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Working Smarter in Tax Debt Management

Working Smarter in Tax Debt Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264223258
FileSize: 716kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 716


Working Smarter in Tax Debt Management by Summary

This report provides an overview of best practices in tax debt management, with a particular emphasis on how to better differentiate debtors when deciding how to best secure payment and what can be done to ensure that payment issues are considered earlier in the compliance and collection process.

The Global Findex Database 2017

The Global Findex Database 2017 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Asli Demirguc-Kunt,Leora Klapper,Dorothe Singer,Saniya Ansar
Editor: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464812683
FileSize: 1052kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1052


The Global Findex Database 2017 by Asli Demirguc-Kunt,Leora Klapper,Dorothe Singer,Saniya Ansar Summary

In 2011 the World Bank—with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—launched the Global Findex database, the world's most comprehensive data set on how adults save, borrow, make payments, and manage risk. Drawing on survey data collected in collaboration with Gallup, Inc., the Global Findex database covers more than 140 economies around the world. The initial survey round was followed by a second one in 2014 and by a third in 2017. Compiled using nationally representative surveys of more than 150,000 adults age 15 and above in over 140 economies, The Global Findex Database 2017: Measuring Financial Inclusion and the Fintech Revolution includes updated indicators on access to and use of formal and informal financial services. It has additional data on the use of financial technology (or fintech), including the use of mobile phones and the Internet to conduct financial transactions. The data reveal opportunities to expand access to financial services among people who do not have an account—the unbanked—as well as to promote greater use of digital financial services among those who do have an account. The Global Findex database has become a mainstay of global efforts to promote financial inclusion. In addition to being widely cited by scholars and development practitioners, Global Findex data are used to track progress toward the World Bank goal of Universal Financial Access by 2020 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The database, the full text of the report, and the underlying country-level data for all figures—along with the questionnaire, the survey methodology, and other relevant materials—are available at

Global Waves of Debt

Global Waves of Debt Pdf/ePub eBook Author: M. Ayhan Kose,Peter Nagle,Franziska Ohnsorge,Naotaka Sugawara
Editor: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464815453
FileSize: 1925kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1925


Global Waves of Debt by M. Ayhan Kose,Peter Nagle,Franziska Ohnsorge,Naotaka Sugawara Summary

The global economy has experienced four waves of rapid debt accumulation over the past 50 years. The first three debt waves ended with financial crises in many emerging market and developing economies. During the current wave, which started in 2010, the increase in debt in these economies has already been larger, faster, and broader-based than in the previous three waves. Current low interest rates mitigate some of the risks associated with high debt. However, emerging market and developing economies are also confronted by weak growth prospects, mounting vulnerabilities, and elevated global risks. A menu of policy options is available to reduce the likelihood that the current debt wave will end in crisis and, if crises do take place, will alleviate their impact.

International Debt Statistics 2021

International Debt Statistics 2021 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: World Bank
Editor: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464816115
FileSize: 723kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 723


International Debt Statistics 2021 by World Bank Summary

International Debt Statistics (IDS), a long-standing annual publication of the World Bank, features external debt statistics and analysis for the 120 low- and middle-income countries that report to the World Bank Debtor Reporting System. IDS 2021 includes (1) an overview analyzing global trends in debt stocks of and debt flows to low- and middle-income countries within the framework of aggregate capital flows (debt and equity); (2) a feature story on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Debt Service Suspension Initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; (3) tables and charts detailing debtor and creditor composition of debt stock and flows, terms of new commitments, and maturity structure of future debt service payments and debt burdens, measured in relation to gross national income and export earnings for each country; (4) one-page summaries per country, plus global, regional, and income group aggregates showing debt stocks and flows, relevant debt indicators, and metadata for six years (2009 and 2015†“19); and (5) a user guide describing the tables and content, definitions and rationale for the country and income groupings used in the report, data notes, and information about additional resources and comprehensive data sets available to users online. Unique in its coverage of the important trends and issues fundamental to the financing of low- and middle-income countries, IDS 2021 is an indispensable resource for governments, economists, investors, financial consultants, academics, bankers, and the entire development community. For more information on IDS 2021 and related products, please visit the World Bank’s Data Catalog at

Sovereign Debt Diplomacies

Sovereign Debt Diplomacies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Pierre Penet,Juan Flores Zendejas
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0192636189
FileSize: 550kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 550


Sovereign Debt Diplomacies by Pierre Penet,Juan Flores Zendejas Summary

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations. Sovereign Debt Diplomacies aims to revisit the meaning of sovereign debt in relation to colonial history and postcolonial developments. It offers three main contributions. The first contribution is historical. The volume historicises a research field that has so far focused primarily on the post-1980 years. A focus on colonial debt from the 19th century building of colonial empires to the decolonisation era in the 1960s-70s fills an important gap in recent debt historiographies. Economic historians have engaged with colonialism only reluctantly or en passant, giving credence to the idea that colonialism is not a development that deserves to be treated on its own. This has led to suboptimal developments in recent scholarship. The second contribution adds a 'law and society' dimension to studies of debt. The analytical payoff of the exercise is to capture the current developments and functional limits of debt contracting and adjudication in relation to the long-term political and sociological dynamics of sovereignty. Finally, Sovereign Debt Diplomacies imports insights from, and contributes to the body of research currently developed in the Humanities under the label 'colonial and postcolonial studies'. The emphasis on 'history from below' and focus on 'subaltern agency' usefully complement the traditional elite-perspective on financial imperialism favoured by the British school of empire history.

