Lost World Of The Golden King

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Lost World of the Golden King

Lost World of the Golden King Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520953746
FileSize: 1791kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1791


Lost World of the Golden King by , Summary

Drawing on ancient historical writings, the vast array of information gleaned in recent years from the study of Hellenistic coins, and startling archaeological evidence newly unearthed in Afghanistan, Frank L. Holt sets out to rediscover the ancient civilization of Bactria. In a gripping narrative informed by the author’s deep knowledge of his subject, this book covers two centuries of Bactria’s history, from its colonization by remnants of Alexander the Great’s army to the kingdom’s collapse at the time of a devastating series of nomadic invasions. Beginning with the few tantalizing traces left behind when the ‘empire of a thousand cities’ vanished, Holt takes up that trail and follows the remarkable and sometimes perilous journey of rediscovery. Lost World of the Ancient King describes how a single bit of evidence—a Greek coin—launched a search that drew explorers to the region occupied by the tumultuous warring tribes of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Afghanistan. Coin by coin, king by king, the history of Bactria was reconstructed using the emerging methodologies of numismatics. In the twentieth century, extraordinary ancient texts added to the evidence. Finally, one of the ‘thousand cities’ was discovered and excavated, revealing an opulent palace, treasury, temple, and other buildings. Though these great discoveries soon fell victim to the Afghan political crisis that continues today, this book provides a thrilling chronicle of the search for one of the world’s most enigmatic empires.

The Himalayas: An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture

The Himalayas: An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew J. Hund,James A. Wren
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440839395
FileSize: 1820kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1820


The Himalayas: An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture by Andrew J. Hund,James A. Wren Summary

A thorough and detailed resource that describes the history, culture, and geography of the Himalayan region, providing an indispensable reference work to both general readers and seasoned scholars in the field. • Presents invaluable insights into the dynamics that have shaped the Himalayan region over human history • Provides a context for understanding the importance of the region to a larger understanding of globalization and key related issues we must currently deal with, including but not limited to climate change, border disputes, and economic and political migrations • Offers a balanced understanding of major socio-political issues that affect the region • Supplies a detailed and rich description of the region in a single volume that serves readers who need immediate answers to questions as well as those seeking a comprehensive overview of the complexities of the region

Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia [3 volumes]

Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia [3 volumes] Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sara E. Phang,Iain Spence Ph.D.,Douglas Kelly Ph.D.,Peter Londey Ph.D.
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1610690206
FileSize: 450kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 450


Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia [3 volumes] by Sara E. Phang,Iain Spence Ph.D.,Douglas Kelly Ph.D.,Peter Londey Ph.D. Summary

The complex role warfare played in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations is examined through coverage of key wars and battles; important leaders, armies, organizations, and weapons; and other noteworthy aspects of conflict. • Provides an up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of conflict in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds that relates warfare to society, politics, economy, and culture • Examines major wars and other key conflicts; important generals and leaders; and Greek and Roman political, military, social, and cultural institutions • Presents ancillary information, including maps and illustrations; a topically arranged bibliography; sourcebooks of primary sources in translation; and lists of the most interesting "sound bites" attributed to Greek and Roman leaders in ancient times

The Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek World

The Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek World Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rachel Mairs
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351610287
FileSize: 866kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 866


The Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek World by Rachel Mairs Summary

This volume provides a thorough conspectus of the field of Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek studies, mixing theoretical and historical surveys with critical and thought-provoking case studies in archaeology, history, literature and art. The chapters from this international group of experts showcase innovative methodologies, such as archaeological GIS, as well as providing accessible explanations of specialist techniques such as die studies of coins, and important theoretical perspectives, including postcolonial approaches to the Greeks in India. Chapters cover the region’s archaeology, written and numismatic sources, and a history of scholarship of the subject, as well as culture, identity and interactions with neighbouring empires, including India and China. The Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek World is the go-to reference work on the field, and fulfils a serious need for an accessible, but also thorough and critically-informed, volume on the Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek kingdoms. It provides an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the Hellenistic East.

