Lets Go To The Potty A Potty Training Book For Toddlers

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Huggy Kissy

Huggy Kissy Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0763665878
FileSize: 1950kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1950


Huggy Kissy by Summary

Oh, baby! Leslie Patricelli’s one-haired wonder returns to share the love. When you’re an adorable bald baby, your family finds lots of ways to show you how much they love you: Mommy lifts you uppy, Daddy kisses you on the tummy, and everyone wants to snuggle. What’s not to love? With comedy and warmth, Leslie Patricelli offers a universal tribute to love and affection in a book full of instant appeal for little valentines everywhere.

Oh Crap! Potty Training

Oh Crap! Potty Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jamie Glowacki
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501122991
FileSize: 1053kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1053


Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki Summary

“Straight up, parent tested, and funny to boot, Jamie gives you all the information you need.” —Amber Dusick, author of Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures A proven six-step plan to help you toilet train your preschooler quickly and successfully, from potty-training expert, Pied Piper of Poop, and social worker Jamie Glowacki. Worried about potty training? Let Jamie Glowacki, potty-training expert, show you how it’s done. Her 6-step, proven process to get your toddler out of diapers and onto the toilet has already worked for tens of thousands of kids and their parents. Here’s the good news: your child is probably ready to be potty trained EARLIER than you think (ideally, between 20–30 months), and it can be done FASTER than you expect (most kids get the basics in a few days—but Jamie’s got you covered even if it takes a little longer). If you’ve ever said to yourself: ** How do I know if my kid is ready? ** Why won’t my child poop in the potty? ** How do I avoid “potty power struggles”? ** How can I get their daycare provider on board? ** My kid was doing so well—why is he regressing? ** And what about nighttime?! Oh Crap! Potty Training can solve all of these (and other) common issues. This isn’t theory, you’re not bribing with candy, and there are no gimmicks. This is real-world, from-the-trenches potty training information—all the questions and all the ANSWERS you need to do it once and be done with diapers for good.

The First-Time Parent's Guide to Potty Training

The First-Time Parent's Guide to Potty Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jazmine McCoy, PsyD
Editor: Zeitgeist
ISBN: 0593196732
FileSize: 831kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 831


The First-Time Parent's Guide to Potty Training by Jazmine McCoy, PsyD Summary

Potty train your child confidently, quickly, and successfully--even as a first-time parent! Are you nervous about potty training? Worried that you don't know enough to see it through to the end? Concerned that you don't have enough time to devote to it? This positive, practical, easy-to-follow guide is here to help. By approaching potty training with a proven program, first-time tips and tricks, the right tools, and a confident mindset, you can cross dirty diapers off your endless to-do list and celebrate your child's transition to the toilet. Here's everything you need to know to get your child out of diapers once and for all! The First-Time Parent's Guide to Potty Training features: • An easy, step-by-step, 3-day program for ditching diapers, including nap and nighttime training, day care strategies, and on-the-go potty training • Troubleshooting advice for accidents, backsliding, temper tantrums, and more • Guidance for your child if they're anxious, willful, or simply reluctant You can potty train your child, and this book will guide you and cheer you on every step of the way.

3 Day Potty Training

3 Day Potty Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lora Jensen
Editor: Lora Jensen
ISBN: 0988403609
FileSize: 369kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 369


3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen Summary

3 Day Potty Training is a fun and easy-to-follow guide for potty training even the most stubborn child just 3 days. Not just for pee and poop but for day and night too! Lora’s method is all about training the child to learn their own body signs. If the parent is having to do all the work, then the child isn’t truly trained, but with Lora’s method your child will learn when their body is telling them that they need to use the potty and they will communicate that need to you.

Liam Goes Poo in the Toilet

Liam Goes Poo in the Toilet Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jane Whelen-Banks
Editor: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9781846428746
FileSize: 1942kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1942


Liam Goes Poo in the Toilet by Jane Whelen-Banks Summary

'This is Liam. Every day Liam eats lots of good food. Each time Liam eats, his tummy gets fuller and fuller... and fuller... until Liam's tummy starts to stretch' Successful toilet training is a time of celebration for both parents and child. It marks the end of dirty diapers and a forward step in the development of a child. Fraught with both stress and triumph, the period of toilet training can take from days to months. For a typical child, learning to gain control over the body's internal stimuli can be at best challenging. For many children, however, these internal cues can be overwhelming and confusing, leading to both a frustrating and traumatic toileting experience. Liam Goes Poo in the Toilet illustrates the relationship between eating and excreting. It provides visual instructions on how to 'relax and push'. After much fanfare, Liam finally masters going `poo' in the toilet, and both he and Mum bask in the glory of a job well done.

The Wee Hours

The Wee Hours Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Allison Jandu
Editor: Allison Jandu
FileSize: 1120kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1120


The Wee Hours by Allison Jandu Summary

Your child is well on her way to being completely potty trained! Hooray! Except one thing…he still wakes up with a wet diaper. Unfortunately, this can be a struggle for many parents, and now there is finally a resource to address this issue specifically without having to read an entire novel about potty training. Full of expert tips and tricks, The Wee Hours is a concise, easy-to-read guide that outlines everything you need to know about nighttime potty training, including a step-by-step method to ditch those nighttime diapers for good.

The Poop Puzzle

The Poop Puzzle Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Allison Jandu
Editor: Allison Jandu
FileSize: 1109kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1109


The Poop Puzzle by Allison Jandu Summary

Your child is well on her way to being completely potty trained! Hooray! Except one thing...she refuses to poop on the potty. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many parents struggle with, and now there is finally a resource to address this issue specifically without having to read an entire novel about potty training. Full of expert tips and tricks, The Poop Puzzle is a concise, easy-to-read guide that will help you understand the reasons why your child won't poop on the potty and the best ways to address the problem. So, whether your child is terrified of the potty, or just downright stubborn, this book will have your little one pooping where they should be in no time flat.

