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The Founding Fathers and the Place of Religion in America

The Founding Fathers and the Place of Religion in America Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400825530
FileSize: 1181kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Founding Fathers and the Place of Religion in America by Summary

How did the United States, founded as colonies with explicitly religious aspirations, come to be the first modern state whose commitment to the separation of church and state was reflected in its constitution? Frank Lambert explains why this happened, offering in the process a synthesis of American history from the first British arrivals through Thomas Jefferson's controversial presidency. Lambert recognizes that two sets of spiritual fathers defined the place of religion in early America: what Lambert calls the Planting Fathers, who brought Old World ideas and dreams of building a "City upon a Hill," and the Founding Fathers, who determined the constitutional arrangement of religion in the new republic. While the former proselytized the "one true faith," the latter emphasized religious freedom over religious purity. Lambert locates this shift in the mid-eighteenth century. In the wake of evangelical revival, immigration by new dissenters, and population expansion, there emerged a marketplace of religion characterized by sectarian competition, pluralism, and widened choice. During the American Revolution, dissenters found sympathetic lawmakers who favored separating church and state, and the free marketplace of religion gained legal status as the Founders began the daunting task of uniting thirteen disparate colonies. To avoid discord in an increasingly pluralistic and contentious society, the Founders left the religious arena free of government intervention save for the guarantee of free exercise for all. Religious people and groups were also free to seek political influence, ensuring that religion's place in America would always be a contested one, but never a state-regulated one. An engaging and highly readable account of early American history, this book shows how religious freedom came to be recognized not merely as toleration of dissent but as a natural right to be enjoyed by all Americans.

Founding Faith

Founding Faith Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Steven Waldman
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 158836674X
FileSize: 511kb
File Format: Pdf
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Founding Faith by Steven Waldman Summary

The culture wars have distorted the dramatic story of how Americans came to worship freely. Many activists on the right maintain that the United States was founded as a “Christian nation.” Many on the left contend that the Founders were secular or Deist and that the First Amendment was designed to boldly separate church and state throughout the land. None of these claims are true, argues editor in chief Steven Waldman. With refreshing objectivity, Waldman narrates the real story of how our nation’s Founders forged a new approach to religious liberty, a revolutionary formula that promoted faith . . . by leaving it alone. This fast-paced narrative begins with earlier settlers’ stunningly unsuccessful efforts to create a Christian paradise, and concludes with the presidencies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, during which the men who had devised lofty principles regarding the proper relationship between church and state struggled to practice what they’d preached. We see how religion helped cause, and fuel, the Revolutionary War, and how the surprising alliance between Enlightenment philosophers such as Jefferson and Madison and evangelical Christians resulted in separation of church and state. As the drama unfolds, Founding Faith vividly describes the religious development of five Founders. Benjamin Franklin melded the morality-focused Puritan theology of his youth and the reason-based Enlightenment philosophy of his adulthood. John Adams’s pungent views on religion–hatred of the Church of England and Roman Catholics–stoked his revolutionary fervor and shaped his political strategy. George Washington came to view religious tolerance as a military necessity. Thomas Jefferson pursued a dramatic quest to “rescue” Jesus, in part by editing the Bible. Finally, it was James Madison–the tactical leader of the battle for religious freedom–who crafted an integrated vision of how to prevent tyranny while encouraging religious vibrancy. The spiritual custody battle over the Founding Fathers and the role of religion in America continues today. Waldman provocatively argues that neither side in the culture war has accurately depicted the true origins of the First Amendment. He sets the record straight, revealing the real history of religious freedom to be dramatic, unexpected, paradoxical, and inspiring. An interactive library of the key writings by the Founding Father, on separation of church and state, personal faith, and religious liberty can be found at

Religion in American Politics

Religion in American Politics Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Frank Lambert
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400824588
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Religion in American Politics by Frank Lambert Summary

The delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention blocked the establishment of Christianity as a national religion. But they could not keep religion out of American politics. From the election of 1800, when Federalist clergymen charged that deist Thomas Jefferson was unfit to lead a "Christian nation," to today, when some Democrats want to embrace the so-called Religious Left in order to compete with the Republicans and the Religious Right, religion has always been part of American politics. In Religion in American Politics, Frank Lambert tells the fascinating story of the uneasy relations between religion and politics from the founding to the twenty-first century. Lambert examines how antebellum Protestant unity was challenged by sectionalism as both North and South invoked religious justification; how Andrew Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth" competed with the anticapitalist "Social Gospel" during postwar industrialization; how the civil rights movement was perhaps the most effective religious intervention in politics in American history; and how the alliance between the Republican Party and the Religious Right has, in many ways, realized the founders' fears of religious-political electoral coalitions. In these and other cases, Lambert shows that religion became sectarian and partisan whenever it entered the political fray, and that religious agendas have always mixed with nonreligious ones. Religion in American Politics brings rare historical perspective and insight to a subject that was just as important--and controversial--in 1776 as it is today.

Fears of a Setting Sun

Fears of a Setting Sun Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dennis C. Rasmussen
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 069121106X
FileSize: 1213kb
File Format: Pdf
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Fears of a Setting Sun by Dennis C. Rasmussen Summary

The surprising story of how George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson came to despair for the future of the nation they had created Americans seldom deify their Founding Fathers any longer, but they do still tend to venerate the Constitution and the republican government that the founders created. Strikingly, the founders themselves were far less confident in what they had wrought, particularly by the end of their lives. In fact, most of them—including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson—came to deem America’s constitutional experiment an utter failure that was unlikely to last beyond their own generation. Fears of a Setting Sun is the first book to tell the fascinating and too-little-known story of the founders’ disillusionment. As Dennis Rasmussen shows, the founders’ pessimism had a variety of sources: Washington lost his faith in America’s political system above all because of the rise of partisanship, Hamilton because he felt that the federal government was too weak, Adams because he believed that the people lacked civic virtue, and Jefferson because of sectional divisions laid bare by the spread of slavery. The one major founder who retained his faith in America’s constitutional order to the end was James Madison, and the book also explores why he remained relatively optimistic when so many of his compatriots did not. As much as Americans today may worry about their country’s future, Rasmussen reveals, the founders faced even graver problems and harbored even deeper misgivings. A vividly written account of a chapter of American history that has received too little attention, Fears of a Setting Sun will change the way that you look at the American founding, the Constitution, and indeed the United States itself.

