Create This Book 2 Volume 2

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Nearly Mended (Nearly #2)

Nearly Mended (Nearly #2) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: Devon Ashley
ISBN: 1497321514
FileSize: 1436kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1436


Nearly Mended (Nearly #2) by , Summary

Megan Whitaker desperately wants to forget what the Malone brothers have done to her over the past two years – the haunting images and sensations still plaguing her thoughts and dreams – but she can’t. Charles may be dead, but Zander isn’t. I’ll bring you back to me. She wants to believe she’s safe with Nick in their secluded new home, but it doesn’t keep her from looking over her shoulder, jumping over unexpected sounds, carrying a concealed weapon or even preparing for the worst. Because she fears the time is near. Nick Ellis has seen a change in his long, lost love. Battered emotionally and physically, Megan spends her days at self-defense classes and researching things that’ll never allow her to let go of the past. And he feels guilty even wanting her to, because he knows that heathen will return, it’s only a matter of time. And when he does, Nick knows he will do everything possible to save her, even if it means taking another shot to the heart. But for Megan, there is no escaping the world of sex trafficking, nor the band of men who continually aid one another to keep it thriving. And as her nightmarish world encroaches on reality, Megan soon realizes there are far worse evils to fear than the sadistic man who haunts her dreams. New Adult Romantic Suspense / Dark Realistic Fiction Recommended for 17+ for mature and disturbing situations, language and sexual content.

A History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2, Book 2, 1970-1986

A History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2, Book 2, 1970-1986 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Allan H. Meltzer
Editor: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226519961
FileSize: 1196kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1196


A History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2, Book 2, 1970-1986 by Allan H. Meltzer Summary

Allan H. Meltzer’s critically acclaimed history of the Federal Reserve is the most ambitious, most intensive, and most revealing investigation of the subject ever conducted. Its first volume, published to widespread critical acclaim in 2003, spanned the period from the institution’s founding in 1913 to the restoration of its independence in 1951. This two-part second volume of the history chronicles the evolution and development of this institution from the Treasury–Federal Reserve accord in 1951 to the mid-1980s, when the great inflation ended. It reveals the inner workings of the Fed during a period of rapid and extensive change. An epilogue discusses the role of the Fed in resolving our current economic crisis and the needed reforms of the financial system. In rich detail, drawing on the Federal Reserve’s own documents, Meltzer traces the relation between its decisions and economic and monetary theory, its experience as an institution independent of politics, and its role in tempering inflation. He explains, for example, how the Federal Reserve’s independence was often compromised by the active policy-making roles of Congress, the Treasury Department, different presidents, and even White House staff, who often pressured the bank to take a short-term view of its responsibilities. With an eye on the present, Meltzer also offers solutions for improving the Federal Reserve, arguing that as a regulator of financial firms and lender of last resort, it should focus more attention on incentives for reform, medium-term consequences, and rule-like behavior for mitigating financial crises. Less attention should be paid, he contends, to command and control of the markets and the noise of quarterly data. At a time when the United States finds itself in an unprecedented financial crisis, Meltzer’s fascinating history will be the source of record for scholars and policy makers navigating an uncertain economic future.

My Daily Devotional Prayer Book -

My Daily Devotional Prayer Book - Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Johnny Hunt
Editor: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1400318661
FileSize: 1428kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1428


My Daily Devotional Prayer Book - by Johnny Hunt Summary

Begin and end each day focused on the presence of God. Whether starting out the day or winding down for the night, staying connected to the presence and work of God is the most important way to do both. The One Year Devotional Prayer Book - Volume 2 is a perfect resource for men and women alike for daily devotions and morning and evening prayer. After an introduction by Johnny Hunt (former Southern Baptist Convention president), each of the 52 contributing pastors and evangelists share a week’s worth of devotions and prayers, all tying to the seventeen topics of living the Christian life. The handsome leatherflex design is beautiful for any nightstand, keeping the precious time spent with the Savior as close as one’s fingertips.

