Long Ride To Serenity

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Long Ride To Serenity

Long Ride To Serenity Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN: 0719821177
FileSize: 1884kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1884


Long Ride To Serenity by , Summary

This is the story of a range war, the story of a railroad right of way, of murder, greed and corruption littering the long dark trail from the East Coast of America, to south Texas. This is the story of the township of Serenity, and the people who live and die there. Above all it is the story of Louise Kettle a frontier woman and her love for the ageing gunfighter, a living legend, a man with a voice in the White House. He rides that long dark trail leading back from the hollows of western Kentucky, and on to the slaughterhouse they call Shiloh. He is the fastest gun south of the Picket wire, and always behind him is a stone cold killer on a mission from God. This is the story of the pistolero, shootist and gentleman, Rio Jack Fanning: the Undertaker....

Hard Ride to Glory

Hard Ride to Glory Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Harry Jay Thorn
Editor: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN: 0719821703
FileSize: 1822kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1822


Hard Ride to Glory by Harry Jay Thorn Summary

Griffin Boone is happy in his Wyoming valley; he has his Arrowhead ranch, his close friends, a good stock of cattle and a job as a part time deputy sheriff in the county of Liberty. Boone has ridden through the battlefields of the Civil War, served throughout with John Bell Hood's Texas Brigade, he has survived the horror of battle and found peace and solitude with a woman and a shared past. That long-ago trail they once unknowingly rode draws them ever closer together until their lives are threatened by Heck Thomas and his outlaw crew of gunfighters and vagabond thieves. Ride with Boone from the peaceful town of Liberty to the ruins of Glory, a ghost town in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains where past meets present in a blaze of gunfire. Griffin Boone is a quiet, unassuming man, a gentleman - but make no mistake, you cross him at your peril?

The Dark Trail to Nowhere

The Dark Trail to Nowhere Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Harry Jay Thorn
Editor: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN: 0719824842
FileSize: 602kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 602


The Dark Trail to Nowhere by Harry Jay Thorn Summary

Lucas Santana is a freelance range detective working for both the US Marshals Service and the Pinkerton Detective Agency in the 1880s. A wanted man in some States, he takes great care where he rides and has a number of off-the-cuff aliases - and is not too shy about lining his own pockets in order to finance his Wyoming Wildcat ranch. When a number of gold coins surface in South Texas, loot from a long ago three-quarters of a million dollar heist at the end of the Civil War, both Pinkerton and the US Marshals call on his services to find the source of that gold. The problem is, he is not the only one searching for it. Then when a fellow agent is murdered in cold blood, Santana's quest becomes personal and he sets off on the long dark trail to nowhere....

Where No Ravens Fly

Where No Ravens Fly Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Harry Jay Thorn
Editor: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN: 0719827167
FileSize: 844kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 844


Where No Ravens Fly by Harry Jay Thorn Summary

After a long hiatus following the death of his wife, Annie Blue, sometime Pinkerton Agent, Deputy US Marshal and freelance detective Lucas Santana is once again called to serve. The smooth-talking, well-read Wyoming private eye is ordered south to Riverton County Texas, to investigate the rumoured growing unrest there. Washington is worried that the ambitions of one man could destroy the peace on that lonely stretch of borderline. The ambitious Frank Vagg controls the local law on both the Mexican side and the Texas side of the Rio Grande, straddled as it is by his headquarters, the township of San Pedro. Santana's attractive contact, Henri Larsson, wary at first of the senior operative with the reputation for action, proves to be more of a match than he would like. Santana attracts trouble like horse manure attracts dung beetles and it isn't too long before he is compelled to use his big Colt. When the lead begins to fly he is joined by fellow Pinkerton agents Joshua Beaufort and Jacob Benbow and the body count grows in the grim, grey borderline county where no ravens fly.

