Le Guide David Icke De La Conspiration Mondiale Et Comment Y Mettre Un Terme

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The Threshold of the Spiritual World

The Threshold of the Spiritual World Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1602060525
FileSize: 1284kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1284


The Threshold of the Spiritual World by Summary

In 16 concise chapters, Rudolf Steiner reveals how we can look through the material veil of this world and glimpse the world of the spirit. With meditation and concentrated thought we can develop our intuition and clairvoyance and even our powers of ESP. Written "to be of use to those who are really in earnest in seeking knowledge of the spiritual world," this book continues to inspire today. Austrian scholar, philosopher and spiritual researcher RUDOLF STEINER (1861-1925) has written dozens of books, including Philosophy of Freedom, Theosophy, An Outline of Occult Science, and Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.

The Lost Book of Enki

The Lost Book of Enki Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Zecharia Sitchin
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591439469
FileSize: 1074kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1074


The Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin Summary

The companion volume to The Earth Chronicles series that reveals the identity of mankind’s ancient gods • Explains why these “gods” from Nibiru, the Anunnaki, genetically engineered Homo sapiens, gave Earthlings civilization, and promised to return • 30,000 sold in hardcover Zecharia Sitchin’s bestselling series The Earth Chronicles provided humanity’s side of the story concerning our origins at the hands of the Anunnaki, “those who from heaven to earth came.” In The Lost Book of Enki we now view this saga from the perspective of Lord Enki, an Anunnaki leader revered in antiquity as a god, who tells the story of these extraterrestrials’ arrival on Earth from the planet Nibiru. In his previous works Sitchin compiled the complete story of the Anunnaki’s impact on human civilization from fragments scattered throughout Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, Egyptian, Canaanite, and Hebrew sources. Missing from these accounts, however, was the perspective of the Anunnaki themselves. What was life like on their own planet? What motives propelled them to settle on Earth--and what drove them from their new home? Convinced of the existence of a lost book that held the answers to these questions, the author began his search for evidence. Through exhaustive research of primary sources, he has here re-created tales as the memoirs of Enki, the leader of these first “astronauts.” What takes shape is the story of a world of mounting tensions, deep rivalries, and sophisticated scientific knowledge that is only today being confirmed. An epic tale of gods and men unfolds, challenging every assumption we hold about our past and our future.

Mucusless Diet Healing System

Mucusless Diet Healing System Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Arnold Ehret
Editor: Book Publishing Company
ISBN: 1570679290
FileSize: 1214kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1214


Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret Summary

This scientific method of eating, developed by Ehret in 1922, presents a complete, workable program for cleansing, repairing, rebuilding, and maintaining a healthy body. This book lays out Professor Ehret’s simple and logical plan in plain, understandable language so that anyone can apply the Ehret method.

Darcy's Story

Darcy's Story Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Janet Aylmer
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006184179X
FileSize: 761kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 761


Darcy's Story by Janet Aylmer Summary

When Elizabeth Bennet first met Mr. Darcy, she found him proud, distant, and rude—despite the other ladies' admiration of his estate in Derbyshire and ten thousand pounds a year. But what was Mr. Darcy thinking? Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice has long stood among the most beloved novels of all time. The story of Elizabeth Bennet's blossoming romance with "haughty, reserved, and fastidious" Fitzwilliam Darcy has enchanted readers for nearly two centuries. Yet, Mr. Darcy has always remained an intriguing enigma—his thoughts, feelings, and motivations hidden behind a cold, impenetrable exterior . . . until now. With the utmost respect for Austen's original masterwork, author Janet Aylmer loving retells Pride and Prejudice from a bold new perspective: seeing events as they transpire through the eyes of Darcy himself. One of world's great love stories takes on breathtaking new life, and one of fiction's greatest romantic heroes becomes even more sympathetic, compelling, attractive, and accessible, all through the imagination and artistry of a truly gifted storyteller.

Expressions of Radicalization

Expressions of Radicalization Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kristian Steiner,Andreas Önnerfors
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319655663
FileSize: 1928kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1928


Expressions of Radicalization by Kristian Steiner,Andreas Önnerfors Summary

This edited collection considers whether it is possible to discern how the level of ideology is affected by radicalization. In other words: what happens in the minds of people before they decide to use political violence as means to attain their goals? Also this book asks: what has to happen in the minds of people in order to preclude them from using political violence as a way of attaining their goals? This volume unites scholars from several disciplines and perspectives from a number of different geographical, social and cultural contexts with the overarching aim to refine our understanding of what ‘radicalization’ actually implies.