The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Volume 2

The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Yoshihito Isogawa
Editor: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593277121
FileSize: 1847kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1847


The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Volume 2 by Yoshihito Isogawa Summary

This second volume of The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Cars and Contraptions, showcases small projects to build with LEGO Technic gears, motors, gadgets, and other moving elements. You’ll find hundreds of clever, buildable mechanisms, each one demonstrating a key building technique or mechanical principle. You’ll learn to build four-wheel drive cars, adorable walking ‘bots, steerable tanks, robotic inchworms, and cars that can follow the edge of a table! Each model includes a list of required parts and colorful photographs that guide you through the build without the need for step-by-step instructions. As you build, you’ll explore the principles of gear systems, power translation, differentials, suspensions, and more.

Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book

Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Terri M. Skirven,A. Lee Osterman,Jane Fedorczyk,Peter C. Amadio
Editor: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323081266
FileSize: 1251kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1251


Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book by Terri M. Skirven,A. Lee Osterman,Jane Fedorczyk,Peter C. Amadio Summary

With the combined expertise of leading hand surgeons and therapists, Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 6th Edition, by Drs. Skirven, Osterman, Fedorczyk and Amadio, helps you apply the best practices in the rehabilitation of hand, wrist, elbow, arm and shoulder problems, so you can help your patients achieve the highest level of function possible. This popular, unparalleled text has been updated with 30 new chapters that include the latest information on arthroscopy, imaging, vascular disorders, tendon transfers, fingertip injuries, mobilization techniques, traumatic brachial plexus injuries, and pain management. An expanded editorial team and an even more geographically diverse set of contributors provide you with a fresh, authoritative, and truly global perspective while new full-color images and photos provide unmatched visual guidance. Access the complete contents online at along with streaming video of surgical and rehabilitation techniques, links to Pub Med, and more. Provide the best patient care and optimal outcomes with trusted guidance from this multidisciplinary, comprehensive resource covering the entire upper extremity, now with increased coverage of wrist and elbow problems. Apply the latest treatments, rehabilitation protocols, and expertise of leading surgeons and therapists to help your patients regain maximum movement after traumatic injuries or to improve limited functionality caused by chronic or acquired conditions. Effectively implement the newest techniques detailed in new and updated chapters on a variety of sports-specific and other acquired injuries, and chronic disorders. Keep up with the latest advances in arthroscopy, imaging, vascular disorders, tendon transfers, fingertip injuries, mobilization techniques, traumatic brachial plexus injuries, and pain management See conditions and treatments as they appear in practice thanks to detailed, full-color design, illustrations, and photographs. Access the full contents online with streaming video of surgical and rehabilitation techniques, downloadable patient handouts, links to Pub Med, and regular updates at Get a fresh perspective from seven new section editors, as well as an even more geographically diverse set of contributors.

The Leadership Book of Numbers, Volume 2

The Leadership Book of Numbers, Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Theo Gilbert-Jamison
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477208925
FileSize: 1182kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1182


The Leadership Book of Numbers, Volume 2 by Theo Gilbert-Jamison Summary

This book is great required reading for anyone who desires to learn how to be a more effective leader. It is intended to inspire, provide vital how-tos, and to shape the mindset for building and retaining a highly effective team, committed and dedicated to achieving the key priorities of the organization. In a clever, practical style, The Leadership Book of Numbers (Volume 2) will help you resolve these dilemmas and many others: What is my role as a leader in creating and sustaining a culture of service excellence? What are the seven signs of a bad boss, and how do I overcome them? How do I hold my staff accountable for driving excellence? How can I drive excellence with I am working with a lean staff? How do I gain the support of my C-Level and earn their respect? How do I engage my staff to anticipate the unexpressed wishes and needs of the customer? How do I confront unacceptable behavior with confidence, professionalism, and finesse? How do I foster an environment where the focus on internal customer service is as intense as our emphasis on excellent external customer service? As a leader, what are some common things I should never assume or take for granted? How do I foster and environment where employees are empowered to resolve customer problems and exceed their expectations? What is the key to creating a memorable experience for every customer? Theo has spent a decade working with organizations to implement effective leadership practices that lead to employee self-accountability, self-motivation, and self-worth. For more information about Theo Gilbert-Jamison and her firm, Performance Solutions by Design, please visit our website

