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Septimus Heap, Book Four: Queste

Septimus Heap, Book Four: Queste Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061757055
FileSize: 1572kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1572


Septimus Heap, Book Four: Queste by Summary

The fourth book in the internationally bestselling Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage, featuring the funny and fantastic adventures of a wizard apprentice and his quest to become an ExtraOrdinary Wizard. New York Times Bestselling Series “Breezy charm, gusts of spectacular Magyk and a buoyant plot combining drama and comedy in just the right proportions.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “The Septimus Heap series remains one of the best outcomes of the young-wizard furor catalyzed by Harry Potter.” —ALA Booklist There's trouble at the Castle, and it's all because Merrin Meredith has returned with Darke plans for Septimus. More trouble awaits Septimus and Jenna in the form of Tertius Fume, the ghost of the very first Chief Hermetic Scribe, who is determined to send Septimus on a deadly Queste. But Septimus and Jenna have other plans—they are headed for the mysterious House of Foryx, a place where all Time meets and the place where they fervently hope they will be able to find Nicko and Snorri, who were trapped back in time in Physik. But how will Septimus escape the Queste?

The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David J. Schwartz
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0698198581
FileSize: 1548kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1548


The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz Summary

The timeless and practical advice in The Magic of Thinking Big clearly demonstrates how you can: Sell more Manage better Lead fearlessly Earn more Enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life With applicable and easy-to-implement insights, you’ll discover: Why believing you can succeed is essential How to quit making excuses The means to overcoming fear and finding confidence How to develop and use creative thinking and dreaming Why making (and getting) the most of your attitudes is critical How to think right towards others The best ways to make “action” a habit How to find victory in defeat Goals for growth, and How to think like a leader "Believe Big,” says Schwartz. “The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. Remember this, too! Big ideas and big plans are often easier -- certainly no more difficult - than small ideas and small plans."

Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Qing Li,Gregory Clark
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111889667X
FileSize: 1169kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1169


Security Intelligence by Qing Li,Gregory Clark Summary

Similar to unraveling a math word problem, Security Intelligence: A Practitioner's Guide to Solving Enterprise Security Challenges guides you through a deciphering process that translates each security goal into a set of security variables, substitutes each variable with a specific security technology domain, formulates the equation that is the deployment strategy, then verifies the solution against the original problem by analyzing security incidents and mining hidden breaches, ultimately refines the security formula iteratively in a perpetual cycle. You will learn about: Secure proxies – the necessary extension of the endpoints Application identification and control – visualize the threats Malnets – where is the source of infection and who are the pathogens Identify the security breach – who was the victim and what was the lure Security in Mobile computing – SNAFU With this book, you will be able to: Identify the relevant solutions to secure the infrastructure Construct policies that provide flexibility to the users so to ensure productivity Deploy effective defenses against the ever evolving web threats Implement solutions that are compliant to relevant rules and regulations Offer insight to developers who are building new security solutions and products

PostScript & Acrobat/PDF

PostScript & Acrobat/PDF Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas Merz
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 364260384X
FileSize: 731kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 731


PostScript & Acrobat/PDF by Thomas Merz Summary

Originally entitled the "PostScript and Acrobat Bible" in German, this handbook achieves the seemingly impossible: it covers this tricky and technical field in an entertaining manner without getting bogged down in PostScript programming. It explains how several components work together and how to deal with real-world application and operating-system problems. The author genuinely wants to assist in overcoming cross-platform barriers using MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh or UNIX and, accordingly, neither the book nor the tools are limited to one particular platform or operating system. The 9 chapters and 3 appendixes run the entire gamut, from the very basics right up to Ghostscript and the whole is creatively designed, making use of comical illustrations. In short, essential reading for all technically minded users of PostScript and Acrobat/PDF - from PC owners wanting to get the most out of their laser printers to graphic artists with Macs to system administrators and online publishers.


Editor: BPB Publications
ISBN: 9387284964
FileSize: 416kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 416