The Rise of the Seleukid Empire, 323–223 BC

The Rise of the Seleukid Empire, 323–223 BC Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John D. Grainger
Editor: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473838606
FileSize: 1099kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1099


The Rise of the Seleukid Empire, 323–223 BC by John D. Grainger Summary

The first of three books on the ancient Greek dynasty “reads with the pull of a novel and shows how the new Empire rose and fell.”—Firetrench The Seleukid kingdom was the largest state in the world for a century and more between Alexander’s death and the rise of Rome. The first king, Seleukos I, established a pattern of rule which was unusually friendly towards his subjects, and his policies promoted the steady growth of wealth and population in many areas which had been depopulated when he took them over. In particular the dynasty was active in founding cities from Asia Minor to Central Asia. Its work set the social and economic scene of the Middle East for many centuries to come. Yet these kings had to be warriors too as they defended their realm from jealous neighbors. John D Grainger’s trilogy charts the rise and fall of this superpower of the ancient world. In the first volume, he relates the remarkable twists of fortune and daring that saw Seleukos, an officer in an elite guard unit, emerge from the wars of the Diadochi (Alexander’s successors) in control of the largest and richest part of the empire of the late Alexander the Great. After his conquests and eventual murder, we then see how his successors continued his policies, including the repeated wars with the Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt over control of Syria. The volume ends with the deep internal crisis and the Wars of the Brothers, which left only a single member of the dynasty alive in 223 BC.

Ancient Worlds

Ancient Worlds Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael Scott
Editor: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465094732
FileSize: 1826kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1826


Ancient Worlds by Michael Scott Summary

"As panoramic as it is learned, this is ancient history for our globalized world." Tom Holland, author of Dynasty and Rubicon Twenty-five-hundred years ago, civilizations around the world entered a revolutionary new era that overturned old order and laid the foundation for our world today. In the face of massive social changes across three continents, radical new forms of government emerged; mighty wars were fought over trade, religion, and ideology; and new faiths were ruthlessly employed to unify vast empires. The histories of Rome and China, Greece and India-the stories of Constantine and Confucius, Qin Shi Huangdi and Hannibal-are here revealed to be interconnected incidents in the midst of a greater drama. In Ancient Worlds, historian Michael Scott presents a gripping narrative of this unique age in human civilization, showing how diverse societies responded to similar pressures and how they influenced one another: through conquest and conversion, through trade in people, goods, and ideas. An ambitious reinvention of our grandest histories, Ancient Worlds reveals new truths about our common human heritage. "A bold and imaginative page-turner that challenges ideas about the world of antiquity." Peter Frankopan, author of The Silk Roads

The Seleukid Empire of Antiochus III, 223–187 BC

The Seleukid Empire of Antiochus III, 223–187 BC Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John D. Grainger
Editor: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473854504
FileSize: 1384kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1384


The Seleukid Empire of Antiochus III, 223–187 BC by John D. Grainger Summary

The second volume in John Grainger's history of the Seleukid Empire is devoted to the reign of Antiochus III. Too often remembered only as the man who lost to the Romans at Magnesia, Antiochus is here revealed as one of the most powerful and capable rulers of the age. Having emerged from civil war in 223 BC as the sole survivor of the Seleukid dynasty, he shouldered the burdens of a weakened and divided realm. Though defeated by Egypt in the Fourth Syrian War, he gradually restored full control over the empire. His great Eastern campaign took Macedonian arms back to India for the first time since Alexander's day and, returning west, he went on to conquer Thrace and finally wrest Syria from Ptolemaic control. Then came intervention in Greece and the clash with Rome leading to the defeat at Magnesia and the restrictive Peace of Apamea. Despite this, Antiochus remained ambitious, campaigning in the East again; when he died in 187 BC the empire was still one of the most powerful states in the world.