How to Pee: Potty Training for Girls

How to Pee: Potty Training for Girls Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dr. Todd Spector
Editor: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
ISBN: 1250106893
FileSize: 1466kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1466


How to Pee: Potty Training for Girls by Dr. Todd Spector Summary

Out with the old and in with the new! Family physician Dr. Todd Spector presents a fresh and outrageously fun way to encourage little girls to give up their diapers. They can try it fresh-air style (in the backyard!), or use the potty with the help of a few props and plenty of imagination. Peeing in the potty is a lot more fun if you do it princess style, dance-party style, or gymnast style! Inspired by Dr. Spector's own experiences potty training his children, this combination of laugh-out-loud scenarios and useful advice turns the dreaded potty-training process into an exciting adventure for all.

Stress-Free Potty Training

Stress-Free Potty Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sara Au,Peter Stavinoha, Ph.D.
Editor: AMACOM
ISBN: 0814401902
FileSize: 446kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 446


Stress-Free Potty Training by Sara Au,Peter Stavinoha, Ph.D. Summary

No two children experience the toilet-training process in exactly the same way. While some kids might be afraid to even go near the bathroom, others may know when to go...but still never seem to make it there in time. This helpful guide takes the stress out of this challenging rite of passage, giving parents much-needed advice to help them identify what approach will work for their child’s temperament. The book distinguishes between common childhood personality types, providing easy techniques tailor-fit for all kinds of kids, whether they’re stubborn or willful, clinging to diapers, afraid to move on, or just late-bloomers. The book shows how to:determine a child’s readiness to begin potty training • gradually move children past their existing comfort zone, without causing undue pressure • handle accidents and temporary setbacksThis straight-talking guide enables readers to help every child make this important life transition free of worry and in the way that’s right for him or her.

Potty Training For Dummies

Potty Training For Dummies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Diane Stafford,Jennifer Shoquist
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118069722
FileSize: 740kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 740


Potty Training For Dummies by Diane Stafford,Jennifer Shoquist Summary

If you could remember your own potty training, you’d probably recall a time filled with anxiety and glee, frustration and a sense of accomplishment, triumphal joy and shamed remorse. You’d remember wanting so much to make mommy and daddy happy, and at the same time to make them pay for being so darned unreasonable. And you’d recall feeling incredibly grown up once you got it right. Maybe if we could remember our own potty training, it wouldn’t be so tough when it came our turn to be the trainers. But as it is, most of us feel like we can use all the expert advice and guidance we can get. Potty Training For Dummies is your total guide to the mother of all toddler challenges. Packed with painless solutions and lots of stress-reducing humor, it helps you help your little pooper make a smooth and trauma-free transition from diapers to potty. You’ll discover how to: Read the signs that your tot is ready Motivate your toddler to want to give up diapers Kick off potty training on the right foot Foster a team approach Deal with setbacks and pee and poop pranks Make potty training a loving game rather than a maddening ordeal Mother and daughter team, Diane Stafford and Jennifer Shoquist, MD separate potty-training fact from fiction and tell you what to expect, what equipment you’ll need, and how to set the stage for the big event. They offer expert advice on how to: Choose the right time Use a doll to help model behavior Say the right things the right way Reinforce success with praise and rewards Switch to training pants Get support from relatives Cope with special cases Train kids with disabilities And they offer this guarantee: “If your child is still in diapers when he makes the football team or gets her college degree, you can send him or her off to us for a weekend remedial course—and ask for a refund of the cost of this book.”

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nathan Azrin,Richard M. Foxx
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 147679233X
FileSize: 1678kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1678


Toilet Training in Less Than a Day by Nathan Azrin,Richard M. Foxx Summary

THE CLASSIC GUIDE USED BY MILLIONS OF PARENTS! MAKE TOILET TRAINING A TOTAL SUCCESS -- IN ONLY A FEW HOURS! From two noted learning specialists, here is the amazing, scientifically proved Azrin-Foxx method that teaches toilet training quickly -- in less than four hours for the average child. And after that rewarding learning period, he or she will willingly use the toilet without assistance or a reminder! Also inside is a wealth of information on related topics, including: • Unexpected benefits -- your child's newfound pride and independence can increase eagerness to feed and dress him- or herself, and improve responsiveness to parental instruction • Pre-training techniques every parent should know • Bed-wetting problems -- and how this method can help end them • Happy children, happy parents -- how mastering toilet training benefits the whole family, increasing parents' personal time and deepening the parent-child connection. With more than 2 million copies sold, TOILET TRAINING IN LESS THAN A DAY is the one guide you'll need to make this significant transition a rewarding and pleasurable experience -- for both you and your toddler!

Potty Training

Potty Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jennifer Nicole
Editor: Dragon God, Inc.
FileSize: 787kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 787


Potty Training by Jennifer Nicole Summary

The Bestselling Potty Training Book Used by Millions of ParentDo you want to potty train your child in a weekend with stress, mess or anxiety?Do you have limited time for potty training and want to get everything done in three days or less?Have you already tried to potty train your child and everything you tried just didn’t seem to work?Are you ready to show off your potty-trained child? Do you want a guide that: Takes you through the entire potty training process step-by-step from preparation to celebration?Answers all your questions and breaks through all the myths and misconceptions out there?Prepares you for every accident, mishap, and eventuality?Teaches your child how to use the potty without expensive toys, complicated systems or sugary rewards?After years of work as a private potty training coach, Jennifer Nicole is finally ready to reveal her secrets to potty training your child in 3 days. Many children learn potty training in less than a day. Each child is unique, and Jennifer’s system is designed to help every child get ready to use the potty. Whether you are potty training boys or potty training girls, this guide is perfect for you. Jennifer has experience with both! Potty Training in 3 Days:Answers the age-old question of potty seat or potty chairGuides you in developing your personal potty languageTeaches your child the potty without breaking the bank with silly bells and whistlesMakes your child feel comfortable on the pottyHelps your child turn accidents into fun learning experiencesShows you how to give your child the correct praise so that they love the pottyLet’s your child go on trips without accidentsRemoves the fear and trepidation that parents and toddlers alike face in the bathroom… Jennifer also covers everything you need to know to continue your potty success after you potty train in a weekend– from trips to the mall to visiting your relatives. This book covers every step of the great potty training adventure. From choosing the right tools and strategies all the way through dealing with regression when the next child is born. You do not need to waste hours reading conflicting advice on flashy websites. This book will provide you a simple path to releasing your child from diapers forever. Many parents use this book to potty train in an afternoon. This book has every single tool, answer and piece of information you need to toilet train your child without stress or anxiety. Jennifer saves you time and money by providing a system that works fast and DOESN’T come with a massive shopping list. Do you want to celebrate with your child in less than three days? Do you want to clap proudly as your little angel says goodbye to diapers? Then stop reading this description and start potty training your child. Scroll to the top and click the ‘BUY NOW’ button your child WILL be potty trained in just 72 hours.

