Nsx 109 Success Secrets 109 Most Asked Questions On Nsx What You Need To Know

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VMware NSX Network Essentials

VMware NSX Network Essentials Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782172947
FileSize: 1459kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1459


VMware NSX Network Essentials by , Summary

Learn how to virtualize your network and discover the full potential of a Software Defined Data Center. A smarter way to use network resources begins here About This Book Experience the dynamism and flexibility of a virtualized software defined data center with NSX Find out how to design your network infrastructure based on what your organization needs From security to automation, discover how NSX's impressive range of features can unlock a more effective and intelligent approach to system administration Who This Book Is For If you're a network administrator and want a simple but powerful solution to your network virtualization headaches, look no further than this fast-paced, practical guide. What You Will Learn Deep dive into NSX-v Manager, Controller deployment, and design decisions Get to know the strategies needed to make decisions on each mode of VXLAN that is based on physical network design Deploy Edge Gateway and leverage all the gateway features and design decisions Get to grips with NSX-v Security features and automate security Leverage Cross VC, identify the benefits, and work through a few deployment scenarios Troubleshoot an NSX-v to isolate problems and identify solutions through a step-by-step process In Detail VMware NSX is at the forefront of the software-defined networking revolution. It makes it even easier for organizations to unlock the full benefits of a software-defined data center – scalability, flexibility – while adding in vital security and automation features to keep any sysadmin happy. Software alone won't power your business – with NSX you can use it more effectively than ever before, optimizing your resources and reducing costs. Getting started should be easy – this guide makes sure it is. It takes you through the core components of NSX, demonstrating how to set it up, customize it within your current network architecture. You'll learn the principles of effective design, as well as some things you may need to take into consideration when you're creating your virtual networks. We'll also show you how to construct and maintain virtual networks, and how to deal with any tricky situations and failures. By the end, you'll be confident you can deliver, scale and secure an exemplary virtualized network with NSX. Style and approach This book provides you with an introduction to software-defined networking with VMware NSX. Focusing on the most essential elements, so you can put your knowledge into practice quickly, it's a guide dedicated to anyone who understands that sometimes real-world problems require virtualized solutions.

Product Management Essentials

Product Management Essentials Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Aswin Pranam
Editor: Apress
ISBN: 1484233034
FileSize: 1275kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1275


Product Management Essentials by Aswin Pranam Summary

Gain all of the techniques, teachings, tools, and methodologies required to be an effective first-time product manager. The overarching goal of this book is to help you understand the product manager role, give you concrete examples of what a product manager does, and build the foundational skill-set that will gear you towards a career in product management. To be an effective PM in the tech industry, you need to have a basic understanding of technology. In this book you’ll get your feet wet by exploring the skills a PM needs in their toolset and cover enough ground to make you feel comfortable in a technical discussion. A PM is not expected to have the same level of depth or knowledge as a software engineer, but knowing enough to continue the conversation can be a benefit in your career in product management. A complete product manager will have a 360-degree understanding of user experience and how to craft beautiful products that are easy-to-use, with the end user in mind. You’ll continue your journey with a walk through basic UX principles and even go through the process of building a simple set of UI frames for a mock app. Aside from the technical and design expertise, a PM needs to master the social aspects of the role. Acting as a bridge between engineering, marketing, and other teams can be difficult, and this book will dive into the business and soft skills of product management. After reading Product Management Essentials you will be one of a select few technically-capable PMs who can interface with management, stakeholders, customers, and the engineering team. What You Will Learn Gain the traits of a successful PM from industry PMs, VCs, and other professionals See the day-to-day responsibilities of a PM and how the role differs across tech companies Absorb the technical knowledge necessary to interface with engineers and estimate timelines Design basic mocks, high-fidelity wireframes, and fully polished user interfaces Create core documents and handle business interactions Who This Book Is For Individuals who are eyeing a transition into a PM role or have just entered a PM role at a new organization for the first time. They currently hold positions as a software engineer, marketing manager, UX designer, or data analyst and want to move away from a feature-focused view to a high-level strategic view of the product vision.

