How To Land A Top Paying Political Geographers Job

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How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job

How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: AMACOM
ISBN: 0814420230
FileSize: 1437kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1437


How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job by , Summary

How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job is the ultimate guide to securing a government job, internship, or fellowship. Written by a successful career coach who has climbed the federal career ladder herself and served as a hiring manager, the book steers applicants through every stage of their job searches-from finding unadvertised openings and getting interviews to sealing enviable deals and even get ting promoted. Drawing on interviews with more than 100 federal hiring managers, the book reveals the secrets to impressing these gatekeepers online, on paper, and in person-information that is available nowhere else. The updated second edition includes more get-ahead tips; new templates for writing winning applications; expanded directories for internships, fast-track management training programs and fellowships; and the latest helpful websites. Complete with a companion CD filled with sample r'sum's, checklists, and templates, this indispensable book gives readers the inside scoop on landing some of the nation's most secure, well-paying, and rewarding jobs-in all 50 states and abroad!

Rediscovering Geography

Rediscovering Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rediscovering Geography Committee,Commission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources,Division on Earth and Life Studies,National Research Council
Editor: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309577624
FileSize: 1744kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1744


Rediscovering Geography by Rediscovering Geography Committee,Commission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources,Division on Earth and Life Studies,National Research Council Summary

As political, economic, and environmental issues increasingly spread across the globe, the science of geography is being rediscovered by scientists, policymakers, and educators alike. Geography has been made a core subject in U.S. schools, and scientists from a variety of disciplines are using analytical tools originally developed by geographers. Rediscovering Geography presents a broad overview of geography's renewed importance in a changing world. Through discussions and highlighted case studies, this book illustrates geography's impact on international trade, environmental change, population growth, information infrastructure, the condition of cities, the spread of AIDS, and much more. The committee examines some of the more significant tools for data collection, storage, analysis, and display, with examples of major contributions made by geographers. Rediscovering Geography provides a blueprint for the future of the discipline, recommending how to strengthen its intellectual and institutional foundation and meet the demand for geographic expertise among professionals and the public.

Urban Geography

Urban Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Pacione
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134043082
FileSize: 582kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 582


Urban Geography by Michael Pacione Summary

Today, for the first time in the history of Humankind urban dwellers outnumber rural residents. Urban places, towns and cities, are of fundamental importance – for the distribution of population within countries; in the organization of economic production, distribution and exchange; in the structuring of social reproduction and cultural life; and in the allocation and exercise of power. Furthermore, in the course of the present century the number of urban dwellers and level of global urbanisation are destined to increase. Even those living beyond the administrative or functional boundaries of a town or city will have their lifestyle influenced to some degree by a nearby, or even distant, city. The analysis of towns and cities is a central element of all social sciences including geography, which offers a particular perspective on and insight into the urban condition. The principal goal of this third edition of the book remains that of providing instructors and students of the contemporary city with a comprehensive introduction to the expanding field of urban studies. The structure of the first two editions is maintained, with minor amendments. Each of the thirty chapters has been revised to incorporate recent developments in the field. All of the popular study aids are retained; the glossary has been expanded; and chapter references and notes updated to reflect the latest research. This third edition also provides new and expanded discussions of key themes and debates including detailed consideration of metacities, boomburgs, public space, urban sprawl, balanced communities, urban economic restructuring, poverty and financial exclusion, the right to the city, urban policy, reverse migration , and traffic and transport problems. The book is divided into six main parts. Part one outlines the field of urban geography and explains the importance of a global perspective. Part two explores the growth of cities from the earliest times to the present day and examines the urban geography of the major world regions. Part three considers the dynamics of urban structure and land use change in Western cities. Part four focuses on economy, society and politics in the Western city. In part five attention turns to the urban geography of the Third World, where many of the countries experiencing highest rates or urban growth are least well equipped to respond to the economic, social, political and environmental challenge. Finally part six affords a prospective on the future of cities and cities of the future. New to this edition are: further readings based on the latest research; updated data and statistics; an expanded glossary; new key concepts; additional study questions; and a listing of useful websites. The book provides a comprehensive interpretation of the urban geography of the contemporary world. Written in a clear and readable style, lavishly illustrated with more than eighty photographs, 180 figures, 100 tables and over 200 boxed studies and with a plethora of study aids Urban Geography: A Global Perspective represents the ultimate resource for students of urban geography.