Kings and Kingship in the Hellenistic World, 350–30 BC

Kings and Kingship in the Hellenistic World, 350–30 BC Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John D. Grainger
Editor: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473863775
FileSize: 608kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 608


Kings and Kingship in the Hellenistic World, 350–30 BC by John D. Grainger Summary

Between c.350 BC and 30 BC the Mediterranean world was one in which kings ruled. The exceptions were the Greek cities and Roman Italy. But for most of that period neither of these republican areas was central to events. For the crucial centuries between Alexander the Great and the Roman conquest of Macedon, the political running was made by kings, and it is their work and loves and experience which is the subject here. Rome's expansion extinguished a series of monarchies and pushed back the area which was ruled by kings for a time, but the process of building a republican empire eventually rebounded on the city, and the Romans empire came to be ruled by an emperor who was in fact a facsimile of a Hellenistic king.Rather than attempting a narrative of the various kingdoms, John Grainger takes a thematic approach, considering various aspects of Hellenistic kingship in turn. This allows him to highlight the common features as well as the differences across the various dynasties. How did one become king? How was a smooth succession secured and what happened when it was not? What were the duties of a king, and what were the rewards and distractions? These are just a few of the interesting facets examined in this original and fascinating book.

New Perspectives in Seleucid History, Archaeology and Numismatics

New Perspectives in Seleucid History, Archaeology and Numismatics Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Roland Oetjen
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110283840
FileSize: 479kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 479


New Perspectives in Seleucid History, Archaeology and Numismatics by Roland Oetjen Summary

Dedicated to Getzel M. Cohen, a leading expert in Seleucid history, this volume gathers 45 contributions on Seleucid history, archaeology, numismatics, political relations, policy toward the Jews, Greek cities, non-Greek populations, peripheral and neighboring regions, imperial administration, economy and public finances, and ancient descriptions of the Seleucid Empire. The reader will gain an international perspective on current research.

Global Classics

Global Classics Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jacques A. Bromberg
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000404447
FileSize: 993kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 993


Global Classics by Jacques A. Bromberg Summary

What makes Classics "global", and what does it mean to study the ancient world "globally"? How can the study of antiquity contribute to our understanding of pressing global issues? Global Classics addresses these questions by pursuing a transdisciplinary dialogue between Classics and Global Studies. Authoritative and engaging, this book provides the first field-wide synthesis of the recent "global turn" in Classics as well as a comprehensive overview of an emerging field in ancient studies. Through focused readings of ancient sources and modern scholarship, the author introduces readers to three key paradigms that are essential to research and teaching in global antiquities: transborder, transhistorical, and transdisciplinary. Global Classics will appeal to educators, students, and scholars interested in the application of globalization theories and paradigms in ancient studies, in globalizing their teaching and research, and in approaches to contemporary global issues through the study of the remote past.

Hellenistic Land Battles 300-167 BCE

Hellenistic Land Battles 300-167 BCE Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Fred Eugene Ray, Jr.
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 1476640904
FileSize: 378kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 378


Hellenistic Land Battles 300-167 BCE by Fred Eugene Ray, Jr. Summary

The Hellenistic Period (323-31 BCE) saw the Grecian phalanx--long dominant in Mediterranean warfare--challenged by legionary formations from the rising city-state of Rome. The Roman way of war would come to eclipse phalanx-based combat by the 160s yet this was not evident at the time. Rome suffered numerous defeats against the phalanxes of Pyrrhus and Hannibal, its overseas campaign against the brilliant Spartan mercenary Xanthippus met disaster, and several Roman victories over Hellenistic foes were not decisive. The story of combat in this pivotal era is not well documented. This book for the first time provides detailed tactical analyses for all 130 significant land engagements of Hellenistic armies 300-167 BCE.

Egypt, Greece, and Rome

Egypt, Greece, and Rome Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Charles Freeman
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191509701
FileSize: 1950kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1950


Egypt, Greece, and Rome by Charles Freeman Summary

Egypt, Greece, and Rome is regarded as one of the best general histories of the ancient world, having sold more than 80,000 copies in its first two editions. It is written for the general reader and the student coming to the subject for the first time and provides a reliable and highly accessible point of entry to the period. Beginning with the early Middle Eastern civilizations of Sumer, and continuing right through to the Islamic invasions and the birth of modern Europe after the collapse of the Roman empire, the book ranges beyond political history to cover art and architecture, philosophy, literature, society, and economy. A wide range of maps, illustrations, and photographs complements the text. This third edition has been extensively revised to appeal to the general reader with several chapters completely rewritten and a great deal of new material added, including a new selection of images.