Inventing the Cloud Century

Inventing the Cloud Century Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marcus Oppitz,Peter Tomsu
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319611615
FileSize: 1408kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1408


Inventing the Cloud Century by Marcus Oppitz,Peter Tomsu Summary

This book combines the three dimensions of technology, society and economy to explore the advent of today’s cloud ecosystems as successors to older service ecosystems based on networks. Further, it describes the shifting of services to the cloud as a long-term trend that is still progressing rapidly.The book adopts a comprehensive perspective on the key success factors for the technology – compelling business models and ecosystems including private, public and national organizations. The authors explore the evolution of service ecosystems, describe the similarities and differences, and analyze the way they have created and changed industries. Lastly, based on the current status of cloud computing and related technologies like virtualization, the internet of things, fog computing, big data and analytics, cognitive computing and blockchain, the authors provide a revealing outlook on the possibilities of future technologies, the future of the internet, and the potential impacts on business and society.

The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK

The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Adam Gordon
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119276748
FileSize: 1780kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1780


The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK by Adam Gordon Summary

Globally recognized and backed by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the (ISC)2 the CCSP credential is the ideal way to match marketability and credibility to your cloud security skill set. The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSPSM CBK Second Edition is your ticket for expert insight through the 6 CCSP domains. You will find step-by-step guidance through real-life scenarios, illustrated examples, tables, best practices, and more. This Second Edition features clearer diagrams as well as refined explanations based on extensive expert feedback. Sample questions help you reinforce what you have learned and prepare smarter. Numerous illustrated examples and tables are included to demonstrate concepts, frameworks and real-life scenarios. The book offers step-by-step guidance through each of CCSP’s domains, including best practices and techniques used by the world's most experienced practitioners. Developed by (ISC)2, endorsed by the Cloud Security Alliance® (CSA) and compiled and reviewed by cloud security experts across the world, this book brings together a global, thorough perspective. The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CCSP CBK should be utilized as your fundamental study tool in preparation for the CCSP exam and provides a comprehensive reference that will serve you for years to come.

Deploying ACI

Deploying ACI Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Frank Dagenhardt,Jose Moreno,Bill Dufresne
Editor: Cisco Press
ISBN: 0134661079
FileSize: 1234kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1234


Deploying ACI by Frank Dagenhardt,Jose Moreno,Bill Dufresne Summary

Use ACI fabrics to drive unprecedented value from your data center environment With the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) software-defined networking platform, you can achieve dramatic improvements in data center performance, redundancy, security, visibility, efficiency, and agility. In Deploying ACI, three leading Cisco experts introduce this breakthrough platform, and walk network professionals through all facets of design, deployment, and operation. The authors demonstrate how ACI changes data center networking, security, and management; and offer multiple field-proven configurations. Deploying ACI is organized to follow the key decision points associated with implementing data center network fabrics. After a practical introduction to ACI concepts and design, the authors show how to bring your fabric online, integrate virtualization and external connections, and efficiently manage your ACI network. You’ll master new techniques for improving visibility, control, and availability; managing multitenancy; and seamlessly inserting service devices into application data flows. The authors conclude with expert advice for troubleshooting and automation, helping you deliver data center services with unprecedented efficiency. Understand the problems ACI solves,and how it solves them Design your ACI fabric, build it, and interface with devices to bring it to life Integrate virtualization technologieswith your ACI fabric Perform networking within an ACI fabric (and understand how ACI changes data center networking) Connect external networks and devices at Layer 2/Layer 3 levels Coherently manage unified ACI networks with tenants and application policies Migrate to granular policies based on applications and their functions Establish multitenancy, and evolve networking, security, and services to support it Integrate L4–7 services: device types, design scenarios, and implementation Use multisite designs to meet rigorous requirements for redundancy and business continuity Troubleshoot and monitor ACI fabrics Improve operational efficiency through automation and programmability

