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Korean Women in Leadership

Korean Women in Leadership Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Yonjoo Cho,Gary N. McLean
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319642715
FileSize: 1419kb
File Format: Pdf
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Korean Women in Leadership by Yonjoo Cho,Gary N. McLean Summary

The book focuses on the historical, political, economic, and cultural elements of Korea and the strong influence these have on women leaders in the nation. It examines challenges and opportunities for women leaders as they try to balance their professional and personal lives. A team of leading experts familiar with the aspirations and frustrations of Korean women offer insight into the coexistence of traditional and modern values. It is an eye-opening look at the convergence and divergence across Korean sectors that international leadership researchers, students, and managers need to know in order to realize and appreciate the potential of Korean women leaders.

Culture and Gender in Leadership

Culture and Gender in Leadership Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J. Rajasekar,L. Beh
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137311576
FileSize: 1998kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1998


Culture and Gender in Leadership by J. Rajasekar,L. Beh Summary

The overall aim of this volume is to present the research studies carried out in the Middle East and Asia in the fields of culture and gender and their influence on leadership in particular. The cultures and practices of these geographical regions are very much varied and this book, Culture and Gender in Leadership: Perspectives from the Middle East and Asia, brings together analyses of these themes in selected countries of these two regions. The chapter authors use detailed descriptions, case studies and vignettes to speak to the cultural relativism and gender in leadership in these countries and provide a unique and comparative perspective drawn from their own cultures. This volume also contributes to the development of theory and empirical research found in these regions and through the collective efforts presented in this book, attempts to strengthen the body of knowledge and practice in the fields of culture and gender in leadership. As Asia is becoming the engine of economic growth for the world and Arab Spring is opening up new vistas in the Middle East, this book is a must read.

Waking the Asian Pacific Co-operative Potential

Waking the Asian Pacific Co-operative Potential Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Morris Altman,Anthony Jensen,Akira Kurimoto,Robby Tulus,Yashavantha Dongre,Seungkwon Jang
Editor: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128166673
FileSize: 854kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 854


Waking the Asian Pacific Co-operative Potential by Morris Altman,Anthony Jensen,Akira Kurimoto,Robby Tulus,Yashavantha Dongre,Seungkwon Jang Summary

Replete with case studies, Waking the Asian Pacific Cooperative Potential applies a novel theoretical framework to aid in understanding meaningful change in cooperative firms, mutual firms, collectives, and communes, focusing in particular on the underexamined Asia Pacific region. It explores the common, albeit competing, objectives of transformational cooperatives that deliver a range of social benefits and corporative coops where the cooperative exhibits the characteristics of a competitive investor firm. The book provides examples of successful cooperatives in eleven countries across the Asia Pacific and reviews the theoretical framework of cooperatives, including issues pertaining to socio-economic, politico-legal, and domestic and international factors. Waking the Asian Pacific Co-operative Potential provides early-career researchers and graduate students with a systematic resource of cooperatives in the Asia Pacific, highlighting core lessons from case studies regarding the ideal role of cooperatives in a modern economy and on the enabling factors of the role of the state, the market potential for scale-up, the mitigation of poverty, and civil society. Provides numerous case studies drawn from successful co-operative organizations across the Asia Pacific region Advances a theoretical framework to help readers access and understand the reasons for co-operative success in the Asia Pacific region Develops tools for practitioners to establish effective co-operatives and restructure them to optimal goals

Current Perspectives on Asian Women in Leadership

Current Perspectives on Asian Women in Leadership Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Yonjoo Cho,Rajashi Ghosh,Judy Y. Sun,Gary N. McLean
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319549960
FileSize: 721kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 721


Current Perspectives on Asian Women in Leadership by Yonjoo Cho,Rajashi Ghosh,Judy Y. Sun,Gary N. McLean Summary

This book explores the unique socioeconomic challenges encountered by female leaders in China, India, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries where traditional cultural expectations and modernized values coexist. It provides insight into gender inequality and underutilization of female talent as well as ways to develop highly qualified women in organizations. Chapters from expert contributors analyze the similarities and differences between each Asian country, the organizational and institutional challenges for women in the workplace, and how they balance work-family relationships. It will appeal to researchers and students in human resource development, management, leadership, Asia studies, women’s studies, and political science, among others.

