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Educated Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 1443452505
FileSize: 1902kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1902


Educated by Summary

For readers of The Glass Castle and Wild, a stunning new memoir about family, loss and the struggle for a better future #1 International Bestseller Tara Westover was seventeen when she first set foot in a classroom. Instead of traditional lessons, she grew up learning how to stew herbs into medicine, scavenging in the family scrap yard and helping her family prepare for the apocalypse. She had no birth certificate and no medical records and had never been enrolled in school. Westover’s mother proved a marvel at concocting folk remedies for many ailments. As Tara developed her own coping mechanisms, little by little, she started to realize that what her family was offering didn’t have to be her only education. Her first day of university was her first day in school—ever—and she would eventually win an esteemed fellowship from Cambridge and graduate with a PhD in intellectual history and political thought.

Wonder and Education

Wonder and Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anders Schinkel
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350071919
FileSize: 1300kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1300


Wonder and Education by Anders Schinkel Summary

Many people, whether educators or not, will agree that an education that does not inspire wonder is barren. Wonder is commonly perceived as akin to curiosity, as stimulating inquiry, and as something that enhances pleasure in learning, but there are many experiences of wonder that do not have an obvious place in education. In Wonder and Education, Anders Schinkel theorises a kind of wonder with less obvious yet fundamental educational importance which he calls 'contemplative wonder'. Contemplative wonder disrupts frameworks of understanding that are taken for granted and perceived as natural and draws our attention to the world behind our constructions, sparking our interest in the world as something worth attending to for its own sake rather than for our purposes. It opens up space for the consideration of (radical) alternatives wherever it occurs, and in many cases is linked with deep experiences of value; therefore, it is not just important for education in general, but also, more specifically, for moral and political education.

Education, Music, and the Lives of Undergraduates

Education, Music, and the Lives of Undergraduates Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Roger Mantie,Brent C. Talbot
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350169242
FileSize: 1259kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1259


Education, Music, and the Lives of Undergraduates by Roger Mantie,Brent C. Talbot Summary

The undergraduate years are a special time of life for many students. They are a time for study, yes, but also a time for making independent decisions over what to do beyond formal education. This book is based on a nine-year study of collegiate a cappella - a socio-musical practice that has exploded on college campuses since the 1990s. A defining feature of collegiate a cappella is that it is a student-run leisure activity undertaken by undergraduate students at institutions both large and small, prestigious and lower-status. With rare exceptions, participants are not music majors yet many participants interviewed had previous musical experience both in and out of school settings. Motivations for staying musically involved varied considerably - from those who felt they could not imagine life without a musical outlet to those who joined on a whim. Collegiate a cappella is about much more than singing cover songs. It sustains multiple forms of inequality through its audition practices and its performative enactment of gender and heteronormativity. This book sheds light on how undergraduates conceptualize vocation and avocation within the context of formal education, holding implications for educators at all levels.

Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education

Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mark Tennant,Cathi McMullen,Dan Kaczynski
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 113589552X
FileSize: 1433kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1433


Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education by Mark Tennant,Cathi McMullen,Dan Kaczynski Summary

Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education offers a combination of critical perspectives and practical advice that is ideally suited for individuals interested in enhancing their practice through analysis and critique. The aim is to promote a critical understanding of one’s own practices: to foster personal and professional formation through a reflexive engagement with one's environment and circumstances. At a practical level this means to continuously think about how to adjust practice rather than following a formulaic approach derived from any particular educational theory. Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education argues that academics can find space for their own agency in the midst of institutional policies and practices that serve to frame, as well as delimit and constrain, what counts as good academic work in teaching and research. This text bridges a gap between those books that provide a high-level analysis of contemporary higher education, the more practical texts on how to be a good teacher in higher education, and those texts which aim to improve teaching through better understanding of the learning process. Topical chapters include: Teacher-learner relationship, Learning groups, Practice-oriented learning, Teaching for diversity, e-learning, Assessment, Approaches to Staff Development, Quality assurance, Supervision and Research education, Doing research, and Teaching & Research. A must-have resource for higher education professions, academic developers, professionals, and anyone looking to improve their teaching and learning practices, Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education is also appropriate for continuing and professional development courses in the UK and teaching and learning courses in the US. Mark Tennant is Dean of the University Graduate School, University of Technology, Sydney. Cathi McMullen is Lecturer in the School of Marketing and Management at Charles Sturt University. Dan Kaczynski is Professor in the Educational Leadership department at Central Michigan University.