South Asian Politics and Religion

South Asian Politics and Religion Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Donald Eugene Smith
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400879086
FileSize: 972kb
File Format: Pdf
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South Asian Politics and Religion by Donald Eugene Smith Summary

The work of twenty-two scholars is brought together in this comparative study of the emerging relationships between religion and politics in India, Pakistan, and Ceylon. Part I, "South Asia: Unity and Diversity," presents a comparative analysis of religio-political patterns in the three countries. Part II, “India: The Politics of Religious Pluralism,” emphasizes the rich diversity of Indian religious life and its political consequences. Part III, “Pakistan: The Politics of Islamic Identity,” is chiefly concerned with the political, ideological, and legal problems which Pakistan has faced. Part IV, “Ceylon: The Politics of Buddhist Resurgence,” emphasizes the dramatic developments by which Buddhists have become deeply involved in politics. Originally published in 1966. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Did America Have a Christian Founding?

Did America Have a Christian Founding? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mark David Hall
Editor: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1400211115
FileSize: 569kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 569


Did America Have a Christian Founding? by Mark David Hall Summary

A distinguished professor debunks the assertion that America's Founders were deists who desired the strict separation of church and state and instead shows that their political ideas were profoundly influenced by their Christian convictions. In 2010, David Mark Hall gave a lecture at the Heritage Foundation entitled "Did America Have a Christian Founding?" His balanced and thoughtful approach to this controversial question caused a sensation. C-SPAN televised his talk, and an essay based on it has been downloaded more than 300,000 times. In this book, Hall expands upon this essay, making the airtight case that America's Founders were not deists. He explains why and how the Founders' views are absolutely relevant today, showing that they did not create a "godless" Constitution; that even Jefferson and Madison did not want a high wall separating church and state; that most Founders believed the government should encourage Christianity; and that they embraced a robust understanding of religious liberty for biblical and theological reasons. This compelling and utterly persuasive book will convince skeptics and equip believers and conservatives to defend the idea that Christian thought was crucial to the nation's founding--and that this benefits all of us, whatever our faith (or lack of faith).

American Gospel

American Gospel Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jon Meacham
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1588365778
FileSize: 1577kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1577


American Gospel by Jon Meacham Summary

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham reveals how the Founding Fathers viewed faith—and how they ultimately created a nation in which belief in God is a matter of choice. At a time when our country seems divided by extremism, American Gospel draws on the past to offer a new perspective. Meacham re-creates the fascinating history of a nation grappling with religion and politics–from John Winthrop’s “city on a hill” sermon to Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence; from the Revolution to the Civil War; from a proposed nineteenth-century Christian Amendment to the Constitution to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call for civil rights; from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. Debates about religion and politics are often more divisive than illuminating. Secularists point to a “wall of separation between church and state,” while many conservatives act as though the Founding Fathers were apostles in knee britches. As Meacham shows in this brisk narrative, neither extreme has it right. At the heart of the American experiment lies the God of what Benjamin Franklin called “public religion,” a God who invests all human beings with inalienable rights while protecting private religion from government interference. It is a great American balancing act, and it has served us well. Meacham has written and spoken extensively about religion and politics, and he brings historical authority and a sense of hope to the issue. American Gospel makes it compellingly clear that the nation’s best chance of summoning what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature” lies in recovering the spirit and sense of the Founding. In looking back, we may find the light to lead us forward. Praise for American Gospel “In his American Gospel, Jon Meacham provides a refreshingly clear, balanced, and wise historical portrait of religion and American politics at exactly the moment when such fairness and understanding are much needed. Anyone who doubts the relevance of history to our own time has only to read this exceptional book.”—David McCullough, author of 1776 “Jon Meacham has given us an insightful and eloquent account of the spiritual foundation of the early days of the American republic. It is especially instructive reading at a time when the nation is at once engaged in and deeply divided on the question of religion and its place in public life.”—Tom Brokaw, author of The Greatest Generation

Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an

Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Denise A. Spellberg
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0385350538
FileSize: 556kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 556


Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an by Denise A. Spellberg Summary

In this original and illuminating book, Denise A. Spellberg reveals a little-known but crucial dimension of the story of American religious freedom—a drama in which Islam played a surprising role. In 1765, eleven years before composing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson bought a Qur’an. This marked only the beginning of his lifelong interest in Islam, and he would go on to acquire numerous books on Middle Eastern languages, history, and travel, taking extensive notes on Islam as it relates to English common law. Jefferson sought to understand Islam notwithstanding his personal disdain for the faith, a sentiment prevalent among his Protestant contemporaries in England and America. But unlike most of them, by 1776 Jefferson could imagine Muslims as future citizens of his new country. Based on groundbreaking research, Spellberg compellingly recounts how a handful of the Founders, Jefferson foremost among them, drew upon Enlightenment ideas about the toleration of Muslims (then deemed the ultimate outsiders in Western society) to fashion out of what had been a purely speculative debate a practical foundation for governance in America. In this way, Muslims, who were not even known to exist in the colonies, became the imaginary outer limit for an unprecedented, uniquely American religious pluralism that would also encompass the actual despised minorities of Jews and Catholics. The rancorous public dispute concerning the inclusion of Muslims, for which principle Jefferson’s political foes would vilify him to the end of his life, thus became decisive in the Founders’ ultimate judgment not to establish a Protestant nation, as they might well have done. As popular suspicions about Islam persist and the numbers of American Muslim citizenry grow into the millions, Spellberg’s revelatory understanding of this radical notion of the Founders is more urgent than ever. Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an is a timely look at the ideals that existed at our country’s creation, and their fundamental implications for our present and future.

