Martin Fourcade Un Dernier Tour De Piste

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Martin Fourcade - Un dernier tour de piste

Martin Fourcade - Un dernier tour de piste Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Marabout
ISBN: 2501159314
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Martin Fourcade - Un dernier tour de piste by Summary

LE CARNET DE BORD D’UN IMMENSE CHAMPION près son triomphe aux Jeux olympiques de 2018 (trois médailles d’or), Martin Fourcade peine à retrouver ses sensations. La saison post-olympique s’apparente à un calvaire, au point qu’il se demande s’il n’a pas perdu la flamme et les qualités mentales et physiques qui ont fait de lui le plus grand biathlète de l’histoire. Alors, à l’aube de ce qui deviendra sa dernière saison, il entame une opération de reconquête sans certitude, mais avec une immense détermination. Un dernier tour de piste est le carnet de bord touchant, sincère et circonstancié de cette renaissance : du premier jour de compétition de présaison jusqu’au franchissement de l’ultime ligne d’arrivée, épilogue d’une saison haletante, point final d’une carrière en or. On découvre l’homme, le passeur, le père derrière le champion. Et on comprend encore mieux comment et pourquoi il est devenu une légende du sport.

Martin Fourcade. Moje poslední sezóna

Martin Fourcade. Moje poslední sezóna Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Martin Fourcade
Editor: Jota
ISBN: 8075658612
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Martin Fourcade. Moje poslední sezóna by Martin Fourcade Summary

Martin Fourcade je francouzskou legendou, která sedm let vládla biatlonovému světu. Sedm let vyhrával, v průměru každý druhý závod stál na nejvyšším stupni. Zvykl si. V sezoně 2018–2019 ale zažil něco, na co nebyl připravený. Přestalo se mu dařit. Nechápal, co se děje, tělo zkrátka nereagovalo tak, jak byl do té doby zvyklý. A nedivil se jen on, v šoku byl celý biatlonový svět. Zažil obrovský propad. Sáhl si hodně hluboko. Na konci neúspěšné sezony to ale nechtěl vzdát a začal se připravovat na sezonu další, která měla být, aniž to tehdy sám tušil, jeho poslední. Tato nová kniha Martina Fourcada je intimním deníkem, který si psal během uplynulé sezony. Procházíme s ním jednotlivými zastávkami Světového poháru a nahlédnout můžeme i do jeho soukromí. Zažíváme s ním hlubokou radost a pokoru, když se mu daří zase vyhrávat, uvědomuje si, jak bral svá vítězství samozřejmě. Vrací se na vrchol a mnohem víc si váží všeho, co dosáhl. I když ho na konci dělí od posledního velkého křišťálového globu jen dva body, poslední závod své kariéry vyhrává. Odchází jako král. Král je mrtev, ať žije král. Martin Fourcade s námi na konci své hvězdné kariéry sdílí deník, který si psal během poslední sezony. Je doplněný barevnými ilustracemi 14leté ruské fanynky Oksany Pinčukové.

Martin Fourcade

Martin Fourcade Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Martin Fourcade
Editor: Marabout
ISBN: 2501131495
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Martin Fourcade by Martin Fourcade Summary

À 28 ans, le biathlète français est d’ores et déjà une légende de son sport mais aussi un des plus grands champions de l’histoire du sport français et le plus médaillé au sport d’hiver. Aussi précis au tir que rapide et endurant sur ses skis, le champion né dans les Pyrénées orientales s’est forgé au fil des ans un palmarès unique avec 2 médailles d’or et deux médailles d’argent aux JO d’hiver, 11 championnats du monde et 63 victoires en Coupe du monde. Et il va s’attaquer aux JO de Pyeongchang en Corée du Sud avec un appétit de géant. Dans ce livre qu’il a lui-même écrit, il revient sur les secrets de sa méthode, son rapport à la nature et n’élude pas les sujets qui fâchent comme les soupçons de dopage de ses adversaires russes.