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Howard S. Barrows, MD,Robyn M. Tamblyn, BScN
Editor: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780826128423
FileSize: 1085kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1085


Problem-Based Learning by Howard S. Barrows, MD,Robyn M. Tamblyn, BScN Summary

In this book, the authors address some basic problems in the learning of biomedical science, medicine, and the other health sciences. Students in most medical schools, especially in basic science courses, are required to memorize a large number of "facts," facts which may or may not be relevant to medical practice. Problem-based learning has two fundamental postulates--the learning through problem-solving is much more effective for creating a body of knowledge usable in the future, and that physician skills most important for patients are problem-solving skills, rather than memory skills. This book presents the scientific basis of problem-based learning and goes on to describe the approaches to problem-based medical learning that have been developed over the years at McMaster University, largely by Barrows and Tamblyn.


Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Walker Benét,Arlene Kaplan Daniels
Editor: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412822329
FileSize: 1190kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1190


Education by James Walker Benét,Arlene Kaplan Daniels Summary

Current discussions of education from Jenck's "Inequality "to Coleman's recent controversial pronouncements on desegregation orders and "white flight" concentrate on the efficacy of educational reform. The articles in this anthology, collected from two issues of the journal "Social Problems, "all consider this topic. The volume is divided into six sections, each exploring different aspects of education. In an introductory essay the editors state the theme of the work and outl i ne the approaches and focuses of the individual essays. Daniels and Benet provide a framework within which the reader can digest and interpret the various contributions, and raise a series of questions intended to guide future educational research. They maintain that only interdisciplinary study can enable researchers to understand the play between individual aspirations and interconnecting social systems and institutions in the development of the growing exasperation with (or indifference to) the schooling question. Originally sponsored by the Society for the Study of Social Problems, this work provides refreshing insights into the nature of contemporary education and explores new areas of research not previously discussed. It follows a "social system" approach to education and advocates it as a model for future researchers. Serves an "important role in the current assessment of American education. "Ray C. Rist, Cornell University

A Pedagogy of Place

A Pedagogy of Place Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brian Wattchow,Mike Brown
Editor: Monash University Publishing
ISBN: 0980651247
FileSize: 788kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 788


A Pedagogy of Place by Brian Wattchow,Mike Brown Summary

A Pedagogy of Place offers an alternative vision for outdoor education practice. This timely book calls into question some of the underlying assumptions and ‘truths’ about outdoor education, putting forward alternatives to current practice that are responsive to local conditions and cultural traditions. In this renewal of outdoor education philosophy and practice, the emphasis is upon responding to, and empathising with, the outdoors as particular places, rich in local meaning and significance. Current outdoor education theory and practice is influenced by cultural ideas about risk and adventure, and by psychological theories of personal and social development. However, in recent decades the professional discourse of outdoor education has made a noticeable shift to include education for the ‘environment’ and ‘nature’. This has resulted in a mismatch between theory and practice: traditional notions of proving oneself ‘against’ the challenges of the outdoors are antithetical to the development of an empathetic relationship with outdoor places, which growing concern with today’s environment demands. This book is the first of its kind to articulate a renewal of philosophy and practice for outdoor education that is in keeping with the educational needs of today’s young people as they grapple with considerable social and ecological changes in a rapidly changing world. The authors draw extensively on international, national and local literature and provide compelling case studies drawn from the Australian and New Zealand contexts.

A Sensory Education

A Sensory Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anna Harris
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000182150
FileSize: 1746kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1746


A Sensory Education by Anna Harris Summary

A Sensory Education takes a close look at how sensory awareness is learned and taught in expert and everyday settings around the world. Anna Harris shows that our sensing is not innate or acquired, but in fact evolves through learning that is shaped by social and material relations. The chapters feature diverse sources of sensory education, including field manuals, mannequins, cookbooks and flavour charts. The examples range from medical training and forest bathing to culinary and perfumery classes. Offering a valuable guide to the uncanny and taken-for-granted ways in which adults are trained to improve their senses, this book will be of interest to disciplines including anthropology and sociology as well as food studies and sensory studies. The Open Access version of this book, available at has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

LGBTQ Issues in Education

LGBTQ Issues in Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: George Wimberly
ISBN: 0935302530
FileSize: 1928kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1928


LGBTQ Issues in Education by George Wimberly Summary

LGBTQ Issues in Education: Advancing a Research Agenda examines the current state of the knowledge on LGBTQ issues in education and addresses future research directions. The editor and authors draw on existing literature, theories, and data as they synthesize key areas of research. Readers studying LGBTQ issues or working on adjacent topics will find the book to be an invaluable tool as it sets forth major findings and recommendations for additional research. Equally important, the book brings to light the importance of investing in research and data on a topic of critical educational and social significance.