Crazy Faith

Crazy Faith Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Todd
Editor: WaterBrook
ISBN: 0593239202
FileSize: 1302kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1302


Crazy Faith by Michael Todd Summary

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the author of Relationship Goals . . . Will you be remembered as a person who claimed to follow God but liked to play it safe? Or as a person who lived your life out on the limb and trusted God enough to live in crazy faith? Noah looked crazy when he started building the ark . . . until it started raining. It was crazy for Moses to lead a nation of people into the desert away from Egypt . . . until the Red Sea parted. It was crazy to believe that a fourteen-year-old virgin would give birth to the Son of God . . . until Mary held Jesus in her arms. There are many things that seem normal or average today that at one point in time seemed absolutely crazy. Smartphones, Wi-Fi, and even the electric light bulb were all groundbreaking, history-making inventions that started out as crazy ideas. Our see-it-to-believe-it generation tends to have a hard time exercising true faith—one that steps out, takes action, and sees mountain-moving results. Many of us would rather play it safe and stand on the sidelines, but it’s crazy faith that helps us see God move and reveals His promises. In Crazy Faith, Pastor Michael Todd shows us how to step out in faith and dive into the purposeful life of trusting God for the impossible. Even if you have to start with baby faith or maybe faith, you can become empowered to let go of your lazy faith, trust God through your hazy faith, and learn to live a lifestyle of crazy faith. With powerful stories of modern-day faith warriors who take their cues from biblical heroes, Michael Todd equips you to • believe for the impossible • choose hope over fear • be alert to the voice of God • cope with loss and doubt • develop a deeper level of trust in God • speak faith-filled declarations • inspire crazy faith in others God’s not looking for somebody to give Him all the reasons why His plans can’t happen. He’s looking for somebody to believe they will happen. In fact, He has so much He wants to do through you. The question is, Are you crazy enough to believe it?

The Economy of Salvation

The Economy of Salvation Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Luigino Bruni
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3030040828
FileSize: 1950kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1950


The Economy of Salvation by Luigino Bruni Summary

This book provides a systematic commentary on the first two books of the Bible: Genesis and Exodus. Drawing on these two essential books, it subsequently offers new readings of several issues relevant for today’s economic and social life. Western Humanism has its own founding cultural and symbolic codes. One of them is the Bible, which has for millennia provided a wealth of expressions on politics and love, death and economy, hope and doom. Biblical stories have been revived and reinterpreted by hundreds of generations, and have informed many of our most beautiful works of art, not to mention the dreams of children and adults alike. And they have given us hope during the many painful times of exile and oppression that we have gone through, and are going through still. Among the books of the Bible, in both the Jewish and Christian traditions, Genesis and Exodus represent the true foundation of biblical theology and anthropology, but in them we also find the roots of the culture of markets, money and commerce, which would go on to flourish during the Middle Ages and ultimately form the ‘spirit of capitalism’ (Max Weber) or the ‘religion of capitalism’ (Walter Benjamin) in the modern era. This book examines the Biblical foundations of our conception of social relations, and offers new insights on the present economic and social discourse.

Light from the Ancient Past, Vol. 1

Light from the Ancient Past, Vol. 1 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jack Finegan
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400875153
FileSize: 308kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 308


Light from the Ancient Past, Vol. 1 by Jack Finegan Summary

A photograph, map, or diagram illustrates the text for every site described in this pilgrimage to Palestine, beginning with places connected with John the Baptist and proceeding to Bethlehem and Nazareth, Samaria and Galilee, Jerash, Caesarea, Jericho, the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, and Emmaus. Each entry concludes with a brief bibliography of pertinent literature. Professor Finegan's knowledge of Christian theology and history plus his command of the archeology and topography of the Holy Land make his book an authoritative guide, a book for study and reference, and a volume for devotional reading. Originally published in 1969. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

A Malawi Church History 1860 - 2020

A Malawi Church History 1860 - 2020 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kenneth R. Ross
Editor: African Books Collective
ISBN: 9996060756
FileSize: 385kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 385


A Malawi Church History 1860 - 2020 by Kenneth R. Ross Summary

This is the first attempt to comprehend the whole of Malawi's church history in a single volume. The focus of this book is about documenting the religious experience which was at the centre of founding the new nation of Malawi as we have come to know it. The book strikes a balance in covering issues pertaining to both mission activities and African agency. In many instances interesting pieces of evidence have been marshalled to corroborate or emphasize some of the conclusions reached.

Life of Pi

Life of Pi Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Yann Martel
Editor: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307371123
FileSize: 1847kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1847


Life of Pi by Yann Martel Summary

Life of Pi is a masterful and utterly original novel that is at once the story of a young castaway who faces immeasurable hardships on the high seas, and a meditation on religion, faith, art and life that is as witty as it is profound. Using the threads of all of our best stories, Yann Martel has woven a glorious spiritual adventure that makes us question what it means to be alive, and to believe.

The Faith of Our Fathers

The Faith of Our Fathers Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Gibbons
Editor: The Floating Press
ISBN: 1776583191
FileSize: 552kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 552


The Faith of Our Fathers by James Gibbons Summary

James Gibbons was a popular, inclusive figure in the American Catholic Church, rising through the ranks as a bishop, archbishop, and cardinal over the course of his service. In the abidingly popular volume The Faith of Our Fathers, Gibbons sets forth the chief tenets, beliefs, doctrines, and practices of Catholicism in a clear and straightforward manner.