Parenting For Dummies

Parenting For Dummies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Helen Brown
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119997097
FileSize: 896kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 896


Parenting For Dummies by Helen Brown Summary

Having a baby is an incredible experience, and the ultimate responsibility! Parenting is a job that you start with no training at all – and friends and family always seem to be the first to tell you how best to bring up your children. But there's no sure-fire formula for raising kids. Maybe that's because every child, like every parent, is an individual, and no two parent-child relationships are ever the same. So, you can give up any notions of being a perfect parent. But, you can learn to keep the big mistakes to a minimum and make the parenting experience easier and more rewarding for your children and yourself. Which is where this book comes in. Covering information for newborns to pre-teens, Parenting For Dummies gives you the essentials of parenting basics. From dealing with a crying baby and potty training, to building self-esteem and dealing with sibling rivalry, it offers a gold mine of up-to-date advice.

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Potty Training Problems

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Potty Training Problems Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alison D. Schonwald, M.D; F.A.A.P.,George G. Sheldon
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1440696799
FileSize: 1421kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1421


The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Potty Training Problems by Alison D. Schonwald, M.D; F.A.A.P.,George G. Sheldon Summary

Making potty time happy for toddlers and parents. It's one of the first rites of passage in life. Somewhere around the age of 26 months-more or less-toddlers are introduced to the potty. In The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Potty Training Problems, Alison D. Schonwald, also known as "The Poop Doctor" of Boston's Children's Hospital, addresses the needs of parents and their reluctant toddlers in a warm, reassuring manner that will calm nerves and ease tension for both the baby and parents. * Includes tips on making the bathroom kid-friendly * Explains what factors can confuse toddlers and keep them from succeeding at toilet training * Helps parents design a step-by-step plan, use praise, and find incentives that work

A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books, 10th Edition

A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books, 10th Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rebecca L. Thomas
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440834350
FileSize: 1841kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1841


A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books, 10th Edition by Rebecca L. Thomas Summary

Whether used for thematic story times, program and curriculum planning, readers' advisory, or collection development, this updated edition of the well-known companion makes finding the right picture books for your library a breeze. • Offers easy subject access to children's picture books • Features a user-friendly organization • Provides in-depth indexing and full bibliographic detail

The Everything Book for Child Care & Preschool, Ages 3 - 5

The Everything Book for Child Care & Preschool, Ages 3 - 5 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kelly Gunzenhauser
Editor: Key Education Publishing
ISBN: 1602689040
FileSize: 570kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 570


The Everything Book for Child Care & Preschool, Ages 3 - 5 by Kelly Gunzenhauser Summary

Get prepared to teach in a child-care or preschool setting with The Everything Book for Child Care and Preschool! This 160-page resource offers more than 100 time-saving reproducible forms, such as checklists, planning sheets, formal documents, parent newsletters, student evaluation forms, and decorative stationery, to lighten the workloads of educators.

Toddlers: The Mumsnet Guide

Toddlers: The Mumsnet Guide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mumsnet,Morningpaper and the Mumsnet Mums
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408805626
FileSize: 1541kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1541


Toddlers: The Mumsnet Guide by Mumsnet,Morningpaper and the Mumsnet Mums Summary

- How can I persuade my toddler to eat something other than Mini Cheddars? - Does anyone else's three-year old think they can give the new baby back if they don't like it? - My son bonked a little girl over the head at nursery today with Thomas the Tank Engine - where have we gone wrong? - Exactly when can I expect to be able to have a pee without my child insisting on accompanying me? Since its launch in June 2000, hundreds of thousands of mums (and a fair few dads too) have swapped answers, recommendations and war stories on Mumsnet.com. They have debated the pros and cons of organic baby food, fretted over whether or not to use dummies - and how to wean children off them - exchanged potty training stories, agonised over the best nursery schools, helped each other through the upheavals of returning to work and swapped tips on anything from feuding siblings, to mysterious illnesses. Toddlers: the Mumsnet Guide is packed full of the advice, wisdom, reassurance and down-to-earth humour of these many many parents, distilled and presented in a way that is both accessible and authoritative. From behaviour and discipline, to potty training, sleep, food, health, sibling rivalry, returning - or not - to work, travel and education, Toddlers: the Mumsnet Guide contains the advice and experiences of thousands of other parents who have gone through what you are going through right now and lived to tell the tale.

Help! There's a Toddler in the House!

Help! There's a Toddler in the House! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas M. Reimers
Editor: Boys Town Press
ISBN: 1936734257
FileSize: 769kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 769


Help! There's a Toddler in the House! by Thomas M. Reimers Summary

Toddlers and preschoolers are unpredictable, and their antics often keep parents guessing: Why won't my five-year-old eat his veggies? Why does my two-year-old keep biting her sister? Why can't my three-year-old stay in his own bed? Why must I repeat myself every time I tell my daughter to do something? The naughty as well as challenging behaviors of young children can drive even the most patient parents to their wits' end. In these pages, parents learn how to cope with and correct many of the most common behavioral problems that little ones demonstrate.