The Lost World of the Kimberley

The Lost World of the Kimberley Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ian Wilson
Editor: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1741152305
FileSize: 1245kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1245


The Lost World of the Kimberley by Ian Wilson Summary

Australia's Kimberley was the cultural hub of the Ice Age world. Today, it holds within its bounds the world's largest collection of Ice Age figurative art, giving us vital clues to the origins of other cultures and civilisations right across the world. Back at a time when most of Europe lay deep beneath ice sheets, a people in the remote and rugged Kimberley Ranges of north-west Australia created figurative paintings of such verve and talent that they surpass all other of the world's rock art. Known as 'Bradshaws', after pioneer farmer Joseph Bradshaw who chanced upon the first examples in 1891, the Kimberley paintings feature lithe, graceful human figures depicted in a fashion altogether different from that of even the oldest traditional art, providing extraordinary visual insights into the everyday lives of Ice Age people. So who were these Bradshaw people? When did they live? What happened to them? Ian Wilson describes the early research on the Bradshaw paintings, and explains how advanced dating techniques have shed new light on the findings. He explores the theories put forward on for the origins of these seafaring people; one possibility is that they arrived from the Andaman Islands, where pygmy-like tribes still survive. Farther afield still the author draws connections with Saharan peoples, and he even unearths startling similarities with South American tribes. Lost World of the Kimberley is a wide-ranging and provocative look at the very Australian, yet also potentially international, mystery of the Bradshaw paintings of the Kimberley one of Australia's least known, yet most extraordinary, national treasures.

The Lost Road and Other Writings (The History of Middle-earth, Book 5)

The Lost Road and Other Writings (The History of Middle-earth, Book 5) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Christopher Tolkien
Editor: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007348223
FileSize: 1448kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1448


The Lost Road and Other Writings (The History of Middle-earth, Book 5) by Christopher Tolkien Summary

The fifth volume of the History of Middle-earth, containing the early myths and legends which led to the writing of Tolkien’s epic tale of war, The Silmarillion.

Experience the Golden Age of Boxing

Experience the Golden Age of Boxing Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Steven Losch
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1499094353
FileSize: 1155kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1155


Experience the Golden Age of Boxing by Steven Losch Summary

This book contains my personal written and photographic account of the last golden era of professional boxing, which began when six Americans who won medals at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal turned pro and ended in 1983 when Marvin Hagler knocked out Thomas Hearns in three thrilling rounds. The real boxing enthusiast will vividly recall that bright shining period in the history of our favorite sport and remember nothing at all about me. That is exactly as it should be because this book is about the fighters and not the writer, who started to memorialize their exploits with a manual typewriter, nondigital camera, and miniature tape recorder over a quarter of a century ago.

The Lost World (Book Center)

The Lost World (Book Center) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Arthur Conan Doyle,Book Center
Editor: CDED
ISBN: 2377932789
FileSize: 1788kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1788


The Lost World (Book Center) by Arthur Conan Doyle,Book Center Summary

The Lost World is a novel released in 1912 by Arthur Conan Doyle concerning an expedition to a plateau in South America where prehistoric animals (dinosaurs and other extinct creatures) still survive. The character of Professor Challenger was introduced in this book. Interestingly, for a seminal work of dinosaur-related fiction, the animals only occupy a small portion of the narrative. Much more time is devoted to a war between early human hominids and a vicious tribe of ape-like creatures.

The Viking King’s Golden Treasure

The Viking King’s Golden Treasure Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sven Rosborn
Editor: Rivengate AB
ISBN: 9198678116
FileSize: 897kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 897