Christianity and the University Experience

Christianity and the University Experience Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mathew Guest,Kristin Aune,Sonya Sharma,Rob Warner
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 1780936214
FileSize: 517kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 517


Christianity and the University Experience by Mathew Guest,Kristin Aune,Sonya Sharma,Rob Warner Summary

What impact does the experience of university have on Christian students? Are universities a force for secularisation? Is student faith enduring, or a passing phase? Universities are often associated with a sceptical attitude towards religion. Many assume that academic study leads students away from any existing religious convictions, heightening the appeal of a rationalist secularism increasingly dominant in wider society. And yet Christianity remains highly visible on university campuses and continues to be a prominent identity marker in the lives of many students. Analysing over 4,000 responses to a national survey of students and nearly 100 interviews with students and those working with them, this book examines Christianity in universities across England. It explores the beliefs, values and practices of Christian students. It reveals how the university experience influences their Christian identities, and the influence Christian students have upon university life. Christianity and the University Experience makes fascinating reading for anyone interested in the survival and evolution of religion in the contemporary world. It offers fresh insights relevant to those working with Christian students, including churches, chaplaincies and student organisations, as well as policy-makers and university managers interested in the significance of religion for education, social responsibility and social cohesion.

Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Adolf Hitler
Editor: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 9390504872
FileSize: 720kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 720


Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler Summary

‘MEIN KAMPF’ is the autobiography of Adolf Hitler gives detailed insight into the mission and vision of Adolf Hitler that shook the world. This book is the merger of two volumes. The first volume of MEIN KAMPF’ was written while the author was imprisioned in a Bavarian fortress. The book deals with events which brought the author into this blight. It was the hour of Germany’s deepest humiliation, when Napolean has dismembered the old German Empire and French soldiers occupied almost the whole of Germony. The books narrates how Hitler was arrested with several of his comrades and imprisoned in the fortress of Landsberg on the river Lech. During this period only the author wrote the first volume of MEIN KAMPF. The Second volume of MEIN KAMPF was written after release of Hitler from prison and it was published after the French had left the Ruhr, the tramp of the invading armies still echoed in German ears and the terrible ravages had plunged the country into a state of social and economic Chaos. The beauty of the book is, MEIN KAMPF is an historical document which bears the emprint of its own time. Moreover, Hitler has declared that his acts and ‘public statements’ constitute a partial revision of his book and are to be taken as such. Also, the author has translated Hitler’s ideal, the Volkischer Staat, as the People’s State. The author has tried his best making German Vocabulary easy to understand. You will never be satisfied until go through the whole book. A must read book, which is one of the most widely circulated and read books worldwide.

Basics of Religious Education

Basics of Religious Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Martin Rothgangel,Thomas Schlag,Friedrich Schweitzer,Gottfried Adam,Rainer Lachmann
Editor: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3847002651
FileSize: 1752kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1752


Basics of Religious Education by Martin Rothgangel,Thomas Schlag,Friedrich Schweitzer,Gottfried Adam,Rainer Lachmann Summary

This volume offers an introduction to all questions of teaching Religious Education as a school subject and as an academic discipline related to this subject. The chapters cover most of the aspects that religion teachers have to face in their work, as well as the theoretical background necessary for this task. The volume is a textbook for students and teachers of religious education, be it in school or in an academic context, who are looking for reliable information on this field. The book has proven its usefulness in German speaking countries. This volume is the English translation of the German Compendium of Religious Education (edited by Gottfried Adam and Rainer Lachmann). The present English version is based on the 2012 edition which aims for a most current representation of the field. The background of the book is Protestant but its outlook is clearly ecumenical, and questions of interreligious education are considered in many of the chapters. The compendium continues to be widely used in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – as an introduction to the field and as a handbook for students who are preparing for their final exams. The English edition makes this compendium available to students and colleagues in other countries.

Not by Sight

Not by Sight Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jon Bloom
Editor: Crossway
ISBN: 1433535963
FileSize: 1885kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1885


Not by Sight by Jon Bloom Summary

Trusting Jesus is hard. It requires following the unseen into an unknown, and believing Jesus’s words over and against the threats we see or the fears we feel. Through the imaginative retelling of 35 Bible stories, Not by Sight gives us glimpses of what it means to walk by faith and counsel for how to trust God’s promises more than our perceptions and to find rest in the faithfulness of God.

Faith and Reason

Faith and Reason Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard Swinburne
Editor: Clarendon Press
ISBN: 0191536288
FileSize: 810kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 810


Faith and Reason by Richard Swinburne Summary

Richard Swinburne presents a new edition of the final volume of his acclaimed trilogy on philosophical theology. Faith and Reason is a self-standing examination of the implications for religious faith of Swinburne's famous arguments about the coherence of theism and the existence of God. By practising a particular religion, a person seeks to achieve some or all of three goals - that he worships and obeys God, gains salvation for himself, and helps others to attain their salvation. But not all religions commend worship, and different religions have different conceptions of salvation. Faced with these differences, Richard Swinburne argues that we should practice that religion which has the best goals and is more probably true than the creeds of other religions. He proposes criteria by which to determine the probabilities of different religious creeds, and he argues that, while requiring total commitment, faith does not demand fully convinced belief. While maintaining the same structure and conclusions as the original classic, this second edition has been substantially rewritten, both in order to relate its ideas more closely to those of classical theologians and philosophers and to respond to more recent views. In particular he discusses, and ultimately rejects, the view of Alvin Plantinga that the 'warrant' of a belief depends on the process which produced it, and John Hick's contention that all religions offer valid paths to salvation.

Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States

Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States Pdf/ePub eBook Author: George Thomas Kurian,Mark A. Lamport
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442244321
FileSize: 1945kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1945


Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States by George Thomas Kurian,Mark A. Lamport Summary

From the Founding Fathers through the present, Christianity has exercised powerful influence in America—from its role in shaping politics and social institutions to its hand in art and culture. The Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States outlines the myriad roles Christianity has played and continues to play. This masterful multi-volume reference includes biographies of major figures in the Christian church in the United States, documents and Supreme Court decisions, and information on theology and theologians, denominations, faith-based organizations, immigration, art—from decorative arts and film to music and literature—evangelism and crusades, women’s issues, racial issues, civil religion, and more.

