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The Manager's Path

The Manager's Path Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1491973846
FileSize: 1686kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1686


The Manager's Path by Summary

Managing people is difficult wherever you work. But in the tech industry, where management is also a technical discipline, the learning curve can be brutal—especially when there are few tools, texts, and frameworks to help you. In this practical guide, author Camille Fournier (tech lead turned CTO) takes you through each stage in the journey from engineer to technical manager. From mentoring interns to working with senior staff, you’ll get actionable advice for approaching various obstacles in your path. This book is ideal whether you’re a new manager, a mentor, or a more experienced leader looking for fresh advice. Pick up this book and learn how to become a better manager and leader in your organization. Begin by exploring what you expect from a manager Understand what it takes to be a good mentor, and a good tech lead Learn how to manage individual members while remaining focused on the entire team Understand how to manage yourself and avoid common pitfalls that challenge many leaders Manage multiple teams and learn how to manage managers Learn how to build and bootstrap a unifying culture in teams

Why Startups Fail

Why Startups Fail Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tom Eisenmann
Editor: Currency
ISBN: 0593137035
FileSize: 818kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 818


Why Startups Fail by Tom Eisenmann Summary

If you want your startup to succeed, you need to understand why startups fail. “Whether you’re a first-time founder or looking to bring innovation into a corporate environment, Why Startups Fail is essential reading.”—Eric Ries, founder and CEO, LTSE, and New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Startup and The Startup Way Why do startups fail? That question caught Harvard Business School professor Tom Eisenmann by surprise when he realized he couldn’t answer it. So he launched a multiyear research project to find out. In Why Startups Fail, Eisenmann reveals his findings: six distinct patterns that account for the vast majority of startup failures. • Bad Bedfellows. Startup success is thought to rest largely on the founder’s talents and instincts. But the wrong team, investors, or partners can sink a venture just as quickly. • False Starts. In following the oft-cited advice to “fail fast” and to “launch before you’re ready,” founders risk wasting time and capital on the wrong solutions. • False Promises. Success with early adopters can be misleading and give founders unwarranted confidence to expand. • Speed Traps. Despite the pressure to “get big fast,” hypergrowth can spell disaster for even the most promising ventures. • Help Wanted. Rapidly scaling startups need lots of capital and talent, but they can make mistakes that leave them suddenly in short supply of both. • Cascading Miracles. Silicon Valley exhorts entrepreneurs to dream big. But the bigger the vision, the more things that can go wrong. Drawing on fascinating stories of ventures that failed to fulfill their early promise—from a home-furnishings retailer to a concierge dog-walking service, from a dating app to the inventor of a sophisticated social robot, from a fashion brand to a startup deploying a vast network of charging stations for electric vehicles—Eisenmann offers frameworks for detecting when a venture is vulnerable to these patterns, along with a wealth of strategies and tactics for avoiding them. A must-read for founders at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey, Why Startups Fail is not merely a guide to preventing failure but also a roadmap charting the path to startup success.

The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games: Quick, Effective Activities to Improve Communication, Trust and Collaboration

The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games: Quick, Effective Activities to Improve Communication, Trust and Collaboration Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Scannell
Editor: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071743669
FileSize: 1443kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1443


The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games: Quick, Effective Activities to Improve Communication, Trust and Collaboration by Mary Scannell Summary

Make workplace conflict resolution a game that EVERYBODY wins! Recent studies show that typical managers devote more than a quarter of their time to resolving coworker disputes. The Big Book of Conflict-Resolution Games offers a wealth of activities and exercises for groups of any size that let you manage your business (instead of managing personalities). Part of the acclaimed, bestselling Big Books series, this guide offers step-by-step directions and customizable tools that empower you to heal rifts arising from ineffective communication, cultural/personality clashes, and other specific problem areas—before they affect your organization's bottom line. Let The Big Book of Conflict-Resolution Games help you to: Build trust Foster morale Improve processes Overcome diversity issues And more Dozens of physical and verbal activities help create a safe environment for teams to explore several common forms of conflict—and their resolution. Inexpensive, easy-to-implement, and proved effective at Fortune 500 corporations and mom-and-pop businesses alike, the exercises in The Big Book of Conflict-Resolution Games delivers everything you need to make your workplace more efficient, effective, and engaged.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Seventh Edition and The Standard for Project Management (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE)

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Seventh Edition and The Standard for Project Management (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Project Management Institute Project Management Institute
Editor: Project Management Institute
ISBN: 1628256885
FileSize: 1391kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1391


A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Seventh Edition and The Standard for Project Management (BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE) by Project Management Institute Project Management Institute Summary

PMBOK&® Guide is the go-to resource for project management practitioners. The project management profession has significantly evolved due to emerging technology, new approaches and rapid market changes. Reflecting this evolution, The Standard for Project Management enumerates 12 principles of project management and the PMBOK&® Guide &– Seventh Edition is structured around eight project performance domains.This edition is designed to address practitioners' current and future needs and to help them be more proactive, innovative and nimble in enabling desired project outcomes.This edition of the PMBOK&® Guide:•Reflects the full range of development approaches (predictive, adaptive, hybrid, etc.);•Provides an entire section devoted to tailoring the development approach and processes;•Includes an expanded list of models, methods, and artifacts;•Focuses on not just delivering project outputs but also enabling outcomes; and• Integrates with PMIstandards+™ for information and standards application content based on project type, development approach, and industry sector.

Democratizing Innovation

Democratizing Innovation Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Eric Von Hippel
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262250179
FileSize: 1498kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1498


Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel Summary

The process of user-centered innovation: how it can benefit both users and manufacturers and how its emergence will bring changes in business models and in public policy. Innovation is rapidly becoming democratized. Users, aided by improvements in computer and communications technology, increasingly can develop their own new products and services. These innovating users—both individuals and firms—often freely share their innovations with others, creating user-innovation communities and a rich intellectual commons. In Democratizing Innovation, Eric von Hippel looks closely at this emerging system of user-centered innovation. He explains why and when users find it profitable to develop new products and services for themselves, and why it often pays users to reveal their innovations freely for the use of all.The trend toward democratized innovation can be seen in software and information products—most notably in the free and open-source software movement—but also in physical products. Von Hippel's many examples of user innovation in action range from surgical equipment to surfboards to software security features. He shows that product and service development is concentrated among "lead users," who are ahead on marketplace trends and whose innovations are often commercially attractive. Von Hippel argues that manufacturers should redesign their innovation processes and that they should systematically seek out innovations developed by users. He points to businesses—the custom semiconductor industry is one example—that have learned to assist user-innovators by providing them with toolkits for developing new products. User innovation has a positive impact on social welfare, and von Hippel proposes that government policies, including R&D subsidies and tax credits, should be realigned to eliminate biases against it. The goal of a democratized user-centered innovation system, says von Hippel, is well worth striving for. An electronic version of this book is available under a Creative Commons license.