Readings in Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine Volume 2

Readings in Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Santosh Krinsky
Editor: Lotus Press
ISBN: 1608691454
FileSize: 1568kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1568


Readings in Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine Volume 2 by Santosh Krinsky Summary

Readings in Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine Volume 2 There is probably no other book [Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine] that I know of which so well, completely, rationally and intuitively addresses the questions of our existence and the meaning of life, and provides a cogent answer rooted in the highest spiritual realization and yogic experience that can be adapted by all, regardless of their particular background or inclinations. Santosh Krinsky, a life long student of Sri Aurobindo, with great devotion, dedication and attention has served this crucial role of providing a bridge to help us enter more deeply into the vast universe of consciousness that Aurobindo holds open for humanity today. He leads the reader through each page of The Life Divine by extracting its essence. In this way, he makes the book easier to access, with no loss of its broader meaning. - from the Foreword by Dr. David Frawley, author of Yoga and Ayurveda

The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 2

The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patrick McNeil
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440311188
FileSize: 819kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 819


The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 2 by Patrick McNeil Summary

Web Design Inspiration at a Glance Volume 2 of The Web Designer’s Idea Book includes more than 650 new websites arranged thematically, so you can easily find inspiration for your work. Author Patrick McNeil, creator of the popular web design blog and author of the original bestselling Web Designer’s Idea Book, has cataloged thousands of sites, and showcases the latest and best examples in this book. The web is the most rapidly changing design medium, and this book offers an organized overview of what’s happening right now. Sites are categorized by type, design element, styles and themes, structural styles, and structural elements. This new volume also includes a helpful chapter explaining basic design principles and how they can be applied online. Whether you’re brainstorming with a coworker or explaining your ideas to a client, this book provides a powerful communication tool you can use to jumpstart your next project.

The Complete Book of Raw Food, Volume 2

The Complete Book of Raw Food, Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lisa Montgomery
Editor: Hatherleigh Press
ISBN: 1578265401
FileSize: 703kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 703


The Complete Book of Raw Food, Volume 2 by Lisa Montgomery Summary

Enhanced Ebook Edition in Beautiful Color! A Dynamic New Collection of Over 400 Easy and Delicious Raw Food Recipes The Complete Book of Raw Food, Volume 2 guides you through the process of creating fantastic raw meals. Over 400 favorite recipes from the world’s leading raw chefs have been assembled and curated by acclaimed author Lisa Montgomery. This new collection includes everything from soups and salads to main dishes and desserts, plus smoothies, breads, crackers, dips, and more. Also included is Lisa’s sage advice on choosing ingredients; what tools you will need to create raw dishes; tips on dehydrating, sprouting, fermenting, and juicing; as well as prep times for all recipes. Here are just a few examples of the delicious recipes available in The Complete Book of Raw Food, Volume 2: • Sweet Cranberry Kale Salad • Tomato Squash Soup • Three Nut Basil Pesto Pasta • Cucumber-Pineapple Gazpacho • Creamy Camu Avocado Yogurt • Pesto Spinach Portobello • Sweet and Savory Bean Salad • Almond-Coconut Macaroons • Cinnamon Roll Milkshake • Cauliflower Casserole • Eggplant and Spinach Parmesan • Nutty Almond Caramel Apple Slices Comprehensive and easy to follow, The Complete Book of Raw Food, Volume 2 is for anyone who wants to create flavorful, healthy recipes at home. It is a must-have in your raw food library!

Torn: A YA Urban Fantasy Novel (Volume 2 of the Reflections Books)

Torn: A YA Urban Fantasy Novel (Volume 2 of the Reflections Books) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dean Murray
Editor: Fir\'shan Publishing
ISBN: 1939363055
FileSize: 1260kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1260


Torn: A YA Urban Fantasy Novel (Volume 2 of the Reflections Books) by Dean Murray Summary