The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles Pdf/ePub eBook Author: P.D. James
Editor: Canongate Books
ISBN: 0857861077
FileSize: 1583kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1583


The Acts of the Apostles by P.D. James Summary

Acts is the sequel to Luke's gospel and tells the story of Jesus's followers during the 30 years after his death. It describes how the 12 apostles, formerly Jesus's disciples, spread the message of Christianity throughout the Mediterranean against a background of persecution. With an introduction by P.D. James

Straight Talk: No-Beating-About-The-Bush Straight Talk on Hushed-Up Matters.Practical Truths on What the Bible say about LIFE-PARTNER Choice, Happy MARRIAGE,SEXUAL ... Purity,Victory-Over-PORN-Temptation

Straight Talk: No-Beating-About-The-Bush Straight Talk on Hushed-Up Matters.Practical Truths on What the Bible say about LIFE-PARTNER Choice, Happy MARRIAGE,SEXUAL ... Purity,Victory-Over-PORN-Temptation Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Duke Jeyaraj
Editor: Word of Christ Ministries
ISBN: 8193750462
FileSize: 1068kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1068


Straight Talk: No-Beating-About-The-Bush Straight Talk on Hushed-Up Matters.Practical Truths on What the Bible say about LIFE-PARTNER Choice, Happy MARRIAGE,SEXUAL ... Purity,Victory-Over-PORN-Temptation by Duke Jeyaraj Summary

No-Beating-About-The-Bush Straight Talk on Hushed-Up Matters.Contemporary-Events-Wrapped Practical Truths on What the Bible say about LIFE-PARTNER Choice, Happy MARRIAGE,SEXUAL Purity,Victory-Over-PORN-Temptation,a lot more HOT TOPICS for those SINGLE or MARRIED among the GOOGLE GENERATION


Sonship Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Serge
Editor: New Growth Press
ISBN: 1939946026
FileSize: 1113kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1113


Sonship by Serge Summary

In this encouraging and liberating study full of theological truths of the gospel, Serge helps participants apply what they may know in their heads to the nitty-gritty reality of daily life. Sonship Manual is a sixteen-lesson updated and reformatted edition of Sonship, challenging men and women to take Scripture-based training even deeper, applying the gospel to their lives. Designed to be used with Sonship Lecture Series Download, this resource presents how the gospel remakes people. Greater joy and desires await in this course, equipping small groups to share the wonderful news of God’s loving kindness with others. Many followers of Christ understand faith intellectually, but sometimes the heart isn’t on the same page. The creators of Sonship Manual are committed to helping believers understand the beauty of the gospel on a mind and heart level, offering profound understanding and opportunities to experience the implications of the gospel. If you struggle for motivation in ministry or if those in your small group are ready for renewed spiritual lives, consider the Sonship lectures and meet Jesus in the here and now.

Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society

Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Pascal, Ana-Maria
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522519564
FileSize: 1228kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1228


Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society by Pascal, Ana-Maria Summary

Religion is considered by many to be something of the past, but it has a lasting hold in society and influences people across many cultures. This integration of spirituality causes numerous impacts across various aspects of modern life. Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the cultural, sociological, economic, and philosophical effects of religion on modern society and human behavior. Featuring extensive coverage across a range of relevant perspectives and topics, such as social reforms, national identity, and existential spirituality, this publication is ideally designed for theoreticians, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, advanced-level students and sociologists.

In the Words of Our Founders

In the Words of Our Founders Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,Tullius
Editor: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1644927063
FileSize: 1799kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1799


In the Words of Our Founders by ,Tullius Summary

The overtly obvious and seemingly malicious maligning of our Founders by many Americans within our systems of education, government, and media is being performed with a greater intensity at the passing of each year. This constant, incessant, and relentless barrage of misinformation and falsehoods about their beliefs, character, and intentions is not only blatantly unjust on its face, it is being done to achieve a larger goal. What might that goal be? Perhaps to "transform" the country from its original foundational structures to one of power and control for the benefit of the "favored few." How might this be achieved? It can only be accomplished by destroying its original identity, of which many mechanisms must be effectively applied e.g. dumb down and divide the citizenry, make alteration of its true history and legitimacy, and make chaos of its laws. Indeed, rid it of its groundwork in natural law and rights; rid it of the republican-federal arrangement; rid it of the ringing of the bells of freedom and liberty due its people. If these be achieved and the house divided, it surely will no longer stand and might more-easily be enslaved. The work you hold in your hand is the first of a three-volume series designed to inform you of whom our Founders actually were""how they formed their beliefs, how they fought with tyranny, how they understood the vices due humanity and its relationship to corruptive government, and how they implemented a system of limited authority to both promote liberty and check coercion and autocracy through both limited and separation of powers. The relevance and gravity to fully understanding these facts, even against the backdrop of difficulties with institutional slavery and illegal confiscatory actions of property, is crucial for the survival of both our national and individual identities. They intentionally structured our form of government to promote our God-given and inalienable rights due us to protect of our labor, private property, and wealth against those within the ruling classes of the church-state strongholds. The time has fully arrived to allow our Founders to speak for themselves. You should, however, hold no pre-conceived biases one way or the other; hold no fantastical favors for or against these men and women whom we identify as "Founders;" nor hold anything but truth as your guide since it is quite possible that your historical frame of reference will be severely shaken. It is best you simply strap in! "Tullius"

Unite the USA

Unite the USA Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting
Editor: WestBowPress
ISBN: 1490813535
FileSize: 706kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 706


Unite the USA by Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting Summary

Are you ready to take America back? Unite the USA confronts today’s issues head on. Unlike other books, it explains how you can actively make a difference to help our country get back on track. With 101 ways to take action now, Unite the USA explains how to stand up for our military and veterans, freedom, and faith in Jesus Christ. Candid yet hopeful, this well-researched yet easy-to-read book motivates, educates, and stimulates patriots to make a positive difference in America. Unite the USA seeks to help renew your vision for the future. Learn little-known insights about our country’s history, amass facts to match your values, arm yourself to destroy cultural myths, and learn new ways to take action, no matter who or where you are. You can be a part of the new generation to preserve and refresh our country’s freedoms. As a positive book with a solid, inspiring, Christian message of hope, this not a patriotic “talk at you” book. It’s a “take positive patriotic action” tool. Today, when headlines and difficulties discourage you, remember there is hope in Christ and there is hope for America. With God as our help, America can soar again!