IBM Cloud Private System Administrator's Guide

IBM Cloud Private System Administrator's Guide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ahmed Azraq,Wlodek Dymaczewski,Fernando Ewald,Luca Floris,Rahul Gupta,Vasfi Gucer,Anil Patil,Sanjay Singh,Sundaragopal Venkatraman,Dominique Vernier,Zhi Min Wen,IBM Redbooks
Editor: IBM Redbooks
ISBN: 0738457639
FileSize: 1368kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1368


IBM Cloud Private System Administrator's Guide by Ahmed Azraq,Wlodek Dymaczewski,Fernando Ewald,Luca Floris,Rahul Gupta,Vasfi Gucer,Anil Patil,Sanjay Singh,Sundaragopal Venkatraman,Dominique Vernier,Zhi Min Wen,IBM Redbooks Summary

IBM® Cloud Private is an application platform for developing and managing containerized applications across hybrid cloud environments, on-premises and public clouds. It is an integrated environment for managing containers that includes the container orchestrator Kubernetes, a private image registry, a management console, and monitoring frameworks. This IBM Redbooks covers tasks performed by IBM Cloud Private system administrators such as installation for high availability, configuration, backup and restore, using persistent volumes, networking, security, logging and monitoring. Istio integration, troubleshooting and so on. As part of this project we also developed several code examples and you can download those from the IBM Redbooks GitHub location: https://github.com/IBMRedbooks. The authors team has many years of experience in implementing IBM Cloud Private and other cloud solutions in production environments, so throughout this document we took the approach of providing you the recommended practices in those areas. If you are an IBM Cloud Private system administrator, this book is for you. If you are developing applications on IBM Cloud Private, you can see the IBM Redbooks publication IBM Cloud Private Application Developer's Guide, SG24-8441.

The Car Hacker's Handbook

The Car Hacker's Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Craig Smith
Editor: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593277709
FileSize: 551kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 551


The Car Hacker's Handbook by Craig Smith Summary

Modern cars are more computerized than ever. Infotainment and navigation systems, Wi-Fi, automatic software updates, and other innovations aim to make driving more convenient. But vehicle technologies haven’t kept pace with today’s more hostile security environment, leaving millions vulnerable to attack. The Car Hacker’s Handbook will give you a deeper understanding of the computer systems and embedded software in modern vehicles. It begins by examining vulnerabilities and providing detailed explanations of communications over the CAN bus and between devices and systems. Then, once you have an understanding of a vehicle’s communication network, you’ll learn how to intercept data and perform specific hacks to track vehicles, unlock doors, glitch engines, flood communication, and more. With a focus on low-cost, open source hacking tools such as Metasploit, Wireshark, Kayak, can-utils, and ChipWhisperer, The Car Hacker’s Handbook will show you how to: –Build an accurate threat model for your vehicle –Reverse engineer the CAN bus to fake engine signals –Exploit vulnerabilities in diagnostic and data-logging systems –Hack the ECU and other firmware and embedded systems –Feed exploits through infotainment and vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems –Override factory settings with performance-tuning techniques –Build physical and virtual test benches to try out exploits safely If you’re curious about automotive security and have the urge to hack a two-ton computer, make The Car Hacker’s Handbook your first stop.

Mastering VMware vSphere 6.7

Mastering VMware vSphere 6.7 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nick Marshall,Mike Brown,G. Blair Fritz,Ryan Johnson
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119512956
FileSize: 1358kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1358


Mastering VMware vSphere 6.7 by Nick Marshall,Mike Brown,G. Blair Fritz,Ryan Johnson Summary

Master your virtual environment with the ultimate vSphere guide Mastering VMware vSphere 6.7 is the fully updated edition of the bestselling guide to VMware's virtualization solution. With comprehensive coverage of this industry-leading toolset, this book acts as an informative guide and valuable reference. Step-by-step instruction walks you through installation, configuration, operation, security processes, and much more as you conquer the management and automation of your virtual environment. Written by certified VMware vExperts, this indispensable guide provides hands-on instruction and detailed conceptual explanations, anchored by practical applications and real-world examples. This book is the ultimate guide to vSphere, helping administrators master their virtual environment. Learn to: Install, configure, and manage the vCenter Server components Leverage the Support Tools to provide maintenance and updates Create and configure virtual networks, storage devices, and virtual machines Implement the latest features to ensure compatibility and flexibility Manage resource allocation and utilization to meet application needs Monitor infrastructure performance and availability Automate and orchestrate routine administrative tasks Mastering VMware vSphere 6.7 is what you need to stay up-to-date on VMware's industry-leading software for the virtualized datacenter.