How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child

How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jenifer Wana
Editor: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402256604
FileSize: 1691kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1691


How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child by Jenifer Wana Summary

"The most useful tool out there for families about to embark on the search for a preschool!" -Helen Cohen, director, Frances Jacobson Early Childhood Center, Boston A must-have for parents of future preschoolers Starting preschool is one of the biggest milestones in a child's life. With this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, you won't have to navigate the preschool process alone. Whether the nursery schools nearby enroll every child, or they're so competitive that they only accept a few applicants, this book has everything you need to know to choose and get into the right preschool for your child. You'll learn: How to find high-quality preschools in your area Insight into popular preschool programs (Montessori, Waldorf, play based, cooperative) Key criteria to consider when choosing a preschool Strategies for paying for preschool (financial aid, tax benefits) How to help prepare your child for the first day of preschool Advice for gaining admission into competitive programs, including getting off the waiting list, submitting a strong application, and preparing for a child assessment "This well-organized, comprehensive book will help parents navigate the world of preschool." -Nancy Schulman and Ellen Birnbaum, authors of Practical Wisdom for Parents: Raising Self-Confident Children in the Preschool Years and directors of the 92nd Street Y Nursery School, New York "A gift to every parent starting the preschool search." -Irene Byrne, MA, author of Preschools by the Bay and executive director of the Phoebe Hearst Preschool, San Francisco

''Booty'' Camp Toilet Training

''Booty'' Camp Toilet Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Shannon Holmes Shedden
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781450002486
FileSize: 1677kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1677


''Booty'' Camp Toilet Training by Shannon Holmes Shedden Summary

My daughter throws a temper tantrum every time I ask her to come to the bathroom, why is this happening? How do I start toilet training? These questions are a couple of many that parents have when introducing toilet training. This handbook outlines what we believe to be a successful plan for assisting you in toilet training your child. We go through step by step a plan of action, address issues that may arise and answer typical questions that you have as a parent. Our combined 30 years of experience in the Early Childhood Education field and our wealth of knowledge in this area has already helped hundreds of parents get through a challenging phase with great success. Join us now and embark on a great adventure of toilet training!!!

The Baby Book, Revised Edition

The Baby Book, Revised Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William Sears,Martha Sears,Robert Sears,James Sears
Editor: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316230502
FileSize: 875kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 875


The Baby Book, Revised Edition by William Sears,Martha Sears,Robert Sears,James Sears Summary

America's bestselling "baby bible" -- an encyclopedic guide to the first two years of your baby's life. The million-copy bestseller by "the man who remade motherhood" (TIME) has now been revised, expanded, and bought thoroughly up-to-date -- with the latest information on everything from diapering to day care, from midwifery to hospital birthing rooms, from postpartum nutrition to infant development. The Searses draw from their vast experience both as medical professionals and pas parents to provide comprehensive information on virtually every aspect of infant care. The Baby Book focuses on the essential needs of babies -- eating, sleeping, develipment, health, and comfort -- as it addresses the questions of greatest concern to today's parents. The topics covered include: preparing for a safe and healthy birth bonding with your baby feeding your baby right soothing your fussy baby getting your baby to sleep understanding your baby's development treating common illnesses babyproofing your home understanding toddler behavior dealing with temper tantrums toilet training working parenting first-aid procedures and much more Unrivaled in its scope and authority, The Baby Book presents a practical, contemporary approach to parenting that reflects the way we live today. The Searses acknowledge that there is no one way to parent a baby, and they offer the basic guidance and inspiration you need to develop the parenting style that bests suits you and your child. Their book is a rich and invaluable resource that will help you get the most of of parenting -- for your child, yourself, and for your entire family.

Stress-Free Potty Training: Teach Yourself

Stress-Free Potty Training: Teach Yourself Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Geraldine Butler,Bernice Walmsley
Editor: Teach Yourself
ISBN: 1444131141
FileSize: 658kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 658


Stress-Free Potty Training: Teach Yourself by Geraldine Butler,Bernice Walmsley Summary

Teach Yourself - the world's leading learning brand - is relaunched in 2010 as a multi-platform experience that will keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Let our expert author guide you through this brand new edition, with personal insights, tips, energising self-tests and summaries throughout the book. Go online at www.teachyourself.com for tests, extension articles and a vibrant community of like-minded learners. And if you don't have much time, don't worry - every book gives you 1, 5 and 10-minute bites of learning to get you started. This book helps you spot the all-important signs that will show your child is ready Gives you everything you need to prepare you and your child - preparation and confidence is the key to success! * Will help not only you but your child feel fully in control of the situation * Walks you and your child step-by-step through the process with practical solutions and stories from people who've been there * Plenty of coverage of special needs and reassuring advice for relapses or common problem * written by a Health Visitor and midwife with over 20 years' experience of advising parents and their children ""Stress-free Potty Training"" is a child-focused and supportive guide that will help you to potty train your child in a way that works for you both. Giving both reassuring advice and practical solutions, it opens with a unique questionnaire that will help you to tell whether or not your child is ready for toilet training, and will then help both you and your child to prepare for the days ahead, through talking, playing and reading books. Once you are both fully prepared, the book will guide you step-by-step through the process, from the earliest days to going out and night-time dryness. It will give you advice on how to cope if you are working or child is in daycare, will address special needs and relapses, and give plenty of reassurance and practical tips for dealing with common problems. With case studies, further resources and expert insight, this is a comprehensive guide that will help your child achieve this major step with minimal stress or worry.

The Parents' Guide to Psychological First Aid

The Parents' Guide to Psychological First Aid Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gerald Koocher,Annette La Greca
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199700486
FileSize: 776kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 776


The Parents' Guide to Psychological First Aid by Gerald Koocher,Annette La Greca Summary

Does your young daughter talk endlessly about invisible friends, dragons in the basement, and monsters in the closet? Is your teenager about to start high school or being victimized by bullies? Is your son mortally afraid of certain insects or of injections at the doctor's office? Compiled by two seasoned clinical psychologists, The Parents' Guide to Psychological First Aid brings together articles by recognized experts who provide you with the information you need to help your child navigate the many trying problems that typically afflict young people. Written in an engaging style, this book offers sage advice on a raft of everyday problems that have psychological solutions. The contributors cover such topics as body image and physical appearance; cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol; overeating and obesity; dental visits; the birth of a sibling and sibling rivalries; temper tantrums; fostering self-esteem; shyness and social anxiety; and much more. Each expert article provides an overview of the issues, offers reassurance for minor problems and strategies for crisis management, and discusses the red flags that indicate that professional help is needed. In addition, the book is organized into various categories to make it easier to find information. For instance, the "Family Issues" section includes articles on Blended Families, Divorce, and Traveling; the "Adolescent Issues" section covers such topics as Dating and Driving; and the "Social/Peer Issues" section explores such subjects as "Sportsmanship," "Homesickness," and "Making Friends." An encyclopedic reference for parents concerned with maintaining the mental health of their children, this indispensable volume will help you help your child to deal effectively with stress and pressure, to cope with everyday challenges, and to rebound from disappointments, mistakes, trauma, and adversity.

Easy Peasy Potty Training

Easy Peasy Potty Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Julie Schooler
Editor: BoomerMax Ltd
FileSize: 1551kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1551


Easy Peasy Potty Training by Julie Schooler Summary

Everything you need to potty train your toddler AND nothing you don't. · Do you want your child to be toilet trained quickly and easily but have no clue where to start and are worried that it could all go wrong? · Or have you started potty training your toddler and it’s all turned to custard so you desperately need some solutions? This book is a simple to follow, step-by-step process to toilet train your child. It answers your burning questions, busts myths and misconceptions and tells you what to do if there are mishaps, problems or hiccups. All the tools and techniques you will need for toilet training your toddler are right here. The thought of potty training stresses most parents out. It’s a topic that: · you may know very little about, and · what you do know sounds difficult, messy and full of conflicting messages The concept for this book came about when I started potty training my son. I read a lot of books and articles, searched all over the Internet and even took a course on potty training. But, surprisingly, I could not find one, relatively short, clear, gimmick-free guide to potty training. This is the book I wish I had when I was potty training my child. In the course of writing this book, I surveyed dozens of other parents who have toilet trained their children. You not only get to avoid all the mistakes we have made, but will have answers on hand for any issues that arise. Follow the short, chunked down chapters in Easy Peasy Potty Training to: · help you make decisions such as whether to start on a potty or the toilet · get a comprehensive shopping list for all your potty training needs · give you lots of tips on preparation tasks to make toilet training go smoothly · provide a simple three stage approach to potty training · find out what actions to take when accidents happen · have the best transition to no diapers at nighttime · prepare for childcare and leaving the house · get solutions to common potty training problems Read this book and you won’t need to spend hours searching for information all over the Internet. You will have a clear direction and won’t be confused by conflicting advice. This book has everything you need to know about toilet training and nothing you don’t. It will save you time, money and your sanity during this challenging stage. One book. Potty training. Done. What’s stopping you from getting the best way to toilet train your toddler today? Buy this book and you WILL potty train your child – with less stress and less mess.

It's Not Your Fault!

It's Not Your Fault! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joseph Barone
Editor: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813569931
FileSize: 1470kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1470


It's Not Your Fault! by Joseph Barone Summary

Millions of children over the age of five wet their beds every night. Many parents think they must be doing something wrong when their five-year-old is still in diapers while their friends’ children are perfectly trained by eighteen months of age. This undoubtedly is a very embarrassing and frustrating problem for both the parent and child, and can interfere with family dynamics and a child’s ability to enjoy ordinary social situations. It’s Not Your Fault! offers evidence-based strategies for parents who need assistance with toilet training and helping their child with urinary control issues. Dr. Joseph Barone, M.D., provides proven techniques that bring bedwetting to a happy conclusion. Frequently, parents are misguided by bad advice from friends, TV talk shows, the Internet, or parenting books. With many years of clinical experience, Dr. Barone shares valuable, practical information for parents to guide them through the basics of toilet training and bedwetting, and presents management plans to resolve any difficulties that occur. A comprehensive guide, this book covers everything parents need to know about normal toilet training and bedwetting, as well as step-by-step solutions based on testing and research in a real-world setting to help children suffering from delayed toilet training, bed wetting, and daytime urinary wetting. It’s Not Your Fault! provides hope and guidance to those desperate to help their children overcome urinary control and toilet training problems. Dr. Barone sets parents on a course that makes things better for both themselves and their children.


TODDLER POTTY-TRAINING Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marla Callory,Susy Mason
Editor: Marla Callory, Susy Mason
FileSize: 1390kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1390


TODDLER POTTY-TRAINING by Marla Callory,Susy Mason Summary

Do you want to potty train your toddler in just a matter of 3 days? Are you looking for a step-by-step potty-training guide? Well, good news! This book is perfect for you. Learning the importance of clean, healthy potty habits is a significant step in a toddler’s life. While some toddlers can learn potty skills very quickly, others still need parental support as well as plenty of patience. Potty-training refers to teaching toddlers how to use a potty for urination and defecation. Most parents have no idea about the best age to start potty-training. However, it is ideal if you will teach them while in toddler years. This book promotes fun and positive ways to potty-training and managing the progress of each toddler in terms of discipline. Always remember that children develop skills faster and learn better if they feel safe and protected. Learning essential potty-training strategies from this book will help you guide your toddler in developing independence and self-esteem. ★★★Besides, you will also learn the following:★★★ Importance of potty-training at an early age Signs that your child is ready to undergo potty-training Different potty-training gear How to establish a routine How to make results stable Different potty-training techniques Different reward ideas to motivate toddlers How to troubleshoot potty-training problems And more! Potty-training should not distress your part. It can be filled with fun or can be a bonding experience. This book will guide the things you do and not do. Never pressure your toddler, instead make the entire process exciting. Do not wait too long. Once you see the signs that your toddler is ready to be trained, grab the opportunity. That way, he or she will not only develop discipline but also build a closer relationship with you. Don’t think twice! Get yourself a copy of this Book Right Now!

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-Bye to Diapers

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-Bye to Diapers Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elizabeth Pantley
Editor: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071700146
FileSize: 992kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 992


The No-Cry Potty Training Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-Bye to Diapers by Elizabeth Pantley Summary

Say good-bye to diapers and hello to fast, effective potty training, from the parenting author millions trust Potty training your child doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Parenting authority Elizabeth Pantley helps your child get on the road to bathroom independence without frustration, confusion, or tears. Elizabeth Pantley's easy no-cry solution will help you: Determine the right time to start potty training Create a simple and effective potty plan Increase your child's self-esteem and independence Motivate a reluctant potty user . . . and more! Plus, this is the only potty training book with complete bathroom safety checklists and childproofing strategies.

Free-Range Kids

Free-Range Kids Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lenore Skenazy
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119782163
FileSize: 340kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 340


Free-Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy Summary

Learn to raise independent, can-do kids with a new edition of the book that started a movement In the newly revised and expanded Second Edition of Free-Range Kids, New York columnist-turned-movement leader Lenore Skenazy delivers a compelling and entertaining look at how we got so worried about everything our kids do, see, eat, read, wear, watch and lick -- and how to bid a whole lot of that anxiety goodbye. With real-world examples, advice, and a gimlet-eyed look at the way our culture forces fear down our throats, Skenazy describes how parents and educators can step back so kids step up. Positive change is faster, easier and a lot more fun than you’d believe. This is the book that has helped millions of American parents feel brave and optimistic again – and the same goes for their kids. Using research, humor, and feisty common sense, the book shows: How parents can reject the media message, “Your child is in horrible danger!” How schools can give students more independence -- and what happens when they do. (Hint: Teachers love it.) How everyone can relax and successfully navigate a judge-y world filled with way too many warnings, scolds and brand new fears Perfect for parents and guardians of children of all ages, Free-Range Kids will also earn a place in the libraries of K-12 educators who want their students to blossom with newfound confidence and cheer.

Parenting Guide to Your Toddler

Parenting Guide to Your Toddler Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Parenting Magazine Editors
Editor: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345544692
FileSize: 1012kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1012


Parenting Guide to Your Toddler by Parenting Magazine Editors Summary

LET THE EDITORS OF PARENTING MAGAZINE HELP YOU GET THE MOST FROM THE TODDLER YEARS! Expert guidance and smart, hands-on advice have made PARENTING magazine the preferred child-care resource for today's parents. The PARENTING books offer the same great mix of helpful, practical information and reassurance on raising children today. Now, PARENTING Guide to Your Toddler offers a step-by-step resource to the most challenging stage of your child's development: Developmental Milestones: Your child's first complete sentence, first friend, first tricycle - Growth patterns, physical coordination, and identifying developmental delays - The fast-changing emotional life of the toddler The Myth of the "Terrible Twos": Understanding how and why a toddler declares independence - Choices and self-control - Dealing with fears, clinginess, and aggressive behavior Health and Safety: Common toddler ailments - Scheduling immunizations - Safety away from home Daily Routines: Why regular family meals matter - Delicious, healthy snacks - Stress-free bedtimes and well-timed naps The Do's and Don'ts of Discipline: Dealing with tantrums in public places - Choosing your battles (and letting your toddler win some) - Using "time-out" effectively Having Fun Together: Identifying your child's unique "play style" - Activities toddlers enjoy most - Chores your toddler will love to do

Toddler Potty Training

Toddler Potty Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marie C. Foster
Editor: E.C. Publishing via PublishDrive
FileSize: 742kb
File Format: Pdf
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Toddler Potty Training by Marie C. Foster Summary

Learn Potty Training for your Child in 2 Days Or Less! Here's an Effective Way How to Potty Train your Child over the Weekend: Find out the best way to potty train your toddler today to help yourself save money, boost your child's confidence, and get the child using the toilet sooner. - Have you wanted to potty train your child but lacked the time to do it? - Have you always wanted to learn information on potty training such as - - what to do when your toddler refuses or won't do potty training - what age or about when is a toddler reading for potty training - how to help your toddler potty train - without the stress ? If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then this book "Toddler Potty Training: Incredibly Simple 2-Day Potty Training that Works" is for you. In this book, you're about to discover the truth about toilet training and learn why many parents in the western world are 'behind the times' when it comes to the age that they potty train their toddler. ★★ Here is What You Will Learn: ★★ - How the 2-day potty training boot camp works and how it makes it easier for working or busy parents - Detailed specifics of the 2-day method - and why it is one of the most effective ways to toilet train your child - How to come up with a plan for your toddler, including what to buy for toilet training, choosing a reward, preparing them for the big weekend - Potty Training Tips for Boys - Potty Training Tips for Girls ... and many more! ★★ Added Benefits of owning this book: ★★ - You'll learn how to teach your child to be completely diaper-free, even on long car rides and at nighttime - Finding out the valuable reasons why you should potty train earlier, including why it is more effective in most cases ★★ PLUS: Bonus Section Included "Helpful Tips for Dads" - techniques that they may want to use for toilet training ★★ By implementing the lessons in this book, your little one will be a potty-trained warrior in no time. This means less money spent on diapers for you, as well as increased confidence in your child. As an added benefit, you will no longer have to worry if daycare or their babysitter is changing them often enough because they will go to the potty on their own. Don't wait any longer! Scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button to begin your goal of applying effective toddler potty training for your child for time-saving and stress-free results.

Perfect Parent Collection- Sleep Training, Toddler Discipline and Potty Training

Perfect Parent Collection- Sleep Training, Toddler Discipline and Potty Training Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lucy Watson
Editor: Chronos Publishing LLC
FileSize: 883kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 883


Perfect Parent Collection- Sleep Training, Toddler Discipline and Potty Training by Lucy Watson Summary

This is a 3 book Parenting Collection including: Sleep Training: The Baby Sleep Solution for the Exhausted Modern Parents Having a new baby is an exciting experience. You want to be able to hold them and cuddle them all the time. You are excited to see them grow and change over the years. And you may even have some big hopes and dreams for their futures. But everyone can agree that getting enough sleep during that first year with your baby can be a big challenge. With the help of sleep training, you will be able to get your sleep schedule back, with baby sleeping in their own room, in no time at all. Toddler Discipline Are you dealing with a child who has a lot of tantrums? Does it feel like you can’t take them anywhere because the tantrums are just getting too bad? Do you feel hopeless and like everyone is judging you about the way that your child behaves? Many children have tantrums and it is a part of their normal development. But being able to handle these tantrums in a safe and effective manner can prevent the headaches and can make life easier with a toddler. Potty Training:How To Potty Train Your Child In One Day Potty training is an important milestone for your child. They are growing up and have reached the right developmental milestones to be able to go to the bathroom and understand what is going on. While this is so important and a big milestone to celebrate, many parents look at potty training with dread. They do not look forward to the races to the bathroom, the accidents and messes, and all the fights to get their child to learn how to use the potty. Get this 3 book collection today and easily learn Effective Strategies and Techniques To help your baby get sleep without crying, get respect and eliminate tantrums from your toddler and potty train your child fast!

Confident Parents, Confident Kids

Confident Parents, Confident Kids Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jennifer S. Miller
Editor: Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 1631597752
FileSize: 769kb
File Format: Pdf
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Confident Parents, Confident Kids by Jennifer S. Miller Summary

Confident Parents, Confident Kids lays out an approach for helping parents—and the kids they love—hone their emotional intelligence so that they can make wise choices, connect and communicate well with others (even when patience is thin), and become socially conscious and confident human beings. How do we raise a happy, confident kid? And how can we be confident that our parenting is preparing our child for success? Our confidence develops from understanding and having a mastery over our emotions (aka emotional intelligence)—and helping our children do the same. Like learning to play a musical instrument, we can fine-tune our ability to skillfully react to those crazy, wonderful, big feelings that naturally arise from our child’s constant growth and changes, moving from chaos to harmony. We want our children to trust that they can conquer any challenge with hard work and persistence; that they can love boundlessly; that they will find their unique sense of purpose; and they will act wisely in a complex world. This book shows you how. With author and educator Jennifer Miller as your supportive guide, you'll learn: the lies we’ve been told about emotions, how they shape our choices, and how we can reshape our parenting decisions in better alignment with our deepest values. how to identify the temperaments your child was born with so you can support those tendencies rather than fight them. how to align your biggest hopes and dreams for your kids with specific skills that can be practiced, along with new research to support those powerful connections. about each age and stage your child goes through and the range of learning opportunities available. how to identify and manage those big emotions (that only the parenting process can bring out in us!) and how to model emotional intelligence for your children. how to deal with the emotions and influences of your choir—the many outside individuals and communities who directly impact your child’s life, including school, the digital world, extended family, neighbors, and friends. Raising confident, centered, happy kids—while feeling the same way about yourself—is possible with Confident Parents, Confident Kids.

Potty Training-How To Potty Train Your Child In One Day

Potty Training-How To Potty Train Your Child In One Day Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lucy Watson
Editor: Chronos Publishing LLC
FileSize: 1165kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1165


Potty Training-How To Potty Train Your Child In One Day by Lucy Watson Summary

Have You Tried Other Methods and Are Still Unsuccessful With Potty Training Your Child? Then Get This Book Right Now And Your Little Boy and Little Girl Will Be A Toilet Super Hero In A Day! Potty training is an important milestone for your child. They are growing up and have reached the right developmental milestones to be able to go to the bathroom and understand what is going on. While this is so important and a big milestone to celebrate, many parents look at potty training with dread. They do not look forward to the races to the bathroom, the accidents and messes, and all the fights to get their child to learn how to use the potty. This guidebook is here to help. Inside, we are going to explore the technique that you need to use to potty train your child in just one day. Not only will we go through the steps that you need to potty train in just one day, we will also take a look at how to tell if your child is ready to be potty trained, tips for helping with boys and girls, how to pick out the right supplies, and even other training techniques that you can try with your child. Topics Covered in this book includes but are not limited to:- •When Should I Start Potty Training •Bowel and bladder control •What Supplies Do I Need? •Getting Ready the Day Before •The One-Day Method •Other Popular Potty Training Methods •How to Potty Train a Toddler •Tips to Make Potty Training Boys Easier •Tips to Make Potty Training Girls Easier and much more Buy Your Book Copy To Today! Potty training your child does not need to be a pain. It can be a fun experience that the two of you can enjoy together. Get This Guidebook Now and learn how to potty train your child in one day without both of you getting frustrated with the whole process!

Beyond the Sling

Beyond the Sling Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mayim Bialik
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451618018
FileSize: 727kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 727


Beyond the Sling by Mayim Bialik Summary

A real-world guide to Attachment Parenting from the Big Bang Theory actress, neuroscientist, and mother Mayim Bialik—a book hailed by Dr. William Sears as “delightful” and by Ricki Lake as “a fantastic guide to birth and parenting that is packed with invaluable wisdom.” Mayim Bialik was the child star of the popular 1990s TV sitcom Blossom, but she definitely didn’t follow the typical child-star trajectory. Instead, Mayim got her PhD in neuroscience from UCLA, married her college sweetheart, and had two kids. Mayim then did what many new moms do—she read a lot of books, talked with other parents, and she soon started questioning a lot of the conventional wisdom she heard about the “right” way to raise a child. That’s when she turned to Attachment Parenting, a philosophy and lifestyle popularized by well-known physicians like Dr. William Sears and Dr. Jay Gordon. To Mayim, Attachment Parenting’s natural, child-led approach not only felt right emotionally, it made sense intellectually and instinctually. She found that when she followed her intuition and relaxed into her role as a mother instead of following some rigid parenting script, both she and her children thrived. Taking into account her experience as a mother (and her scientific background), Mayim presents the major tenets of Attachment Parenting, including: Baby wearing: How to “wear” your baby in a sling or a wrap to foster a closer bond with your child—it’s possible even for mamas with bad backs (and with big babies)! Breastfeeding: Learn how to listen to your baby’s cues rather than sticking to a rigid schedule—and why people on airplanes love a nursing mother! Gentle discipline: How to get your child to behave without yelling, threats, or time-outs—it really is possible. Co-sleeping: How to avoid “sleep training” and get a great night’s sleep for the whole family. Without the pretense and luxuries typical of so many Hollywood actors and parents, Mayim describes the beauty, simplicity, and purposefulness of Attachment Parenting, and how it’s become the guiding principle for her family. Much more than a simple how-to parenting guide, Beyond the Sling shows us that the core principles underlying Attachment Parenting are universal and can be appreciated no matter how you decide to raise your child.