Non-Religious Pastoral Care

Non-Religious Pastoral Care Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David Savage
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 135126446X
FileSize: 371kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 371


Non-Religious Pastoral Care by David Savage Summary

This ground-breaking book is a guide to non-religious pastoral care practice in healthcare, prisons, education, and the armed forces in the UK. It brings a new perspective to our understanding of care services traditionally offered by chaplaincy departments. The book charts the progress from a Christian to a multi-faith and on to a fully inclusive care service. Compelling evidence is presented showing strong and broad support for non-religious pastoral care provision. A practical guide, it outlines the beliefs and values on which this care is founded and its person-centred approach. The role, skills, competencies, and training requirements for non-religious pastoral carers are described. Institutions need to consider their policy responses to the rapid development of non-religious pastoral care provision. A number of policy aspects are explored, including understanding service users’ needs, recruitment, and communications. This book is essential reading for non-religious pastoral carers and those thinking of entering this field. Chaplains and institutional managers responsible for chaplaincy or spiritual care departments will find this book gives them valuable insights into the positive contribution non-religious pastoral carers can make in building stronger, more inclusive pastoral, spiritual, and religious care services.

International Handbook of Inter-religious Education

International Handbook of Inter-religious Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kath Engebretson,Marian de Souza,Gloria Durka,Liam Gearon
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402092601
FileSize: 494kb
File Format: Pdf
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International Handbook of Inter-religious Education by Kath Engebretson,Marian de Souza,Gloria Durka,Liam Gearon Summary

This Handbook is based on the conviction of its editors and contributing authors that understanding and acceptance of, as well as collaboration between religions has essential educational value. The development of this Handbook rests on the f- ther assumption that interreligious education has an important role in elucidating the global demand for human rights, justice, and peace. Interreligious education reveals that the creeds and holy books of the world’s religions teach about sp- itual systems that reject violence and the individualistic pursuit of economic and political gain, and call their followers to compassion for every human being. It also seeks to lead students to an awareness that the followers of religions across the world need to be, and to grow in, dialogical relationships of respect and understa- ing. An essential aim of interreligious education is the promotion of understanding and engagement between people of different religions and, therefore, it has great potential to contribute to the common good of the global community. Interreligious education has grown from the interfaith movement, whose beg- ning is usually identi?ed with the World Parliament of Religions held in Chicago in 1893. This was the ?rst time in history that leaders of the eastern and we- ern religions had come together for dialogue, and to consider working together for global unity.

Patriarchs and Prophets—Illustrated

Patriarchs and Prophets—Illustrated Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ellen G. White
Editor: Digital Inspiration
ISBN: 1427614261
FileSize: 1040kb
File Format: Pdf
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Patriarchs and Prophets—Illustrated by Ellen G. White Summary

The Prolonged Struggle of Supernatural Forces for Creation’s Loyalty as Revealed In— Vol. I.—Adam and Eve Through King David’s Reign — Patriarchs and Prophets Heritage Edition—Some 110 Century-Old Illustrations, 658 pages. This volume gives the account of the beginning of this world, of mankind, and of the evil so prevalent today. Starting with creation week with the founding of God’s holy day as a memorial of His creative power, this volume recounts the struggle of mankind as buffeted by the forces of evil through the awesome world-wide flood, the lives of the patriarchs, the slavery of Israel in Egypt, their miraculous deliverance and establishment as God’s chosen people entrusted with His eternal commandments in the Promised Land down through the reign of king David. CONTENTS SECTION I. — PARADISE & PARADISE LOST 1. Why was Sin Permitted? ............................ 19 2. The Creation ...................................... 28 3. The Temptation and Fall ...............................36 4. The Plan of Redemption .......................... 46 5. Cain and Abel Tested .............................. 54 6. Seth and Enoch .................................... 62 SECTION II. — THE CREATOR “REPENTS” 7. The Flood ........................................... 72 8. After the Flood ....................................... 84 9. The Literal Week ................................... 89 10. The Tower of Babel ................................. 94 SECTION III. — THE FRIEND OF GOD 11. The Call of Abraham............................... 102 12. Abraham in Canaan .............................. 109 13. The Test of Faith .................................... 120 14. Destruction of Sodom ............................... 131 15. The Marriage of Isaac .............................. 144 SECTION IV. — FROM SUPPLANTER TO ISRAEL 16. Jacob and Esau....................................... 151 17. Jacob’s Flight and Exile ........................... 157 18. The Night of Wrestling ............................ 167 19. The Return to Canaan .............................. 174 20. Joseph in Egypt.................................... 182 21. Joseph and His Brothers ........................... 191 SECTION V. — DELIVERANCE FROM SLAVERY 22. Moses ............................................. 207 23. The Plagues of Egypt ................................ 220 24. The Passover ........................................ 234 25. The Exodus .......................................... 240 26. From the Red Sea to Sinai ......................... 248 27. The Law Given to Israel .............................258 28. Idolatry at Sinai .................................... 269 29. Satan’s Enmity Against the Law ..................... 282 30. The Tabernacle and Its Services ..................... 292 31. The Sin of Nadab and Abihu ......................... 304 32. The Law and the Covenants ........................ 308 33. From Sinai to Kadesh ............................... 317 34. The Twelve Spies .................................... 327 35. The Rebellion of Korah ............................ 334 36. In the Wilderness ................................. 343 37. The Smitten Rock .................................. 347 38. The Journey Around Edom ........................... 356 39. The Conquest of Bashan ............................ 365 40. Balaam ............................................. 370 41. Apostasy at the Jordan ............................. 381 42. The Law Repeated ................................. 388 43. The Death of Moses ............................... 394 SECTION VI. — “THE PROMISED LAND” 44. Crossing the Jordan ................................405 45. The Fall of Jericho ...................................411 46. The Blessings and the Curses ....................... 420 47. League With the Gibeonites ......................... 425 48. The Division of Canaan ............................... 430 49. The Last Words of Joshua ............................ 439 50. Tithes and Offerings ................................ 443 51. God’s Care for the Poor ............................. 447 52. The Annual Feasts.................................. 453 SECTION VII. — THEOCRACY WITH JUDGES 53. The Earlier Judges .................................. 461 54. Samson............................................. 476 55. The Child Samuel .................................. 486 56. Eli and His Sons ................................. 492 57. The Ark Taken by the Philistines .................. 497 58. The Schools of the Prophets ........................ 507 SECTION VIII. — ISRAEL DEMANDS A KING 59. The First King of Israel.............................. 515 60. The Presumption of Saul ........................... 527 61. Saul Rejected ..........................................534 62. The Anointing of David ............................543 63. David and Goliath ................................... 547 64. David a Fugitive ..................................... 553 65. The Magnanimity of David .......................... 563 66. The Death of Saul .................................... 576 67. Ancient and Modern Sorcery ......................... 584 SECTION IX. — “AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART” 68. David at Ziklag .................................. 591 69. David Called to the Throne......................... 597 70. The Reign of David ................................. 602 71. David’s Sin and Repentance ......................... 613 72. The Rebellion of Absalom ............................ 622 73. The Last Years of David ............................. 639 Appendix .............................................. 648 The Companion Volumes are: Vol. II.—King Solomon Until the Promised Deliverer — Prophets and Kings Vol. III.—The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ — The Desire of Ages Vol. IV.—The Times and Ministry of the Apostles — The Acts of the Apostles Vol. V.—The Christian Era Until Victory is Unanimously Achieved — The Great Controversy * Supernatural Revelations Explaining Past, Present, & Future * — TRANSFORMING TRUTH STRANGER THAN FICTION —