Political Geography

Political Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joe Painter,Alex Jeffrey
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446244357
FileSize: 488kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 488


Political Geography by Joe Painter,Alex Jeffrey Summary

"A very good overview. Covers the key topics well and in an accessible and engaging style." - Dr Daniel Hammett, Department of Geography, Sheffield University This is a revised and updated edition of a core undergraduate resource for political geography. Focusing on the social and cultural while systematically overviewing the entire discipline, Joe Painter and Alex Jeffrey explain: Politics, geography, and 'political' geography: power, resources, institutions, and the history of the field State formation: classical views alongside recent work on governance and governmentality Welfare to workfare state: the restructuring of present state strategies Democracy, citizenship and law: different models of democracy in European and global contexts Identity and social movements: the relation between identity and political action Nationalism and regionalism: ethnicity, national identity and "otherness" Imperialism and post-colonialism: from world systems theory to post-structuralist accounts Geopolitics: the political, economic, and strategic significance of geography. Comprehensive, accessible and illustrated with real world examples, Political Geography provides undergraduates with a thorough understanding of the relationship between geography and politics.

New Milestones Social Science – 8 (History, Geography, Social and Political Life)

New Milestones Social Science – 8 (History, Geography, Social and Political Life) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gita Duggal, Joyita Chakrabarti, Mary George, Pooja Bhatia
Editor: Vikas Publishing House
ISBN: 9352713427
FileSize: 1746kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1746


New Milestones Social Science – 8 (History, Geography, Social and Political Life) by Gita Duggal, Joyita Chakrabarti, Mary George, Pooja Bhatia Summary

The Milestones series conforms to CBSE’s CCE scheme, strictly adhering to the NCERT syllabus. The text is crisp, easy to understand, interactive, informative and activity-based. The series motivates young minds to question, analyse, discuss and think logically.


Carbon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kate Ervine
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1509501150
FileSize: 565kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 565


Carbon by Kate Ervine Summary

Carbon is the political challenge of our time. While critical to supporting life on Earth, too much carbon threatens to destroy life as we know it, with rising sea levels, crippling droughts, and catastrophic floods sounding the alarm on a future now upon us. How did we get here and what must be done? In this incisive book, Kate Ervine unravels carbon's distinct political economy, arguing that, to understand global warming and why it remains so difficult to address, we must go back to the origins of industrial capitalism and its swelling dependence on carbon-intensive fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas – to grease the wheels of growth and profitability. Taking the reader from carbon dioxide as chemical compound abundant in nature to carbon dioxide as greenhouse gas, from the role of carbon in the rise of global capitalism to its role in reinforcing and expanding existing patterns of global inequality, and from carbon as object of environmental governance to carbon as tradable commodity, Ervine exposes emerging struggles to decarbonize our societies for what they are: battles over the very meaning of democracy and social and ecological justice.

Milestones Social Science – 8 (History, Geography, Social and Political Life)

Milestones Social Science – 8 (History, Geography, Social and Political Life) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gita Duggal, Joyita Chakrabarti, Mary George, Pooja Bhatia
Editor: Vikas Publishing House
ISBN: 9325982684
FileSize: 421kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 421


Milestones Social Science – 8 (History, Geography, Social and Political Life) by Gita Duggal, Joyita Chakrabarti, Mary George, Pooja Bhatia Summary

The Milestones series conforms to CBSE’s CCE scheme, strictly adhering to the NCERT syllabus. The text is crisp, easy to understand, interactive, informative and activity-based. The series motivates young minds to question, analyse, discuss and think logically.

21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook

21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joseph P. Stoltman
Editor: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1452266557
FileSize: 300kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 300


21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook by Joseph P. Stoltman Summary

Via approximately 80 entries or "mini-chapters," the SAGE 21st Century Reference Series volumes on geography will highlight the most important topics, issues, questions, and debates any student obtaining a degree in this field ought to have mastered for effectiveness in the 21st century. The purpose is to provide undergraduate majors with an authoritative reference source that will serve their research needs with more detailed information than encyclopedia entries but not so much jargon, detail, or density as a journal article or a research handbook chapter. Features & Benefits: Curricular-driven to provide students with initial footholds on topics of interest in writing research term papers, in preparing for GREs, in consulting to determine directions to take in pursuing a senior thesis, graduate degree, etc. Comprehensive to offer full coverage of major subthemes and subfields within the discipline of geography, including regional geography, physical geography, global change, human and cultural geography, economic geography and locational analysis, political geography, geospatial technology, cartography, spatial thinking, research methodology, geographical education, and more. Uniform in chapter structure to make it easy for students to locate key information, with a more-or-less common chapter format of Introduction, Theory, Methods, Applications, Comparison, Future Directions, Summary, Bibliography & Suggestions for Further Reading, and Cross References. Available in print and electronic formats to provide students with convenient, easy access.

Pluralism and Political Geography

Pluralism and Political Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nurit Kliot,Stanley Waterman
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317338561
FileSize: 1024kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1024


Pluralism and Political Geography by Nurit Kliot,Stanley Waterman Summary

In this comprehensive study, problems of racial and religious division are examines in places as diverse as Northern Ireland and the West Bank. Territorial and spatial expression, intergovernmental relationships in federal states, alliance blocs within the United Nations and American foreign policy are among the wide range of subjects covered. The problems are considered using both traditional and radical approaches, but throughout, the book argues that apply the concept of pluralism isn the best way of understanding the political geography of the modern world.