The Wow Factor

The Wow Factor Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anne Bamford
Editor: Waxmann Verlag
ISBN: 3830966172
FileSize: 1531kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1531


The Wow Factor by Anne Bamford Summary

More than ever before, the arts are shaping and influencing our daily lives through the media and the creative industries. The arts are no longer confined to museums and theatres, but are adding value to our national economies and improving the quality of education. This has implications for arts education. However, unlike other subjects taught at schools, the arts have rarely made their purpose clear: Why are they taught? What is good arts education? And what are the benefits of teaching creative subjects or using creative ways to teach? In 2004 Professor Anne Bamford conducted the first international analysis of arts education research for UNESCO, in partnership with IFACCA and the Australia Council. Comparing data and case studies from more than 60 countries, the book analyses the differences between 'education in the arts' and 'education through the arts'. While appreciating that arts programmes are embedded in their unique social and cultural contexts, Professor Bamford develops internationally comparable standards for quality arts education. In addition, she identifies a number of concrete educational, cultural, and social benefits of arts education. This definitive work is of major interest to policy-makers, educators and artists. Professor Anne Bamford is Director of the Engine Room at the University of the Arts London and has an international reputation for her research in arts education, emerging literacies and visual communication. Through her research as a World Scholar for UNESCO, she has pursued issues of innovation, social impact and equity and diversity. She has conducted major national impact and evaluation studies for the governments of Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and Australia.

The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education

The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katherine Evans,Dorothy Vaandering
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1680991736
FileSize: 1344kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1344


The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education by Katherine Evans,Dorothy Vaandering Summary

Much more than a response to harm, restorative justice nurtures relational, interconnected school cultures. The wisdom embedded within its principles and practices is being welcomed at a time when exclusionary discipline and zero tolerance policies are recognized as perpetuating student apathy, disproportionality, and the school-to-prison pipeline. Relying on the wisdom of early proponents of restorative justice, the daily experiences of educators, and the authors’ extensive experience as classroom teachers and researchers, this Little Book guides the growth of restorative justice in education (RJE) into the future. Incorporating activities, stories, and examples throughout the book, three major interconnected and equally important aspects of restorative justice in education are explained and applied: creating just and equitable learning environments; building and maintaining healthy relationships; healing harm and transforming conflict. The Little Book of Restorative Justice in Education is a reference that practitioners can turn to repeatedly for clarity and consistency as they implement restorative justice in educational settings.


Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Douglas Foskett,Joy Foskett
Editor: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110970899
FileSize: 701kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 701


Education by Douglas Foskett,Joy Foskett Summary

Dieses Klassifikationssystem ermöglicht durch das vollständig facettierte Schema eine genaue Beschreibung komplexer Sachverhalte und kann für die Klassifikation und die Sacherschließung von allgemeinem Bibliotheksmaterial, technischen Unterlagen, Archivmaterial und elektronischen Quellen genutzt werden. Die systematische Anordnung der Begriffe bietet einen Überblick des jeweiligen Fachgebietes, verdeutlicht Verbindungen zwischen verschiedenen Konzepten und erleichtert das Auffinden der Fachbegriffe.

Beyond Education

Beyond Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Eli Meyerhoff
Editor: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 1452960224
FileSize: 1242kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1242


Beyond Education by Eli Meyerhoff Summary

A bold call to deromanticize education and reframe universities as terrains of struggle between alternative modes of studying and world-making Higher education is at an impasse. Black Lives Matter and #MeToo show that racism and sexism remain pervasive on campus, while student and faculty movements fight to reverse increased tuition, student debt, corporatization, and adjunctification. Commentators typically frame these issues as crises for an otherwise optimal mode of intellectual and professional development. In Beyond Education, Eli Meyerhoff instead sees this impasse as inherent to universities, as sites of intersecting political struggles over resources for studying. Meyerhoff argues that the predominant mode of study, education, is only one among many alternatives and that it must be deromanticized in order to recognize it as a colonial-capitalist institution. He traces how key elements of education—the vertical trajectory of individualized development, its role in preparing people to participate in governance through a pedagogical mode of accounting, and dichotomous figures of educational waste (the “dropout”) and value (the “graduate”)—emerged from histories of struggles in opposition to alternative modes of study bound up with different modes of world-making. Through interviews with participants in contemporary university struggles and embedded research with an anarchist free university, Beyond Education paves new avenues for achieving the aims of an “alter-university” movement to put novel modes of study into practice. Taking inspiration from Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and Indigenous resurgence projects, it charts a new course for movements within, against, and beyond the university as we know it.

Simple Justice

Simple Justice Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard Kluger
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 030754608X
FileSize: 1473kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1473


Simple Justice by Richard Kluger Summary

Simple Justice is the definitive history of the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education and the epic struggle for racial equality in this country. Combining intensive research with original interviews with surviving participants, Richard Kluger provides the fullest possible view of the human and legal drama in the years before 1954, the cumulative assaults on the white power structure that defended segregation, and the step-by-step establishment of a team of inspired black lawyers that could successfully challenge the law. Now, on the fiftieth anniversary of the unanimous Supreme Court decision that ended legal segregation, Kluger has updated his work with a new final chapter covering events and issues that have arisen since the book was first published, including developments in civil rights and recent cases involving affirmative action, which rose directly out of Brown v. Board of Education.