Global Perspectives on Catholic Religious Education in Schools

Global Perspectives on Catholic Religious Education in Schools Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael T. Buchanan,Adrian-Mario Gellel
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 9811361274
FileSize: 596kb
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Global Perspectives on Catholic Religious Education in Schools by Michael T. Buchanan,Adrian-Mario Gellel Summary

This book shares global perspectives on Catholic religious education in schools, chiefly focusing on educational and curriculum issues that take into account the theology and the pedagogy which support learning in connection with Catholic religious education. Further, it offers insights into the distinctive contribution that Catholic religious education makes to religious education and education in general across diverse schooling contexts. Bringing together insights from leading scholars and experts on Catholic religious education around the globe, the book offers an essential reference guide for all those involved in researching, planning and designing curricula for Catholic religious education, as well as developing related theories in the field.

Love in a Cauldron of Misery

Love in a Cauldron of Misery Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kirk Blackard
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1621894657
FileSize: 1320kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1320


Love in a Cauldron of Misery by Kirk Blackard Summary

Christians are called to minister to people in prison. But most know next to nothing about prisons, the needs of the people in them, or the biblical basis for addressing those needs. Love in a Cauldron of Misery fills that void. This book provides a brief historical perspective that orients the reader and a discussion, mainly in the words of people with real experience, of what prisons and prisoners are really like and why the need for ministry is so great. It then explores the biblical charge for Christians to meet these needs and discusses ways in which they can do so. Love in a Cauldron of Misery is an invaluable resource for any pastor, teacher, or lay-person who is participating in, considering, or just wants to know more about prison ministry.

When Texas Prison Scams Religion

When Texas Prison Scams Religion Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael G. Maness
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1665543825
FileSize: 366kb
File Format: Pdf
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When Texas Prison Scams Religion by Michael G. Maness Summary

State ordained child torturer Minister prisoner represents the offices of the Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, TDCJ. Bryan Collier, TCBJ, and wardens throughout the prison–but the greatest piece of fantasy is how the Executive Culture of cover ups came to see this Fool’s Parade as good for Texas, even “God’s will” to change the world. TDCJ destroys records of violence after 7 years and has hired the lowest qualified of the applicant pool many times in the last 25 years, even ordered the cleaning of contraband at the Polunsky Prison, and all those responsible for covering up a horde were promoted! 25 years of this! Who thinks a director that allowed that can competently supervise a naïve volunteer in a systemwide program of indenturing prisoners? Why is the director sponsoring psychopaths counseling psychopaths? Answer? MONEY–selling the Fool’s Parade Fantasy that buying faith from prisoners with favor turns them into saints after 4 years of Bible to naïve Evangelicals. Who thinks it JUSTICE that 400,000,000 hours of officer contact has zero definitive influence on parole when a commissioner spends


Metatron Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rose Vanden Eynden
Editor: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738722340
FileSize: 314kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 314


Metatron by Rose Vanden Eynden Summary

With Metatron in your corner, you're only a petition away from a better life. Rose Vanden Eynden may be the first to devote an entire book to this powerful celestial being—revealing his unique place in the angelic realm and demonstrating how to connect with this wise and compassionate archangel. Metatron's close proximity to the Creator and connection to humanity make him the ideal angelic ally. Representing balance and unity, this angelic force can help in all areas of personal development. You'll also discover how to contact the "Angel of the Presence" through meditation, dreamwork, ritual, and inspirational writing. There are specific ceremonies for building a closer relationship with the Creator, healing on a global scale, balancing masculine and feminine energies, material/spiritual pursuits, and karmic issues. Also featured is an insightful "Q and A" with Metatron, channeled by the author to answer compelling questions on life, death, faith, and spirit.