The Viking King’s Golden Treasure by Sven Rosborn Summary

A newly discovered material rewrites early Danish Viking history. In 2014 a 11-year-old girl, Maja Sielski, and her younger sister Julia, made a sensational discovery among their deceased grandmother's belongings. They found a small golden plate with a Latin script telling the story of the legendary Viking king Harald Bluetooth. It soon turned out that the golden plate was once placed in the king's tomb and this tomb contained world's largest known golden treasure of Viking-era. A transcript of a previously unknown chronicle, "Gesta Wulinensis ecclesiae pontificum" from the 990s has also been found. The manuscript was written by the king’s own priest Avico, probably in an attempt to canonize the king after his death in year 985. Avico has been in the service of the king since the 950s. His extensive account gives a remarkable and dramatic picture of the Viking age Scandinavia during the 10th century. Here is a story of the struggle for power and the foundation of the future dynasties in Denmark, Sweden and Norway as well as Viking raids in Ireland and England. The account also tells of the founding of the legendary Viking fortress of Jomsborg and the fortress’s powerful mercenaries. The book describes in detail these unique facts, but it also gives an overall picture of the Viking Age era for those who are not familiar with the subject. The Curmsun Disc The Curmsun Disc is a concave gold disc of a weight of 25.23 grams (0.890 oz) and a diameter of 4.5 centimetres (1.8 in). The Danish Viking king Harald Bluetooth and the name of the stronghold of Jomsborg is mentioned in the latin inscription on the disc. The disc was reportedly found as part of a Viking Age hoard discovered in 1841 in the cellar crypt of the ruined chapel at Groß-Weckow village in Pomerania. This location is just east of the bank of the river Dievenow and near the place where the semi-legendary Viking stronghold of Jomsborg stood between the 960's and 1043. According to the author the entrance to the crypt was accidentally discovered by a 12-year-old Heinrich Boldt (actor Ben Affleck's said-to-be maternal great-great grandfather), who was playing with some younger children at a construction site near the ruined chapel.

When Money Talks

When Money Talks Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Frank L. Holt
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0197517676
FileSize: 1834kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1834


When Money Talks by Frank L. Holt Summary

Coinage - it is one of the most successful and consistent technologies ever invented. Nothing else we still use in everyday life has a history quite like it. Look around at all the things that would bewilder a Greek, Roman, or Renaissance ancestor; then, dig into your purse or pocket for that one artifact that they would immediately recognize as part of their world. Historian Frank L. Holt takes us on a lively journey through the history of numismatics, the study of coins - one of the oldest and most important contributions to the arts and humanities. For 2600 years, poets, economists, philosophers, historians, and theologians have pondered the mysteries of money. Who invented coins, and why? Does coinage function beyond our control as if it had a mind of its own? How has it changed world history and culture? What does numismatics reveal about our past that could never be discovered from any other source? How has numismatics advanced using modern science? Does it still suffer from racist ideas about physiognomy and phrenology? What does its future hold? The approach taken in this richly illustrated book is as multi-faceted as coined money itself. Coins are integral to our economic, social, political, religious, and cultural history. When Money Talks: The History of Coins explores each aspect of coinage, and takes a special interest in how coins have appeared in literature and pop culture, ranging in its analysis from Greek drama and the New Testament to T.V. sitcoms and meme theory.

Into the Land of Bones

Into the Land of Bones Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Frank L. Holt
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520953754
FileSize: 1594kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1594


Into the Land of Bones by Frank L. Holt Summary

The so-called first war of the twenty-first century actually began more than 2,300 years ago when Alexander the Great led his army into what is now a sprawling ruin in northern Afghanistan. Frank L. Holt vividly recounts Alexander's invasion of ancient Bactria, situating in a broader historical perspective America's war in Afghanistan.

Fable: Edge of the World

Fable: Edge of the World Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Christie Golden
Editor: Del Rey
ISBN: 0345539419
FileSize: 1851kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1851


Fable: Edge of the World by Christie Golden Summary

The official prequel novel to the Xbox 360 videogame, Fable:™ The Journey It’s been almost a decade since the events of Fable 3, when the Hero vanquished the threat across the sea and claimed his throne. As king he led Albion to an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity. But on the night of his wedding to his new queen, ominous word arrives: The darkness has returned. Beyond a harrowing mountain pass, the exotic desert country Samarkand has been overrun by shadowy forces. Within the walls of its capital city, a mysterious usurper known only as the Empress has seized control. To protect his realm, the king must lead his most trusted allies into a strange land unknown to outsiders. As they forge ahead along Samarkand’s ancient Great Road, populated by undead terrors and fantastic creatures once believed to be the stuff of legend, the king is drawn ever closer to his greatest challenge yet. But soon Albion is engulfed in a war of its own. As the darkness spreads, town by town, a treacherous force has infiltrated the queen’s circle. Now the fate of all that is good rests with a faint flicker of hope . . . that somewhere, somehow, heroes still do exist. © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft, Fable, Lionhead, the Lionhead logo, Xbox, and the Xbox logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.