OpenStack Operations Guide

OpenStack Operations Guide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tom Fifield,Diane Fleming,Anne Gentle,Lorin Hochstein,Jonathan Proulx,Everett Toews,Joe Topjian
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1491906294
FileSize: 1725kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1725


OpenStack Operations Guide by Tom Fifield,Diane Fleming,Anne Gentle,Lorin Hochstein,Jonathan Proulx,Everett Toews,Joe Topjian Summary

Design, deploy, and maintain your own private or public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), using the open source OpenStack platform. In this practical guide, experienced developers and OpenStack contributors show you how to build clouds based on reference architectures, as well as how to perform daily administration tasks. Designed for horizontal scalability, OpenStack lets you build a cloud by integrating several technologies. This approach provides flexibility, but knowing which options to use can be bewildering. Once you complete this book, you’ll know the right questions to ask while you organize compute, storage, and networking resources. If you already know how to manage multiple Ubuntu machines and maintain MySQL, you’re ready to: Set up automated deployment and configuration Design a single-node cloud controller Use metrics to improve scalability Explore compute nodes, network design, and storage Install OpenStack packages Use an example architecture to help simplify decision-making Build a working environment to explore an IaaS cloud Manage users, projects, and quotas Tackle maintenance, debugging, and network troubleshooting Monitor, log, backup, and restore

Own It

Own It Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sallie Krawcheck
Editor: Currency
ISBN: 110190626X
FileSize: 324kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 324


Own It by Sallie Krawcheck Summary

A new kind of career playbook for a new era of feminism, offering women a new set of rules for professional success: one that plays to their strengths and builds on the power they already have. Weren’t women supposed to have “arrived”? Perhaps with the nation’s first female President, equal pay on the horizon, true diversity in the workplace to come thereafter? Or, at least the end of “fat-shaming” and “locker room talk”? Well, we aren’t quite there yet. But does that mean that progress for women in business has come to a screeching halt? It’s true that the old rules didn’t get us as far as we hoped. But we can go the distance, and we can close the gaps that still exist. We just need a new way. In fact, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future, says former Wall Street powerhouse-turned-entrepreneur Sallie Krawcheck. That’s because the business world is changing fast –driven largely by technology - and it’s changing in ways that give us more power and opportunities than ever…and even more than we yet realize. Success for professional women will no longer be about trying to compete at the men’s version of the game, she says. And it will no longer be about contorting ourselves to men’s expectations of how powerful people behave. Instead, it’s about embracing and investing in our innate strengths as women - and bringing them proudly and unapologetically, to work. When we do, she says, we gain the power to advance in our careers in more natural ways. We gain the power to initiate courageous conversations in the workplace. We gain the power to forge non-traditional career paths; to leave companies that don’t respect our worth, and instead, go start our own. And we gain the power to invest our economic muscle in making our lives, and the world, better. Here Krawcheck draws on her experiences at the highest levels of business, both as one of the few women at the top rungs of the biggest boy’s club in the world, and as an entrepreneur, to show women how to seize this seismic shift in power to take their careers to the next level. This change is real, and it’s coming fast. It’s time to own it.

VMware vCloud Director Cookbook

VMware vCloud Director Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Daniel Langenhan
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782177671
FileSize: 1114kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1114


VMware vCloud Director Cookbook by Daniel Langenhan Summary

VMware vCloud Director Cookbook will adopt a Cookbook-based approach. Packed with illustrations and programming examples, this book explains the simple as well as the complex recipes in an easy-to-understand language.VMware vCloud Director Cookbook is aimed at system administrators and technical architects moving from a virtualized environment to cloud environments. Familiarity with cloud computing platforms and some knowledge of virtualization and managing cloud environments is expected.