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kilian Jornet
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062965050
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Above the Clouds by Kilian Jornet Summary

"Kilian Jornet is the most dominating endurance athlete of his generation."—NEW YORK TIMES "Inspiring and humbling"— ALEX HONNOLD The most accomplished mountain runner of all time contemplates his record-breaking climbs of Mount Everest in this profound memoir—an intellectual and spiritual journey that moves from the earth’s highest peak to the soul’s deepest reaches. Kilian Jornet has broken nearly every mountaineering record in the world and twice been named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. In 2018 he summitted Mount Everest twice in one week—without the help of bottled oxygen or ropes. As he recounts a life spent studying and ascending the greatest peaks on earth, Jornet ruminates on what he has found in nature—simplicity, freedom, and spiritual joy—and offers a poetic yet clearheaded assessment of his relationship to the mountain . . . at times his opponent, at others, his greatest inspiration.

Beyond Possible

Beyond Possible Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nimsdai Purja
Editor: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 1529312272
FileSize: 482kb
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Beyond Possible by Nimsdai Purja Summary

**THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP 10 BESTSELLER** 'An inspirational study in leadership and a powerful testament to the human spirit at its very best.' - Mail on Sunday 'The energy of the book gives it pace and you whip through, rather as Purja nips up verticals... Whether or not you are a lover of the mountains, you will marvel at his tenacity, his fearlessness. No one can fail to be inspired by what he achieved.' - The Times 'Not only does Nims have exceptional physical stamina, he's also a leader with great skills in financial management and logistics.' - Reinhold Messner, the first person to climb all fourteen highest mountains in the world 'The magnitude of his achievement is astonishing.' Soldier Magazine 'A Living Legend.' Trail Magazine *** Welcome to The Death Zone. Fourteen mountains on Earth tower over 8,000 metres above sea level, an altitude where the brain and body withers and dies. Until recently, the world record for climbing them all stood at nearly eight years. So I announced I was summiting them in under seven months. People laughed. They told me I was crazy, even though I'd sharpened my climbing skills on the brutal Himalayan peaks of Everest and Dhaulagiri. But I possessed more than enough belief, strength and resilience to nail the job, having taken down enemy gunmen and terrorist bomb makers while serving with the Gurkhas and the UK Special Forces. Throughout 2019, I came alive in the death zone. Soon after, I was showing the world a new truth: that with bravery and enough heart and drive, the impossible was possible...

Chess For Dummies

Chess For Dummies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Eade
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119280036
FileSize: 1920kb
File Format: Pdf
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Chess For Dummies by James Eade Summary

Your quick and easy guide to chess Kings, queens, knights—does chess seem like a royal pain to grasp? Taking the intimidation out of this age-old pastime, Chess For Dummies, 4th Edition is here to help beginners wrap their minds around the rules of the game, make sense of those puzzling pieces, and start playing chess like a champ. From using the correct chess terminology to engaging in the art of the attack, you'll get easy-to-follow, step-by-step explanations that demystify the game—and give you an extra edge. Chess isn't a game you can master—it's an activity that requires patience, strategy, and constant learning. But that's all part of the fun and challenge! Whether you're playing chess online, in a tournament, or with a family member or friend, this hands-on guide gets you familiar with the game and its components, giving you the know-how to put the principles of play into action from the opening to the endgame. Grasp the principles of play and the nuances of each phase of the game Familiarize yourself with the pieces and the board Pick the perfect chess board and set Know each of the pieces and their powers If you find yourself in a stalemate before you even begin a game, this friendly book helps you put your chess foot forward!