Semantic Web and Education

Semantic Web and Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Vladan Devedžic
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387354174
FileSize: 923kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 923


Semantic Web and Education by Vladan Devedžic Summary

This is the first book treatment on two "hot button" topics in Information Systems, Computer Science and Education: the application of web technology for educational use. The result is a thorough and highly useful presentation on the confluence of the technical aspects of the Semantic Web and the field of Education or the art of teaching. The book will interest researchers and students in the fields of Information Systems, Computer Science, and Education.

Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education

Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jane Marie Souza,Tara A. Rose
Editor: Stylus Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 1642672513
FileSize: 1450kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1450


Exemplars of Assessment in Higher Education by Jane Marie Souza,Tara A. Rose Summary

Co-published with img alt="" src="" “While assessment may feel to constituents like an activity of accountability simply for accreditors, it is most appropriate to approach assessment as an activity of accountability for students. Assessment results that improve institutional effectiveness, heighten student learning, and better align resources serve to make institutions stronger for the benefit of their students, and those results also serve the institution or program well during the holistic evaluation required through accreditation.” – from the foreword by Heather Perfetti, President of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education Colleges and universities struggle to understand precisely what is being asked for by accreditors, and this book answers that question by sharing examples of success reported by schools specifically recommended by accreditors. This compendium gathers examples of assessment practice in twenty-four higher education institutions: twenty-three in the U.S. and one in Australia. All institutions represented in this book were suggested by their accreditor as having an effective assessment approach in one or more of the following assessment focused areas: assessment in the disciplines, co-curricular, course/program/institutional assessment, equity and inclusion, general education, online learning, program review, scholarship of teaching and learning, student learning, or technology. These examples recommended by accrediting agencies makes this a unique contribution to the assessment literature. The book is organized in four parts. Part One is focused on student learning and assessment and includes ten chapters. The primary focus for Part Two is student learning assessment from a disciplinary perspective and includes four chapters. Part Three has a faculty engagement and assessment focus, and Part Four includes four chapters on institutional effectiveness and assessment, with a focus on strategic planning. This book is a publication of the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE), an organization of practitioners interested in using effective assessment practice to document and improve student learning.

Open Education

Open Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patrick Blessinger,TJ Bliss
Editor: Open Book Publishers
ISBN: 178374281X
FileSize: 648kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 648


Open Education by Patrick Blessinger,TJ Bliss Summary

This insightful collection of essays explores the ways in which open education can democratise access to education for all. It is a rich resource that offers both research and case studies to relate the application of open technologies and approaches in education settings around the world. A must-read for practitioners, policy-makers, scholars and students in the field of education.

Interdisciplinary Educational Research In Mathematics and Its Connections to The Arts and Sciences

Interdisciplinary Educational Research In Mathematics and Its Connections to The Arts and Sciences Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bharath Sriraman,Claus Michelsen,Astrid Beckmann,Viktor Freiman
Editor: IAP
ISBN: 1607528878
FileSize: 1518kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1518


Interdisciplinary Educational Research In Mathematics and Its Connections to The Arts and Sciences by Bharath Sriraman,Claus Michelsen,Astrid Beckmann,Viktor Freiman Summary

The book is based on the recently held Symposium on mathematics and its connections to the arts and sciences, namely the second Mathematics and its Connections to the Arts and Sciences (MACAS2)Symposium in Odense, Denmark (May 29-31, 2007). The chapters are an eclectic collection of interdisciplinary research initiatives undertaken by mathematics educators with implications for practitioners concerned with teaching and learning processes. The papers cover a wide genre of research domains within mathematics education (cognition, modelling, problem solving, teacher education, ethnomathematics, mathematical/statistical literacy, curricular and technological initiatives and research related to science education). The major interdisciplinary themes of the papers in this book are: 1. How can modelling activities be used to foster interdisciplinary projects in the school and university setting? 2. How can the intricate connections between mathematics and physics be used to design and research interdisciplinary activities in schools and the university? 3. How can research within the ethnomathematics domain of mathematics education be linked to critical mathematics education and interdisciplinary projects involving mathematics, art and culture? 4. How can the push for mathematical and statistical literacy be connected to other subjects in the school curricula and emphasized via interdisciplinary activities? 5. What are concrete examples of classroom experiments with empirical data that demonstrate new and unusual connections/relations between mathematics, arts and the sciences with implications for pedagogy? 6. What is the role of technology and new ICT interfaces in linking communities of learners in interdisciplinary activities involving problem solving? The book is an important contribution to the literature on educational initiatives in interdisciplinary education increasing vital for emerging professions of the 21st century.