VMware vSphere Troubleshooting

VMware vSphere Troubleshooting Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Muhammad Zeeshan Munir
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782175075
FileSize: 463kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 463


VMware vSphere Troubleshooting by Muhammad Zeeshan Munir Summary

Gain expertise in troubleshooting most common issues to implement vSphere environments with ease About This Book Plan, analyze, and design effective solutions for your vSphere environment Troubleshoot problems related to vSphere performance Familiarize yourself with the advanced troubleshooting conceptsand become an xpert level administrator Who This Book Is For The books is intended for mid-level System Engineers and System Integrators who want to learn VMware power tools to troubleshoot and manage the vSphere infrastructure. Good knowledge level and understanding of virtualization is expected. What You Will Learn Configure vSphere management assistant and troubleshooting tools Use troubleshooting tools to monitor performance and troubleshoot different issues Learn how to troubleshoot High Availability and other commonly known problems with clusters such as insufficient resources, failing heartbeats Use Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) to verify configuration Diagnose storage issues including iSCSI, NFS and VMFS problems Manage vSphere Network Virtual and Distributed Switches, Trunks, VLANS Monitor and shape network traffic, configure routes and DNS Quickly resolve common day-to-day problems by analysing logs of VMware vSphere hosts and VMware vCenter Server Debug and resolve commonly known vSphere Cluster problems In Detail VMware vSphere is the leading server virtualization platform with consistent management for virtual data centers. It enhances troubleshooting skills to diagnose and resolve day to day problems in your VMware vSphere infrastructure environment. This book will provide you practical hands-on knowledge of using different performance monitoring and troubleshooting tools to manage and troubleshoot the vSphere infrastructure. It begins by introducing systematic approach for troubleshooting different problems and show casing the troubleshooting techniques. You will be able to use the troubleshooting tools to monitor performance, and troubleshoot issues related to Hosts and Virtual Machines. Moving on, you will troubleshoot High Availability, storage I/O control problems, virtual LANS, and iSCSI, NFS, VMFS issues. By the end of this book, you will be able to analyze and solve advanced issues related to vShpere environment such as vcenter certificates, database problems, and different failed state errors. Style and approach A step-by-step guide full of real world scenarios that will enhance advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve competence in troubleshooting the VMware vSphere environment. Basic concepts of vSphere and the most common vSphere infrastructure problems are explained with practical solutions to resolve it.

Too Good to Be True

Too Good to Be True Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Erin Arvedlund
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101137789
FileSize: 852kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 852


Too Good to Be True by Erin Arvedlund Summary

The untold story of the Madoff scandal, by one of the first journalists to question his investment practices Despite all the headlines about Bernard Madoff, he is still shrouded in mystery. How did he fool so many smart investors for so long? Who among his family and employees knew the truth? The person best qualified to answer these questions is Erin Arvedlund. In early 2001, she was suspicious of the amazing returns of Madoff's hedge fund. Her subsequent article in Barron's could have prevented a lot of misery, had the SEC followed up. Arvedlund presents a sweeping narrative of Madoff's career-from his youth in Queens, New York, to his early days working for his father­in- law, and finally to infamy as the world's most notorious swindler. Readers will be fascinated by Arvedlund's portrayal of Madoff, his empire, and all those who never considered that he might be too good to be true.

Mastering VMware vSphere 6.7

Mastering VMware vSphere 6.7 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Martin Gavanda,Andrea Mauro,Paolo Valsecchi,Karel Novak
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1789612667
FileSize: 1208kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1208


Mastering VMware vSphere 6.7 by Martin Gavanda,Andrea Mauro,Paolo Valsecchi,Karel Novak Summary

