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Incendies de for ts'd fis et perspectives

Incendies de for ts'd fis et perspectives Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Lavoisier
FileSize: 338kb
File Format: Pdf
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Incendies de for ts'd fis et perspectives by Summary

Le changement climatique a un impact indĂ©niable sur la comprĂ©hension et l'apprĂ©hension des incendies de forĂȘts. Cet ouvrage en Ă©value les consĂ©quences sur l'Ă©cosystĂšme forestier et sur la conservation de la biodiversitĂ©. Il est essentiel d'organiser la cohabitation entre l'homme et l'alĂ©a incendie de forĂȘts par l'intermĂ©diaire d'outils d'amĂ©nagement du territoire Ă  diffĂ©rentes Ă©chelles gĂ©ographiques. Cela constitue la prĂ©vention du risque. Une fois l'incendie dĂ©clarĂ©, il est alors nĂ©cessaire de dĂ©ployer un ensemble de mĂ©thodes et outils technologiques et d'aide Ă  la dĂ©cision permettant de faire face Ă  l'incendie et d'en limiter les consĂ©quences. C'est le domaine de la prĂ©vision et de l'opĂ©ration. Incendies de forĂȘts propose des pistes organisationnelles, mĂ©thodologiques et technologiques pour la gestion territoriale de ce risque et de ses crises.


Scorched Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Wajdi Mouawad
Editor: Unknown
FileSize: 1402kb
File Format: Pdf
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Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad Summary

Wajdi Mouawad's writing is powerful; a beautifully penned story that paves a path to a mother's unspeakable pain. The closer Janine and Simon get to finding the source of her silence, the closer they are to uncovering a tragedy so horrific it will engulf the world they know. Continuing his quest for sense and beauty, Wajdi Mouawad has plunged into the turbulent depths of writing to discover, washed up midst the sand dunes, fiery tales lost in the mists of time. Making their way through the dunes are Nawal's twin children, Janine and Simon, who want to solve the mystery of their origins. In retracing the bitter history of their mother, other characters come into the story witnesses or key players able to assist in the investigation. Carried aloft by poetic language, the inquiry pursued by Janine and Simon unfolds in a dreamlike atmosphere that cultivates the mystery surrounding a knife thrust into the heart of childhood.

Trends in Airborne Equipment for Agriculture and Other Areas

Trends in Airborne Equipment for Agriculture and Other Areas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Yong Zhou
Editor: Elsevier
ISBN: 978186723xxxx
FileSize: 667kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 667


Trends in Airborne Equipment for Agriculture and Other Areas by Yong Zhou Summary

Trends in Airborne Equipment for Agriculture and Other Areas is a collection of papers presented at a Seminar on Techno-economic Trends in Airborne Equipment for Agriculture and other Selected Areas of the National Economy (Aero-agro '78), organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and held in Warsaw, Poland, on September 18-22, 1978. Contributors examine the role of airborne equipment in agriculture and other areas from the perspectives of economic, technical and environmental concerns. Attention is paid to the value of soil surveys and land evaluation maps and of biogeographical analyses of pest outbreaks in planning aerial application operations. This book is comprised of 45 chapters and begins with a discussion on the economic aspects of airborne equipment, with emphasis on the value of bio-aeronautics in crop production and protection and of aircraft in the management of biological resources. Among the many techniques to improve economic efficiency, speed and timing are highlighted. The technical design and operation of equipment for aircraft are also considered, along with the use of helicopters as airborne cranes for a wide range of applications such as building construction and geological surveys. The results of experiments on the corrosive effects of pesticides, both in water and oil suspensions, are presented. A non-polluting insecticide particularly suited for ultra-low volume operations is also described, together with the use of light aircraft for fighting forest fires. This monograph will be a valuable resource for economists and agriculturists as well as policymakers in both areas.