The war between Alec Graves' pack and the other shape shifters in town can't last much longer. He can't win and he can't run away. The new girl at school shouldn't matter, but the more he gets to know Adri, the more mysterious she becomes. Is Adri an unfortunate victim or bait designed to draw Alec into a fatal misstep? If Alec guesses wrong he'll be pulled into a fight that will cost him everything. Publisher's Note: Torn is a YA Urban Fantasy novel, and is one possible entry point into the books that make up the Reflections Universe. The Reflections Universe is a series of clean YA Paranormal books featuring vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves and more, which have been written so they can be safely enjoyed by both young adults and older readers alike. Torn is followed by Splintered, and is one of several YA shapeshifter books available from Dean. The Reflections Universe: Some stories are too full of teen urban fantasy goodness to fit into just one series! Dean Murray is the successful author of multiple clean young adult paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy series which collectively have more than 480,000 copies in circulation. Keywords: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, YA, Free Book, Vampires, Werewolves, Dark Urban Fantasy, Teen, Shapeshifters

Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques, Volume 2 E-Book

Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques, Volume 2 E-Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Leon Chaitow,Judith DeLany
Editor: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702050946
FileSize: 632kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 632


Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques, Volume 2 E-Book by Leon Chaitow,Judith DeLany Summary

Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques, Volume 2 - The Lower Body discusses the theory and practice of the manual treatment of chronic pain, especially with regards to the soft tissues of the lower body. Authored by experts of international renown, this highly successful book provides a structural review of each region, including ligaments and functional anatomy, and includes step-by-step protocols that address each muscle of a region. The volume now comes with an EVOLVE site for instructors who can download the full text and images for teaching purposes. Provides a comprehensive ‘one-stop’ volume on the treatment of somatic pain and dysfunction Designed and written to meet the needs of those working with neuromuscular dysfunction in a variety of professions All muscles covered from the perspective of assessment and treatment of myofascial pain Describes normal anatomy and physiology as well as the associated dysfunction Gives indications for treatments and guidance on making the appropriate treatment choice for each patient Combines NMT, MET, PR and much more to give a variety of treatment options for each case Describes the different NMT techniques in relation to the joint anatomy involved Practical step-by-step descriptions provided to make usage easy Includes acupuncture, hydrotherapies and nutritional support as well as guidance for the patient in the use of self-help approaches Contains up-to-date evidence based content Presents the latest research findings underpinning the practice of NMT methodology from differing areas of practice Presents the increasingly refined ways of using the variety of MET methods to allow the reader to safely apply them in a variety of settings

Photoshop CS4, Volume 2

Photoshop CS4, Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elaine Weinmann,Peter Lourekas
Editor: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0321679725
FileSize: 1495kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1495


Photoshop CS4, Volume 2 by Elaine Weinmann,Peter Lourekas Summary

This full-color Visual QuickStart Guide is a more advanced companion volume to the best-selling Photoshop CS4 Visual QuickStart Guide from the same authors. This book takes designers and photographers beyond the basics with more focused tasks that are written in greater depth. For instructors this Visual QuickStart guide provides more advanced tutorials for students who need to master Photoshop, and can be a real time-saver for developing curriculum. Best-selling authors Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas cover many key areas in Photoshop, including: methods for creating complex selections; specific steps to improve tone and color; in-depth tasks for retouching portraits; a closer look at combining images into composites; thorough coverage of Camera Raw 5.2; detailed steps for improving sharpening; creative use of tinting; applying fine art touches to an image; and steps for creative type treatments.

The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 2

The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lavie Tidhar
Editor: Apex Publications
ISBN: 1476123497
FileSize: 1966kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1966


The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 2 by Lavie Tidhar Summary