The Robots' Rebellion – The Story of Spiritual Renaissance

The Robots' Rebellion – The Story of Spiritual Renaissance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David Icke
Editor: Gill & Macmillan Ltd
ISBN: 0717159108
FileSize: 422kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 422


The Robots' Rebellion – The Story of Spiritual Renaissance by David Icke Summary

David Icke’s strongest book to date, The Robots’ Rebellion reveals the alarming extent to which people of all nations are programmed by the ideas fed to them by those in power. We live in a world which is increasingly dominated by technology but, according to Icke, it is we who are the robots. Fearlessly, he tears down the veils of hypocrisy, built up for generations by the corrupt forces of Church, State, science and commerce — and reveals the true pathos of the human condition beneath. He points, too, to the frightening influence wielded throughout the planet by a merciless and manipulative network of secret societies. The existence of long-established links between Earth-bound humanity and beings from other dimensions and planets in the Universe has been suppressed for years, says Icke, by the world’s power-broking hierarchy. When ordinary people learn the real role they have to play within a rich and varied cosmic society, rebellion against those who have kept this extraordinary truth from them will, he predicts, be inevitable. The author is no stranger to controversy. Formerly best-known as a TV sports commentator and leading spokesman for the British Green Party, he is gaining increasing authority as a tireless campaigner for truth. His widely-publicised spiritual transformation has given him the courage to speak out fearlessly against lies deceit. Hidebound politicians, bankers, economists, educationalists, scientists and the leaders of the world’s established religions are not going to welcome Icke’s challenging book. But it is not intended for those who wield and abuse power. This book is for the world’s unwilling robots who, says Icke, in an upbeat conclusion, have it within themselves to rise up — and take control of their own exciting destiny. The Robots’ Rebellion: Table of Contents Introduction Remember Who You Are PART ONE: The Darkness The Takeover Bid Collective Amnesia The Brotherhood of Clans Bible Stories Hell on Earth Arabian Knights The Cracks Appear Eagle Tails The Rule of Science The World at War Big is Beautiful The New World Order When Will We Ever Learn? PART TWO: The Light Goodbye to All That The Economics of Enough The Politics of People The Science of Sanity Bricks in the Wall Exploitation of the Spirit The World Needs Rebels

UFOs, Conspiracy Theories and the New Age

UFOs, Conspiracy Theories and the New Age Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David G. Robertson
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1474253210
FileSize: 1560kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1560


UFOs, Conspiracy Theories and the New Age by David G. Robertson Summary

How-and why- were UFOs so prevalent in both conspiracy theories and the New Age milieu in the post-Cold War period? In this ground-breaking book, David G. Robertson argues that UFOs symbolized an uncertainty about the boundaries between scientific knowledge and other ways of validating knowledge, and thus became part of a shared vocabulary. Through historical and ethnographic case studies of three prominent figures-novelist and abductee Whitley Strieber; environmentalist and reptilian proponent David Icke; and David Wilcock, alleged reincarnation of Edgar Cayce-the investigation reveals that millennial conspiracism offers an explanation as to why the prophesied New Age failed to arrive-it was prevented from arriving by malevolent, hidden others. Yet millennial conspiracism constructs a counter-elite, a gnostic third party defined by their special knowledge. An overview of the development of UFO subcultures from the perspective of religious studies, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories and the New Age is an innovative application of discourse analysis to the study of present day alternative religion.

Can Somebody Please Scratch My Back?

Can Somebody Please Scratch My Back? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jory John
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0735230838
FileSize: 932kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 932


Can Somebody Please Scratch My Back? by Jory John Summary

A hilarious take on helping others and self awareness from New York Times bestselling author Jory John and comic artist sensation Liz Climo Persnickety Elephant has an itch--a big one--and he can't reach it! While he isn't above asking for a little help, no one is up to the task. Turtle is too lazy, Snail is too slimy, and Alligator... well, Elephant isn't sure he wants his assistance. Does Elephant have to do everything himself? Jory John's signature deadpan humor pairs perfectly with Liz Climo's oh-so-innocent-looking animals to create a slyly ironic read-aloud that will leave kids and parents in stitches.

Exploring Meditation

Exploring Meditation Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan Shumsky
Editor: Red Wheel/Weiser
ISBN: 1632658291
FileSize: 1310kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1310


Exploring Meditation by Susan Shumsky Summary

This spiritual self-help book offers easy, step-by-step procedures to master the ancient arts of meditation and enlightenment. It offers practical techniques to increse love, power, and energy; reduce stress and tension; improve health; reverse aging; and bring well-being, contentment, and peace of mind to everyday life.

Divine Revelation

Divine Revelation Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan G. Shumsky
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439137161
FileSize: 1124kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1124


Divine Revelation by Susan G. Shumsky Summary

INCREASE YOUR SPIRITUAL STRENGTH AWAKEN YOUR HIDDEN POTENTIAL AND FULFILL YOUR DESTINY Sushan Shumsky has taught thousands how to develop a deep spiritual connection within themselves by learning to listen to and trust the "still small voice" within -- the voice that embodies the wisdom needed to set a clear direction in life and make the biggest decisions with peaceful confidence. In Divine Revelation, she presents her proven techniques for opening your heart, mind, and spirit to the riches of inner divine contact and for learning how to: * Augment your innate intuitive abilities * Identify the source of intuitive messages and test their authenticity * Overcome resistance to divine contact by breaking through ego barriers * Attain mastery in the practice of meditation * Become self-reliant in solving personal problems and charting a course for the future


