Grant Wood

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Grant Wood

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Editor: Knopf
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Grant Wood by Summary

He claimed to be “the plainest kind of fellow you can find. There isn’t a single thing I’ve done, or experienced,” said Grant Wood, “that’s been even the least bit exciting.” Wood was one of America’s most famous regionalist painters; to love his work was the equivalent of loving America itself. In his time, he was an “almost mythical figure,” recognized most supremely for his hard-boiled farm scene, American Gothic, a painting that has come to reflect the essence of America’s traditional values—a simple, decent, homespun tribute to our lost agrarian age. In this major new biography of America’s most acclaimed, and misunderstood, regionalist painter, Grant Wood is revealed to have been anything but plain, or simple . . . R. Tripp Evans reveals the true complexity of the man and the image Wood so carefully constructed of himself. Grant Wood called himself a farmer-painter but farming held little interest for him. He appeared to be a self-taught painter with his scenes of farmlands, farm workers, and folklore but he was classically trained, a sophisticated artist who had studied the Old Masters and Flemish art as well as impressionism. He lived a bohemian life and painted in Paris and Munich in the 1920s, fleeing what H. L. Mencken referred to as “the booboisie” of small-town America. We see Wood as an artist haunted and inspired by the images of childhood; by the complex relationship with his father (stern, pious, the “manliest of men”); with his sister and his beloved mother (Wood shared his studio and sleeping quarters with his mother until her death at seventy-seven; he was forty-four). We see Wood’s homosexuality and how his studied masculinity was a ruse that shaped his work. Here is Wood’s life and work explored more deeply and insightfully than ever before. Drawing on letters, the artist’s unfinished autobiography, his sister’s writings, and many never-before-seen documents, Evans’s book is a dimensional portrait of

Grant Wood

Grant Wood Pdf/ePub eBook Author: R. Tripp Evans
Editor: Knopf
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Grant Wood by R. Tripp Evans Summary

A major new profile of the celebrated regionalist artist draws on his correspondence, unfinished biography and other direct sources to reveal his education and private conflicts while assessing how such pieces as American Gothic contrast with his darker personality.

Grant Wood's Secrets

Grant Wood's Secrets Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sue Taylor
Editor: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 9780307266293
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Grant Wood's Secrets by Sue Taylor Summary

Incorporating copious archival research and original close readings of American artist Grant Wood’s iconic as well as lesser-known works, Grant Wood’s Secrets reveals how his sometimes anguished psychology was shaped by his close relationship with his mother and how he channeled his lifelong oedipal guilt into his art. Presenting Wood’s abortive autobiography "Return from Bohemia" for the first time ever, Sue Taylor integrates the artist’s own recollections into interpretations of his art. As Wood dressed in overalls and boasted about his beloved Midwest, he consciously engaged in regionalist strategies, performing a farmer masquerade of sorts. In doing so, he also posed as conventionally masculine, hiding his homosexuality from his rural community. Thus, he came to experience himself as a double man. This book conveys the very real threats under which Wood lived and pays tribute to his resourceful responses, which were often duplicitous and have baffled art historians who typically take them at face value.

Grant Wood's Iowa

Grant Wood's Iowa Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Wende Elliott
Editor: The Countryman Press
ISBN: 9781644531679
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Grant Wood's Iowa by Wende Elliott Summary

Be transported into the private and cherished world of this celebrated American icon with tour of Grant Wood's home state.. Grant Wood, Iowa native, iconic Regionalist American artist, certainly left his mark on his home state. Wood’s American Gothic is one of America’s most recognizable paintings, his boyhood home is a registered landmark, and collections of his work grace museums far and near. Now you can tour his state with five itineraries that provide a detailed exploration of the historical context for his work. Grant Wood’s Iowa explores his role in the art world with self-guided museum tours, detailed discussions of specific works, information on the finest lodging and dining in the state, and, finally, “green” travel options, including rural bed and breakfasts, restaurants offering local organic menus, nightlife with local artists, and nature hikes to experience the landscape that inspired Wood. You’ll be transported into the private and cherished world of this celebrated American icon.

American Gothic

American Gothic Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan Wood
Editor: Abrams
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American Gothic by Susan Wood Summary

From humble beginnings sketching Iowa’s cornfields and rolling hills as a child, Grant Wood became the father of regionalism, an artistic movement that celebrated the simple and real-life surroundings of the people. When studying art in Europe in the early 20th century, Grant couldn’t find a style that touched his heart quite right. Impressionism, cubism, and abstract art didn’t reflect his view of the world. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon Gothic art that Grant recognized something familiar. Back home in America, Grant asked his sister and his dentist to pose for what would become the founding, iconic image of regionalism and a uniquely American work of art. Grant’s art celebrated hard-working Americans who finally saw themselves in fine art. American Gothic is a picture-book biography that explores the birth of the famous painting, the movement that made it possible, and the artist who created it all.