Market Education

Market Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew J. Coulson
Editor: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412828086
FileSize: 1904kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1904


Market Education by Andrew J. Coulson Summary

In Market Education: The Unknown History, Andrew J. Coulson explores the educational problems facing parents and shows how these problems can best be addressed. He begins with a discussion of what people want from their school systems, tracing their views of the kinds of knowledge, skills, and values education should impart, and their concerns about discipline, drugs, and violence in schools. Using this survey of goals and attitudes as a guide, Coulson sets out to compare the school systems of civilizations both ancient and modern, seeking to determine which systems achieved the aims of parents and the public at large and which did not. Drawing on the historical evidence of how these various systems operated, Coulson concludes that free educational markets have consistently done a better job of serving the public's needs than state-run school systems have.

The Founding Fathers, Education, and "The Great Contest"

The Founding Fathers, Education, and Author: B. Justice
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137271027
FileSize: 1550kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1550


The Founding Fathers, Education, and "The Great Contest" by B. Justice Summary

Leading historians provide new insights into the founding generation's views on the place of public education in America. This volume explores enduring themes, such as gender, race, religion, and central vs. local control, in seven essays of the 1790s on how to implement public education in the new USA. The original essays are included as well.

International Handbook of Emotions in Education

International Handbook of Emotions in Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Reinhard Pekrun,Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1136512624
FileSize: 523kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 523


International Handbook of Emotions in Education by Reinhard Pekrun,Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia Summary

For more than a decade, there has been growing interest and research on the pivotal role of emotions in educational settings. This ground-breaking handbook is the first to highlight this emerging field of research and to describe in detail the ways in which emotions affect learning and instruction in the classroom as well as students’ and teachers’ development and well-being. Informed by research from a number of related fields, the handbook includes four sections. Section I focuses on fundamental principles of emotion, including the interplay among emotion, cognition, and motivation, the regulation of emotion, and emotional intelligence. Section II examines emotions and emotion regulation in classroom settings, addressing specific emotions (enjoyment, interest, curiosity, pride, anxiety, confusion, shame, and boredom) as well as social-emotional learning programs. Section III highlights research on emotions in academic content domains (mathematics, science, and reading/writing), contextual factors (classroom, family, and culture), and teacher emotions. The final section examines the various methodological approaches to studying emotions in educational settings. With work from leading international experts across disciplines, this book synthesizes the latest research on emotions in education.

Freire and Education

Freire and Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Antonia Darder
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1136268081
FileSize: 1839kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1839


Freire and Education by Antonia Darder Summary

One of the most influential educational philosophers of our times, Paulo Freire contributed to a revolutionary understanding of education as an empowering and democratizing force in the lives of the disenfranchised. In this deeply personal introduction to the man and his ideas, Antonia Darder reflects on how Freire’s work has illuminated her own life practices and thinking as an educator and activist. Including both personal memories and a never-before published, powerful dialogue with Freire himself, Darder offers a unique "analysis of solidarity," in mind and spirit. A heartfelt look at the ways Freire can still inspire a critically intellectual and socially democratic life, this book is certain to open up his theories in entirely new ways, both to those already familiar with his work and those coming to him for the first time.

On Education

On Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Harry Brighouse
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134336454
FileSize: 604kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 604


On Education by Harry Brighouse Summary

What is education for? Should it produce workers or educate future citizens? Is there a place for faith schools - and should patriotism be taught? In this compelling and controversial book, Harry Brighouse takes on all these urgent questions and more. He argues that children share four fundamental interests: the ability to make their own judgements about what values to adopt; acquiring the skills that will enable them to become economically self-sufficient as adults; being exposed to a range of activities and experiences that will enable them to flourish in their personal lives; and developing a sense of justice. He criticises sharply those who place the interests of the economy before those of children, and assesses the arguments for and against the controversial issues of faith schools and the teaching of patriotism. Clearly argued but provocative, On Education draws on recent examples from Britain and North America as well as famous thinkers on education such as Aristotle and John Locke. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the present state of education and its future.

Civic Responsibility and Higher Education

Civic Responsibility and Higher Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas Ehrlich
Editor: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781573565639
FileSize: 1709kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1709


Civic Responsibility and Higher Education by Thomas Ehrlich Summary

More than a century ago, John Dewey challenged the education community to look to civic involvement for the betterment of both community and campus. Today, the challenge remains. In his landmark book, editor Thomas Ehrlich has collected essays from national leaders who have focused on civic responsibility and higher education. Imparting both philosophy and working example, Ehrlich provides the inspiration for innovative new programs in this essential area of learning.