Introduction to Evolutionary Computing

Introduction to Evolutionary Computing Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Agoston E. Eiben,J.E. Smith
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662050943
FileSize: 584kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 584


Introduction to Evolutionary Computing by Agoston E. Eiben,J.E. Smith Summary

The first complete overview of evolutionary computing, the collective name for a range of problem-solving techniques based on principles of biological evolution, such as natural selection and genetic inheritance. The text is aimed directly at lecturers and graduate and undergraduate students. It is also meant for those who wish to apply evolutionary computing to a particular problem or within a given application area. The book contains quick-reference information on the current state-of-the-art in a wide range of related topics, so it is of interest not just to evolutionary computing specialists but to researchers working in other fields.

Swimming Across

Swimming Across Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew Grove
Editor: Plunkett Lake Press
FileSize: 631kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 631


Swimming Across by Andrew Grove Summary

Elegant and concise, this childhood memoir of Andy Grove, one of the pioneers of Silicon Valley, begins in Budapest, Hungary where the author was born into a secular Jewish family in 1936. As a small child, Andris Grof was told, “Jesus Christ was killed by the Jews, and because of that, all of the Jews will be thrown into the Danube.” Grof’s school years were marked by such anti-semitism and interrupted first by the Nazi occupation and then by the post-war Communist regime. He was a good student who excelled at chemistry which he was studying at the University of Budapest when the Hungarian uprising of 1956 persuaded him to “swim across” the border and emigrate to the West. Grove provides an interesting sketch of a boy’s coming of age in a deeply dangerous 20th century Budapest under the control of Nazis and then Communists and concludes the memoir with an account of his escape and eventual resumption of his studies at the City College of New York. “Haunting and inspirational. It should be required reading in schools.” — Tom Brokaw “A poignant memoir... a moving reminder of the meaning of America and the grit and courage of a remarkable young man who became one of America’s phenomenal success stories.” — Henry Kissinger “This honest and riveting account gives a fascinating insight into the man who wroteOnly the Paranoid Survive.” — George Soros “Andy Grove is a tremendous role model, and his book sheds light on his amazing journey. I would choose him as my doubles partner any day!” — Monica Seles “Combines a unique and often harrowing personal experience with the virtues of fiction at its most engrossing — vivid scenes, sharply delineated characters, and an utterly compelling narrative... a wonderful reading experience.” — Richard North Patterson “A poignant tale leading to human courage and hope.” — Elie Wiesel “Grove, the founder and chairman of Intel Corporation, does not whine about his hardships. Instead he recalls ordinary events and matter-of-factly juxtaposes these against the turmoil of midcentury Hungary, creating a subtle though compelling commentary on the power to endure.” — Diane Scharper, The New York Times “Swimming Across tells the childhood stories [Grove] has guarded since first entering the public eye four decades ago... [It] is driven not by executives battling for money and power, but the experiences — some mundane, some extraordinary — of a nonobservant Jewish boy growing up in Hungary through a fascist regime, a Nazi invasion and a Soviet occupation.” — Chris Gaither, The New York Times “ The intelligence, dedication and ingenuity that earned him fame and fortune (he wasTime’s Man of the Year in 1997) are evident early on... Grove’s story stands smartly amid inspirational literature by self-made Americans” — Publishers Weekly “A tight, simply told, extremely intimate memoir... a polished, solid portrait of a particular time and place.” — Kirkus “[A] moving and inspiring memoir... Grove’s account of life in Hungary in the 1950s is a vivid picture of a tumultuous period in world history.” — Booklist


PROC SQL Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kirk Paul Lafler
Editor: SAS Institute
ISBN: 1635266815
FileSize: 476kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 476


PROC SQL by Kirk Paul Lafler Summary

PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS®, Third Edition, is a step-by-step, example-driven guide that helps readers master the language of PROC SQL. Packed with analysis and examples illustrating an assortment of PROC SQL options, statements, and clauses, this book not only covers all the basics, but it also offers extensive guidance on complex topics such as set operators and correlated subqueries. Programmers at all levels will appreciate Kirk Lafler’s easy-to-follow examples, clear explanations, and handy tips to extend their knowledge of PROC SQL. This third edition explores new and powerful features in SAS® 9.4, including topics such as: IFC and IFN functions nearest neighbor processing the HAVING clause indexes It also features two completely new chapters on fuzzy matching and data-driven programming. Delving into the workings of PROC SQL with greater analysis and discussion, PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS®, Third Edition, explores this powerful database language using discussion and numerous real-world examples.

Python for Data Analysis

Python for Data Analysis Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Wes McKinney
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1491957611
FileSize: 1366kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1366


Python for Data Analysis by Wes McKinney Summary

Get complete instructions for manipulating, processing, cleaning, and crunching datasets in Python. Updated for Python 3.6, the second edition of this hands-on guide is packed with practical case studies that show you how to solve a broad set of data analysis problems effectively. You’ll learn the latest versions of pandas, NumPy, IPython, and Jupyter in the process. Written by Wes McKinney, the creator of the Python pandas project, this book is a practical, modern introduction to data science tools in Python. It’s ideal for analysts new to Python and for Python programmers new to data science and scientific computing. Data files and related material are available on GitHub. Use the IPython shell and Jupyter notebook for exploratory computing Learn basic and advanced features in NumPy (Numerical Python) Get started with data analysis tools in the pandas library Use flexible tools to load, clean, transform, merge, and reshape data Create informative visualizations with matplotlib Apply the pandas groupby facility to slice, dice, and summarize datasets Analyze and manipulate regular and irregular time series data Learn how to solve real-world data analysis problems with thorough, detailed examples

Only the Paranoid Survive

Only the Paranoid Survive Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew S. Grove
Editor: Currency
ISBN: 0307574970
FileSize: 1713kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1713