The Liquidation of Government Debt

The Liquidation of Government Debt Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ms. Carmen Reinhart,M. Belen Sbrancia
Editor: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1498338380
FileSize: 308kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 308


The Liquidation of Government Debt by Ms. Carmen Reinhart,M. Belen Sbrancia Summary

High public debt often produces the drama of default and restructuring. But debt is also reduced through financial repression, a tax on bondholders and savers via negative or belowmarket real interest rates. After WWII, capital controls and regulatory restrictions created a captive audience for government debt, limiting tax-base erosion. Financial repression is most successful in liquidating debt when accompanied by inflation. For the advanced economies, real interest rates were negative ½ of the time during 1945–1980. Average annual interest expense savings for a 12—country sample range from about 1 to 5 percent of GDP for the full 1945–1980 period. We suggest that, once again, financial repression may be part of the toolkit deployed to cope with the most recent surge in public debt in advanced economies.

Behavioral Finance: The Second Generation

Behavioral Finance: The Second Generation Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Meir Statman
Editor: CFA Institute Research Foundation
ISBN: 1944960864
FileSize: 434kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 434


Behavioral Finance: The Second Generation by Meir Statman Summary

Behavioral finance presented in this book is the second-generation of behavioral finance. The first generation, starting in the early 1980s, largely accepted standard finance’s notion of people’s wants as “rational” wants—restricted to the utilitarian benefits of high returns and low risk. That first generation commonly described people as “irrational”—succumbing to cognitive and emotional errors and misled on their way to their rational wants. The second generation describes people as normal. It begins by acknowledging the full range of people’s normal wants and their benefits—utilitarian, expressive, and emotional—distinguishes normal wants from errors, and offers guidance on using shortcuts and avoiding errors on the way to satisfying normal wants. People’s normal wants include financial security, nurturing children and families, gaining high social status, and staying true to values. People’s normal wants, even more than their cognitive and emotional shortcuts and errors, underlie answers to important questions of finance, including saving and spending, portfolio construction, asset pricing, and market efficiency.

Ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System

Ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jody Zall Kusek,Ray C. Rist
Editor: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821389076
FileSize: 1440kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1440


Ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System by Jody Zall Kusek,Ray C. Rist Summary

This Handbook provides a comprehensive ten-step model that will help guide development practitioners through the process of designing and building a results-based monitoring and evaluation system.

Reflections on the Revolution in France

Reflections on the Revolution in France Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Edmund Burke
Editor: Broadview Press
ISBN: 1770488308
FileSize: 1221kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1221


Reflections on the Revolution in France by Edmund Burke Summary

This abridgement of Reflections on the Revolution in France preserves the dynamism of Edmund Burke’s polemic while excising a number of detail-laden passages that may be of less interest to modern readers. Brian R. Clack’s introduction offers a compelling overview of the text and explores the consistency and coherence of Burke’s views on revolution. Burke’s critique of revolutionary politics is illuminated further by the extensive supplementary materials collected in a number of themed appendices.

Graph Representation Learning

Graph Representation Learning Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William L. Hamilton
Editor: Morgan & Claypool Publishers
ISBN: 168173964X
FileSize: 1655kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1655


Graph Representation Learning by William L. Hamilton Summary

Graph-structured data is ubiquitous throughout the natural and social sciences, from telecommunication networks to quantum chemistry. Building relational inductive biases into deep learning architectures is crucial for creating systems that can learn, reason, and generalize from this kind of data. Recent years have seen a surge in research on graph representation learning, including techniques for deep graph embeddings, generalizations of convolutional neural networks to graph-structured data, and neural message-passing approaches inspired by belief propagation. These advances in graph representation learning have led to new state-of-the-art results in numerous domains, including chemical synthesis, 3D vision, recommender systems, question answering, and social network analysis. This book provides a synthesis and overview of graph representation learning. It begins with a discussion of the goals of graph representation learning as well as key methodological foundations in graph theory and network analysis. Following this, the book introduces and reviews methods for learning node embeddings, including random-walk-based methods and applications to knowledge graphs. It then provides a technical synthesis and introduction to the highly successful graph neural network (GNN) formalism, which has become a dominant and fast-growing paradigm for deep learning with graph data. The book concludes with a synthesis of recent advancements in deep generative models for graphs—a nascent but quickly growing subset of graph representation learning.