Gunfight at Nameless Village

Gunfight at Nameless Village Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Chris Adam Smith
Editor: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN: 0719827213
FileSize: 789kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 789


Gunfight at Nameless Village by Chris Adam Smith Summary

Harry James Luck, Civil War veteran, US Cavalry captain, sometime lawman, gambler and part-time town drunk, resigns his army commission and heads south to the High Plains country of Texas in the hope of settling down to a trouble and conflict free life. He meets the lovely Bonnie Luxford, buys a small but attractive ranch and sees his trail clear ahead and going on forever. Texas trails never run straight, though, and a wandering band of Comancheros bring the dream to a fire-ravaged close. Harry knows he cannot forever hide in a bottle and with an elderly Comanche as his only companion, he sets his sights on a new road, a trail of revenge. The two men, together with a small company of adventurous young Texas Rangers and an over-the-hill lawman, seek out the infamous Comanchero Miguel Sanchez and beard him in his own den, a little Mexican hamlet without a name. What followed went down in Western folklore as the Gunfight at the Nameless Village.

From the Vineyards of Hell

From the Vineyards of Hell Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Harry Jay Thorn
Editor: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN: 0719821959
FileSize: 1240kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1240


From the Vineyards of Hell by Harry Jay Thorn Summary

When ex lawman Captain Joshua Beaufort, late of Hood's Texas Brigade, marches clear of the hell that was Gettysburg he has no intention whatsoever of any further engagement in the Civil War; he has, in his own words, killed enough Yankees. But the war has not finished with the Confederate captain and, captured by Union troops, he is given a choice - help to end the war on their terms or spend the rest of it in a prisoner-of-war camp. Colonel Horatio Vallance and the mysterious E.J. Allen persuade him it is in his best interests to cooperate with the North. So, in company with and under the watchful eye of young Corporal Benbow, Beaufort returns to his home state of Texas to old loves, old friends and old enemies. His task, to bring back the head of Buford Post, a notorious warmonger and gunrunner who is in possession of 300 stolen Henry repeating rifles....

Antiques Con

Antiques Con Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Barbara Allan
Editor: Kensington Books
ISBN: 161773876X
FileSize: 1185kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1185


Antiques Con by Barbara Allan Summary

"Endlessly amusing."--Kirkus Reviews Small-town sleuths Brandy and Vivian Borne--with their trusty shih tzu, Sushi--head for a Big Apple comics convention to sell a rare 1940s Superman drawing. When an intruder breaks into their hotel suite, their madcap Manhattan misadventure is only beginning. Soon the out-of-towners stumble onto a murder victim impaled by a pen-shaped award. Villains abound--from cartoonists to crime bosses--creating a jumble of clues. Brandy and Vivian will leave no comic-book page unturned in their race to trap a ruthless killer. Don't miss Brandy Borne's tips on antiques!

Sentry the Horizon

Sentry the Horizon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bruce Merritt
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781468547085
FileSize: 1650kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1650


Sentry the Horizon by Bruce Merritt Summary

In this author's first book of verse, Bruce Merritt brings years of unique poetic experience to bear on the tedium of empty, overnight hours employed as a Security guard, to "fashion the minutes, transcribed in a log book, which fortunately conformed to the ordinary protocols for my assigned post. Due to the Vicissitudes of the late hours, and what I presume to be the whims of the creative temperament, this log-book began to brim with records, observations and entries derived from a waking dream, so to speak. These poems exist on an alternate schedule, the concepts and activities of night and day are shuffled, reversed, at least out of synch, with the so-called normal routine of daily life".