Entrepreneurial Women: New Management and Leadership Models [2 volumes]

Entrepreneurial Women: New Management and Leadership Models [2 volumes] Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Louise Kelly
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440800782
FileSize: 1315kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1315


Entrepreneurial Women: New Management and Leadership Models [2 volumes] by Louise Kelly Summary

Women are now leading companies and other enterprises in significant numbers—in developing countries as well as the Western world. This set examines the specific ways in which entrepreneurial women create success and considers how the growing prevalence of female entrepreneurs will change the world. • Presents ideas and information contributed by highly respected leaders, authors, thinkers, and entrepreneurs in the field • Offers findings from studies on women entrepreneurs around the world that readers will be able to apply to their own businesses • Provides examples of how successful women entrepreneurs develop marketing plans and promote themselves and their businesses effectively • Documents how women demonstrate a more networked leadership style that has elements of altruism and connection to the community rather than strictly using wealth creation as a motivation for success

The Face of the Firm

The Face of the Firm Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michele Rene Gregory
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317281497
FileSize: 668kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Face of the Firm by Michele Rene Gregory Summary

Despite decades of greater gender awareness at work in Western countries, gender inequality in the executive suites is alive and well. "The Face of the Firm" highlights new critical perspectives on the relationship between hegemonic masculine cultures, gender embodiment, and gender disparities in corporate organizations. Using data from over 100 interviews with female and male executives who worked for some of the most prestigious advertising and computer firms in the world, the book makes important connections between the empirical data and contemporary sexism in the United States and United Kingdom. The book refocuses the debate of executive work, organizational spaces, and gender inequality on gendered bodies at work. It also demonstrates that gendered and sexualized relations among executives often construct the production process. The book makes a contribution to masculinity, gender, and work scholarship and is organized along three key concepts: homogeneity, homosociability, and heterosexuality. These address such factors as the organizational locker room, sexual and heterosexual spaces at work, and the construction of women and men as different workers. This conceptual model is crucial for evaluating the mechanisms that support male dominance among highly skilled professionals and executives."

Gender Mainstreaming in Politics, Administration and Development in South Asia

Gender Mainstreaming in Politics, Administration and Development in South Asia Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ishtiaq Jamil,Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman,Syeda Lasna Kabir,M. Mahfuzul Haque
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030360121
FileSize: 1072kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1072


Gender Mainstreaming in Politics, Administration and Development in South Asia by Ishtiaq Jamil,Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman,Syeda Lasna Kabir,M. Mahfuzul Haque Summary

This book explores and analyzes gender mainstreaming in South Asia. Gender mainstreaming as a concept is about removing disparities between men and women – about equal access to resources, inclusion and participation in the public sphere, representation in government, and empowerment, all with the aim of achieving equal opportunities for men and women in family life, society, administration, politics, and the economy. The challenges of gender mainstreaming in South Asia are huge, especially in the contexts of patriarchal, religious, and caste-based social norms and values. Men’s dominance in politics, administration, and economic activities is distinctly visible. Women have been subservient to the policy preferences of their male counterparts. However, in recent years, more women are participating in politics at the local and national levels, in administration, and in formal economic activities. Have gender equality and equity been ensured in South Asia? This book focuses on how gender-related issues are incorporated into policy formulation and governance, how they have fared, what challenges they have encountered when these policies were put into practice, and their implications and fate in the context of five South Asian countries. The authors have used varied frameworks to analyze gender mainstreaming at the micro and macro levels. Written from public administration and political science perspectives, the book provides an overview of the possibilities and constraints of gender mainstreaming in a region, which is not only diverse in ethnicity and religion, but also in economic progress, political culture, and the state of governance.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Klaus Schwab
Editor: Currency
ISBN: 1524758876
FileSize: 1944kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1944


The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab Summary

World-renowned economist Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, explains that we have an opportunity to shape the fourth industrial revolu­tion, which will fundamentally alter how we live and work. Schwab argues that this revolution is different in scale, scope and complexity from any that have come before. Characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, the developments are affecting all disciplines, economies, industries and governments, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human. Artificial intelligence is already all around us, from supercomputers, drones and virtual assistants to 3D printing, DNA sequencing, smart thermostats, wear­able sensors and microchips smaller than a grain of sand. But this is just the beginning: nanomaterials 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than a strand of hair and the first transplant of a 3D printed liver are already in development. Imagine “smart factories” in which global systems of manu­facturing are coordinated virtually, or implantable mobile phones made of biosynthetic materials. The fourth industrial revolution, says Schwab, is more significant, and its ramifications more profound, than in any prior period of human history. He outlines the key technologies driving this revolution and discusses the major impacts expected on government, business, civil society and individu­als. Schwab also offers bold ideas on how to harness these changes and shape a better future—one in which technology empowers people rather than replaces them; progress serves society rather than disrupts it; and in which innovators respect moral and ethical boundaries rather than cross them. We all have the opportunity to contribute to developing new frame­works that advance progress.

Seeking Spatial Justice

Seeking Spatial Justice Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Edward W. Soja
Editor: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 9781452915289
FileSize: 883kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 883


Seeking Spatial Justice by Edward W. Soja Summary

In 1996, the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union, a grassroots advocacy organization, won a historic legal victory against the city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority. The resulting consent decree forced the MTA for a period of ten years to essentially reorient the mass transit system to better serve the city’s poorest residents. A stunning reversal of conventional governance and planning in urban America, which almost always favors wealthier residents, this decision is also, for renowned urban theorist Edward W. Soja, a concrete example of spatial justice in action. In Seeking Spatial Justice, Soja argues that justice has a geography and that the equitable distribution of resources, services, and access is a basic human right. Building on current concerns in critical geography and the new spatial consciousness, Soja interweaves theory and practice, offering new ways of understanding and changing the unjust geographies in which we live. After tracing the evolution of spatial justice and the closely related notion of the right to the city in the influential work of Henri Lefebvre, David Harvey, and others, he demonstrates how these ideas are now being applied through a series of case studies in Los Angeles, the city at the forefront of this movement. Soja focuses on such innovative labor–community coalitions as Justice for Janitors, the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, and the Right to the City Alliance; on struggles for rent control and environmental justice; and on the role that faculty and students in the UCLA Department of Urban Planning have played in both developing the theory of spatial justice and putting it into practice. Effectively locating spatial justice as a theoretical concept, a mode of empirical analysis, and a strategy for social and political action, this book makes a significant contribution to the contemporary debates about justice, space, and the city.

Human Development Report 2019

Human Development Report 2019 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Editor: United Nations
ISBN: 9213582900
FileSize: 1920kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1920


Human Development Report 2019 by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Summary

Inequalities in human development are a roadblock to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. They are not just about disparities in income and wealth. They cannot be accounted for simply by using summary measures of inequality that focus on a single dimension. And they will shape the prospects of people that may live to see the 22nd century. The 2019 Report explores inequalities in human development by going beyond income, beyond averages and beyond today. It asks what forms of inequality matter and what drives them, recognizing that pernicious inequalities are generally better thought of as a symptom of broader problems in a society and economy. It also asks what policies can tackle those drivers—policies that can simultaneously help nations to grow their economies, improve human development and reduce inequality.

Indian Women in Leadership

Indian Women in Leadership Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rajashi Ghosh,Gary N. McLean
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319688162
FileSize: 787kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 787


Indian Women in Leadership by Rajashi Ghosh,Gary N. McLean Summary

This book provides intriguing insights into the development of highly qualified women leaders in diverse Indian contexts and their role at national and organizational levels. While India has made enormous economic strides in the past few decades, gender inequality and underutilization of female talent remain deeply rooted and widely spread in many parts of Indian society. This book addresses an urgent need to stop treating Indian women as under-developed human capital and begin realizing their potential as leaders of quality work. This book will fill the gap of research on international leadership for students, academics, and multinational organizations.

Disability Matters

Disability Matters Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anna Hickey-Moody,Vicki Crowley
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317978161
FileSize: 1458kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1458


Disability Matters by Anna Hickey-Moody,Vicki Crowley Summary

From the critique of ‘the medical model’ of disability undertaken during the early and mid-1990s, a ‘social model’ emerged, particularly in the caring professions and those trying to shape policy and practice for people with disability. In education and schooling, it was a period of cementing inclusive practices and the ‘integration’ and inclusion of disability into ‘mainstream’. What was lacking in the debates around the social model, however, were the challenges to abledness that were being grappled with in the routine and pragmatics of self-care by people with disabilities, their families, carers and caseworkers. Outside the academy, new forms of activity and new questions were circulating. Challenges to abledness flourished in the arts and constituted the lived experience of many disability activists. Disability Matters engages with the cultural politics of the body, exploring this fascinating and dynamic topic through the arts, teaching, research and varied encounters with ‘disability’ ranging from the very personal to the professional. Chapters in this collection are drawn from scholars responding in various registers and contexts to questions of disability, pedagogy, affect, sensation and education. Questions of embodiment, affect and disability are woven throughout these contributions, and the diverse ways in which these concepts appear emphasize both the utility of these ideas and the timeliness of their application. This book was originally published as a special issue of Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education.

Group Work with Adolescents, Third Edition

Group Work with Adolescents, Third Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew Malekoff
Editor: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462516106
FileSize: 1546kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1546


Group Work with Adolescents, Third Edition by Andrew Malekoff Summary

A trusted course text and professional resource, this comprehensive book delves into all aspects of planning and conducting strengths-based group work with adolescents. In an accessible, down-to-earth style, Andrew Malekoff spells out the principles of effective group practice. Extensive clinical illustrations show how successful group leaders engage teens in addressing tough issues--including violence, sexuality, prejudice, social isolation, and substance abuse--in a wide range of settings. Normative issues that adolescents face in the multiple contexts of their lives are lucidly explained. Packed with creative ideas and activities, the book helps readers develop their skills as confident, reflective practitioners. New to This Edition *Significantly revised chapters on group work essentials, school-based practice, and trauma. *Additional topics: social media and cyberbullying, expressive and animal-assisted therapies, mindfulness, adolescent brain development, and more. *Updated practice principles, information, and references. *Numerous new practice illustrations.

Psychopathology in Women

Psychopathology in Women Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Margarita Sáenz-Herrero
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3030151794
FileSize: 327kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 327


Psychopathology in Women by Margarita Sáenz-Herrero Summary

This book examines sex and gender differences in the causes and expression of medical conditions, including mental health disorders. Sex differences are variations attributable to individual reproductive organs and the XX or XY chromosomal complement. Gender differences are variations that result from biological sex as well as individual self-representation which include psychological, behavioural, and social consequences of an individual’s perceived gender. Gender is still a neglected field in psychopathology, and gender differences is often incorrectly used as a synonym of sex differences. A reconsideration of the definition of gender, as the term that subsumes masculinity and femininity, could shed some light on this misperception and could have an effect in the study of health and disease. This second edition of Psychopathology clarifies the anthropological, cultural and social aspects of gender and their impact on mental health disorders. It focuses on gender perspective as a paradigm not only in psychopathology but also in mental health disorders. As such it promotes open mindedness in the definition and perception of symptoms, as well as assumptions about those symptoms, and raises awareness of mental health.