In The Apex Book of World SF 2, editor Lavie Tidhar collects short stories by science fiction and fantasy authors from Africa and Latin America. An expedition to an alien planet; Lenin rising from the dead; a superhero so secret he does not exist. In The Apex Book of World SF 2, World Fantasy Award nominated editor Lavie Tidhar brings together a unique collection of stories from around the world. Quiet horror from Cuba and Australia; surrealist fantasy from Russia and epic fantasy from Poland; near-future tales from Mexico and Finland, as well as cyberpunk from South Africa. In this anthology one gets a glimpse of the complex and fascinating world of genre fiction—from all over our world. Featuring work from noted international authors such as Will Elliot, Hannu Rajaniemi, Shweta Narayan, Lauren Beukes, Ekaterina Sedia, Nnedi Okorafor, and Andrzej Sapkowski. Don't miss the first volume of great international fiction in volume one of The Apex Book of World SFedited by Lavie Tidhar. Table of Contents: “Alternate Girl’s Expatriate Life” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Read for free at Apex Magazine!) “Mr Goop” by Ivor W. Hartmann “Trees of Bone” by Daliso Chaponda (Read for free atApex Magazine!) “The First Peruvian in Space” by Daniel Salvo (translated by Jose B. Adolph) “Eyes in the Vastness of Forever” by Gustavo Bondoni “The Tomb” by Chen Qiufan (translated by the author) “The Sound of Breaking Glass” by Joyce Chng “A Single Year” by Csilla Kleinheincz (translated by the author) “The Secret Origin of Spin-Man” by Andrew Drilon “Borrowed Time” by Anabel Enríquez Piñeiro (translated by Daniel W. Koon) “Branded” by Lauren Beukes “December 8th” by Raúl Flores (translated by Daniel W. Koon) “Hungry Man” by Will Elliott “Nira and I” by Shweta Narayan “Nothing Happened in 1999” by Fábio Fernandes “Shadow” by Tade Thompson “Shibuya no Love” by Hannu Rajaniemi “Maquech” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia “The Glory of the World” by Sergey Gerasimov “The New Neighbours” by Tim Jones “From the Lost Diary of TreeFrog7” by Nnedi Okorafor "The Slows” by Gail Hareven (translated by Yaacov Jeffrey Green) “Zombie Lenin” by Ekaterina Sedia “Electric Sonalika” by Samit Basu “The Malady” by Andrzej Sapkowski (translated by Wiesiek Powaga) “A Life Made Possible Behind The Barricades” by Jacques Barcia

Dragon Ball Culture Volume 2

Dragon Ball Culture Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Derek Padula
Editor: Derek Padula
ISBN: 0983120544
FileSize: 1099kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1099


Dragon Ball Culture Volume 2 by Derek Padula Summary

Son Goku's adventure begins! Join me in Dragon Ball Culture Volume 2, as we travel along with Goku on his epic journey for greater strength. With each step that Goku takes, you'll discover more of the hidden spirituality and symbolism in Dragon Ball that makes the series so successful. You'll see how author Akira Toriyama synthesizes Chinese culture, Western technology, and Buddho-Daoist philosophy to create a series that speaks to your humanity. Not because of the action or the humor, but because it reminds you of what it means to be alive. Along the way you'll learn of Goku's ancient origin. You'll hear how the legend of a wild monkey-man begins in India, evolves across 2,000 years of Chinese and Japanese history, and leads to the Goku you know and love. I'll walk you through the journey from the first page to the last. And by the time we're done, you will be an expert on Dragon Ball's culture. Volume 2 explores Chapters 1 to 23 of the Dragon Ball manga. So let's take our first step with Goku!

Stays and Corsets Volume 2

Stays and Corsets Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mandy Barrington
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351668471
FileSize: 618kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 618


Stays and Corsets Volume 2 by Mandy Barrington Summary

In this second volume of Stays and Corsets, Mandy Barrington continues to create historical patterns for a modern body shape. This book contains all new corset patterns with a range of silhouettes that span over 300 years, from the late 16th century to the early 20th century. The corset patterns are generated from an original historical garment and have been designed for a wide range of female figures and sizes. The technique of flat pattern drafting your stays or corset will enable you to change the shape of the wearer to create an authentic historic silhouette. All calculations have been worked out for the reader and are provided in easy-to-read tables, which avoids extremely difficult, time-consuming and inaccurate re-sizing of historical patterns. Some prior knowledge of pattern drafting is helpful; however, each pattern has step-by-step instructions supported by clear diagrams that will take you through each stage of the pattern drafting process. The final result is an accurate period stays or corset pattern for your model.