Unleash the benefits of VMware vSphere 6.7 to provide a powerful, flexible and secure digital infrastructure Key Features Deep dive into areas like management, security, scalability, availability and more with vSphere 6.7 Design, deploy and manage VMware vSphere virtual datacenters Implement monitoring and security of VMware workloads with ease Book Description vSphere 6.7 is the latest release of VMware’s industry-leading, virtual cloud platform. It allows organisations to move to hybrid cloud computing by enabling them to run, manage, connect and secure applications in a common operating environment. This up-to-date, 2nd edition provides complete coverage of vSphere 6.7. Complete with step-by-step explanations of essential concepts, practical examples and self-assessment questions, you will begin with an overview of the products, solutions and features of the vSphere 6.7 suite. You’ll learn how to design and plan a virtual infrastructure and look at the workflow and installation of components. You'll gain insight into best practice configuration, management and security. By the end the book you'll be able to build your own VMware vSphere lab that can run even the most demanding of workloads. What you will learn Explore the immense functionality of vSphere 6.7 Design, manage and administer a virtualization environment Get tips for the VCP6-DCV and VCIX6-DCV exams Understand how to implement different migration techniques across different environments Explore vSphere 6.7s powerful capabilities for patching, upgrading and managing the configuration of virtual environments. Understand core vSphere components Master resource management, disaster recovery, troubleshooting, monitoring and security Who this book is for This book is for Administrators, Infrastructure Engineers, Architects, and Consultants with basic knowledge of VMware vSphere.

The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality

The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sheila Whiteley,Shara Rambarran
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199321299
FileSize: 486kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 486


The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality by Sheila Whiteley,Shara Rambarran Summary

Has the virtual invaded the realm of the real, or has the real expanded its definition to include what once was characterized as virtual? With the continual evolution of digital technology, this distinction grows increasingly hazy. But perhaps the distinction has become obsolete; perhaps it is time to pay attention to the intersections, mutations, and transmigrations of the virtual and the real. Certainly it is time to reinterpret the practice and study of music. The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality, edited by Sheila Whiteley and Shara Rambarran, is the first book to offer a kaleidoscope of interdisciplinary perspectives from scholars around the globe on the way in which virtuality mediates the dissemination, acquisition, performance, creation, and reimagining of music. The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality addresses eight themes that often overlap and interact with one another. Questions of the role of the audience, artistic agency, individual and communal identity, subjectivity, and spatiality repeatedly arise. Authors specifically explore phenomena including holographic musicians and virtual bands, and the benefits and detriments surrounding the free circulation of music on the internet. In addition, the book investigates the way in which fans and musicians negotiate gender identities as well as the dynamics of audience participation and community building in a virtual environment. The handbook rehistoricizes the virtual by tracing its progression from cartoons in the 1950s to current industry innovations and changes in practice. Well-grounded and wide-reaching, this is a book that students of any number of disciplines, from Music to Cultural Studies, have awaited.

Mastering VMware vSphere 6

Mastering VMware vSphere 6 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nick Marshall
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118925173
FileSize: 1746kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1746


Mastering VMware vSphere 6 by Nick Marshall Summary

Master your virtual environment with the ultimate vSphere guide Mastering VMware vSphere 6 is the fully updated edition of the bestselling guide to VMware's virtualization solution. With comprehensive coverage of this industry-leading toolset, this book acts as an informative guide and valuable reference. Step-by-step instruction walks you through installation, configuration, operation, security processes, and much more as you conquer the management and automation of your virtual environment. Written by certified VMware vExperts, this indispensable guide provides hands-on instruction and detailed conceptual explanations, anchored by practical applications and real-world examples. This book is the ultimate guide to vSphere, helping administrators master their virtual environment. Learn to: Install, configure, and manage the vCenter Server components Leverage the Support Tools to provide maintenance and updates Create and configure virtual networks, storage devices, and virtual machines Implement the latest features to ensure compatibility and flexibility Manage resource allocation and utilization to meet application needs Monitor infrastructure performance and availability Automate and orchestrate routine administrative tasks Mastering VMware vSphere 6 is what you need to stay up-to-date on VMware's industry-leading software for the virtualized datacenter.