ITF Roundtable Reports Quantifying the Socio-economic Benefits of Transport

ITF Roundtable Reports Quantifying the Socio-economic Benefits of Transport Pdf/ePub eBook Author: International Transport Forum
Editor: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9282108090
FileSize: 1092kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1092


ITF Roundtable Reports Quantifying the Socio-economic Benefits of Transport by International Transport Forum Summary

This report sets out several of the recent advances, and suggests the most promising approaches, to the quantification and valuation of some of the wider economic benefits that flow from transport-related development. Economic appraisal can offer decision-makers important insights into the ...

Appalachia: A Regional Geography

Appalachia: A Regional Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Karl Raitz
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 0429724217
FileSize: 1887kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1887


Appalachia: A Regional Geography by Karl Raitz Summary

Although Appalachia has long been recognized as one of the most distinctive subregions in North America and has been studied widely as an "underdeveloped problem area," this book is the first to provide a comparative and analytical geographical perspective on the entire Appalachian region rather than on portions of it. The authors highlight the div

A Balcony in Nepal

A Balcony in Nepal Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sally Wendkos Olds
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781462099955
FileSize: 1810kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1810


A Balcony in Nepal by Sally Wendkos Olds Summary

After trekking in Nepal, Sally Wendkos Olds and Margaret Roche both fell in love with this mountainous Himalayan country and her people. They returned four times between 1993 and 1998 and spent time in Bedel, a remote hill village without electricity, telephone or roads. They helped establish a library there, and on each visit Olds, a writer, and Roche, an artist, were welcomed enthusiastically as "our relatives." Each time they came to Badel, they returned home with questions about their own lives. Here, in words and pictures, is their story of the Badel villagers and their fast disappearing ancient way of life.

Encyclopedia of Human Geography

Encyclopedia of Human Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Barney Warf
Editor: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 145226533X
FileSize: 1109kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1109


Encyclopedia of Human Geography by Barney Warf Summary

With more than 300 entries written by an international team of leading authorities in the field, the Encyclopedia of Human Geography offers a comprehensive overview of the major ideas, concepts, terms, and approaches that characterize a notoriously diverse field. This multidisciplinary volume provides cross-cultural coverage of human geography as it is understood in the contemporary world and takes into account the enormous conceptual changes that have evolved since the 1970s, including a variety of social constructivist approaches.

A Life in the Bush

A Life in the Bush Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Roy MacGregor
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0143197800
FileSize: 1848kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1848


A Life in the Bush by Roy MacGregor Summary

Winner of The CAA–Birks Family Foundation Award for Biography The 2000 Ottawa-Carlton Book Award The (U.S.) Rutstrum Award for Best Wilderness Book “A portrait of a true original.”—The Hamilton Spectator In 1929, at the age of twenty-two, Duncan MacGregor, the son of a lumberman, great-grandson of a voyageur, and an avid reader and baseball fan, headed off into the largest tract of preserved bush in the world: Ontario’s Algonquin Park. When he got there, he was home for the rest of his life. From the true nature of fishing to the harsh realities of raising a family in the woods, from the role of fear in the bush to the small nuances of family relationships, A Life in the Bush is painted on a canvas both vast and richly detailed. A story that captures the tough physical demands, the rich life of the senses, and the unselfconscious freedom that comes from living apart from town and city. In this beautifully crafted memoir of his father, Roy MacGregor paints an intimate portrait of an unusual man and spins a spellbinding tale of a boy’s complex relationship with his father. He also evokes, perhaps for the first time in Canadian literature, the bush the way bush people see it, an insider's view of life in the totemic Canadian wilderness.

A Companion to Feminist Geography

A Companion to Feminist Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lise Nelson,Joni Seager
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405137363
FileSize: 1962kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1962


A Companion to Feminist Geography by Lise Nelson,Joni Seager Summary

A Companion to Feminist Geography captures the breadth anddiversity of this vibrant and substantive field. Shows how feminist geography has changed the landscape ofgeographical inquiry and knowledge since the 1970s. Explores the diverse literatures that comprise feministgeography today. Showcases cutting-edge research by feminist geographers. Charts emerging areas of scholarship, such as the body and thenation. Contributions from 50 leading international scholars in thefield. Each chapter can be read for its own distinctivecontribution.

