animal studies and black studies to think side by side.

Great Shakespeareans Set IV

Great Shakespeareans Set IV Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Adrian Poole,Peter Holland
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472578651
FileSize: 939kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 939


Great Shakespeareans Set IV by Adrian Poole,Peter Holland Summary

Great Shakespeareans presents a systematic account of those figures who have had the greatest influence on the interpretation, understanding and cultural reception of Shakespeare, both nationally and internationally. This major project offers an unprecedented scholarly analysis of the contribution made by the most important Shakespearean critics, editors, actors and directors as well as novelists, poets, composers, and thinkers from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. An essential resource for students and scholars in Shakespeare studies.

Patrick Chamoiseau

Patrick Chamoiseau Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lorna Milne
Editor: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042020210
FileSize: 586kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 586


Patrick Chamoiseau by Lorna Milne Summary

Essayiste accompli et novateur, auteur de contes réjouissants et instructifs, scénariste sensible, journaliste provocateur, Patrick Chamoiseau est d'abord et surtout un romancier hors du commun. Dans ce premier livre voué exclusivement à son oeuvre, Lorna Milne se concentre sur la représentation de quatre espaces privilégiés de l'imaginaire chamoisien : la cale du bateau négrier, le marché foyolais, l'habitat créole et le (sous-)bois. Cette étude dégage les qualités particulières de ces lieux, investis de nombreuses associations et chargés d'un riche symbolisme complexe. Ainsi, elle met en valeur la place qu'ils occupent dans l'oeuvre, surtout pour ce qu'ils révèlent de l'histoire et de l'identité caribéennes, ainsi que du « Lieu », de la « diversalité » et de la « mise en Relation », pensés par celui qui, incontestablement, se profile comme le premier et principal émule d'Edouard Glissant.Enfin, l'examen de ces quatre espaces jette une lumière nouvelle sur la thématique de l'écriture elle-même. Cet essai propose une analyse nuancée du projet éthique et esthétique d'un écrivain-phare de la région caribéenne.