Only the Paranoid Survive by Andrew S. Grove Summary

Andy Grove, founder and former CEO of Intel shares his strategy for success as he takes the reader deep inside the workings of a major company in Only the Paranoid Survive. Under Andy Grove's leadership, Intel became the world's largest chip maker and one of the most admired companies in the world. In Only the Paranoid Survive, Grove reveals his strategy for measuring the nightmare moment every leader dreads--when massive change occurs and a company must, virtually overnight, adapt or fall by the wayside--in a new way. Grove calls such a moment a Strategic Inflection Point, which can be set off by almost anything: mega-competition, a change in regulations, or a seemingly modest change in technology. When a Strategic Inflection Point hits, the ordinary rules of business go out the window. Yet, managed right, a Strategic Inflection Point can be an opportunity to win in the marketplace and emerge stronger than ever. Grove underscores his message by examining his own record of success and failure, including how he navigated the events of the Pentium flaw, which threatened Intel's reputation in 1994, and how he has dealt with the explosions in growth of the Internet. The work of a lifetime, Only the Paranoid Survive is a classic of managerial and leadership skills.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Klaus Schwab
Editor: Currency
ISBN: 1524758876
FileSize: 1741kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1741


The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab Summary

World-renowned economist Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, explains that we have an opportunity to shape the fourth industrial revolu­tion, which will fundamentally alter how we live and work. Schwab argues that this revolution is different in scale, scope and complexity from any that have come before. Characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, the developments are affecting all disciplines, economies, industries and governments, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human. Artificial intelligence is already all around us, from supercomputers, drones and virtual assistants to 3D printing, DNA sequencing, smart thermostats, wear­able sensors and microchips smaller than a grain of sand. But this is just the beginning: nanomaterials 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than a strand of hair and the first transplant of a 3D printed liver are already in development. Imagine “smart factories” in which global systems of manu­facturing are coordinated virtually, or implantable mobile phones made of biosynthetic materials. The fourth industrial revolution, says Schwab, is more significant, and its ramifications more profound, than in any prior period of human history. He outlines the key technologies driving this revolution and discusses the major impacts expected on government, business, civil society and individu­als. Schwab also offers bold ideas on how to harness these changes and shape a better future—one in which technology empowers people rather than replaces them; progress serves society rather than disrupts it; and in which innovators respect moral and ethical boundaries rather than cross them. We all have the opportunity to contribute to developing new frame­works that advance progress.

The New Marketing

The New Marketing Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cheryl Burgess,Mark Burgess
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 152973830X
FileSize: 1262kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1262


The New Marketing by Cheryl Burgess,Mark Burgess Summary

In our hyper-connected world that is changing at warp speed, marketers recognize the need to shift from traditional marketing methods to a new way that can help them better navigate the unpredictable environment. For traditionalists, this change has posed a challenge. Many have tried to incorporate new approaches into the old models they grew up with, only to be frustrated with the results. From the bestselling authors of The Social Employee, and LinkedIn Learning course authors, comes a powerful new textbook that cracks the marketing code in our hyper-focused digital age. The New Marketing, with contributions spanning CMO trailblazers to martech disruptors, behavioral economics luminaries at Yale to leading marketing thinkers at Kellogg and Wharton, is a GPS for navigating in a digital world and moves the craft of marketing through the forces of marketing transformation. We can’t predict the future. But our goal is to help make Masters/MBA students and marketing practitioners future-ready and successful.

The Future of Productivity

The Future of Productivity Pdf/ePub eBook Author: OECD
Editor: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9264248536
FileSize: 1447kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1447


The Future of Productivity by OECD Summary

This book addresses the rising productivity gap between the global frontier and other firms, and identifies a number of structural impediments constraining business start-ups, knowledge diffusion and resource allocation (such as barriers to up-scaling and relatively high rates of skill mismatch).

Reinforcement Learning, second edition

Reinforcement Learning, second edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard S. Sutton,Andrew G. Barto
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262352702
FileSize: 1013kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1013


Reinforcement Learning, second edition by Richard S. Sutton,Andrew G. Barto Summary

The significantly expanded and updated new edition of a widely used text on reinforcement learning, one of the most active research areas in artificial intelligence. Reinforcement learning, one of the most active research areas in artificial intelligence, is a computational approach to learning whereby an agent tries to maximize the total amount of reward it receives while interacting with a complex, uncertain environment. In Reinforcement Learning, Richard Sutton and Andrew Barto provide a clear and simple account of the field's key ideas and algorithms. This second edition has been significantly expanded and updated, presenting new topics and updating coverage of other topics. Like the first edition, this second edition focuses on core online learning algorithms, with the more mathematical material set off in shaded boxes. Part I covers as much of reinforcement learning as possible without going beyond the tabular case for which exact solutions can be found. Many algorithms presented in this part are new to the second edition, including UCB, Expected Sarsa, and Double Learning. Part II extends these ideas to function approximation, with new sections on such topics as artificial neural networks and the Fourier basis, and offers expanded treatment of off-policy learning and policy-gradient methods. Part III has new chapters on reinforcement learning's relationships to psychology and neuroscience, as well as an updated case-studies chapter including AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero, Atari game playing, and IBM Watson's wagering strategy. The final chapter discusses the future societal impacts of reinforcement learning.

Corporate Chanakya on Management

Corporate Chanakya on Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Radhakrishnan Pillai
Editor: Jaico Publishing House
ISBN: 8184953429
FileSize: 690kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 690


Corporate Chanakya on Management by Radhakrishnan Pillai Summary

Chanakya, the most powerful strategist of 4th Century BC, documented his ideas on management, in the Arthashastra. In the present book, the author simplifies these ageold formulae for success in today’s corporate world. Corporate Chanakya on Management applies Chanakya’s wisdom across a host of areas including recruitment and employee management, finance and accounting, time management, the role of team work and organisational strategy. Gain from this guide and discover the Chanakya in you…

The Global Findex Database 2017

The Global Findex Database 2017 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Asli Demirguc-Kunt,Leora Klapper,Dorothe Singer,Saniya Ansar
Editor: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464812683
FileSize: 476kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 476


The Global Findex Database 2017 by Asli Demirguc-Kunt,Leora Klapper,Dorothe Singer,Saniya Ansar Summary