Debt-Free Forever

Debt-Free Forever Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gail Vaz-Oxlade
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 1443412821
FileSize: 1632kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1632


Debt-Free Forever by Gail Vaz-Oxlade Summary

Revised and updated with new material! Through Debt-Free Forever, more than 100,000 Canadian families have used Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s brand of money management to dig themselves out of debt. Her strategy is straightforward—it isn’t about neat tricks, hidden agendas and mysterious fixes. As Gail says, “Money isn’t rocket-science, it’s discipline.” Gail has made it her life’s mission to make money management something everyone can do. And she won’t take no for an answer. Hers is a style that’s unique, a voice that is demanding, an approach that is holistic. Debt-Free Forever helps readers take back responsibility and control over their money. Gail’s Rules are simple: you can’t spend money you don’t have, you must save something and if you’re in debt, you must get the albatross off your back. That said, she knows that executing them can be hard. That’s why Debt-Free Forever will serve as a roadmap to getting out of debt, with carefully detailed plans, and Gail’s unfailing support to help readers get to the right destination.

Impact Evaluation in Practice, Second Edition

Impact Evaluation in Practice, Second Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Paul J. Gertler,Sebastian Martinez,Patrick Premand,Laura B. Rawlings,Christel M. J. Vermeersch
Editor: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464807809
FileSize: 1011kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1011


Impact Evaluation in Practice, Second Edition by Paul J. Gertler,Sebastian Martinez,Patrick Premand,Laura B. Rawlings,Christel M. J. Vermeersch Summary

The second edition of the Impact Evaluation in Practice handbook is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to impact evaluation for policy makers and development practitioners. First published in 2011, it has been used widely across the development and academic communities. The book incorporates real-world examples to present practical guidelines for designing and implementing impact evaluations. Readers will gain an understanding of impact evaluations and the best ways to use them to design evidence-based policies and programs. The updated version covers the newest techniques for evaluating programs and includes state-of-the-art implementation advice, as well as an expanded set of examples and case studies that draw on recent development challenges. It also includes new material on research ethics and partnerships to conduct impact evaluation. The handbook is divided into four sections: Part One discusses what to evaluate and why; Part Two presents the main impact evaluation methods; Part Three addresses how to manage impact evaluations; Part Four reviews impact evaluation sampling and data collection. Case studies illustrate different applications of impact evaluations. The book links to complementary instructional material available online, including an applied case as well as questions and answers. The updated second edition will be a valuable resource for the international development community, universities, and policy makers looking to build better evidence around what works in development.

Oppressed by Debt

Oppressed by Debt Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Saul Schwartz
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000511812
FileSize: 1571kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1571


Oppressed by Debt by Saul Schwartz Summary

This edited collection brings together essays that explore personal debts to government. Intensive collection efforts by governments in need of revenue often cause hardship, whether it is the poor in the United States going to jail because of unpaid fines, low-income English people being evicted because they paid their council taxes but could then not pay their rent, or poor former students having tax refunds or social benefits taken by the government when they have defaulted on their student loans. Student loans, fines and fees arising from the justice system, benefit overpayments and unpaid taxes have all ballooned in the past decade, but no other volume comprehensively addresses the various ways in which governments have become privileged creditors, using their power to collect debts owed to them by their citizens. With each essay emphasizing a particular kind of debt to government, the book focuses on what happens when citizens cannot pay the debts they owe to their governments. Contributors offer pragmatic options to facilitate a movement to soften the stance of governments toward those who owe them money. The insights in this collection will be of relevance to students and academics in criminology, sociology, public policy, and economics, as well as policymakers and government officials interested in effecting change in this area.

What a Waste 2.0

What a Waste 2.0 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Silpa Kaza,Lisa Yao,Perinaz Bhada-Tata,Frank Van Woerden
Editor: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464813477
FileSize: 1640kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1640


What a Waste 2.0 by Silpa Kaza,Lisa Yao,Perinaz Bhada-Tata,Frank Van Woerden Summary