Globalization Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marcelo Suarez-Orozco,Desiree B. Qin-Hilliard
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520930967
FileSize: 636kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 636


Globalization by Marcelo Suarez-Orozco,Desiree B. Qin-Hilliard Summary

Globalization defines our era. While it has created a great deal of debate in economic, policy, and grassroots circles, many aspects of the phenomenon remain virtual terra incognita. Education is at the heart of this continent of the unknown. This pathbreaking book examines how globalization and large-scale immigration are affecting children and youth, both in and out of schools. Taking into consideration broad historical, cultural, technological, and demographic changes, the contributors—all leading social scientists in their fields—suggest that these global transformations will require youth to develop new skills, sensibilities, and habits of mind that are far ahead of what most educational systems can now deliver. Drawing from comparative and interdisciplinary materials, the authors examine the complex psychological, sociocultural, and historical implications of globalization for children and youth growing up today. The book explores why new and broader global visions are needed to educate children and youth to be informed, engaged, and critical citizens in the new millennium. Published in association with the Ross Institute

My Education

My Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan Choi
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101622687
FileSize: 1171kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1171


My Education by Susan Choi Summary

An intimately charged novel of desire and disaster from the National Book Award-winning author of Trust Exercise and A Person of Interest Regina Gottlieb had been warned about Professor Nicholas Brodeur long before arriving as a graduate student at his prestigious university high on a pastoral hill. He’s said to lie in the dark in his office while undergraduate women read couplets to him. He’s condemned on the walls of the women’s restroom, and enjoys films by Roman Polanski. But no one has warned Regina about his exceptional physical beauty—or his charismatic, volatile wife. My Education is the story of Regina’s mistakes, which only begin in the bedroom, and end—if they do—fifteen years in the future and thousands of miles away. By turns erotic and completely catastrophic, Regina’s misadventures demonstrate what can happen when the chasm between desire and duty is too wide to bridge.

Poetry, Method and Education Research

Poetry, Method and Education Research Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Esther Fitzpatrick,Katie Fitzpatrick
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000092550
FileSize: 838kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 838


Poetry, Method and Education Research by Esther Fitzpatrick,Katie Fitzpatrick Summary

Poetry can be both political and pedagogical. It is utilised in a variety of ways in research to enhance, critique, analyse, and express different voices. Poetry, Method and Education Research brings together international scholars to explore issues as diverse as neoliberalism, culture, decolonising education, health, and teacher identities. A key strength of the book is its attention to poetry as a research method, including discussions of "how to" engage with poetry in research, as well as including a range of research poems. Poetry is thus framed as both a method and performance. Authors in this book address a wide variety of questions from different perspectives including how to use poetry to think about complex issues in education, where poetry belongs in a research project, how to write poetry to generate and analyse "data", and how poetry can represent these findings. This book is an essential resource for students and researchers in education programmes, and those who teach in graduate research methods courses.

Education that is Christian

Education that is Christian Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lois E. Lebar
Editor: David C Cook
ISBN: 9781564767493
FileSize: 1255kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1255


Education that is Christian by Lois E. Lebar Summary

Essential reading for anyone involved in Christian education, this classic bestseller outlines a strategic vision for education that is designed to produce Christ-like people.

Education, Social Status, and Health

Education, Social Status, and Health Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Mirowsky,Catherine E. Ross
Editor: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9780202365824
FileSize: 1595kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1595


Education, Social Status, and Health by John Mirowsky,Catherine E. Ross Summary

Education forms a unique dimension of social status, with qualities that make it especially important to health. It influences health in ways that are varied, present at all stages of adult life, cumulative, self-amplifying, and uniformly positive. Educational attainment marks social status at the beginning of adulthood, functioning as the main bridge between the status of one generation and the next, and also as the main avenue of upward mobility. It precedes the other acquired social statuses and substantially influences them, including occupational status, earnings, and personal and household income and wealth. Education creates desirable outcomes because it trains individuals to acquire, evaluate, and use information. It teaches individuals to tap the power of knowledge. Education develops the learned effectiveness that enables self-direction toward any and all values sought, including health. For decades American health sciences has acted as if social status had little bearing on health. The ascendance of clinical medicine within a culture of individualism probably accounts for that omission. But research on chronic diseases over the last half of the twentieth century forced science to think differently about the causes of disease. Despite the institutional and cultural forces focusing medical research on distinctive proximate causes of specific diseases, researchers were forced to look over their shoulders, back toward more distant causes of many diseases. Some fully turned their orientation toward the social status of health, looking for the origins of that cascade of disease and disability flowing daily through clinics. Why is it that people with higher socioeconomic status have better health than lower status individuals? The authors, who are well recognized for their strength in survey research on a broad national scale, draw on findings and ideas from many sciences, including demography, economics, social psychology, and the health sciences. People who are well educated feel in control of their lives, which encourages and enables a healthy lifestyle. In addition, learned effectiveness, a practical end of that education, enables them to find work that is autonomous and creative, thereby promoting good health. John Mirowsky and Catherine E. Ross are professors in both the Department of Sociology and Population Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. "Mirowsky and Ross have done the population health community a splendid service by presenting a compelling and complex story for the relationship between social status and health and identifying many important contentious issues for future theoretical debate and empirical exploration. I highly recommend [Education, Social Status, and Health] to all health researchers interested in the social and economic determinants of health and well-being." -Gerry Veenstra, Canadian Journal of Sociology Online