In 2011 the World Bank—with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—launched the Global Findex database, the world's most comprehensive data set on how adults save, borrow, make payments, and manage risk. Drawing on survey data collected in collaboration with Gallup, Inc., the Global Findex database covers more than 140 economies around the world. The initial survey round was followed by a second one in 2014 and by a third in 2017. Compiled using nationally representative surveys of more than 150,000 adults age 15 and above in over 140 economies, The Global Findex Database 2017: Measuring Financial Inclusion and the Fintech Revolution includes updated indicators on access to and use of formal and informal financial services. It has additional data on the use of financial technology (or fintech), including the use of mobile phones and the Internet to conduct financial transactions. The data reveal opportunities to expand access to financial services among people who do not have an account—the unbanked—as well as to promote greater use of digital financial services among those who do have an account. The Global Findex database has become a mainstay of global efforts to promote financial inclusion. In addition to being widely cited by scholars and development practitioners, Global Findex data are used to track progress toward the World Bank goal of Universal Financial Access by 2020 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The database, the full text of the report, and the underlying country-level data for all figures—along with the questionnaire, the survey methodology, and other relevant materials—are available at

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

The Hard Thing About Hard Things Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ben Horowitz
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062273213
FileSize: 1929kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1929


The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz Summary

Ben Horowitz, cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz and one of Silicon Valley's most respected and experienced entrepreneurs, offers essential advice on building and running a startup—practical wisdom for managing the toughest problems business school doesn’t cover, based on his popular ben’s blog. While many people talk about how great it is to start a business, very few are honest about how difficult it is to run one. Ben Horowitz analyzes the problems that confront leaders every day, sharing the insights he’s gained developing, managing, selling, buying, investing in, and supervising technology companies. A lifelong rap fanatic, he amplifies business lessons with lyrics from his favorite songs, telling it straight about everything from firing friends to poaching competitors, cultivating and sustaining a CEO mentality to knowing the right time to cash in. Filled with his trademark humor and straight talk, The Hard Thing About Hard Things is invaluable for veteran entrepreneurs as well as those aspiring to their own new ventures, drawing from Horowitz's personal and often humbling experiences.

Fundamentals of Business Process Management

Fundamentals of Business Process Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marlon Dumas,Marcello La Rosa,Jan Mendling,Hajo A. Reijers
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3662565099
FileSize: 1669kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1669


Fundamentals of Business Process Management by Marlon Dumas,Marcello La Rosa,Jan Mendling,Hajo A. Reijers Summary

This textbook covers the entire Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle, from process identification to process monitoring, covering along the way process modelling, analysis, redesign and automation. Concepts, methods and tools from business management, computer science and industrial engineering are blended into one comprehensive and inter-disciplinary approach. The presentation is illustrated using the BPMN industry standard defined by the Object Management Group and widely endorsed by practitioners and vendors worldwide. In addition to explaining the relevant conceptual background, the book provides dozens of examples, more than 230 exercises – many with solutions – and numerous suggestions for further reading. This second edition includes extended and completely revised chapters on process identification, process discovery, qualitative process analysis, process redesign, process automation and process monitoring. A new chapter on BPM as an enterprise capability has been added, which expands the scope of the book to encompass topics such as the strategic alignment and governance of BPM initiatives. The textbook is the result of many years of combined teaching experience of the authors, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as in the context of professional training. Students and professionals from both business management and computer science will benefit from the step-by-step style of the textbook and its focus on fundamental concepts and proven methods. Lecturers will appreciate the class-tested format and the additional teaching material available on the accompanying website.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium All-in-One For Dummies

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium All-in-One For Dummies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jennifer Smith,Christopher Smith,Fred Gerantabee
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118239636
FileSize: 1216kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1216


Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium All-in-One For Dummies by Jennifer Smith,Christopher Smith,Fred Gerantabee Summary

The must-have book on the leading suite of software for graphic and web designers Fully revised and updated this hands-on resource offers a one-stop learning opportunity through eight minibooks dedicated to each product inside Adobe's Design & Web Premium Suite. The minibooks include Adobe Creative Suite Basics, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks. The book contains information on new image enhancements to After Effects, 64-bit versions of Illustrator and Flash Professional, and a new tool, dubbed Helium, that will enable designers to create content using HTML5 and CSS3. Offers the depth needed by novices and long-time professionals Covers the key features and tools users need to master individual programs to their fullest capacities Helps designers to be more creative and productive Filled with tips and techniques for using the 8 design programs This popular package gives designers a full review of the most popular design and development tools on the market.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas Sterling,Matthew Anderson,Maciej Brodowicz
Editor: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 0124202152
FileSize: 831kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 831


High Performance Computing by Thomas Sterling,Matthew Anderson,Maciej Brodowicz Summary

High Performance Computing: Modern Systems and Practices is a fully comprehensive and easily accessible treatment of high performance computing, covering fundamental concepts and essential knowledge while also providing key skills training. With this book, domain scientists will learn how to use supercomputers as a key tool in their quest for new knowledge. In addition, practicing engineers will discover how supercomputers can employ HPC systems and methods to the design and simulation of innovative products, and students will begin their careers with an understanding of possible directions for future research and development in HPC. Those who maintain and administer commodity clusters will find this textbook provides essential coverage of not only what HPC systems do, but how they are used. Covers enabling technologies, system architectures and operating systems, parallel programming languages and algorithms, scientific visualization, correctness and performance debugging tools and methods, GPU accelerators and big data problems Provides numerous examples that explore the basics of supercomputing, while also providing practical training in the real use of high-end computers Helps users with informative and practical examples that build knowledge and skills through incremental steps Features sidebars of background and context to present a live history and culture of this unique field Includes online resources, such as recorded lectures from the authors’ HPC courses

Infrastructure Development and Construction Management

Infrastructure Development and Construction Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J. C. Edison
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000192571
FileSize: 1193kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1193


Infrastructure Development and Construction Management by J. C. Edison Summary

This is a comprehensive book on infrastructure development and construction management. It is written keeping in mind the curricula of construction management programmes in India and abroad. It covers infrastructure development, the construction industry in India, financial analysis of the real estate industry in India, economic analysis of projects, tendering and bidding, contracts and contract management, FIDIC conditions of contract, construction disputes and claims, arbitration, conciliation and dispute resolution, international construction project exports and identifying, analysing and managing construction project risk. Thus, this book covers most of the construction management activities that are carried out at different stages of a construction project. This is an essential book for students of construction management, construction professionals, academicians and researchers.

Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing

Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Betty Rolling Ferrell,Judith A. Paice
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190862394
FileSize: 1671kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1671


Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing by Betty Rolling Ferrell,Judith A. Paice Summary

The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing remains the most comprehensive treatise on the art and science of palliative care nursing available. Dr. Betty Rolling Ferrell and Dr. Judith A. Paice have invited 162 nursing experts to contribute 76 chapters addressing the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs pertinent to the successful palliative care team. Organized within 7 Sections, this new edition covers the gamut of principles of care: from the time of initial diagnosis of a serious illness to the end of a patient's life and beyond. This fifth edition features several new chapters, including chapters on advance care planning, organ donation, self-care, global palliative care, and the ethos of palliative nursing. Each chapter is rich with tables and figures, case examples for improved learning, and a strong evidence-based practice to support the highest quality of care. The book offers a valuable and practical resource for students and clinicians across all settings of care. The content is relevant for specialty hospice agencies and palliative care programs, as well as generalist knowledge for schools of nursing, oncology, critical care, and pediatric. Developed with the intention of emphasizing the need to extend palliative care beyond the specialty to be integrated in all settings and by all clinicians caring for the seriously ill, this new edition will continue to serve as the cornerstone of palliative care education.

Beyond Knowledge Management

Beyond Knowledge Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jay Liebowitz
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439862516
FileSize: 749kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 749


Beyond Knowledge Management by Jay Liebowitz Summary

Although knowledge management (KM) has already helped numerous organizations achieve competitive advantages, many organizations have yet to embark on their knowledge management journey. Geared for executives and senior managers, Beyond Knowledge Management: What Every Leader Should Know is concise and easy-to-read. It looks at 10 areas where organi

Sustainability: All That Matters

Sustainability: All That Matters Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Chris Goodall
Editor: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 1444174428
FileSize: 893kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 893


Sustainability: All That Matters by Chris Goodall Summary

Building a sustainable society is perhaps the greatest test that the world has ever faced. Prosperity has been created by ruthless and ill-disciplined mining of the world's resources, compounded by a cavalier disregard for the implications of pollution from industrial and agricultural processes. Today's generation has borrowed from the future by grabbing prosperity now and imposing the cost on the next generation. In this startling and informative book, which will appeal to both students and general readers, award-winning writer Chris Goodall provides a coherent new explanation of what sustainability actually is. Goodall then goes onto explore nine key sustainability challenges, applying the theory of sustainability to look at food, travel, clothing, electricity, heating and cooling, paper and cardboard, construction, consumer electronics, and air travel.

Altmetrics for Research Outputs Measurement and Scholarly Information Management

Altmetrics for Research Outputs Measurement and Scholarly Information Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mojisola Erdt,Aravind Sesagiri Raamkumar,Edie Rasmussen,Yin-Leng Theng
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 981131053X
FileSize: 638kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 638


Altmetrics for Research Outputs Measurement and Scholarly Information Management by Mojisola Erdt,Aravind Sesagiri Raamkumar,Edie Rasmussen,Yin-Leng Theng Summary

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Workshop on Altmetrics for Research Outputs Measurements and Scholarly Information Management, AROSIM 2018, held in Singapore, in January 2018. The 7 revised full papers presented together with two keynote papers and one introduction paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 20 submissions. The workshop will investigate how social media based metrics along with traditional and non-traditional metrics can advance the state-of-the-art in measuring research outputs.

The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management

The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bent Flyvbjerg
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191046167
FileSize: 1314kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1314


The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management by Bent Flyvbjerg Summary

The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management provides state-of-the-art scholarship in the emerging field of megaproject management. Megaprojects are large, complex projects which typically cost billions of dollars and impact millions of people, like building a high-speed rail line, a megadam, a national health or pensions IT system, a new wide-body aircraft, or staging the Olympics. The book contains 25 chapters written especially for this volume, covering all aspects of megaproject management, from front-end planning to actual project delivery, including how to deal with stakeholders, risk, finance, complexity, innovation, governance, ethics, project breakdowns, and scale itself. Individual chapters cover the history of the field and relevant theory, from behavioral economics to lock-in and escalation to systems integration and theories of agency and power. All geographies are covered - from the US to China, Europe to Africa, South America to Australia - as are a wide range of project types, from "hard" infrastructure to "soft" change projects. In-depth case studies illustrate salient points. The Handbook offers a rigorous, research-oriented, up-to-date academic view of the discipline, based on high-quality data and strong theory. It will be an indispensable resource for students, academics, policy makers, and practitioners.

Networked Services and Applications - Engineering, Control and Management

Networked Services and Applications - Engineering, Control and Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Finn Arve Aagesen,Svein J. Knapskog
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 364213971X
FileSize: 651kb
File Format: Pdf
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Networked Services and Applications - Engineering, Control and Management by Finn Arve Aagesen,Svein J. Knapskog Summary

The EUNICE (European Network of Universities and Companies in Information and Communication technology) ( mission is to jointly - velop and promote the best and most compatible standard of European higher edu- tion and professionals in ICT by increasing scientific and technical knowledge in the field of ICT and developing their applications in the economy. The EUNICE Wo- shop is an annual event. This year the workshop was sponsored by IFIP TC 6 WG 6.6: Management of Networks and Distributed Systems. Eight years ago, the seventh edition of the EUNICE workshop took place in Tro- heim with the topic “Adaptable Networks and Teleservices.” Since then “adaptability” has become a topic which is found in most ICT conferences. The concept teleservices, which is a telecommunication domain concept from the 1980s, has been lifted out of the telecom community and is now found with new and sometimes mysterious names such as service–oriented architecture and cloud computing.

Guide to Reliable Internet Services and Applications

Guide to Reliable Internet Services and Applications Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Charles R. Kalmanek,Sudip Misra,Yang (Richard) Yang
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1848828284
FileSize: 622kb
File Format: Pdf
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Guide to Reliable Internet Services and Applications by Charles R. Kalmanek,Sudip Misra,Yang (Richard) Yang Summary

An oft-repeated adage among telecommunication providers goes, “There are ve things that matter: reliability, reliability, reliability, time to market, and cost. If you can’t do all ve, at least do the rst three. ” Yet, designing and operating reliable networks and services is a Herculean task. Building truly reliable components is unacceptably expensive, forcing us to c- struct reliable systems out of unreliable components. The resulting systems are inherently complex, consisting of many different kinds of components running a variety of different protocols that interact in subtle ways. Inter-networkssuch as the Internet span multiple regions of administrative control, from campus and cor- rate networks to Internet Service Providers, making good end-to-end performance a shared responsibility borne by sometimes uncooperative parties. Moreover, these networks consist not only of routers, but also lower-layer devices such as optical switches and higher-layer components such as rewalls and proxies. And, these components are highly con gurable, leaving ample room for operator error and buggy software. As if that were not dif cult enough, end users understandably care about the performance of their higher-level applications, which has a complicated relationship with the behavior of the underlying network. Despite these challenges, researchers and practitioners alike have made trem- dous strides in improving the reliability of modern networks and services.