An Uncommon Vision

An Uncommon Vision Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Des Moines Art Center
Editor: Hudson Hills
ISBN: 9780791487525
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An Uncommon Vision by Des Moines Art Center Summary

This magnificent volume marks the fiftieth anniversary of this museum and art school housed in buildings designed by world-renowned architects Eliel Saarinen, I.M. Pei, and Richard Meier. Illustrated essays cover the history of the Center and its distinguished architecture. Colorplates and commentary present more than 100 masterpieces of 20th-century art and tribal arts.

Frames of Reference

Frames of Reference Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Whitney Museum of American Art
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 1879003201
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Frames of Reference by Whitney Museum of American Art Summary

Eminent contributors from the fields of art, literature, and contemporary culture work together to provide a wide-ranging introduction to American art as well as to the Whitney Museum's unparalleled collection. 105 color plates. 130 b&w illustrations.

Barnstorming the Prairies

Barnstorming the Prairies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jason Weems
Editor: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 9781591601340
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Barnstorming the Prairies by Jason Weems Summary

To Midwesterners tucked into small towns or farms early in the twentieth century, the landscape of the American heartland reached the horizon—and then imagination had to provide what lay beyond. But when aviation took off and scenes of the Midwest were no longer earthbound, the Midwestern landscape was transformed and with it, Jason Weems suggests in this book, the very idea of the Midwest itself. Barnstorming the Prairies offers a panoramic vista of the transformative nature and power of the aerial vision that remade the Midwest in the wake of the airplane. This new perspective from above enabled Americans to conceptualize the region as something other than isolated and unchanging, and to see it instead as a dynamic space where people worked to harmonize the core traditions of America’s agrarian character with the more abstract forms of twentieth-century modernity. In the maps and aerial survey photography of the Midwest, as well as the painting, cinema, animation, and suburban landscapes that arose through flight, Weems also finds a different and provocative view of modernity in the making. In representations of the Midwest, from Grant Wood’s iconic images to the Prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright to the design of greenbelt suburbs, Weems reveals aerial vision’s fundamental contribution to regional identity—to Midwesternness as we understand it. Reading comparatively across these images, Weems explores how the cognitive and perceptual practices of aerial vision helped to resymbolize the Midwestern landscape amid the technological change and social uncertainty of the early twentieth century.

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Paul Nathanson
Editor: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9781452944913
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Over the Rainbow by Paul Nathanson Summary

Over the Rainbow shows how Dorothy's passage from Kansas to Oz and back again recapitulates paradigmatic stories of both America and Christianity. Defining human identity on three symbolic levels (individual, collective, and cosmic), Nathanson shows that The Wizard of Oz has come to be a "secular myth."

An American Collection

An American Collection Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Amon Carter Museum of Western Art
Editor: Hudson Hills
ISBN: 0791407098
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An American Collection by Amon Carter Museum of Western Art Summary

"Amon G. Carter (1879-1955) is one of the legendary men of Texas history. Born in a log cabin, he was self-made, becoming Fort Worth's leading citizen and champion. He developed an interest in the art of Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell through his friendship with Will Rogers. Carter's will provided for the establishment of a museum in Fort Worth devoted to the art of the American West. While the museum holds the most significant collection anywhere of works by Remington and Russell and is a pioneer in the field of western studies, it has evolved into one of the great museums of American art as a whole, focusing on artists working on successive frontiers, aesthetic as well as geographic. Its photography collection alone has grown to nearly one-quarter of a million objects." "The museum, designed by noted architect Philip Johnson, opened to the public in 1961. On the occasion of its fortieth anniversary, a substantially expanded building, also designed by Mr. Johnson, was inaugurated. This volume relates the museum's history and presents color and duotone illustrations of 125 of its masterworks dating from 1822 to 1998 (paintings, sculpture, prints, watercolors, pastels, drawings, and photographs), with an essay about each and a biography of each artist. It includes a number of landmark works recently added to the collection and unveiled here for the first time: paintings by John Singer Sargent, Stuart Davis, and Marsden Hartley; sculpture by Alexander Calder and Louise Nevelson; a daguerreotype by Southworth and Hawes; and photographs by Alfred Stieglitz, David Smith, Robert Adams, and Linda Connor."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved