Harry Potter I Harry Potter A Lecole Des Sorciers

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Harry Potter à L'école des Sorciers

Harry Potter à L'école des Sorciers Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J.K. Rowling
Editor: Pottermore Publishing
ISBN: 1781101035
FileSize: 1632kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1632


Harry Potter à L'école des Sorciers by J.K. Rowling Summary

Le jour de ses onze ans, Harry Potter, un orphelin élevé par un oncle et une tante qui le détestent, voit son existence bouleversée. Un géant vient le chercher pour l’emmener à Poudlard, une école de sorcellerie! Voler en balai, jeter des sorts, combattre les trolls : Harry Potter se révèle un sorcier doué. Mais un mystère entoure sa naissance et l’effroyable V..., le mage dont personne n’ose prononcer le nom. Amitié, surprises, dangers, scènes comiques, Harry découvre ses pouvoirs et la vie à Poudlard. Le premier tome des aventures du jeune héros vous ensorcelle aussitôt!

The Sympathizer

The Sympathizer Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Viet Thanh Nguyen
Editor: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 080219169X
FileSize: 1964kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1964


The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen Summary

Winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Winner of the 2016 Edgar Award for Best First Novel Winner of the 2016 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction “[A] remarkable debut novel”—Philip Caputo, New York Times Book Review (cover review) The winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, as well as seven other awards, The Sympathizer is one of the most acclaimed books of the twenty-first century. With the pace and suspense of a thriller and prose that has been compared to Graham Greene and Vladimir Nabokov, The Sympathizer is a sweeping epic of love and betrayal. The narrator, a communist double agent, is a “man of two minds,” a half-French, half-Vietnamese army captain who comes to America after the Fall of Saigon, and while building a new life with other Vietnamese refugees in Los Angeles is secretly reporting back to his communist superiors in Vietnam. The Sympathizer is a blistering exploration of identity and America, a gripping spy novel, and a powerful story of love and friendship.

Easy French Step-by-Step

Easy French Step-by-Step Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Myrna Bell Rochester
Editor: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071642218
FileSize: 1608kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1608


Easy French Step-by-Step by Myrna Bell Rochester Summary

Get up and running with French Easy French Step-by-Step proves that a solid grounding in grammar basics is the key to mastering a second language. You are quickly introduced to grammatical rules and concepts in order of importance, which you can build on as you progress through the book. You will also learn more than 300 verbs, chosen by their frequency of use. Numerous exercises and engaging readings help you quickly build your speaking and comprehension prowess.

Harry Potter: The Complete Collection (1-7)

Harry Potter: The Complete Collection (1-7) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J.K. Rowling
Editor: Pottermore Publishing
ISBN: 1781106460
FileSize: 1403kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1403


Harry Potter: The Complete Collection (1-7) by J.K. Rowling Summary

All seven eBooks in the multi-award winning, internationally bestselling Harry Potter series, available as one download with stunning cover art by Olly Moss. Enjoy the stories that have captured the imagination of millions worldwide. Having now become classics of our time, the Harry Potter ebooks never fail to bring comfort and escapism to readers of all ages. With its message of hope, belonging and the enduring power of truth and love, the story of the Boy Who Lived continues to delight generations of new readers.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
Editor: Good Press
FileSize: 809kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 809


Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont Summary

"Beauty and the Beast" by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

J.K. Rowling: A Bibliography

J.K. Rowling: A Bibliography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Philip W. Errington
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1474297374
FileSize: 1808kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1808


J.K. Rowling: A Bibliography by Philip W. Errington Summary

This is the definitive bibliography of the writings of J. K. Rowling. In addition to bibliographical details of each edition of all her books, pamphlets and original contributions to published works, there is detailed information on the publishing history of her work, including fascinating extracts from correspondence, and information on Rowling at auction. This edition has been fully revised and updated to include over 50 new editions published since 2013, including the newly jacketed 2014 children's editions of the Harry Potter books as well as the 2015 illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The works of Robert Galbraith are also included.

Bigfoot is Missing!

Bigfoot is Missing! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J. Patrick Lewis,Kenn Nesbitt
Editor: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452139040
FileSize: 1181kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1181


Bigfoot is Missing! by J. Patrick Lewis,Kenn Nesbitt Summary

Children's Poets Laureate J. Patrick Lewis and Kenn Nesbitt team up to offer a smart, stealthy tour of the creatures of shadowy myth and fearsome legend—the enticing, the humorous, and the strange. Bigfoot, the Mongolian Death Worm, and the Loch Ness Monster number among the many creatures lurking within these pages. Readers may have to look twice—the poems in this book are disguised as street signs, newspaper headlines, graffiti, milk cartons, and more! Plus, this is a fixed-format version of the book, which looks nearly identical to the print version.

Possession in Languages of Europe and North and Central Asia

Possession in Languages of Europe and North and Central Asia Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lars Johanson,Lidia Federica Mazzitelli,Irina Nevskaya
Editor: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9027263000
FileSize: 852kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 852


Possession in Languages of Europe and North and Central Asia by Lars Johanson,Lidia Federica Mazzitelli,Irina Nevskaya Summary

This volume is a collection of articles dealing with the linguistic category of possession and its expression in languages spoken in Europe and North and Central Asia (Uralic, Turkic, Indo-European and Caucasian), with a few excursions into other parts of the world. Some papers engage in typological comparisons, both within and beyond the borders of individual language families focusing on issues of motivation; meaning and forms used in expressing possession; typology of belong constructions; marking possession in possessor chains; non-canonical possessives and their relation to the category of familiarity; metaphoric shifts of possessive semantics. Others focus on possession in individual languages, offering new precious pieces of information on the linguistic expression of possession in lesser known languages, some of which are endangered and even unwritten. The volume will be of interest to both general linguists and typologists as well as to experts/students of the individual languages or language families analyzed in the papers.

Love Lessons

Love Lessons Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1407045636
FileSize: 984kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 984


Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson Summary

Fourteen-year-old Prue and her sister Grace have been educated at home by their controlling, super-strict father all their lives. Forced to wear Mum's odd hand-made garments and forbidden from reading teenage magazines, they know they're very different to 'normal' girls - but when Dad has a stroke and ends up in hospital, unable to move or speak, Prue suddenly discovers what it's like to have a little freedom. Sent to a real school for the first time, Prue struggles to fit in. The only person she can talk to is her kindly, young - and handsome - art teacher, Rax. They quickly bond, and Prue feels more and more drawn to him. As her feelings grow stronger, she begins to realise that he might feel the same way about her. But nothing could ever happen between them - could it?

Competing Comparative Constructions in Europe

Competing Comparative Constructions in Europe Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas Stolz
Editor: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3050064994
FileSize: 1779kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1779


Competing Comparative Constructions in Europe by Thomas Stolz Summary

This in-depth areal-typological study analyzes the grammatical means which are employed in the languages of Europe to express the comparative of inequality/superiority. The extant theories and hypotheses about the morphosyntactic structure and the cross-linguistic distribution of construction types are reviewed. The behavior of comparatives under the conditions of language contact is discussed. Data from more than 170 standard and nonstandard varieties of European languages are scrutinized systematically. The synchronic picture is complemented by a chapter on the diachrony of comparative constructions. The European facts are compared to those of the geographically adjacent Asian and African regions. It is argued that cross-linguistic investigations must take account also of so-called secondary options. These secondary options suggest strongly that the supposedly dominant role of the particle comparative cannot be upheld for Europe. Moreover, only the secondary options allow us to draw isoglosses which cross the borders between Europe and Asia (and Africa).

Very Good Lives

Very Good Lives Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J. K. Rowling
Editor: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316369144
FileSize: 666kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 666


Very Good Lives by J. K. Rowling Summary

J.K. Rowling, one of the world's most inspiring writers, shares her wisdom and advice. In 2008, J.K. Rowling delivered a deeply affecting commencement speech at Harvard University. Now published for the first time in book form, VERY GOOD LIVES presents J.K. Rowling's words of wisdom for anyone at a turning point in life. How can we embrace failure? And how can we use our imagination to better both ourselves and others? Drawing from stories of her own post-graduate years, the world famous author addresses some of life's most important questions with acuity and emotional force.

Split Possession

Split Possession Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas Stolz,Sonja Kettler,Cornelia Stroh,Aina Urdze
Editor: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9027290369
FileSize: 1337kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1337


Split Possession by Thomas Stolz,Sonja Kettler,Cornelia Stroh,Aina Urdze Summary

This book is a functional-typological study of possession splits in European languages. It shows that genetically and structurally diverse languages such as Icelandic, Welsh, and Maltese display possessive systems which are sensitive to semantically based distinctions reminiscent of the alienability correlation. These distinctions are grammatically relevant in many European languages because they require dedicated constructions. What makes these split possessive systems interesting for the linguist is the interaction of semantic criteria with pragmatics and syntax. Neutralisation of distinctions occurs under focus. The same happens if one of the constituents of a possessive construction is syntactically heavy. These effects can be observed in the majority of the 50 sample languages. Possessive splits are strong in those languages which are outside the Standard Average European group. The bulk of the European languages do not behave much differently from those non-European languages for which possession splits are reported. The book reveals interesting new facts about European languages and possession to typologists, universals researchers, and areal linguists.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J.K. Rowling
Editor: Pottermore Publishing
ISBN: 1781100225
FileSize: 1007kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1007


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling Summary

'There is a plot, Harry Potter. A plot to make most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year.' Harry Potter's summer has included the worst birthday ever, doomy warnings from a house-elf called Dobby, and rescue from the Dursleys by his friend Ron Weasley in a magical flying car! Back at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his second year, Harry hears strange whispers echo through empty corridors - and then the attacks start. Students are found as though turned to stone... Dobby's sinister predictions seem to be coming true. Having now become classics of our time, the Harry Potter ebooks never fail to bring comfort and escapism to readers of all ages. With its message of hope, belonging and the enduring power of truth and love, the story of the Boy Who Lived continues to delight generations of new readers.


Kamouraska Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anne Hébert
Editor: House of Anansi
ISBN: 1770892680
FileSize: 788kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 788


Kamouraska by Anne Hébert Summary

A classic of Canadian literature by the great Quebecoise writer, Kamouraska is based on a real nineteenth-century love-triangle in rural Quebec. It paints a poetic and terrifying tableau of the life of Elisabeth d'Aulnieres: her marriage to Antoine Tassy, squire of Kamouraska; his violent murder; and her passion for George Nelson, an American doctor. Passionate and evocative, Kamouraska is the timeless story of one woman's destructive commitment to an ideal love. Translated into seven languages, Kamouraska won the Paris book prize and was made into a landmark feature film by Claude Jutra. This edition features a brilliant new introduction by Noah Richler.

The Sandwich Thief

The Sandwich Thief Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andre Marois
Editor: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452151024
FileSize: 579kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 579


The Sandwich Thief by Andre Marois Summary

Marin loves the sandwiches his parents make for him—every day they're different and more delicious than the last. One morning, someone dares to steal his favorite sandwich: ham-cheddar-kale. Furious, Marin begins a fevered and famished investigation to unmask the thief. The days go by, the suspects multiply, and Marin's sandwiches continue to disappear. This droll, graphic caper is a funny school mystery exploring the high stakes of low blood sugar. The first in a series, the book's witty text and graphic illustrations make this funny school mystery perfect for early and advanced readers alike—and for anyone who's been the victim of lunchtime crime.

Crossover Fiction

Crossover Fiction Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sandra L. Beckett
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135861293
FileSize: 304kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 304


Crossover Fiction by Sandra L. Beckett Summary

In Crossover Fiction, Sandra L. Beckett explores the global trend of crossover literature and explains how it is transforming literary canons, concepts of readership, the status of authors, the publishing industry, and bookselling practices. This study will have significant relevance across disciplines, as scholars in literary studies, media and cultural studies, visual arts, education, psychology, and sociology examine the increasingly blurred borderlines between adults and young people in contemporary society, notably with regard to their consumption of popular culture.

A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts

A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Pottermore Publishing
Editor: Pottermore Publishing
ISBN: 1781106134
FileSize: 1593kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1593


A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts by Pottermore Publishing Summary

This non-fiction short-form eBook features content which is adapted from the audiobook Harry Potter: A History of Magic - inspired by the British Library exhibition of the same name. How to become invisible, to make someone fall in love with you, to transform into another creature: these are all things that people have believed in, yearned for, or feared, throughout history. Spells and charms have captured the imagination for hundreds of years. Warding off evil is also something that has concerned people throughout history. From werewolves to all manner of snakes in the wizarding world, you'd learn how to face a number of strange and frightening forces in Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. This eBook short examines the colourful characters and curious incidents of the real history of magic, and how they relate to the Hogwarts lesson subjects of Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts. The history of magic is as long as time and as wide as the world. In every culture, in every age, in every place and, probably, in every heart, there is magic.

Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter (Analysis of Books 1-4)

Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter (Analysis of Books 1-4) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Galadriel Waters,Astre Mithrandit
Editor: SCB Distributors
ISBN: 0972393676
FileSize: 1094kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1094


Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter (Analysis of Books 1-4) by Galadriel Waters,Astre Mithrandit Summary

The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the ysteries of Harry Potter: Books 1-4 shows would-be sleuths how to hunt for JK Rowling’s clues in a fun-to-read manner. With this Guide in one hand and the Harry Potter books in the other, you’ll read the series in a whole new light as you: -- uncover the detail with which Rowling has crafted her story and her world -- delve below the surface to ferret out Rowling’s sly clues Not only will you be amazed at how deceptively Rowling’s hidden those clues, you’ll learn how to discover new ones on your own! There are questions in Books 1-4 Rowling still hasn’t answered, even after Book 6! Do you know what they are? The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter is for you if: -- You’re new to the series and want a leg up or -- You’ve read all the books, but it’s been a while. Pull out your memories for another look and tighten your skills! Do you know how to solve Snape's poison bottle puzzle in the room "through the trapdoor?" Did you know there are actually 2 solutions to that puzzle? Do you know what Rowling told us in the first four books about the secrets Neville and Professor Snape hold? Do you understand exactly how Dumbledore's "Mirror of Erised" worked? (Rowling’s said we’ll see it again!) Are you aware that what Harry saw in the Mirror was not accurate? Here’s what the Guide says about spotting a clue: "In chapter 16 of Book 1, J.K. Rowling writes that Harry 'watched an owl flutter toward the school across the bright blue sky, a note clamped in its mouth.' Even after reading the book several times, it still catches readers by surprise when they realize that this note was the message used to trick Headmaster Dumbledore into leaving the school for a trip to London. That clue doesn't help us solve the plot of the book and it was never explained or mentioned again, but when we then see a similar clue in Book 4, we need to pay much closer attention! Look for yourself - it's awesome!" The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter is best read alongside JK Rowling’s books—not as a replacement! It does not give the plot away in advance, but there IS a spoiler warning because it discusses the endings of each of the books in chronological order. No Harry Potter collection is complete without the Guide. Written by fans for fans, it is the perfect holiday gift for the Potter fan in your life—or yourself!

Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets

Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J.K. Rowling
Editor: Pottermore Publishing
ISBN: 1781101043
FileSize: 734kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 734


Harry Potter et la Chambre des Secrets by J.K. Rowling Summary

Une rentrée fracassante en voiture volante, une étrange malédiction qui s’abat sur les élèves, cette deuxième année à l’école des sorciers ne s’annonce pas de tout repos! Entre les cours de potions magiques, les matches de Quidditch et les combats de mauvais sorts, Harry et ses amis Ron et Hermione trouveront-ils le temps de percer le mystère de la Chambre des Secrets? Le deuxiè me volume des aventures de Harry Potter : un livre magique pour sorciers confirmés.

Les Animaux fantastiques, vie et habitat

Les Animaux fantastiques, vie et habitat Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J.K. Rowling
Editor: Pottermore Publishing
ISBN: 1781109133
FileSize: 1979kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1979


Les Animaux fantastiques, vie et habitat by J.K. Rowling Summary

« Un coup d'œil à l'art et à la littérature moldus du Moyen Âge indique que de nombreuses créatures qu'ils croient aujourd'hui imaginaires étaient connues alors pour être bien réelles. » Les fans des aventures de Harry Potter le savent bien, les rayons de la bibliothèque de Poudlard abritent toutes sortes d'ouvrages fascinants. Il y en a trois dont vous avez probablement entendu parler par certains élèves de Poudlard, et que vous pouvez désormais ajouter à votre liste de lecture, notamment Les Animaux fantastiques, vie et habitat. Ce chef d'œuvre de Norbert Dragonneau, qui fait partie du curriculum de l'École de Magie et de Sorcellerie de Poudlard, divertit les familles de sorciers depuis des générations. Les Animaux Fantastiques, vie et habitat est une introduction indispensable aux créatures magiques du monde des sorciers. Parcourez les pages du célèbre journal de Norbert et découvrez les nombreuses créatures de tout poil qu'il a passé sa vie à étudier et à protéger aux quatre coins du monde. Les fans du monde des sorciers reconnaîtront certaines de ces créatures : l'Hippogriffe, le Niffleur, le Magyar à pointes... mais d'autres prendront même les plus fervents magizoologistes amateurs par surprise. Celles et ceux qui aiment Les Animaux fantastiques, vie et habitat aimeront également les autres livres de la bibliothèque de Poudlard : Le Quidditch à Travers les Âges et Les Contes de Beedle le Barde. Comic Relief, connue sous le nom de Charity Projects, est un organisme de charité enregistré au Royaume-Uni sous les numéros 326568 (Angleterre/Pays de Galle) et SC039730 (Écosse). Lumos Foundation est un organisme de charité enregistré au Royaume-Uni sous le numéro 1112575 (Angleterre/Pays de Galles). 15 % des bénéfices* perçus par Pottermore Limited grâce à ce livre audio seront reversés à ces organismes de charité pour leur travail qui consiste à améliorer la vie d'enfants et d'adolescents aux Royaume-Uni et dans le monde. Ces bénéfices seront partagés à la hauteur de 20 % pour Comic Relief, et de 80 % pour Lumos Foundation. *Les bénéfices désignent le prix au comptant ou le prix équivalent en espèces moins la taxe de vente.