Desire in a Kiss

Desire in a Kiss Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nicki Night
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488013926
FileSize: 1005kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1005


Desire in a Kiss by Nicki Night Summary

Sweet deception Ambitious, charming and heir to a food empire, Christian Chandler has no problem meeting women. If only more of them could see beyond his family’s fortune… On impulse, he creates a fake dating profile and quickly connects with petite powerhouse Serenity Williams. She’s smart, down-to-earth and ignites his fantasies from their first encounter. He has to tell her who he really is. But how can he admit the truth to a woman for whom honesty is everything? Serenity has transformed her life—dropping a lying ex and starting her own nonprofit—and is finally ready to date again. Online, “Chris Mullins” is perfect. In real life, he’s even hotter. From extravagant dates to black-tie balls, Serenity’s falling fast…and then devastated to find she’s been taken in by another fraud. To rekindle their trust, Chris must prove that what they share is the deepest passion she’s ever known…

Crowning Stones

Crowning Stones Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tina Flurry
Editor: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1662409559
FileSize: 571kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 571


Crowning Stones by Tina Flurry Summary

It has been almost twenty years since King Taylon tried to invade the Mountain Valley region.His defeat brought peace to the valley. Now, his son Jase is leading the invasion. He has given the people time to choose to surrender or fight.The town of Morningside sends two brave young people to infiltrate his castle before time runs out. Their quest to spy and bring back information the council can use to combat the evil tyrant.Briella has always felt different from her friends. She knows something is missing in her life. Her parents were killed in the war, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. The only thing her mother left her was a pair of boots. Her only link to her mother is the sun pendant she wears around her neck. If only she could find what she is searching for...Briella is chosen along with Kier. But on the way, Kier is taken, leaving Briella to go on alone. Fear for his safety propels her forward. Can she reach the castle in time? Who is the mysterious man she meets on the way? Why is he helping her? Who is the hermit living in the woods?She is afraid for herself and her friends. Her faith is all she has to keep her going. Following this path, she finds out who she is and what she was born to be.

Serenity Magazine

Serenity Magazine Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Antione Jones
Editor: Serenity Magazine
FileSize: 338kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 338


Serenity Magazine by Antione Jones Summary

Serenity Magazine, a world based magazine about people, fashion, art, photographers, photography, music, urban designers and companies that are doing things outside of the box with an emphasis on giving back. We have features, interviews, pictures, and articles. We will be available in print and online. Our target audience is 20-55, 52% women and 48% men. Serenity wants you to think outside the box and go beyond the skies. We over at Serenity Love the culture, The people, and the vibes that we get from each other. Welcome to Serenity, you can come inside now.

Red Rum Comes To Light

Red Rum Comes To Light Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kansas Rae
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146281526X
FileSize: 512kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 512


Red Rum Comes To Light by Kansas Rae Summary

Dr. Gabrielle Michaels, a 4th year residency of oncology at Northwestern University hospital in Chicago Illinois, has a feeling she is being watched, that her life is under a microscope, and she has every reason to believe her mild obscurity of paranoia because unfortunately for Gabrielle, she’s right. Somone has a disturbing watchful eye on Dr. Michaels. The past has a dreadful way of reoccurring again. For Gabrielle’s sake, circumstances of the death of a childhood friend and love who is locked away in her heart and she refuses to let go, somehow lingers to unsolved murders of two Chicago police officers. Those unsolved murders of two Chicago police officers are reopened when a prominent white defense attorney is found hanging dead in his home. Gabrielle may have reason to believe a friend and mentor of her past, Aaron James a professor at Chicago State University and president of a private political and social activist organization, may be linked to those murders, but has no reason not to trust him. As Gabrielle tries to unravel the light of truth that is filled with lies, conspiracy and plots, more gruesome deaths arise and her life is now somehow a target. Sadly for Dr. Michaels, a dark omen of reality continues to snatch the lives of people close to her, leaving her with a glass full of red rum in which she continues to drink from. This distinctive spellbinding crime drama is a thriller, a masterpiece of divine writing and peculiar lecture that is truly astonishing. Kansas Rae powerful words will speak to you, get your attention, make your head spin, heart race, and may bring you to tears. This novel is guaranteed to become one of your collections of must-reads.