Lost in a Good Book

Lost in a Good Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jasper Fforde
Editor: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 1844569209
FileSize: 1924kb
File Format: Pdf
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Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde Summary

he second book in Number One bestselling author Jasper Fforde's phenomenally successful Thursday Next series. 'Fans of the late Douglas Adams, or, even, Monty Python, will feel at home with Fforde' - Herald Thursday Next, literary detective and newlywed is back to embark on an adventure that begins, quite literally on her own doorstep. It seems that Landen, her husband of four weeks, actually drowned in an accident when he was two years old. Someone, somewhere, sometime, is responsible. The sinister Goliath Corporation wants its operative Jack Schitt out of the poem in which Thursday trapped him, and it will do almost anything to achieve this - but bribing the ChronoGuard? Is that possible? Having barely caught her breath after The Eyre Affair, Thursday must battle corrupt politicians, try to save the world from extinction, and help the Neanderthals to species self-determination. Mastadon migrations, journeys into Just William, a chance meeting with the Flopsy Bunnies, and violent life-and-death struggles in the summer sales are all part of a greater plan. But whose? and why?

A Country Excursion

A Country Excursion Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Guy de Maupassant
Editor: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1473369959
FileSize: 1477kb
File Format: Pdf
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A Country Excursion by Guy de Maupassant Summary

This early work by Guy de Maupassant was originally published in the 1880's. Guy de Maupassant was born in 1850 at the Château de Miromesnil, near Dieppe, France. He came from a prosperous family, but when Maupassant was eleven, his mother risked social disgrace by trying to secure a legal separation from her husband. After the split, Maupassant lived with his mother till he was thirteen, and inherited her love of classical literature. In 1880, Maupassant published his first - and, according to many, his best - short story, entitled 'Boule de Suif' ('Ball of Fat'). It was an instant success. He went on to be extremely prolific during the 1880s, working methodically to produce up to four volumes of short fiction every year. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions.

Fight for Life #1

Fight for Life #1 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101176660
FileSize: 1362kb
File Format: Pdf
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Fight for Life #1 by Laurie Halse Anderson Summary

Maggie’s grandmother runs an animal clinic, Dr. Mac’s Place, so Maggie knows her way around animals who are in danger. When she learns that the abused and sick puppies flooding the clinic are from an illegal puppy mill, she knows that she has to find out who’s running it, where it is—and save the rest of the dogs!

The Disney Song Encyclopedia

The Disney Song Encyclopedia Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas S. Hischak,Mark A. Robinson
Editor: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 0810869381
FileSize: 1123kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1123


The Disney Song Encyclopedia by Thomas S. Hischak,Mark A. Robinson Summary

Songs written for Disney productions over the decades have become a potent part of American popular culture. Since most Americans first discovered these songs in their youth, they hold a special place in one's consciousness. The Disney Song Encyclopedia describes and discusses hundreds of famous and not-so-famous songs from Disney films, television, Broadway, and theme parks from the 1930s to the present day. Over 900 songs are given individual entries and presented in alphabetical order. The songwriters and original singers are identified, as well as the source of the song and other venues in which it might have been used over the years. Notable recordings of the song are also listed. But most important, the song is described and what makes it memorable is discussed. This is not a reference list but a true encyclopedia of Disney songs. The book also contains a preface describing the criteria for selecting the songs, a glossary of song terms, a list of all the Disney songs and their sources, a songwriter's directory in which every song by each composer/lyricist is listed, a bibliography, a guide to recordings and DVDs of Disney productions, and an index of people and titles.

The Gift of Anger

The Gift of Anger Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Arun Gandhi
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476755043
FileSize: 1262kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1262