Quilters Academy Vol. 2 Sophomore Year

Quilters Academy Vol. 2 Sophomore Year Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Harriet Hargrave
Editor: C&T Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1607051397
FileSize: 1210kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1210


Quilters Academy Vol. 2 Sophomore Year by Harriet Hargrave Summary

Continue Your Journey of a Lifetime with the Hargraves. Get a college-level education in quiltmaking from the comfort of your own home. This latest volume will inspire and challenge you to start designing your own quilts. Drafting exercises help you learn to make any quilt, any size, with or without a pattern. Loads of tips, techniques, and helpful charts. Bonus section with 11 projects. This classic series of comprehensive books will take you from the basics to complete mastery with easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on exercises. In Volume 1, you learned the fundamentals of quiltmaking. In Volume 2, you'll build your drafting skills by using tools like graph paper and linking blocks. A must-have for every quilter's library!

Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume Two

Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume Two Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bruce Arnold
Editor: muse eek publishing
ISBN: 1890944513
FileSize: 861kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 861


Chord Workbook for Guitar Volume Two by Bruce Arnold Summary

Includes chord symbols and music notation.

Plain Talk Volume 2

Plain Talk Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Corey Washington
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450094279
FileSize: 462kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 462


Plain Talk Volume 2 by Corey Washington Summary

Official Website for Plain Talk Volume 1 Official Website for Plain talk Volume 2 Amazon link to Plain Talk Link to interview with Voices on the net with host J. J. Plain Talk is an easy read offering a brief overview of race in America. The book, which should land on the bookshelves of all races, is appropriately subtitled, everything you ever and never wanted to know about racism and stereotypes.Rob Redding Redding News Review

Write Great Code, Volume 2, 2nd Edition

Write Great Code, Volume 2, 2nd Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Randall Hyde
Editor: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1718500394
FileSize: 1112kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1112


Write Great Code, Volume 2, 2nd Edition by Randall Hyde Summary

Explains how compilers translate high-level language source code (like code written in Python) into low-level machine code (code that the computer can understand) to help readers understand how to produce the best low-level, computer readable machine code. In the beginning, most software was written in assembly, the CPU's low-level language, in order to achieve acceptable performance on relatively slow hardware. Early programmers were sparing in their use of high-level language code, knowing that a high-level language compiler would generate crummy, low-level machine code for their software. Today, however, many programmers write in high-level languages like Python, C/C++/C#, Java, Swift. The result is often sloppy, inefficient code. But you don't need to give up the productivity and portability of high-level languages in order to produce more efficient software. In this second volume of the Write Great Code series, you'll learn: • How to analyze the output of a compiler to verify that your code does, indeed, generate good machine code • The types of machine code statements that compilers typically generate for common control structures, so you can choose the best statements when writing HLL code • Just enough 80x86 and PowerPC assembly language to read compiler output • How compilers convert various constant and variable objects into machine data, and how to use these objects to write faster and shorter programs NEW TO THIS EDITION, COVERAGE OF: • Programming languages like Swift and Java • Code generation on modern 64-bit CPUs • ARM processors on mobile phones and tablets • Stack-based architectures like the Java Virtual Machine • Modern language systems like the Microsoft Common Language Runtime With an understanding of how compilers work, you'll be able to write source code that they can translate into elegant machine code. That understanding starts right here, with Write Great Code, Volume 2: Thinking Low-Level, Writing High-Level.

The Complete Mandolinist, Volume 2

The Complete Mandolinist, Volume 2 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marilynn Mair
Editor: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1513455826
FileSize: 1391kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1391


The Complete Mandolinist, Volume 2 by Marilynn Mair Summary

In this sequel to The Complete Mandolinist, world-renowned mandolinist Marilynn Mair expands on her previous method books, presenting over 100 compositions that span 5 centuries, works she has thoughtfully edited or arranged for mandolin. Each piece is accompanied by a paragraph or two of musical context, and the book also includes 24 short essays on the evolution of musical style, drawn from Marilynn’s decades as a Professor of Music History. Music by great composers like Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, and Beethoven mixes with interesting compositions by little-known mandolin composers like Piccone, Barbella, Leone, and Gervasio, works Marilynn has discovered during her performing and recording career. Concert pieces range from quite easy to very advanced, with most lying between those two extremes. In addition to music of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century, Marilynn includes contemporary pieces by some of her favorite composers writing today. This book holds a musical world Marilynn has compiled and presents to you. The Complete Mandolinist, Volume 2: Music in Context, is a book you will reach for again and again.