Solid waste management affects every person in the world. By 2050, the world is expected to increase waste generation by 70 percent, from 2.01 billion tonnes of waste in 2016 to 3.40 billion tonnes of waste annually. Individuals and governments make decisions about consumption and waste management that affect the daily health, productivity, and cleanliness of communities. Poorly managed waste is contaminating the world’s oceans, clogging drains and causing flooding, transmitting diseases, increasing respiratory problems, harming animals that consume waste unknowingly, and affecting economic development. Unmanaged and improperly managed waste from decades of economic growth requires urgent action at all levels of society. What a Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050 aggregates extensive solid aste data at the national and urban levels. It estimates and projects waste generation to 2030 and 2050. Beyond the core data metrics from waste generation to disposal, the report provides information on waste management costs, revenues, and tariffs; special wastes; regulations; public communication; administrative and operational models; and the informal sector. Solid waste management accounts for approximately 20 percent of municipal budgets in low-income countries and 10 percent of municipal budgets in middle-income countries, on average. Waste management is often under the jurisdiction of local authorities facing competing priorities and limited resources and capacities in planning, contract management, and operational monitoring. These factors make sustainable waste management a complicated proposition; most low- and middle-income countries, and their respective cities, are struggling to address these challenges. Waste management data are critical to creating policy and planning for local contexts. Understanding how much waste is generated—especially with rapid urbanization and population growth—as well as the types of waste generated helps local governments to select appropriate management methods and plan for future demand. It allows governments to design a system with a suitable number of vehicles, establish efficient routes, set targets for diversion of waste, track progress, and adapt as consumption patterns change. With accurate data, governments can realistically allocate resources, assess relevant technologies, and consider strategic partners for service provision, such as the private sector or nongovernmental organizations. What a Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050 provides the most up-to-date information available to empower citizens and governments around the world to effectively address the pressing global crisis of waste. Additional information is available at

Bad Paper

Bad Paper Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jake Halpern
Editor: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374711240
FileSize: 1193kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1193


Bad Paper by Jake Halpern Summary

The Federal Trade Commission receives more complaints about rogue debt collecting than about any activity besides identity theft. Dramatically and entertainingly, Bad Paper reveals why. It tells the story of Aaron Siegel, a former banking executive, and Brandon Wilson, a former armed robber, who become partners and go in quest of "paper"—the uncollected debts that are sold off by banks for pennies on the dollar. As Aaron and Brandon learn, the world of consumer debt collection is an unregulated shadowland where operators often make unwarranted threats and even collect debts that are not theirs. Introducing an unforgettable cast of strivers and rogues, Jake Halpern chronicles their lives as they manage high-pressure call centers, hunt for paper in Las Vegas casinos, and meet in parked cars to sell the social security numbers and account information of unsuspecting consumers. He also tracks a "package" of debt that is stolen by unscrupulous collectors, leading to a dramatic showdown with guns in a Buffalo corner store. Along the way, he reveals the human cost of a system that compounds the troubles of hardworking Americans and permits banks to ignore their former customers. The result is a vital exposé that is also a bravura feat of storytelling.

Repairing a Broken System

Repairing a Broken System Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jon Leibowitz
Editor: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437936350
FileSize: 411kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 411


Repairing a Broken System by Jon Leibowitz Summary

Creditors and collectors seek to recover consumer debts through the use of litigation and arbitration. But, neither litigation nor arbitration currently provides adequate protection for consumers. The system for resolving disputes about consumer debts is broken. To fix the system, federal and state governments, the debt collection industry, and other stakeholders should make a variety of significant reforms in litigation and arbitration so that the system is both efficient and fair. Contents of this report: Introduction; Litigation and Arbitration Proceedings; Conclusion. Appendices: Debt Collection Roundtable (DCR) Panelists; Contributors to DCR; Agendas for DCR; DCR Public Comments; Sample State Debt Collection Checklists. Illustrations.

Nurse's Legal Handbook

Nurse's Legal Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kathy Ferrell
Editor: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 1496302613
FileSize: 1215kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1215


Nurse's Legal Handbook by Kathy Ferrell Summary

An authoritative guide to the legal and ethical issues faced daily by nurses, this handbook includes real-life examples and information from hundreds of court cases. It covers the full range of contemporary concerns, including computer documentation, workplace violence and harassment, needlesticks, telephone triage, pain management, prescribing, privacy, and confidentiality. An entire chapter explains step-by-step what to expect in a malpractice lawsuit.

Self-Help, Private Debt Collection and the Concomitant Risks

Self-Help, Private Debt Collection and the Concomitant Risks Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cӑtӑlin Gabriel Stӑnescu
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319215035
FileSize: 1709kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1709


Self-Help, Private Debt Collection and the Concomitant Risks by Cӑtӑlin Gabriel Stӑnescu Summary

The book shows that self-help in commercial law is a fast, inexpensive and efficient alternative to court enforcement. Self-help remedies and private debt collection are largely but not exclusively features of common law jurisdictions, since remnants of private enforcement can still be found in contract law in civilian systems. The book argues that – despite their usefulness – self-help and private debt collection entail significant risks, especially for consumer debtors. This means that private enforcement needs to be accompanied by the introduction of tailor-made consumer-debtor protection regulation. Specific attention is given to factoring, which functions in many instances as a form of pseudo-private debt collection and which has been exploited to bypass sector-specific consumer protection regulations.