Neuromancer Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William Gibson
Editor: Agave Könyvek
ISBN: 9634198929
FileSize: 896kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 896


Neuromancer by William Gibson Summary

A kikötő felett úgy szürkéllett az ég, mint a televízió képernyője adásszünet idején. Ezzel a mondattal kezdődik minden idők egyik legjobb science fiction regénye, aminél pontosabban semmi sem jósolta meg a jövőt. William Gibson 1984-ben megjelent, Hugo-, Nebula és Philip K. Dick-díjakkal kitüntetett műve a cyberpunk műfaj alapköve, hatása mindmáig tetten érhető filmekben, zenékben, videojátékokban és más kortárs művészeti alkotásokban. Ráadásul itt találkozhatunk először a mátrixszal, azzal a globális konszenzuális-hallucinációval, ami a cybertér minden egyes adatbájtját megtestesíti, és ami alapjául szolgált a tizenöt évvel későbbi, azonos című kultikus film világának. Case volt a legjobb adattolvaj a mátrixban, egészen addig, amíg el nem követte a klasszikus hibát – lopott a megbízióitól, akik büntetésként megmérgezték az idegrendszerét, örökre száműzve őt a cybertérből. Most azonban egy rejtélyes, magát Armitage-nak nevező alak a megváltást ígéri neki: a teljes gyógyulást, ha Case elvállal egy munkát egy felmérhetetlenül erős mesterséges intelligencia ellen, ami Föld körüli pályán kering a baljós Tessier-Ashpool klán szolgálatában. Egy legendás adattolvaj lementett emlékezetével és egy utcai szamuráj védelmében Case útra kel mind a való világban, mind a mátrixban, a többi pedig már, ahogy mondani szokás: science fiction történelem. Az olvasó új fordításban tartja kezében a könyvet, mely Gibson exkluzív utószava mellett Jack Womack Valami sötét gödör című esszéjét is tartalmazza.

We Believe the Children

We Believe the Children Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard Beck
Editor: PublicAffairs
ISBN: 1610392884
FileSize: 1239kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1239


We Believe the Children by Richard Beck Summary

In the 1980s in California, New Jersey, and New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, and elsewhere, daycare workers were arrested, charged, tried, and convicted of committing horrible sexual crimes against the children they cared for. These crimes, prosecutors said, had gone undetected for years, and their brutality and sadism defied all imagining. What's more, the abusers had photographed and videotaped their victims, distributing the images through a sophisticated international network of child pornographers. More often than not, violent satanic cult worship had also played a central role, with children made to watch forced abortions in cemeteries and then eat hacked-off bits of the little corpses. In just over a decade, thousands of people in every part of the country were investigated as child sex abusers, and some one-hundred and fifty of them were sent to prison. But, none of it happened. It was an epic decade-long outbreak of collective hysteria – on a par with the Salem witch trials or the red scares of the 1950s. Using extensive archival research conducted in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and elsewhere, and drawing on dozens of interviews conducted with the hysteria's major figures, Richard Beck shows how a group of legislators, doctors, lawyers, and parents, all working with the best of intentions, set the stage for a judicial disaster. A number of opportunistic journalists helped to carry the story from state to state, and the silence of their colleagues, who should have known better, allowed it to keep spreading long after it became clear that the story was simply unsupported by evidence. Beck reveals how a small group of skeptics finally began working to slow the runaway train in the last half of the decade, and he explores the fates of those accused and convicted of these unbelievable crimes, the casualties of a culture war. It is this culture war that is the books pervasive subtext – the conditions that made possible the demented frenzy of accusations were very specific, and at the root of them were competing visions of society and the things that threatened it most.

How to Hear the Voice of God

How to Hear the Voice of God Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan Shumsky
Editor: Red Wheel/Weiser
ISBN: 1601639678
FileSize: 1415kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1415


How to Hear the Voice of God by Susan Shumsky Summary

Susan Shumsky spent 20 years living and studying with a world-famous Maharishi, only to find that going through someone else to get to God wasn't the answer. Finally, she discovered the direct link to God within. In How to Hear the Voice of God, she shares the techniques that will enable you to do likewise. So why do we need to hear God? Many people panic when confronted with difficult choices in life, and choose unwisely. But making wise decisions with confidence is vital to one's happiness, health, and survival. Having an inner counselor on whom you can rely can bring you peace. In this world of confusion, you can choose the right path by listening to that still, small voice. Through this inspiring book, you will learn: How to meditate and directly experience the divine presence. How to get clear, precise messages and answers to practical questions from the voice of God within. How to release blockages that prevent you from hearing the divine voice. How to distinguish between the true divine voice and other inner voices. How to put your life back on track and in order. The book helps readers open to the inner voice through a powerful, field-proven guided meditation that tens of thousands have used to successfully develop their intuition in a practical way. With How to Hear the Voice of God, you can open the pipeline to Spirit and begin the flow of love, healing, wisdom, and in spiration from the being within.