Make It Better

Make It Better Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dr. Michael J. Bernard DDS, MS
Editor: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1637640978
FileSize: 1705kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1705


Make It Better by Dr. Michael J. Bernard DDS, MS Summary

Make It Better: The Editor (x2) By: Dr. Michael J. Bernard DDS, MS This book is comprised of fifty-five short informational and motivational editorials Dr. Bernard wrote over nine years as the editor of a local dental magazine. In Make It Better, Dr. Bernard reinvigorates his original articles by commenting on them in the year 2020, bringing his current life-skill knowledge and new information to bear on past insights. With humor and self-awareness, Dr. Bernard shares some of the principles that have helped him make his own life better and more spiritual. What he learned in a lifetime, the reader can learn through this collection of short, engaging articles. Whether you read it straight through or pick and choose the articles that will help you most, Make It Better can help you do just that: make your life better.

The Complete Travel Detective Bible

The Complete Travel Detective Bible Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Peter Greenberg
Editor: Rodale Books
ISBN: 160529764X
FileSize: 1013kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1013


The Complete Travel Detective Bible by Peter Greenberg Summary

This ultimate "physician's desk reference" for travelers addresses the questions, anxieties, concerns, and desire for essential information that are common to seasoned and novice travelers alike. Peter Greenberg, best-selling author, trusted Today show travel editor, and the man that writer Paul Theroux calls "the liberator and defender of the traveling public," offers an encyclopedic look at every aspect of the travel process, both domestically and internationally, from the true definition of travel terms to in-depth explanations of how things really work. Do you want to know which airline seats are the best and worst? How you can vacation in a lighthouse, a monastery, or even a converted prison? Which countries require you to get visas before you visit? Or won't let you in even if you have a passport? Which airlines are the worst "bumping" offenders? How you can avoid hidden fees? The Complete Travel Detective Bible offers up answers to these questions and much more. Everything is cross-referenced and each chapter is filled with useful charts, lists, and diagrams, making for an easily accessible format. Greenberg, who has been to more than 146 countries, is an expert without equal at outplaying the travel industry at its own games, securing the best fares, accommodations, and service at the lowest possible prices. He shares every one of these hard-won, ingenious insider secrets in this book, making The Complete Travel Detective Bible the ultimate word on travel today.

The Road to Home

The Road to Home Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ellen Gibson-Adler
Editor: Gatekeeper Press
ISBN: 1642377198
FileSize: 699kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 699


The Road to Home by Ellen Gibson-Adler Summary

In her final book of her trilogy series, Ellen Gibson-Adler gives us a moving and unforgettable story that portrays the transformative journey of a military family ultimately forced to put down roots. The reconciliation and reckoning of the characters we have grown to love in the saga adventures o the Lyons family is buoyed by their humor, wit, and a determination to rise above the odds that stand in the way of these eccentric, talented, damaged, and lovable people. Nelle swallows rejection and blooms in love, while her parents struggle to remake themselves after the realities of war and isolation shred their former selves. Cast as perpetual outsiders on an anchorless vessel, they fight to find footing on unfamiliar ground amid strangers. The love of a grandfather and the friendships that slowly evolve, deliver safety and salvation from a tumultuous past with abiding hope for promising expectations. As Nelle and her family grapple with charting a future steeped in the turbulence of growing up and growing old, we embrace the successes and failures of these all too human characters. Through the lens of loss, the light of laughter, and the revelation of wisdom, and the peace of acceptance, comes a beautiful story of how forgiveness leads to the road to redemption and the power of love, no matter the age or station in life. Above all trials and beyond all obstacles, follow the Lyons to the pride of home in the final book of the family saga trilogy. If you are a fan of Jeannette Walls, Anne Tyler, or Tara Westover, this is your next great read.