Asset Attack Vectors

Asset Attack Vectors Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Morey J. Haber,Brad Hibbert
Editor: Apress
ISBN: 1484236270
FileSize: 1170kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1170


Asset Attack Vectors by Morey J. Haber,Brad Hibbert Summary

Build an effective vulnerability management strategy to protect your organization’s assets, applications, and data. Today’s network environments are dynamic, requiring multiple defenses to mitigate vulnerabilities and stop data breaches. In the modern enterprise, everything connected to the network is a target. Attack surfaces are rapidly expanding to include not only traditional servers and desktops, but also routers, printers, cameras, and other IOT devices. It doesn’t matter whether an organization uses LAN, WAN, wireless, or even a modern PAN—savvy criminals have more potential entry points than ever before. To stay ahead of these threats, IT and security leaders must be aware of exposures and understand their potential impact. Asset Attack Vectors will help you build a vulnerability management program designed to work in the modern threat environment. Drawing on years of combined experience, the authors detail the latest techniques for threat analysis, risk measurement, and regulatory reporting. They also outline practical service level agreements (SLAs) for vulnerability management and patch management. Vulnerability management needs to be more than a compliance check box; it should be the foundation of your organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Read Asset Attack Vectors to get ahead of threats and protect your organization with an effective asset protection strategy. What You’ll Learn Create comprehensive assessment and risk identification policies and procedures Implement a complete vulnerability management workflow in nine easy steps Understand the implications of active, dormant, and carrier vulnerability states Develop, deploy, and maintain custom and commercial vulnerability management programs Discover the best strategies for vulnerability remediation, mitigation, and removal Automate credentialed scans that leverage least-privilege access principles Read real-world case studies that share successful strategies and reveal potential pitfalls Who This Book Is For New and intermediate security management professionals, auditors, and information technology staff looking to build an effective vulnerability management program and defend against asset based cyberattacks


Tokenomics Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sean Au,Thomas Power
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1789132606
FileSize: 1510kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1510


Tokenomics by Sean Au,Thomas Power Summary

Explore the differences between ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and tokens (offerings), enabling the reader to understand the ICO landscape, how millions were raised in minutes, and where the future of the tokenized economy is heading. Take a real-time journey, cutting through the myths, understanding token choices available to everyone. Key Features Interviews with key figures in Tokenomics Unbiased evaluation and comparison of the different offerings Conceptual analysis of the market’s reaction League table showing current exposure An account of the theoretical and current legal foundations of alt coins and tokens A complete introduction to the phases of an initial coin offering Book Description Tokenomics is the economy of this new world. This is a no-holds-barred, in-depth exploration of the way in which we can participate in the blockchain economy. The reader will learn the basics of bitcoin, blockchains, and tokenomics; what the very first ICO was; and how over a period of 5 years, various projects managed to raise the enormous sums of money they did. The book then provides insights from ICO experts and looks at what the future holds. By comparing the past, current, and future of this technology, the book will inform anyone, whatever motivates their interest. The crypto shift of blockchains, ICOs, and tokens is much more than just buying bitcoins, creating tokens, or raising millions in a minute in an ICO. It is a new paradigm shift from centralized to decentralized, from closed to open, and from opaqueness to transparency. ICOs and the creation of tokens during the craze of 2017 needed a lot of preparation, an understanding of cryptocurrencies and of emerging legal frameworks, but this has spurred a new movement to tokenize the world. The author gives an unbiased, authoritative picture of the current playing field, exploring the token opportunities and provides a unique insight into the developing world of this tokenized economy. This book will nourish hungry minds wanting to grow their knowledge in this fascinating area. What you will learn The background of ICOs and how they came to be The difference between a coin and a token, a utility and a security, and all the other acronyms you’re likely to ever encounter How these ICOs raised enormous sums of money Tokenomics: structuring the token with creativity Why it’s important to play nicely with the regulators A sneak peak into the future of ICOs from leaders in the industry Who this book is for With the media hype about bitcoin, this book appeals to anyone, from those with a general interest in anything crypto, or those with some knowledge of the nuances between cryptocurrency, ICOs, IPOs and the Token economy.