Immersion Education

Immersion Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dr. Diane J. Tedick,Donna Christian,Dr. Tara Williams Fortune
Editor: Multilingual Matters
ISBN: 184769473X
FileSize: 1735kb
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Immersion Education by Dr. Diane J. Tedick,Donna Christian,Dr. Tara Williams Fortune Summary

This volume builds on Fortune and Tedick’s 2008 Pathways to Multilingualism: Evolving Perspectives on Immersion Education and showcases the practice and promise of immersion education through in-depth investigations of program design, implementation practices, and policies in one-way, two-way and indigenous programs. Contributors present new research and reflect on possibilities for strengthening practices and policies in immersion education. Questions explored include: What possibilities for program design exist in charter programs for both two-way and indigenous models? How do studies on learner outcomes lead to possibilities for improvements in program implementation? How do existing policies and practices affect struggling immersion learners and what possibilities can be imagined to better serve such learners? In addressing such questions, the volume invites readers to consider the possibilities of immersion education to enrich the language development and educational achievement of future generations of learners.

Distance Education

Distance Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Barry Donald Willis
Editor: Educational Technology
ISBN: 9780877782681
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Distance Education by Barry Donald Willis Summary

Education and Society

Education and Society Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dr. Thurston Domina,Dr. Benjamin G. Gibbs,Dr. Lisa Nunn,Dr. Andrew Penner
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520968301
FileSize: 356kb
File Format: Pdf
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Education and Society by Dr. Thurston Domina,Dr. Benjamin G. Gibbs,Dr. Lisa Nunn,Dr. Andrew Penner Summary

Drawing on current scholarship, Education and Society takes students on a journey through the many roles that education plays in contemporary societies. Addressing students’ own experience of education before expanding to larger sociological conversations, Education and Society helps readers understand and engage with such topics as peer groups, gender and identity, social class, the racialization of achievement, the treatment of immigrant children, special education, school choice, accountability, discipline, global perspectives, and schooling as a social institution. The book prompts students to evaluate how schools organize our society and how society organizes our schools. Moving from students to schooling to social forces, Education and Society provides a lively and engaging introduction to theory and research and will serve as a cornerstone for courses such as sociology of education, foundations of education, critical issues in education, and school and society.

Assessment in Health Professions Education

Assessment in Health Professions Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rachel Yudkowsky,Yoon Soo Park,Steven M. Downing
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000649970
FileSize: 1614kb
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Assessment in Health Professions Education by Rachel Yudkowsky,Yoon Soo Park,Steven M. Downing Summary

Assessment in Health Professions Education, second edition, provides a comprehensive guide for educators in the health professions—medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and allied health fields. This second edition has been extensively revised and updated by leaders in the field. Part I of the book presents an introduction to assessment fundamentals and their theoretical underpinnings from the perspective of the health professions. Part II covers specific assessment methods, with a focus on validity, best practices, challenges, and practical guidelines for the effective implementation of successful assessment programs. Part III addresses special topics and recent innovative approaches, including narrative assessment, situational judgment tests, programmatic assessment, mastery learning settings, and the key features approach. This accessible text addresses the essential concepts for the health professions educator and provides the background needed to understand, interpret, develop, and effectively implement assessment methods.

Knowledge, Policy and Practice in Education and the Struggle for Social Justice: Essays Inspired by the Work of Geoff Whitty

Knowledge, Policy and Practice in Education and the Struggle for Social Justice: Essays Inspired by the Work of Geoff Whitty Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew Brown,Emma Wisby
Editor: UCL Press
ISBN: 1782772774
FileSize: 1583kb
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Knowledge, Policy and Practice in Education and the Struggle for Social Justice: Essays Inspired by the Work of Geoff Whitty by Andrew Brown,Emma Wisby Summary

For 50 years, educator and sociologist Geoff Whitty resolutely pursued social justice through education, first as a classroom teacher and ultimately as the Director of the Institute of Education in London. The essays in this volume - written by some of the most influential authors in the sociology of education and critical policy studies - take Whitty’s work as the starting point from which to examine key contemporary issues in education and the challenges to social justice that they present. Set within three themes of knowledge, policy and practice in education, the chapters tackle the issues of defining and accessing ‘legitimate’ knowledge, the changing nature of education policy under neoliberalism and globalization, and the reshaping of teacher workplaces and professionalism – as well as attempts to realize more emancipatory practice. Whitty’s scholarship on what constitutes quality and impact in educational research is also explored. Together, the essays open a window on a life in the sociology of education, the scholarly community of which it was part, and the facets of education policy, practice and research that they continue to reveal and challenge in pursuit of social justice. They celebrate Whitty as one of the foremost sociologists of education of his generation, but also as a friend and colleague. And they highlight the continued relevance of his contribution to those seeking to promote fairer and more inclusive education systems.