Puppy Training Guide for Kids

Puppy Training Guide for Kids Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lucy Williams
Editor: Lucy Williams
FileSize: 533kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 533


Puppy Training Guide for Kids by Lucy Williams Summary

Break Your Puppy’s Bad Habits & Raise a Healthy, Happy, Respectful, & Obedient Puppy Using this Kid’s Guide to Puppy Training! There are only a few things as special as the bond between a child and their puppy. Family pets have long been known to provide us with unconditional emotional support. So when your child asks for a puppy for their birthday, you should get excited! Apart from emotional bonding, having a puppy is also a great way for you to teach your child about patience, empathy, compassion, and responsibilities since they require constant supervision and go through mood and developmental changes. However, as cute as a puppy may seem, it is crucial for you and your child to understand their needs in order for you to better care for them. More often than not, puppies are given up for adoption because families just aren’t equipped with the right tools and knowhow when caring for a wiggly, confused little puppy. And if this worries you, then Lucy William’s book, “Puppy Training Guide for Kids”, can help! In this guide, you and your child will learn the many expert-approved ways to train your puppy using a beginner-friendly, step-by-step approach to dealing with potty training, socializing skills, and many more. Over the course of this comprehensive guide, your child will: - Quickly learn about your puppy’s developmental milestones so you can set a customized training schedule - Effortlessly apply all the right training tips by learning appropriate walk and leash behaviors - Effectively encourage fun play and set boundaries using expert-approved house training techniques - Become a great pack leader by learning all about the science of how dogs learn and interact with the world - And so much more! Raising a puppy requires more than just warm, fuzzy cuddles, and unlimited playtime. In order for them to become a happy, well-adjusted, and well-behaved family companion, you must incorporate the necessary tools and tips found inside this book! Each chapter is filled with well-researched information straight from the experts so that you and your child will be able to give your puppy the guidance they need! Help your child train your puppy the right way today!

Raising Strong-Willed Toddlers

Raising Strong-Willed Toddlers Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michelle Mann
Editor: DTM Publishing, LLC
FileSize: 1223kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1223


Raising Strong-Willed Toddlers by Michelle Mann Summary

It’s an unholy type of hot in the middle of July. You are in the grocery store with your three-year-old, and he wants sour candies. You say no and begin to travel toward the dairy section for a gallon of milk. In less than 10 seconds, your son is on the floor, screaming. The lady next to you looks down and then back up at you. The shame you feel in that moment is unbearable, and all you needed was that gallon of milk. What do you do? The truth is, if you are the parent of a strong-willed child, this scenario is one you are likely a little too familiar with. The fact is, although you have been dealt this special hand of cards, you may not realize that you have also been blessed with a little person who is destined for massive things in life. However, when you’re in the thick of those challenging moments, it can be hard to focus on anything other than collecting your child, leaving your cart of groceries right in the middle of the snack aisle (the scene of the crime), and getting away from the judgmental eyes of others. Unfortunately, because of these types of situations, there can be a negative stigma attached to parenting strong-willed children. It’s no secret that you have a separate set of concerns and considerations than other parents might have, and trying to find resources and literature to guide you along the way can be equally overwhelming. That’s why I decided to create this comprehensive “go-to” guide. For busy parents, for moms and dads who are juggling soccer practice, homework, their day jobs, and all the other awesome things they do in a day, I wanted to give you a book full of concrete information that will come in handy for whatever life throws your way. Well, for whatever your strong-willed toddler throws your way.

Dog & Puppy Training Guide for Kids

Dog & Puppy Training Guide for Kids Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lucy Williams
Editor: Lucy Williams
FileSize: 1727kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1727


Dog & Puppy Training Guide for Kids by Lucy Williams Summary

Help Your Child Break Your Dog’s Bad Habits WITHOUT Stressing Them Out Using this Practical, Age-Appropriate Guide to Dog & Puppy Training! Training a pet is one of the best ways to instill compassion, patience, empathy, and a strong sense of responsibility into your children. For your child to give their dog or puppy all the love and discipline they deserve, they need a simple, age-appropriate, and evidence-based resource to guide them. Most guides in the market are made to cater to adults, which doesn’t necessarily into account a child’s learning bandwidth. However, renowned dog training expert Lucy Williams’ book, “Dog & Puppy Training Guide for Kids”, addresses just that! In this guide, your child will be able to easily follow a practical, step-by-step approach to training their dog and puppy so that they can grow into a happy, healthy, and respectful family companion. Over the course of this great beginner’s guide, your child will: - Breeze through the basics of dog training and puppy training, while learning the most important principles that ensure success - Emotionally bond with their dog or puppy, while establishing their place as one of the pack leaders - Ensure that their dog or puppy gets all the necessary love, support, and guidance they need to grow into a well-rounded puppy - And so much more! Using expert-approved tools and techniques, your child will be able to expertly navigate your dog or puppy’s moods and learning needs, including common socializing and potty training behaviors. Every chapter is crafted with your child’s and animal’s needs in mind, so as to ensure complete harmony and improve bonding. PLUS, your child will learn over 100 fun and exciting dog tricks that are sure to make your dog and child stand out! If you want the best information on dog training and puppy training, then buy this guide today!