The Gift of Anger by Arun Gandhi Summary

Discover ten vital and extraordinary life lessons from one of the most important and influential philosophers and peace activists of the twentieth century—Mahatma Gandhi—in this poignant and timely exploration of the true path from anger to peace, as recounted by Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi. In the current troubled climate, in our country and in the world, these lessons are needed more than ever before. “We should not be ashamed of anger. It’s a very good and a very powerful thing that motivates us. But what we need to be ashamed of is the way we abuse it.” —Mahatma Gandhi Arun Gandhi was just twelve years old when his parents dropped him off at Sevagram, his grandfather’s famous ashram. To Arun, the man who fought for India’s independence and was the country’s beloved preeminent philosopher and leader was simply a family member. He lived there for two years under his grandfather’s wing until Gandhi’s assassination. While each chapter contains a singular, timeless lesson, The Gift of Anger also takes you along with Arun on a moving journey of self-discovery as he learns to overcome his own struggle to express his emotions and harness the power of anger to bring about good. He learns to see the world through new eyes under the tutelage of his beloved grandfather and provides a rare, three-dimensional portrait of this icon for the ages. The ten vital life lessons strike a universal chord about self-discovery, identity, dealing with anger, depression, loneliness, friendship, and family—perfect for anyone searching for a way to effecting healing change in a fractured world.

Body Process

Body Process Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James I. Kepner
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 131775817X
FileSize: 596kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 596


Body Process by James I. Kepner Summary

Traditional psychotherapy approaches, focusing on working with and correcting mental events and conditions, have placed little importance on the fundamentally physical nature of the person. Yet many of the problems people bring to therapy are linked with or manifested in the body--such as obesity, psychosomatic distress, chronic tension, and sexual problems. This book provides a therapeutic approach that addresses both the physical and mental nature of clients. In this book, James Kepner shows that a client's posture, movements, and bodily experiences are indeed relevant to therapy, and he offers an insightful framework for incorporating these aspects into a therapeutic framework. This comprehensive treatment explains how body work can be integrated with the aims, methods, and philosophy of psychotherapy, offering a framework within which practitioners of different theoretical approaches can better appreciate body processes in the context of the whole person, rather than as isolated events. This book, including an updated introduction by the author, explores the range of body work in psychotherapy, from the development of body awareness to intensive work with physical structure and expression. And it demonstrates how this approach can be particularly effective with a range of clients, including survivors of sexual abuse, recovering drug addicts or alcoholics, or those suffering from chronic illness.

Under Development: Gender

Under Development: Gender Pdf/ePub eBook Author: C. Verschuur,I. Guérin,H. Guétat-Bernard
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137356820
FileSize: 322kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 322


Under Development: Gender by C. Verschuur,I. Guérin,H. Guétat-Bernard Summary

Despite various decades of research and claim-making by feminist scholars and movements, gender remains an overlooked area in development studies. Looking at key issues in development studies through the prisms of gender and feminism, the authors demonstrate that gender is an indispensable tool for social change.

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Shannon Hale
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1619634864
FileSize: 324kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 324


Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters by Shannon Hale Summary

A New York Times Bestseller In this third book in New York Times bestselling, Newbery Honor-winning author Shannon Hale's Princess Academy series, Miri goes from student . . . to teacher! Miri has spent a year at the king's palace, learning all about being a proper princess. But instead of returning to her beloved Mount Eskel, Miri is ordered to journey to a distant swamp and start a princess academy for three sisters, cousins of the royal family. Unfortunately, Astrid, Felissa, and Sus are more interested in hunting and fishing than becoming princesses. As Miri spends more time with the sisters, she realizes the king and queen's interest in them hides a long-buried secret. She must rely on her own strength and intelligence to unravel the mystery, protect the girls, complete her assignment, and finally make her way home. Don't miss any of these other books from New York Times bestselling author Shannon Hale: The Princess Academy trilogy Princess Academy Princess Academy: Palace of Stone Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters The Books of Bayern The Goose Girl Enna Burning River Secrets Forest Born Book of a Thousand Days Dangerous Graphic Novels with Dean Hale Illustrated by Nathan Hale Rapunzel's Revenge Calamity Jack Illustrated by Victoria Ying Diana: Princess of the Amazons Illustrated by LeUyen Pham Real Friends Best Friends The Princess in Black series For Adults Austenland Midnight in Austenland The Actor and the Housewife