Macroeconomic Policy in India Since the Global Financial Crisis

Macroeconomic Policy in India Since the Global Financial Crisis Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sebastian Morris
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 9811912769
FileSize: 823kb
File Format: Pdf
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Macroeconomic Policy in India Since the Global Financial Crisis by Sebastian Morris Summary

This book discusses the Indian economic crisis and brings out what went wrong and the correction necessary for getting the economy back to high growth trajectory, leading to economic transformation. To do so, the book covers trends in performance of Indian economy since the Global Financial Crisis to the COVID-19 effect, bringing out factors that have determined the same. The book questions the approach to macroeconomic policy of both the RBI and the government and brings out what it takes for macroeconomic policy to be supportive of high growth. It contains revealing contrasts with East Asia and China, although India has the same potential to grow with an expansion of manufacturing. Overall, it argues that macroeconomic policies (as much as structural, industrial, and trade policies) have been deficient and even good initiatives on the industrial policy and trade flounder for the lack of a strategic approach to macroeconomics. The book highlights the special opportunities present in an emerging economy with vast under and utilised labour and the macroeconomic policy initiatives that can take advantage of this key feature. It covers the macroeconomic data on growth using multiple indicators, then the external shocks and the internal policy measures/responses; besides, GVA/GDP, credit, exports, external transactions, interest and policy rates, yields, exchange rates, money, capital flows, indices of industrial sector, price indices and inflation, government expenditures, tax rates, fiscal deficits, market uncertainty measures to present a holistic picture of the economy and the shocks and policy actions that have followed. The book uses an innovative method of presentation and the consistency of the trends/stances of both monetary and fiscal policy using these large number of variables. It discusses the debate on overestimation of GDP/GVA growth estimates over the years from 2011-12 to about 2016-17 comprehensively. There is special coverage of GST with a comparison with China. Coverage also includes performance since the COVID-19 crisis again using a large number of indicators and an explanation for the same in terms of the limitations of the government’s initiatives to counteract. The book is a quick and ready reference of what has happened in macroeconomic terms to those interested in the relevant facts. It is of interest to international economists, policy analysts, and investors whose need to understand that the Indian economy in macroeconomic terms and in terms of the stances and penchant of the government and the RBI is of value.

The Sustainability Debate

The Sustainability Debate Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Martina Topić,George Lodorfos
Editor: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1800437803
FileSize: 533kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 533


The Sustainability Debate by Martina Topić,George Lodorfos Summary

This book goes beyond environmental protection and looks at sustainability by predominantly focusing on human and social sustainability and this focus is carried into sections of the book that discuss sustainable policies, media and gender. The book takes an academic and practitioner approach.

The East Asian Computer Chip War

The East Asian Computer Chip War Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ming-chin Monique Chu
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317961552
FileSize: 725kb
File Format: Pdf
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The East Asian Computer Chip War by Ming-chin Monique Chu Summary

The semiconductor industry is a vital industry for military establishments worldwide, and the control of, or loss of control of, this key industry has enormous strategic implications. This book focuses on the globalization of the strategic semiconductor industry and the security ramifications of this process. It examines in particular the migration of the Taiwanese chip industry to China as part of the globalization of production processes, and the extent to which such a globalization process poses security challenges to the United States, China and Taiwan. Transcending disciplinary boundaries between international political economy, security studies, and the history of science and technology, this multidisciplinary work provides an in-depth understanding of the globalization-security nexus, and disentangles the key policy issues connected to a potential explosive flashpoint in world politics today.

Urbanizing the Alps

Urbanizing the Alps Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Fiona Pia
Editor: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3035617333
FileSize: 893kb
File Format: Pdf
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Urbanizing the Alps by Fiona Pia Summary

For plenty years, many popular mountain resorts have seen largely uncontrolled development consisting of the multiplication of archetypal chalet-style houses. This is usually accompanied by roadbuilding for private cars. In order to protect these tourist destinations and their natural environs from further uncontrolled development, the author investigates different settlement structures such as Andermatt, Avoriaz, Verbier, Zermatt,and Whistler-Blackcomb. On the basis of detailed graphical analyses, she develops groundbreaking strategies for urban densification and suitable mobility management, which can also be transferred to other tourist areas.

48 Liberal Lies About American History

48 Liberal Lies About American History Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Larry Schweikart
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1440629307
FileSize: 994kb
File Format: Pdf
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48 Liberal Lies About American History by Larry Schweikart Summary

A historian debunks four-dozen PC myths about our nation's past. Over the last forty years, history textbooks have become more and more politically correct and distorted about our country's past, argues professor Larry Schweikart. The result, he says, is that students graduate from high school and even college with twisted beliefs about economics, foreign policy, war, religion, race relations, and many other subjects. As he did in his popular A Patriot's History of the United States, Professor Schweikart corrects liberal bias by rediscovering facts that were once widely known. He challenges distorted books by name and debunks forty-eight common myths. A sample: • The founders wanted to create a wall of separation between church and state • Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation only because he needed black soldiers • Truman ordered the bombing of Hiroshima to intimidate the Soviets with atomic diplomacy • Mikhail Gorbachev, not Ronald Reagan, was responsible for ending the Cold War America's past, though not perfect, is far more admirable than you were probably taught.

Linux Administration Best Practices

Linux Administration Best Practices Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott Alan Miller
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1800565763
FileSize: 526kb
File Format: Pdf
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Linux Administration Best Practices by Scott Alan Miller Summary

Gain an understanding of system administration that will remain applicable throughout your career and understand why tasks are done rather than how to do them Key FeaturesDeploy, secure, and maintain your Linux system in the best possible wayDiscover best practices to implement core system administration tasks in LinuxExplore real-world decisions, tasks, and solutions involved in Linux system administrationBook Description Linux is a well-known, open source Unix-family operating system that is the most widely used OS today. Linux looks set for a bright future for decades to come, but system administration is rarely studied beyond learning rote tasks or following vendor guidelines. To truly excel at Linux administration, you need to understand how these systems work and learn to make strategic decisions regarding them. Linux Administration Best Practices helps you to explore best practices for efficiently administering Linux systems and servers. This Linux book covers a wide variety of topics from installation and deployment through to managing permissions, with each topic beginning with an overview of the key concepts followed by practical examples of best practices and solutions. You'll find out how to approach system administration, Linux, and IT in general, put technology into proper business context, and rethink your approach to technical decision making. Finally, the book concludes by helping you to understand best practices for troubleshooting Linux systems and servers that'll enable you to grow in your career as well as in any aspect of IT and business. By the end of this Linux administration book, you'll have gained the knowledge needed to take your Linux administration skills to the next level. What you will learnFind out how to conceptualize the system administrator roleUnderstand the key values of risk assessment in administrationApply technical skills to the IT business contextDiscover best practices for working with Linux specific system technologiesUnderstand the reasoning behind system administration best practicesDevelop out-of-the-box thinking for everything from reboots to backups to triagePrioritize, triage, and plan for disasters and recoveriesDiscover the psychology behind administration dutiesWho this book is for This book is for anyone looking to fully understand the role and practices of being a professional system administrator, as well as for system engineers, system administrators, and anyone in IT or management who wants to understand the administration career path. The book assumes a basic understanding of Linux, including the command line, and an understanding of how to research individual tasks. Basic working knowledge of Linux systems and servers is expected.