Debates in Primary Education

Debates in Primary Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Virginia Bower
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000197794
FileSize: 825kb
File Format: Pdf
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Debates in Primary Education by Virginia Bower Summary

This powerful text encourages both pre-service and established teachers, as well as teacher educators, to engage with contemporary debates in primary education. Promoting a critical approach, the chapters explore a wide range of key themes including the importance of values in primary education and the imperative for a curriculum which embraces the whole range of available subjects. At the same time, the chapters are underpinned by a belief that children should be at the heart of all the decisions we make and that primary education should inspire a love of learning, for life. The book aims to support practitioners to make informed judgements and feel confident to argue their point of view with deeper theoretical knowledge and understanding, thus increasing teacher agency and confidence in responding to complex educational and social dilemmas such as literacy levels and rising mental health concerns. Chapters encompass both the macro aspects of primary education and more specialised debates on key topics such as reading, mathematics, languages, early years education and the use of technology. With annotated further reading and reflective questions, this key text is essential reading for all those wanting to develop a better understanding of the issues that shape their practice including student teachers at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, practising teachers engaged in continuing professional development and teacher educators.

Introduction to Education Studies

Introduction to Education Studies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Steve Bartlett,Diana Burton
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 1529733316
FileSize: 947kb
File Format: Pdf
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Introduction to Education Studies by Steve Bartlett,Diana Burton Summary

In this fully updated fifth edition of this much-loved textbook, students will be introduced to different ways of looking at education, supported by links to classic and contemporary research. Built around the essential themes of psychology, history, policy and sociology that underpin Education Studies courses, key updates include: · New ‘Applying Critical Evaluation’ tasks to help develop your analytical skills · Analysis of recent curriculum developments including EY assessment, Ebacc and T-levels · Examination of education policy up to, and including, 2019 · Enhanced discussion of educational neuroscience and the science of learning

Educational Technology and Methods of Teaching in Physical Education

Educational Technology and Methods of Teaching in Physical Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dr. Mandeep Singh Nathial
Editor: Friends Publications (India)
ISBN: 9388457900
FileSize: 1638kb
File Format: Pdf
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Educational Technology and Methods of Teaching in Physical Education by Dr. Mandeep Singh Nathial Summary

Educational technology in teaching and learning is an important and challenging aspect in education. The developments in technology have made major impact on the education system across the globe. It has helped in broadening our vision towards new methods in education. Technology for improving and facilitating learning process is everywhere and helps in increasing the performance within the educating system. Implementation of technology in education system has started taking place in every classroom and has become an integral part of the system. Thus, technologies act as leaning and teaching tool for teachers and students. Teaching physical education can be challenging for many reason, from lack of equipment to keeping student engaged. To meet these challenges, physical education teaching are turning to technology to create more dynamic classes that work for student with wide range of fitness levels and monitoring. The book is based on the revised syllabus B.P.Ed and is written to familiarise the latest methods of educational technology among teachers and students. The main purpose of the book is to provide relevant information and knowledge to students. It will help them understand the concept of educational technology in physical education. The language of the book is very simple and easy to understand.

Medieval Monastic Education

Medieval Monastic Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: George Ferzoco,Carolyn Muessig
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1441143408
FileSize: 1706kb
File Format: Pdf
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Medieval Monastic Education by George Ferzoco,Carolyn Muessig Summary

While the role of monastic education has been studied in great detail in regard to male practices, this book examines the differences between the monastic formation and education of men and of women in Western Europe from the eighth to the sixteenth century. Fourteen chapters, written by well-known scholars, consider monastic education and practices in the geographical areas of England, France, Germany and the Low Countries. Using attitudes toward education and actual educational theories, the authors explore issues such as the use of music and physical training in education to explore new realms of the discipline.

History, Principles and Foundation of Physical Education

History, Principles and Foundation of Physical Education Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dr. Mandeep Singh Nathial
Editor: Friends Publications (India)
ISBN: 9388457781
FileSize: 441kb
File Format: Pdf
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History, Principles and Foundation of Physical Education by Dr. Mandeep Singh Nathial Summary

Physical education can no longer be treated as separate entity. Physical education cannot be separated from educational process. It is therefore said to be an integral part of total process of education. The book is based on the revised syllabus B.P.Ed and is written to provide information and educate students about the physical education, historical developments in different era, foundation and principles of physical education. The language of the book is very simple and easy to understand.