Religious America, Secular Europe?

Religious America, Secular Europe? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Peter Berger,Grace Davie,Effie Fokas
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351904728
FileSize: 901kb
File Format: Pdf
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Religious America, Secular Europe? by Peter Berger,Grace Davie,Effie Fokas Summary

Europe is a relatively secular part of the world in global terms. Why is this so? And why is the situation in Europe so different from that in the United States? The first chapter of this book - the theme - articulates this contrast. The remaining chapters - the variations - look in turn at the historical, philosophical, institutional and sociological dimensions of these differences. Key ideas are examined in detail, among them: constitutional issues; the Enlightenment; systems of law, education and welfare; questions of class, ethnicity, gender and generation. In each chapter both the similarities and differences between the European and the American cases are carefully scrutinized. The final chapter explores the ways in which these features translate into policy on both sides of the Atlantic. This book is highly topical and relates very directly to current misunderstandings between Europe and America.

Ethics of care

Ethics of care Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Barnes, Marian,Brannelly, Tula
Editor: Policy Press
ISBN: 1447323335
FileSize: 563kb
File Format: Pdf
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Ethics of care by Barnes, Marian,Brannelly, Tula Summary

Over the last 20 years there has been a flourishing of work on feminist care ethics. This collection makes a unique contribution to this body of work. The international contributors demonstrate the significance of care ethics as a transformative way of thinking across diverse geographical, policy and interpersonal contexts. From Tronto’s analysis of global responsibilities, to Fudge Schormans’ re-imagining of care from the perspective of people with learning disabilities, chapters highlight the necessity of thinking about the ethics of care to achieve justice and well-being within policies and practice. This book will be essential reading for all those seeking such outcomes.

The Oxford Dictionary of Islam

The Oxford Dictionary of Islam Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John L. Esposito
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199757267
FileSize: 497kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 497


The Oxford Dictionary of Islam by John L. Esposito Summary

The dictionary focuses primarily on the 19th and 20th centuries, stressing topics of most interest to Westerners. What emerges is a highly informative look at the religious, political, and social spheres of the modern Islamic world. Naturally, readers will find many entries on topics of intense current interest, such as terrorism and the Taliban, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida, the PLO and HAMAS. But the coverage goes well beyond recent headlines. There are biographical profiles, ranging from Naguib Mahfouz (the Nobel Prize winner from Egypt) to Malcolm X, including political leaders, influential thinkers, poets, scientists, and writers. Other entries cover major political movements, militant groups, and religious sects as well as terms from Islamic law, culture, and religion, key historical events, and important landmarks (such as Mecca and Medina). A series of entries looks at Islam in individual nations, such as Afghanistan, the West Bank and Gaza, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the United States, and the

Leading Wisely in Difficult Times

Leading Wisely in Difficult Times Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Naughton,David Specht
Editor: Paulist Press
ISBN: 0809147386
FileSize: 823kb
File Format: Pdf
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Leading Wisely in Difficult Times by Michael Naughton,David Specht Summary

Three case stories of business leaders who are trying to live faithfully in difficult times. The stories explore the role of religious faith in business decision making and provide both witnesses of action and deeper reflections and insights on the relation of faith and business.

Ideas with Consequences

Ideas with Consequences Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Amanda Hollis-Brusky
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019938553X
FileSize: 633kb
File Format: Pdf
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Ideas with Consequences by Amanda Hollis-Brusky Summary

There are few intellectual movements in modern American political history more successful than the Federalist Society. Created in 1982 to counterbalance what its founders considered a liberal legal establishment, the organization gradually evolved into the conservative legal establishment, and membership is all but required for any conservative lawyer who hopes to enter politics or the judiciary. It claims 40,000 members, including four Supreme Court Justices, dozens of federal judges, and every Republican attorney general since its inception. But its power goes even deeper. In Ideas with Consequences, Amanda Hollis-Brusky provides the first comprehensive account of how the Federalist Society exerts its influence. Drawing from a huge trove of documents, transcripts, and interviews, she explains how the Federalist Society managed to revolutionize the jurisprudence for a wide variety of important legal issues. Many of these issues-including the extent of federal government power, the scope of the right to bear arms, and the parameters of corporate political speech-had long been considered settled. But the Federalist Society was able to upend the existing conventional wisdom, promoting constitutional theories that had previously been dismissed as ludicrously radical. As Hollis-Brusky shows, the Federalist Society provided several of the crucial ingredients needed to accomplish this constitutional revolution. It serves as a credentialing institution for conservative lawyers and judges and legitimizes novel interpretations of the constitution that employ a conservative framework. It also provides a judicial audience of like-minded peers, which prevents the well-documented phenomenon of conservative judges turning moderate after years on the bench. As a consequence, it is able to exercise enormous influence on important cases at every level. A far-reaching analysis of some of the most controversial political and legal issues of our time, Ideas with Consequences is the essential guide to the Federalist Society at a time when its power has broader implications than ever.

AI and IA

AI and IA Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ted Peters
Editor: ISD LLC
ISBN: 1925679225
FileSize: 1493kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1493


AI and IA by Ted Peters Summary

Will advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) or IA (Intelligence Amplification) lead to the extinction of the human race as we know it? Or, will superintelligence lead to utopia? In this collection of thoughtful essays, we must first get clear on the question: is artificial intelligence actually intelligent or not? Only with an affirmative answer could our techies proceed toward their goal: the creation of a superintelligence that leads through transhumanism to a posthuman entity that would replace today's human. Should today's moderately intelligent human species voluntarily go extinct to make way for a more intelligent species to succeed us in evolutionary history? These scientific questions are addressed in this volume in light of their theological, ethical, and social implications.