Cost Accounting Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs)

Cost Accounting Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Arshad Iqbal
Editor: Bushra Arshad
FileSize: 414kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 414


Cost Accounting Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) by Arshad Iqbal Summary

Cost Accounting Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF: Quiz & Practice Tests with Answer Key (Cost Accounting Quick Study Guide & Terminology Notes to Review) includes revision guide for problem solving with 1100 solved MCQs. "Cost Accounting MCQ" book with answers PDF covers basic concepts, theory and analytical assessment tests. "Cost Accounting Quiz" PDF book helps to practice test questions from exam prep notes. Cost accounting quick study guide provides 1100 verbal, quantitative, and analytical reasoning past question papers, solved MCQs. Cost Accounting Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF download, a book to practice quiz questions and answers on chapters: Accounting concepts, activity based costing and management, balanced scorecard and strategic profitability analysis, balanced scorecard, quality, time and theory of constraints, basics of accounting, budgeting and accounting, capacity analysis and inventory costing, capital budgeting and cost benefit analysis, cost allocation, customer profitability and sales variance analysis, cost allocation, joint products and byproducts, cost function and behavior, cost management and pricing decisions, cost volume profit analysis, decision making process and information, department costs, common costs and revenues, direct cost variances and management control, financial ratios analysis, flexible budget and management control, flexible budget: overhead cost variance, fundamentals of accounting, inventory management, just in time and costing methods, job costing, management accounting in organization, management control systems and multinational considerations, master budget and responsibility accounting, overhead cost variances and management control, performance measurement, compensation and multinational considerations, process costing, spoilage, rework, and scrap tests for college and university revision guide. Cost accounting Quiz Questions and Answers PDF download with free sample book covers beginner's questions, exam's workbook, and certification exam prep with answer key. Cost accounting MCQs book PDF, a quick study guide from textbook study notes covers exam practice quiz questions. Cost Accounting practice tests PDF covers problem solving in self-assessment workbook from business administration textbook chapters as: Chapter 1: Accounting Concepts MCQs Chapter 2: Activity based Costing and Management MCQs Chapter 3: Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Profitability Analysis MCQs Chapter 4: Balanced Scorecard: Quality, Time and Theory of Constraints MCQs Chapter 5: Basics of Accounting MCQs Chapter 6: Budgeting and Accounting MCQs Chapter 7: Capacity Analysis and Inventory Costing MCQs Chapter 8: Capital Budgeting and Cost Benefit Analysis MCQs Chapter 9: Cost Allocation, Customer Profitability and Sales Variance Analysis MCQs Chapter 10: Cost Allocation: Joint Products and Byproducts MCQs Chapter 11: Cost Function and Behavior MCQs Chapter 12: Cost Management and Pricing Decisions MCQs Chapter 13: Cost Volume Profit Analysis MCQs Chapter 14: Decision Making Process and Information MCQs Chapter 15: Department Costs, Common Costs and Revenues MCQs Chapter 16: Direct Cost Variances and Management Control MCQs Chapter 17: Financial Ratios Analysis MCQs Chapter 18: Flexible Budget and Management Control MCQs Chapter 19: Flexible Budget: Overhead Cost Variance MCQs Chapter 20: Fundamentals of Accounting MCQs Chapter 21: Inventory Management, Just in Time and Costing Methods MCQs Chapter 22: Job Costing MCQs Chapter 23: Management Accounting in Organization MCQs Chapter 24: Management Control Systems and Multinational Considerations MCQs Chapter 25: Master Budget and Responsibility Accounting MCQs Chapter 26: Overhead Cost Variances and Management Control MCQs Chapter 27: Performance Measurement, Compensation and Multinational Considerations MCQs Chapter 28: Process Costing MCQs Chapter 29: Spoilage, Rework and Scrap MCQs Solve "Accounting Concepts MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 1 to practice test questions: Conversion costs, cost analysis, inventory types, inventorable cost and period cost, manufacturing costs, period costs, prime costs, and types of inventories. Solve "Activity Based Costing and Management MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 2 to practice test questions: Activity based costing systems, activity based costing, accounting, broad averaging and consequence, and refining costing system. Solve "Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Profitability Analysis MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 3 to practice test questions: Balanced scorecard, strategic analysis, accounting strategy, operating income, and strategy implementation. Solve "Balanced Scorecard: Quality, Time and Theory of Constraints MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 4 to practice test questions: Costs of quality, quality improvements, customer response time and on time performance, analyzing problems and improve quality, balance scorecard and measures, bottlenecks, financial perspective, and competitive tool. Solve "Basics of Accounting MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 5 to practice test questions: Direct costs, indirect costs, and what is cost in accounting. Solve "Budgeting and Accounting MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 6 to practice test questions: Budgeting and responsibility accounting, and Kaizen budgeting. Solve "Capacity Analysis and Inventory Costing MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 7 to practice test questions: Absorption costing, inventory costing methods, manufacturing companies, and throughput costing. Solve "Capital Budgeting and Cost Benefit Analysis MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 8 to practice test questions: Accrual accounting, rate of return method, capital budgeting and inflation, capital budgeting stages, cost analysis dimensions, discounted cash flow, and payback method. Solve "Cost Allocation, Customer Profitability and Sales Variance Analysis MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 9 to practice test questions: Cost allocation and costing systems, customer revenues and costs, sales mix and sales quantity variances, and static budget variance. Solve "Cost Allocation: Joint Products and Byproducts MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 10 to practice test questions: Joint cost, irrelevant joint costs, byproducts accounting, constant gross margin percentage NRV method, decision making, net realizable value method, sales value, split off method, and scrap. Solve "Cost Function and Behavior MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 11 to practice test questions: Estimating cost functions, estimating cost function using quantitative analysis, linear cost functions, nonlinearity and cost functions, cost estimation methods, curves and nonlinear cost function, data collection and adjustment issues, independent variables, quantitative analysis in marketing, regression analysis, regression equation, regression line, specification analysis, and estimation assumptions. Solve "Cost Management and Pricing Decisions MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 12 to practice test questions: Pricing strategies, cost based pricing, product budgeting life cycle and costing, target costing and target pricing, value engineering, insurance and lock in costs. Solve "Cost Volume Profit Analysis MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 13 to practice test questions: CVP analysis, operating income, breakeven point, target income, gross margin calculations, total costs, unit costs, and variable cost. Solve "Decision Making Process and Information MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 14 to practice test questions: Decision making process, information and decision process, concept of relevance, insourcing versus outsourcing, and make versus buy decisions. Solve "Department Costs, Common Costs and Revenues MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 15 to practice test questions: Allocating costs, common costs, revenue allocation, revenue allocation methods, multiple support departments, operating departments, bundled products, single rate and dual rate methods. Solve "Direct Cost Variances and Management Control MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 16 to practice test questions: Use of variances, efficiency variance, price and efficiency variance, management accounting, period costs, and static budget. Solve "Financial Ratios Analysis MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 17 to practice test questions: Sensitivity analysis, operating income, breakeven point, target income, contribution margin calculations, contribution margin versus gross margin, effects of sales mix on income, gross margin calculations, and uncertainty. Solve "Flexible Budget and Management Control MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 18 to practice test questions: Flexible budget, flexible budget variance, static budget, sales volume variance, and cost accounting. Solve "Flexible Budget: Overhead Cost Variance MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 19 to practice test questions: Cost variance analysis, overhead cost variance analysis, fixed overhead cost variances, activity based costing, production volume variance, setup cost, variable and fixed overhead costs. Solve "Fundamentals of Accounting MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 20 to practice test questions: Direct costs, indirect costs, manufacturing costs, manufacturing, merchandising and service sector companies, total costs, unit costs, and types of inventory. Solve "Inventory Management, Just in Time and Costing Methods MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 21 to practice test questions: Inventory management system, inventory related relevant costs, just in time purchasing, cost accounts, inventory management, MRP, retail organizations, and inventory management. Solve "Job Costing MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 22 to practice test questions: Building block concepts of costing systems, budget indirect costs, end of financial year, indirect costs allocation, normal costings, total costs, unit costs, and variations from normal costing. Solve "Management Accounting in Organization MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 23 to practice test questions: Management accounting, management accounting guidelines, organization structure and management accountant, decision making process, information and decision process, financial and cost accounting, and strategic decisions. Solve "Management Control Systems and Multinational Considerations MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 24 to practice test questions: Management control systems, decentralization costs, organization structure, decentralization, and transfer pricing. Solve "Master Budget and Responsibility Accounting MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 25 to practice test questions: Budgets and budgeting cycle, Kaizen budgeting, responsibility and controllability, accounting concepts, accounting principles, computer based financial planning models, internal controls accounting, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty, and types of inventory. Solve "Overhead Cost Variances and Management Control MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 26 to practice test questions: Fixed overhead costs, flexible budget variance, and planning of variable. Solve "Performance Measurement, Compensation and Multinational Considerations MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 27 to practice test questions: Performance measure, financial and nonfinancial performance measures, economic value added, strategy and levels, and residual income. Solve "Process Costing MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 28 to practice test questions: Process costing system, operation costing, transferred in costs, WAM and spoilage, and weighted average method. Solve "Spoilage, Rework and Scrap MCQ" PDF book with answers, chapter 29 to practice test questions: Job costing, spoilage, rework and scrap terminology, scrap and byproducts accounting, types of spoilage, WAM, and spoilage.