Princeton Review AP Human Geography Premium Prep, 2021

Princeton Review AP Human Geography Premium Prep, 2021 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: The Princeton Review
Editor: Princeton Review
ISBN: 0525569944
FileSize: 976kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 976


Princeton Review AP Human Geography Premium Prep, 2021 by The Princeton Review Summary

PREMIUM PREP FOR A PERFECT 5, WITH THE MOST PRACTICE ON THE MARKET! Ace the 2021 AP Human Geography Exam with this Premium version of The Princeton Review's comprehensive study guide—including 6 full-length practice tests (more than any major competitor) with complete explanations, thorough content reviews, targeted strategies for every question type, and access to online extras. Techniques That Actually Work. • Tried-and-true strategies to help you avoid traps and beat the test • Tips for pacing yourself and guessing logically • Essential tactics to help you work smarter, not harder Everything You Need to Know to Help Achieve a High Score. • Detailed coverage of all test topics, including population and migration, cultural studies, political geography, urban geography, agriculture, and more • Updated to align with the latest College Board standards • Useful lists of key terms in every content review chapter • Access to study plans, helpful pre-college information, and more via your online Student Tools Premium Practice for AP Excellence • 3 full-length practice tests in the book with detailed answer explanations • 3 full-length practice tests online with detailed answer explanations • Practice drills at the end of every content review chapter to test your understanding • Helpful maps and detailed charts illustrating trends, theories, and models

The New Geography of Jobs

The New Geography of Jobs Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Enrico Moretti
Editor: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547750145
FileSize: 490kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 490


The New Geography of Jobs by Enrico Moretti Summary

“A timely and smart discussion of how different cities and regions have made a changing economy work for them – and how policymakers can learn from that to lift the circumstances of working Americans everywhere.”—Barack Obama We’re used to thinking of the United States in opposing terms: red versus blue, haves versus have-nots. But today there are three Americas. At one extreme are the brain hubs—cities like San Francisco, Boston, and Durham—with workers who are among the most productive, creative, and best paid on the planet. At the other extreme are former manufacturing capitals, which are rapidly losing jobs and residents. The rest of America could go either way. For the past thirty years, the three Americas have been growing apart at an accelerating rate. This divergence is one the most important developments in the history of the United States and is reshaping the very fabric of our society, affecting all aspects of our lives, from health and education to family stability and political engagement. But the winners and losers aren’t necessarily who you’d expect. Enrico Moretti’s groundbreaking research shows that you don’t have to be a scientist or an engineer to thrive in one of the brain hubs. Carpenters, taxi-drivers, teachers, nurses, and other local service jobs are created at a ratio of five-to-one in the brain hubs, raising salaries and standard of living for all. Dealing with this split—supporting growth in the hubs while arresting the decline elsewhere—is the challenge of the century, and The New Geography of Jobs lights the way.

STEM the Tide

STEM the Tide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David E. Drew
Editor: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421403412
FileSize: 1330kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1330


STEM the Tide by David E. Drew Summary

Accessible, engaging, and hard hitting, STEM the Tide is a clarion call to policymakers, administrators, educators, and everyone else concerned about students’ participation in the STEM fields and America’s competitive global position.

Social Justice and the City

Social Justice and the City Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nik Heynen
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 0429837232
FileSize: 1485kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1485


Social Justice and the City by Nik Heynen Summary

This special collection aims to offer insight into the state of geography on questions of social justice and urban life. While using social justice and the city as our starting point may signal inspiration from Harvey’s (1973) book of the same name, the task of examining the emergence of this concept has revealed the deep influence of grassroots urban uprisings of the late 1960s, earlier and contemporary meditations on our urban worlds (Jacobs, 1961, 1969; Lefebvre, 1974; Massey and Catalano, 1978) as well as its enduring significance built upon by many others for years to come. Laws (1994) noted how geographers came to locate social justice struggles in the city through research that examined the ways in which material conditions contributed to poverty and racial and gender inequity, as well as how emergent social movements organized to reshape urban spaces across diverse engagements including the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, anti-war protests, feminist and LGBTQ activism, the American Indian Movement, and disability access. This book originally published as a special issue of Annals of the American Association of Geographers.

Urban Geography

Urban Geography Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew E. G. Jonas,Eugene McCann,Mary Thomas
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111860878X
FileSize: 1476kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1476


Urban Geography by Andrew E. G. Jonas,Eugene McCann,Mary Thomas Summary

Urban Geography a comprehensive introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary urban geography, including patterns and processes of urbanization, urban development, urban planning, and life experiences in modern cities. Reveals both the diversity of ordinary urban geographies and the networks, flows and relations which increasingly connect cities and urban spaces at the global scale Uses the city as a lens for proposing and developing critical concepts which show how wider social processes, relations, and power structures are changing Considers the experiences, lives, practices, struggles, and words of ordinary urban residents and marginalized social groups rather than exclusively those of urban elites Shows readers how to develop critical perspectives on dominant neoliberal representations of the city and explore the great diversity of urban worlds