Lived Economies of Default

Lived Economies of Default Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joe Deville
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134087713
FileSize: 505kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 505


Lived Economies of Default by Joe Deville Summary

Consumer credit borrowing – using credit cards, store cards and personal loans – is an important and routine part of many of our lives. But what happens when these everyday forms of borrowing go ‘bad’, when people start to default on their loans and when they cannot, or will not, repay? It is this poorly understood, controversial, but central part of both the consumer credit industry and the lived experiences of an increasing number of people that this book explores. Drawing on research from the interior of the debt collections industry, as well as debtors' own accounts and historical research into technologies of lending and collection, it examines precisely how this ever more sophisticated, globally connected market functions. It focuses on the highly intimate techniques used to try and recoup defaulting debts from borrowers, as well as on the collection industry’s relationship with lenders. Joe Deville follows a journey of default, from debtors’ borrowing practices, to the intrusion of collections technologies into their homes and everyday lives, to the collections organisation, to attempts by debtors to seek outside help. In the process he shows how to understand this particular market, we need to understand the central role played within it by emotion and affect. By opening up for scrutiny an area of the economy which is often hidden from view, this book makes a major contribution both to understanding the relationship between emotion and calculation in markets and the role of consumer credit in our societies and economies. This book will be of interest to students, teachers and researchers in a range of fields, including sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, economics and social psychology.

Managing Debt For Dummies

Managing Debt For Dummies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Ventura,Mary Reed
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118068157
FileSize: 1018kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1018


Managing Debt For Dummies by John Ventura,Mary Reed Summary

If you’re trying to kick the “Buy Now/Pay Later” habit and get your spiraling debt under control, you need Managing Debt For Dummies now! This practical, commonsense guide provides straightforward strategies for coping with every kind of secured and unsecured debt, including, personal loans, car loans, mortgages, home equity loans, lines of credit, credit cards, finance company loans, and student loans. You’ll find out how easy it is to: Distinguish between good and bad debt Go on a “debt diet” to get back into financial shape Start a filing system to track debt and protect life after debt Adopt a smart spending regimen Increase your income Consolidate your debt Decide which bills to pay when you can’t pay them all Use credit cards responsibly You can still live well while slashing spending on groceries, clothing, and entertainment. Find out how in Managing Debt for Dummies.

Modern Financial Engineering: Counterparty, Credit, Portfolio And Systemic Risks

Modern Financial Engineering: Counterparty, Credit, Portfolio And Systemic Risks Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Giuseppe Orlando,Michele Bufalo,Henry Penikas,Concetta Zurlo
Editor: World Scientific
ISBN: 9811252378
FileSize: 706kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 706


Modern Financial Engineering: Counterparty, Credit, Portfolio And Systemic Risks by Giuseppe Orlando,Michele Bufalo,Henry Penikas,Concetta Zurlo Summary

The book offers an overview of credit risk modeling and management. A three-step approach is adopted with the contents, after introducing the essential concepts of both mathematics and finance.Initially the focus is on the modeling of credit risk parameters mainly at the level of individual debtor and transaction, after which the book delves into counterparty credit risk, thus providing the link between credit and market risks. The second part is aimed at the portfolio level when multiple loans are pooled and default correlation becomes an important factor to consider and model. In this respect, the book explains how copulas help in modeling. The final stage is the macro perspective when the combination of credit risks related to financial institutions produces systemic risk and affects overall financial stability.The entire approach is two-dimensional as well. First, all modeling steps have replicable programming codes both in R and Matlab. In this way, the reader can experience the impact of changing the default probabilities of a given borrower or the weights of a sector. Second, at each stage, the book discusses the regulatory environment. This is because, at times, regulation can have stricter constraints than the outcome of internal models. In summary, the book guides the reader in modeling and managing credit risk by providing both the theoretical framework and the empirical tools necessary for a modern finance professional. In this sense, the book is aimed at a wide audience in all fields of study: from quants who want to engage in finance to economists who want to learn about coding and modern financial engineering.

Bankers Handbook on Kisan Credit Card

Bankers Handbook on Kisan Credit Card Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rajesh Kharche
Editor: Educreation Publishing
FileSize: 1082kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1082


Bankers Handbook on Kisan Credit Card by Rajesh Kharche Summary

The book is about technical information on popular crop loan scheme within agriculture finance of bank. The crop loan scheme is well known as Kisan Credit Card; this book contains information which is not available in banking domain as of now. The reference base will be useful for sourcing, appraising, monitoring and development of KCC portfolio of the bank. The book aims at providing information which will help rural banker in understanding farm, farmer, crop and its management. This understanding will help in providing timely and need based credit to large section of farmer, thus will be contribution towards doubling of farmer's income initiative of government. The book aims to provide new outlook towards KCC by banker and change their role to financier advisor to banker rather than lender. It further brings out the opportunities available for making KCC banking as profitable venture for commercial banks in India.

OECD Economic Surveys: Switzerland 2022

OECD Economic Surveys: Switzerland 2022 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: OECD
Editor: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264535713
FileSize: 1994kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1994


OECD Economic Surveys: Switzerland 2022 by OECD Summary

The Swiss economy has shown resilience but the COVID-19 pandemic continues to raise uncertainty and challenges. Effective government support has helped protect employment and buttress household incomes. Nevertheless, some sectors and groups have been hit hard, with a disproportionate impact on low-middle skilled and low-wage workers.