Azure PowerShell Quick Start Guide

Azure PowerShell Quick Start Guide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas Mitchell
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1789619483
FileSize: 1574kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1574


Azure PowerShell Quick Start Guide by Thomas Mitchell Summary

Leverage PowerShell to perform many day-to-day tasks in Microsoft Azure Key FeaturesDeploy and manage Azure virtual machines with PowerShell commands.Get to grips with core concept of Azure PowerShell such as working with images and disks, custom script extension, high availability and more.Leverage hands-on projects to successfully apply what you learned through the course of this book.Book Description As an IT professional, it is important to keep up with cloud technologies and learn to manage those technologies. PowerShell is a critical tool that must be learned in order to effectively and more easily manage many Azure resources. This book is designed to teach you to leverage PowerShell to enable you to perform many day-to-day tasks in Microsoft Azure. Taking you through the basic tasks of installing Azure PowerShell and connecting to Azure, you will learn to properly connect to an Azure tenant with PowerShell. Next, you will dive into tasks such as deploying virtual machines with PowerShell, resizing them, and managing their power states with PowerShell. Then, you will learn how to complete more complex Azure tasks with PowerShell, such as deploying virtual machines from custom images, creating images from existing virtual machines, and creating and managing of data disks. Later, you will learn how to snapshot virtual machines, how to encrypt virtual machines, and how to leverage load balancers to ensure high availability with PowerShell. By the end of this book, you will have developed dozens of PowerShell skills that are invaluable in the deployment and management of Azure virtual machines. What you will learnManage virtual machines with PowerShellResize a virtual machine with PowerShellCreate OS disk snapshots via PowerShellDeploy new virtual machines from snapshots via PowerShellProvision and attach data disks to a virtual machine via PowerShellLoad balance virtual machines with PowerShellManage virtual machines with custom script extensionsWho this book is for This book is intended for IT professionals who are responsible for managing Azure virtual machines. No prior PowerShell or Azure experience is needed.

Project Management Approaches for Online Learning Design

Project Management Approaches for Online Learning Design Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Eby, Gulsun
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466628316
FileSize: 808kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 808


Project Management Approaches for Online Learning Design by Eby, Gulsun Summary

Developments in online learning and its design are areas that continue to grow in order to enhance students’ learning environments and experiences. However, in the implementation of new technologies, the importance of properly and fairly overseeing these courses is often undervalued. Project Management Approaches for Online Learning Design boldly focuses on this unique area of virtual learning by adopting a theoretical point of view and discussing the planning, organizing, securing and managing of resources to bring about the successful completion of online learning goals and objectives. This reference source brings together project management based approaches with an exclusive focus on each online learning design project.