Asian Women Leadership

Asian Women Leadership Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Chin-Chung Chao,Louisa Ha
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 0429655134
FileSize: 1077kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1077


Asian Women Leadership by Chin-Chung Chao,Louisa Ha Summary

This book is an interdisciplinary anthology grounded in scholarly research that offers a concise but in-depth examination and exposition of leadership that helps readers better grasp the basics of the various aspects of Asian leadership and examines the practices of Asian women leadership across sectors in Asian and western countries. While many leadership books effectively describe leadership styles and/or outline various approaches to leadership, this book focuses on Asian women leadership and illustrates performed styles, experiences, opportunities, challenges and management strategies across sectors ranging from higher education, business, nonprofit organizations, the media industry, politics and social movement to immigration, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. It can serve as a handy reference for aspiring women leaders, academic researchers, general readers and students who want to study Asian women leadership, work in Asian societies and/or work with Asians.

Gender in Agriculture

Gender in Agriculture Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Agnes R. Quisumbing,Ruth Meinzen-Dick,Terri L. Raney,André Croppenstedt,Julia A. Behrman,Amber Peterman
Editor: Springer Science & Business
ISBN: 940178616X
FileSize: 1409kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1409


Gender in Agriculture by Agnes R. Quisumbing,Ruth Meinzen-Dick,Terri L. Raney,André Croppenstedt,Julia A. Behrman,Amber Peterman Summary

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) produced a 2011 report on women in agriculture with a clear and urgent message: agriculture underperforms because half of all farmers—women—lack equal access to the resources and opportunities they need to be more productive. This book builds on the report’s conclusions by providing, for a non-specialist audience, a compendium of what we know now about gender gaps in agriculture.

Southeast Asia in World History

Southeast Asia in World History Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Craig Lockard
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199721962
FileSize: 1654kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1654


Southeast Asia in World History by Craig Lockard Summary

Here is a brief, well-written, and lively survey of the history of Southeast Asia from ancient times to the present, paying particular attention to the region's role in world history and the distinctive societies that arose in lands shaped by green fields and forests, blue rivers and seas. Craig Lockard shows how for several millennia Southeast Asians, living at the crossroads of Asia, enjoyed ever expanding connections to both China and India, and later developed maritime trading networks to the Middle East and Europe. He explores how the people of the region combined local and imported ideas to form unique cultures, reflected in such striking creations as Malay sailing craft, Javanese gamelan music, and batik cloth, classical Burmese and Cambodian architecture, and social structures in which women have often played unusually influential roles. Lockard describes colonization by Europeans and Americans between 1500 and 1914, tracing how the social, economic, and political frameworks inherited from the past, combined with active opposition to domination by foreign powers, enabled Southeast Asians to overcome many challenges and regain their independence after World War II. The book also relates how Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are now among the fastest growing economies in the world and play a critical role in today's global marketplace.

Handbook of Intergenerational Justice

Handbook of Intergenerational Justice Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joerg Chet Tremmel
Editor: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1847201857
FileSize: 1126kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1126