Reading Joss Whedon

Reading Joss Whedon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rhonda V. Wilcox,Tanya R. Cochran,Cynthea Masson,David Lavery
Editor: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 0815652836
FileSize: 1209kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1209


Reading Joss Whedon by Rhonda V. Wilcox,Tanya R. Cochran,Cynthea Masson,David Lavery Summary

In an age when geek chic has come to define mainstream pop culture, few writers and producers inspire more admiration and response than Joss Whedon. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Much Ado About Nothing, from Dr. Horrible’s Sing–Along Blog to The Avengers, the works of Whedon have been the focus of increasing academic attention. This collection of articles represents some of the best work covering a wide array of topics that clarify Whedon’s importance, including considerations of narrative and visual techniques, myth construction, symbolism, gender, heroism, and the business side of television. The editors argue that Whedon’s work is of both social and aesthetic significance; that he creates "canonical television." He is a master of his artistic medium and has managed this success on broadcast networks rather than on cable. From the focus on a single episode to the exploration of an entire season, from the discussion of a particular narrative technique to a recounting of the history of Whedon studies, this collection will both entertain and educate those exploring Whedon scholarship for the first time and those planning to teach a course on his works.


Cassie Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Myrtle Long Haldeman
Editor: Review and Herald Pub Assoc
ISBN: 9780828010962
FileSize: 702kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 702


Cassie by Myrtle Long Haldeman Summary

This is Cassie's story - the adventures of a brave Maryland farm girl living just minutes from Antietam, the site of the fiercest battle ever fought in the Civil War. Never did she dream she would work alongside her hero Clara Barton in a make-shift hospital, meet President Lincoln, or help give the gift of freedom to a girl who would become her very best friend.

Journey to the Promised Land

Journey to the Promised Land Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dwayne Makala
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493198750
FileSize: 1560kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1560


Journey to the Promised Land by Dwayne Makala Summary

The Liberia Exodus of 1878 was the one of the biggest events in African American history. It certainly rivaled the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of slavery in the nineteenth century, as the grand event and the most talked about until the coming of Marcus Garvey some forty years later.

His Witch To Keep

His Witch To Keep Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Zoe Forward
Editor: Entangled: Amara
ISBN: 1633754618
FileSize: 1212kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1212


His Witch To Keep by Zoe Forward Summary

Serenity Danssaert was already in way over her head. Not even her MI6 training or her powers as one of the seven Pleiades witches is going to save her sister. Then Alexi Jovec shows up. A secret operative working for unknown forces, he's impossibly sexy and dangerous...and the guy who bailed on Serenity after a red-hot, racy night. So bonding to him as her destined—the One—is so very wrong. While Alexi’s need to own Serenity—body, soul, and beyond—is nearly unbearable, it's also forbidden. He's the last man who could ever be her destined. Besides, Hades's right-hand man cannot bond with a chosen Pleiades witch. He may be the one man who can protect her, but she can never be his to keep. Wanting her was one thing. Keeping her was another... Each book in the Keepers of the Veil series is STANDALONE: * Protecting His Witch * His Witch To Keep * Playing the Witch's Game

Leaving Time

Leaving Time Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jodi Picoult
Editor: Random House Canada
ISBN: 0345813375
FileSize: 1535kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1535


Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult Summary

The beloved, international bestselling author’s Random House Canada debut--the gripping story of a daughter searching for her missing mother--and one of her most powerful and affecting novels yet. Alice Metcalf was a devoted mother, loving wife and accomplished scientist who studied grief among elephants. Yet it's been a decade since she disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind her small daughter, husband, and the animals to which she devoted her life. All signs point to abandonment. . .or worse. Still Jenna--now 13 years old and truly orphaned by a father maddened by grief--steadfastly refuses to believe in her mother's desertion. So she decides to approach the 2 people who might still be able to help her find Alice: a disgraced psychic named Serenity Jones, and Virgil Stanhope, the cynical detective who first investigated her mother's disappearance and the strange, possibly linked death of 1 of her mother's co-workers. Together these 3 lonely souls will discover truths destined to forever change their lives. Deeply moving and suspenseful, Jodi Picoult's first novel with Random House Canada is a radiant exploration of the enduring love between mothers and daughters.