Past Due

Past Due Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Roxie RIvera
Editor: Night Works Books
FileSize: 338kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 338


Past Due by Roxie RIvera Summary

After brooding, mercurial mobster Besian saves Marley for the second time, she anxiously awaits his visit in the hospital. She’s ready to confess her love for him, certain he returns her feelings. Except, he never comes to see her. Heartbroken, Marley flees Houston and Besian. She wanders Europe, looking for answers, and eventually finds herself standing in the last place she ever expected—Albania, his homeland. Back in Houston, Besian tries to pretend everything is fine. He’s convinced himself that letting Marley go was the right decision. She’s too good, too pure, for a dark-hearted monster like him. But, when Besian learns someone has put a hit on Marley, he can’t lie to himself—or her—any longer. He leaves Houston in the middle of the night, racing off to Albania to find her. And once he does, he knows there’s only one way to truly keep her safe. Whether she likes it or not, she’s coming back to Houston as his wife.

The Pandemic Crisis and the European Union

The Pandemic Crisis and the European Union Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Paulo Vila Maior,Isabel Camisão
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000470938
FileSize: 1275kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1275


The Pandemic Crisis and the European Union by Paulo Vila Maior,Isabel Camisão Summary

This book assesses the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the European Union (EU), as well as its response in dealing with an overarching, multidimensional crisis with consequences extending beyond public health safety to political, economic, legal, and institutional arenas. It argues the pandemic represents a symmetric crisis cutting across countries with different social, economic and political characteristics and which yet - despite favouring cooperative solutions at the supranational level - has largely been met with initial responses of a national, even local, nature. So, how well did the EU perform as a crisis manager in the pandemic crisis? This book will be of key interest to scholars, students and readers of crisis, pandemic and health management, European Union politics and governance.

Fiscal Underpinnings for Sustainable Development in China

Fiscal Underpinnings for Sustainable Development in China Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ehtisham Ahmad,Meili Niu,Kezhou Xiao
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 9811062862
FileSize: 870kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 870


Fiscal Underpinnings for Sustainable Development in China by Ehtisham Ahmad,Meili Niu,Kezhou Xiao Summary

This book collects high-quality papers on issues related to the rebalancing strategy in China, new clean cities as “hubs’’, liability management, and involving the private sector, including through PPPs, with specific examples from Guangdong. Guangdong has been at the forefront of economic reforms in China since the advent of the Responsibility System in the late 1970s, and its successes and challenges reflect those of China as a whole. The need for rebalancing towards a more inclusive and sustainable path is also critical in Guangdong, just as it is in China. Strengthening the fiscal underpinnings and the next stages of tax reforms are critical drivers to accomplishing the requisite structural changes.


Editor: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788120328532
FileSize: 1068kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1068



Inventory control is vitally important to almost any type of industry, whether product or service-oriented. Investments in raw materials, spare parts, work-in-progress and finished products are all critical costs of operations which if not controlled can lead to high capital costs, high operating costs, and decreased production efficiency. This book focuses on the problems of materials control in small-scale manufactur-ing industries. It explains how to optimize the available resources with a view to reducing material costs and achieving improved capital turnover. It also analyzes a few selected industries and critically reviews their performance in the area of inventory control. The book is designed as a text on inventory management for postgraduate students pursuing courses in commerce, management, and business studies. It is also suitable for all those studying for professional qualifications such as CA, ICWA, and CS.

Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management

Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Barbara Friedberg
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440830320
FileSize: 513kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 513


Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management by Barbara Friedberg Summary

This jargon-free resource explains the who, what, why, and where of contemporary personal finance in simple, easy-to-grasp language, covering the key people, events, terms, tools, policies, and products that make up modern money management. • Supplies accessible, comprehensive financial information that explains complex topics in simple language • Shows the relationship between personal finance and everyday life, from renting an apartment to saving for retirement • Answers a wide variety of personal finance questions • Provides a resource suitable for both personal and scholarly use

Student Debt: A Reference Handbook

Student Debt: A Reference Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William Elliott III,Melinda K. Lewis
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440844887
FileSize: 654kb
File Format: Pdf
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Student Debt: A Reference Handbook by William Elliott III,Melinda K. Lewis Summary

Offering answers to essential questions about student debt and many connected issues, this book examines student debt in the United States at every stage of the process—from the banks that issue the loans to the colleges and universities that collect the payments. • Provides a thorough and accessible treatment of student loans that fills a large gap in the reference literature • Presents arguments both for and against student lending, making this an excellent resource for students writing persuasive essays on either side of the topic • Supplies highly useful, easy-to-understand information for students as well as general readers who want to learn more about student loans and grasp the key issues of this important socioeconomic issue

Trump and the American Future

Trump and the American Future Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Newt Gingrich
Editor: Center Street
ISBN: 154608505X
FileSize: 555kb
File Format: Pdf
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Trump and the American Future by Newt Gingrich Summary

New York Times bestselling author Newt Gingrich lays out the stakes of the 2020 elections and what the end results could mean for the future of American citizens. The 2020 election will be a decisive choice for America, especially as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis. Will the American people choose four more years of President Trump to lead us back to strong economic growth, a foreign and trade policy of putting American interests first, dismantling the deep state, and dramatically reforming the bureaucracies? Or will they reject Trumpism and elect the radical Democratic policies of big government, globalism, and socialist policies that Joe Biden represents? Not since the election of 1964 has the choice in an election been so stark. Trump and the American Future by Newt Gingrich will lay out the stakes of the 2020 election and provide a clarion call for all Americans on why it is vital to return President Trump to the White House for a second term. Featuring insights gleaned from the lifetime of experience and access only Newt Gingrich can bring, Trump and the American Future will be crucial reading for every citizen who wants to continue to make America great again.

International Responses to Issues of Credit and Over-indebtedness in the Wake of Crisis

International Responses to Issues of Credit and Over-indebtedness in the Wake of Crisis Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Therese Wilson
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317113748
FileSize: 1183kb
File Format: Pdf
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International Responses to Issues of Credit and Over-indebtedness in the Wake of Crisis by Therese Wilson Summary

This book explores the political, economic and regulatory context in which credit regulation is taking place following the global financial crisis. It suggests that current neoliberal economic policies favour multi-national corporations rather than consumers and examines regulatory responses to the internationalization of consumer finance protection. Detailing how EU consumers have been affected by national economic conditions, the book also analyses the lending regimes of Europe, Australia, the US and South Africa and offers suggestions for responsible lending to avoid over-indebtedness and corrupt mortgage-lending. Finally, new approaches and directions for consumer credit regulations are outlined, such as protection for small businesses, protection against risky credit products, reorganization of mortgage securitization and the possibility of a partnership model to address financial exclusion. The book includes contributions from leading names in the field of consumer law and will be invaluable to those interested in banking, business and commercial law.

Market Integration Through Data Protection

Market Integration Through Data Protection Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940076085X
FileSize: 1997kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1997


Market Integration Through Data Protection by Mario Viola de Azevedo Cunha Summary

In the context of the continuous advance of information technologies and biomedicine, and of the creation of economic blocs, this work analyzes the role that data protection plays in the integration of markets. It puts special emphasis on financial and insurance services. Further, it identifies the differences in the data protection systems of EU member states and examines the development of common standards and principles of data protection that could help build a data protection model for Mercosur. Divided into four parts, the book starts out with a discussion of the evolution of the right to privacy, focusing on the last few decades, and taking into account the development of new technologies. The second part discusses the interaction between data protection and specific industries that serve as case studies: insurance, banking and credit reporting. The focus of this part is on generalization and discrimination, adverse selection and the processing of sensitive and genetic data. The third part of the book presents an analysis of the legislation of three EU Member States (France, Italy and UK). Specific elements of analysis that are compared are the concepts of personal and anonymous data, data protection principles, the role of the data protection authorities, the role of the data protection officer, data subjects’ rights, the processing of sensitive data, the processing of genetic data and the experience of the case studies in processing data. The book concludes with the proposal of a model for data protection that could be adopted by Mercosur, taking into account the different levels of data protection that exist in its member states.

Sovereign Debt and Human Rights

Sovereign Debt and Human Rights Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ilias Bantekas,Cephas Lumina
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019253842X
FileSize: 373kb
File Format: Pdf
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Sovereign Debt and Human Rights by Ilias Bantekas,Cephas Lumina Summary

Sovereign debt is necessary for the functioning of many modern states, yet its impact on human rights is underexplored in academic literature. This volume provides the reader with a step-by-step analysis of the debt phenomenon and how it affects human rights. Beginning by setting out the historical, political and economic context of sovereign debt, the book goes on to address the human rights dimension of the policies and activities of the three types of sovereign lenders: international financial institutions (IFIs), sovereigns and private lenders. Bantekas and Lumina, along with a team of global experts, establish the link between debt and the manner in which the accumulation of sovereign debt violates human rights, examining some of the conditions imposed by structural adjustment programs on debtor states with a view to servicing their debt. They outline how such conditions have been shown to exacerbate the debt itself at the expense of economic sovereignty, concluding that such measures worsen the borrower's economic situation, and are injurious to the entrenched rights of peoples.

Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Occupations - E-Book

Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Occupations - E-Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elsevier
Editor: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323291740
FileSize: 1725kb
File Format: Pdf
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Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Occupations - E-Book by Elsevier Summary

With coverage of both legal and ethical issues, this text gives you the foundation to handle common health care challenges in everyday practice. The new edition also includes a variety of exercises to help reinforce text content, as well as updated examples and case studies to help you apply information to professional practice. Detailed coverage of current legal and ethical issues and case law help facilitate classroom discussion and make concepts more relevant. What If? boxes present ethical dilemmas and help you apply concepts from the book to real-life examples. Updated case studies discuss the issues faced in a variety of healthcare settings. What If? boxes present ethical dilemmas and help you apply concepts from the book to real-life examples. Updated Case Studies discuss the issues faced in a variety of healthcare settings. A revised Imaging Liability and Litigation chapter describes how society holds healthcare workers accountable in the workplace. Important HIPAA information includes the latest privacy guidelines along with ethical and legal implications.

The Lifeboat Strategy

The Lifeboat Strategy Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mark Nestmann
ISBN: 1891266403
FileSize: 611kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Lifeboat Strategy by Mark Nestmann Summary

On every front, 24 hours a day, you and your wealth face threats of an intensity that would have been unimaginable only a few short years ago. A sinister marriage of law and technology has made the pervasive and continuous surveillance that George Orwell warned of a reality. Identity thieves, greedy lawyers and the government have been quick to exploit this fast-evolving global surveillance network: - Data thieves can hijack your PC with easy-to-use hacking tools that even a 10-year old can master. After stealing your log-on passwords, they can drain your bank accounts. - If someone has a grudge against you, he can learn whether you're "worth suing" with a few clicks of a mouse. Hundreds of Web sites offer asset-tracking services to find your real estate ownership records, bank account balances, and much more. - Secret government data mining programs monitor your personal and financial activities 24 hours a day for "suspicious transactions." One oversight--becoming friends on Facebook with a suspected terrorist, withdrawing too much cash, unknowingly renting property to someone with a criminal background, etc.--and you could find yourself under arrest and your assets frozen. . Fortunately, you CAN fight back. You can secure your PC to make it virtually invulnerable to hackers. You can legally create international "lifeboats" of wealth and privacy that are practically invulnerable to snooping. You can understand what the government regards as suspicious ... and avoid raising your profile unnecessarily. The Lifeboat Strategy (2011) shows you exactly what you need to do to counter today's threats to wealth and privacy. It documents today's unprecedented threats to wealth and privacy and reveals hundreds of completely legal strategies to deal with them: private investments, opportunities, and strategies inside--and outside--the United States. And, it's written in language you can understand and put to work to protect yourself and your family. Special bonus report accompanying The Lifeboat Strategy (2011): How to Find Your Own Safe Haven Offshore. In this report, you you'll learn: - The 11 countries best suited for wealth preservation - Which countries offer the most to prospective immigrants? - How to legally purchase a second passport-and why you might want to. - In the current economic crisis, which "asset havens" will survive--or not? As the U.S. dollar collapses and the world moves into fiscal chaos, planning your own "escape from America" has never been more important. And this free special bonus report shows you, step-by-step, how to proceed.

Integrating Performance and Budgets

Integrating Performance and Budgets Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jonathan D. Breul,Carl Moravitz
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1461714303
FileSize: 1000kb
File Format: Pdf
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Integrating Performance and Budgets by Jonathan D. Breul,Carl Moravitz Summary

Governments are under increasing pressure to produce—and to demonstrate—results in terms of their mission. Over the last decade, countries around the world have undertaken reforms with the aim of improving the relevance and effectiveness of public services and the quality of public sector management. Integrating Performance and Budgets showcases attempts by federal and state governments, as well as a mix of developed and developing countries, to introduce performance or results-oriented budgeting and management as a means to support better decision making and accountability.

Innovative State

Innovative State Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Aneesh Chopra
Editor: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 0802193463
FileSize: 971kb
File Format: Pdf
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Innovative State by Aneesh Chopra Summary

“As the . . . first Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra did groundbreaking work to bring our government into the 21st century” (President Barack Obama). Over the last twenty years, our economy and our society, from how we shop and pay our bills to how we communicate, have been completely revolutionized by technology. As Aneesh Chopra shows in Innovative State, once it became clear how much this would change America, a movement arose around the idea that these same technologies could reshape and improve government. But the idea languished, and while the private sector innovated, our government stalled, trapped in a model designed for the America of the 1930s and 1960s. The election of Barack Obama offered a new opportunity. In 2009, Aneesh Chopra was named the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States federal government. Previously the Secretary of Technology for Virginia and managing director for a health care think tank, Chopra was tasked with leading the administration’s initiatives for a more open, tech-savvy government. In Innovative State, Chopra offers an absorbing look at how open government can establish a new paradigm for the Internet era and allow us to tackle our most challenging problems, from economic development to affordable health care. “With inspiring stories and clear insights, [Chopra] provides a playbook for open innovations that work both in the public and the private sector.” —Walter Isaacson, #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Steve Jobs