Handbook of Intergenerational Justice by Joerg Chet Tremmel Summary

The contributors to this volume undertake to establish the foundations and definitions of intergenerational justice and to explore its capacity to guide us in policy and public opinion judgments we must make to face unprecedented issues. . . We are changing the biosphere and using resources to an extent never contemplated in the history of ethics. Deterioration of our oceans, loss of topsoil, insecurity about potable water supplies, the ozone hole, global warming, and the question about how to handle high-level nuclear waste which remains lethal perhaps 400,000 years from now, are some examples whose consequences reach far beyond inherited principles and policies of responsibility to others. This Handbook works to open a path for debate, extension of our tradition and invention of new thinking on these issues. Craig Walton, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, US More than a Handbook, this collection is a landmark work showing the way to a new ethics of intergenerational responsibility. It raises, in the most comprehensive way, the overarching ethical questions of our time, What are the rights of future generations? and How might present generations establish a philosophical foundation for its responsibilities to generations to come? . Peter Blaze Corcoran, Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education, Florida Gulf Coast University, US This important book provides a rich menu of history, current theory, and future directions in constitutional law, philosophy of rights and justice, and the relations of economics and politics to time, institutions, and the common good. It is enlivened by back-and-forth discussions among the authors (including some disagreements), as well as by applications to important contemporary issues such as climate change, nuclear waste, and public debt. Theoretic considerations are nicely balanced with examples of the means adopted in a number of countries to establish a legal foundation for protection of the quality of life for future generations. Neva Goodwin, Tufts University, US Do we owe the future anything? If so, what and why? Our capacity to affect the lives of future generations is greater than ever before, but what principles should regulate our relationship with people who don t yet exist? This Handbook offers a comprehensive survey of the key debates and pathbreaking accounts of potential ways forward both ethical and institutional. Andrew Dobson, The Open University, UK This Handbook provides a detailed overview of various issues related to intergenerational justice. Comprising articles written by a distinguished group of scholars from the international scientific community, the Handbook is divided into two main thematic sections foundations and definitions of intergenerational justice and institutionalization of intergenerational justice. The first part clarifies basic terms and traces back the origins of the idea of intergenerational justice. It also focuses on the problem of intergenerational buck-passing in the ecological context; for example in relation to nuclear waste and the greenhouse effect. At the same time, it also sheds light on the relationship between intergenerational justice and economics, addressing issues such as public debt and financial sustainability. The innovative second part of the volume highlights how posterity can be institutionally protected, such as by inserting relevant clauses into national constitutions. Reading this volume is the best way to gain an overall knowledge of intergenerational justice an extremely salient and topical issue of our time. The Handbook is an important contribution to the literature and will be of great interest to academics and graduate students as well as readers interested in wider human rights issues.

Make Your Moment: The Savvy Woman’s Communication Playbook for Getting the Success You Want

Make Your Moment: The Savvy Woman’s Communication Playbook for Getting the Success You Want Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dion Lim
Editor: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1260455475
FileSize: 743kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 743


Make Your Moment: The Savvy Woman’s Communication Playbook for Getting the Success You Want by Dion Lim Summary

ABC News anchor Dion Lim’s empowering workplace communication strategies for women in any industry “As women, we’re constantly told to speak up, lean in, and be a badass . . . We absolutely should. We must! But we have to execute these things in the right way.” In a fast-paced world where opportunities appear- and shift- at a moment’s notice, how you communicate can, quite simply, make or break your career. Your work environment today includes a diverse array of people and personalities. The ability to interact with all of them, think on your feet, and grab a good opportunity when it’s facing you is the special sauce that will help you achieve your goals. Dion Lim has seen it all. As an Asian-American woman in the hyper-competitive, white- and male-dominated business of TV news, her career path required a powerful blend of street smarts, determination, and a willingness to learn from mistakes – all of which she learned on the job. Today, she’s an ABC anchor in one of the biggest cities in the country. In Make Your Moment, Dion guides you through what she has learned on the career battlefield and what it means for other working women today. She’ll take you through the treacherous--and often entertaining--landscape of the modern workplace, covering virtually every situation you’re likely to experience. From the art of thinking quickly on your feet to #MeToo moments, you’ll learn how to master office politics, make online/social media dynamics (good and bad) work for you, and thrive under pressure. Dion learned how to stay true to herself, so she could find her moment and make it, rising from a local reporter to the national stage. Now it’s your turn.

Advanced Therapy in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Advanced Therapy in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J. Regan Thomas
Editor: PMPH-USA
ISBN: 9781607950110
FileSize: 1300kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1300


Advanced Therapy in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by J. Regan Thomas Summary

A comprehensive coverage of facial and reconstructive surgery written by nationally known plastic surgeons from around the US who explain the most current updated clinical techniques and reflect their own clinical experience and preferences. Includes extraordinary clinical and surgical photos and case studies from these authors' practices. Coverage includes the full spectrum of cosmetic-aesthetic procedures and reconstructive procedures including congenital abnormalities, facial trauma, cancer and special chapters on Scar Revision and Camouflage surgery, grafts and implants, laser surgery and wound healing. This text will be of great value to both experienced surgeons and resident level physicians.