Description:In the year 2017, Bitcoin touched a market capitalisation of over 100 billion dollars. In the year 2014, one Bitcoin could buy about 500 dollars, just three years later one Bitcoin buys 5,000 dollars. The Initial Coin offering is becoming the preferred method of raising money. Many countries like Dubai have announced their own crypto currency called emCash.Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain are the most difficult technologies to understand. That's why most people including technology folks cannot understand the future direction of these technologies. The only way to understand anything complex is by going back to the basics.This is what we do in this book. We explain every byte of the Bitcoin blockchain that is downloaded on your computer. only by going back to your roots can you understand anything complex.Most of the code in this book is written in Python as today, it is the easiest language to use. The Bitcoin Source is written only in C++. Most of the important Bitcoin data structures are only documented in code, a bare knowledge of reading and not writing C++ will help. Finally, the official client for Ethereum is written in the programming language Go.It is written for a programmer, We use code and not words to describe a blockchain. We believe that all kinds of people including non technology folks will need some programming knowledge to grasp the basic concepts of the blockchain. There is no other way to understand this technology.Finally, we end the book with the biggest use of smart Contracts which is raising money using a ICO. Our primary focus is on Bitcoin and Blockchains and not on Ethereum and smart contracts which comprises only 4 chapters.International Currency transfers are very expensive today. With the advent of the Lighting Network and sideshains, the Bitcoin blockchain can scale to a level where it can handle transactions faster than any credit card transaction.One of the recent bigger innovations of Blockchain technology is the Initial Coin offering or a ICO. This will enable millions of people to invest in companies using blockchain technology. This will help us understand the technologies under the hood that makes it happen.Table of contents:Chapter 1: Basics of the Bitcoin Block HeaderChapter 2: Transactions - BasicsChapter 3: Computing the Merkle HashChapter 4: Bitcoin AddressesChapter 5: Vanity Bitcoin AddressesChapter 6: Difficulty and NonceChapter 7: Storing Bitcoin Transactions using SQLChapter 8: Transactions - Inputs and OutputsChapter 9: Hiding Data in the blockchainChapter 10: Signing TransactionsChapter 11: Roll your own transactionChapter 12: Client and ServerChapter 13: Notaries and OP_RETURNChapter 14: Pay to Script Hash or Multi-Sig Bitcoin addressesChapter 15: Basic NetworkingChapter 16: More NetworkingChapter 17: Hashes SHA0 and SHA1Chapter 18: Hashes - Sha-256 and RipeMD-160Chapter 19: ECC with Sage - Part 1Chapter 20: ECC with Sage Part 2Chapter 21: Sending our own transactionChapter 22: Sending one transaction without using library functionsChapter 23: Index folderChapter 24: UTXO DatasetChapter 25: WalletsChapter 26: Rev/Undo filesChapter 27: peers.dat and banlist.datChapter 28: Miners, blocks and moreChapter 29: fee_estimates.datChapter 30: Building the Bitcoin Source codeChapter 31: Testing Bitcoin for bugsChapter 32: Ethereum SolidityChapter 33: Ethereum leveldb keys and GOLANGChapter 34: Ethereum Unravelling the State MachineChapter 35: Bitcoin Cash vs Segwit vs Segwit2xChapter 36: Bitcoin Core 0.15, UTXO and moreChapter 37: Transactions and Blocks - Error ChecksChapter 38: ICO and Smart Contract SecurityChapter 39: What is a Bitcoin and a BlockchainChapter 40: AI and Blockchain - Never The Twain Shall Meet

What is e-book?

What is e-book? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nicolae Sfetcu
Editor: Nicolae Sfetcu
FileSize: 559kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 559


What is e-book? by Nicolae Sfetcu Summary

The e-book guide for publishers: how to publish, EPUB format, ebook readers and suppliers. An electronic book (also e-book, ebook, electronic book, digital book) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices. An e-book can be purchased/borrowed, downloaded, and used immediately, whereas when one buys or borrows a book, one must go to a bookshop, a home library, or public library during limited hours, or wait for a delivery. Electronic publishing or ePublishing includes the digital publication of e-books and electronic articles, and the development of digital libraries and catalogues. EPUB (short for electronic publication; alternatively capitalized as ePub, ePUB, EPub, or epub, with "EPUB" preferred by the vendor) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher. One of the greatest benefits brought about by ebooks software is the ability for anyone to create professional ebooks without having to fork out thousands of dollars to design and publish a book. People can easily become authors overnight and earn income from selling online ebooks.

School Library Management, 7th Edition

School Library Management, 7th Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gail K. Dickinson,Judi Repman
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440834563
FileSize: 1540kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1540


School Library Management, 7th Edition by Gail K. Dickinson,Judi Repman Summary

This book compiles selected articles from Library Media Connection to help school librarians and pre-service librarians learn about how to implement best practices for school library management. • An outstanding LIS textbook that addresses the latest standards, guidelines, and technologeis for the field and offers a blueprint for developing a strong school library program • A comprehensive listing of resources that includes websites, blogs, videos, and books • Articles written by distinguished practitioners and industry icons • Suggestions for using new technologies to achieve learning outcomes • A compilation of the most useful articles from Library Media Connection

Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Cookbook

Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Emmanuel Tsukerman
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1838556346
FileSize: 840kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 840


Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Cookbook by Emmanuel Tsukerman Summary

Learn how to apply modern AI to create powerful cybersecurity solutions for malware, pentesting, social engineering, data privacy, and intrusion detection Key FeaturesManage data of varying complexity to protect your system using the Python ecosystemApply ML to pentesting, malware, data privacy, intrusion detection system(IDS) and social engineeringAutomate your daily workflow by addressing various security challenges using the recipes covered in the bookBook Description Organizations today face a major threat in terms of cybersecurity, from malicious URLs to credential reuse, and having robust security systems can make all the difference. With this book, you'll learn how to use Python libraries such as TensorFlow and scikit-learn to implement the latest artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and handle challenges faced by cybersecurity researchers. You'll begin by exploring various machine learning (ML) techniques and tips for setting up a secure lab environment. Next, you'll implement key ML algorithms such as clustering, gradient boosting, random forest, and XGBoost. The book will guide you through constructing classifiers and features for malware, which you'll train and test on real samples. As you progress, you'll build self-learning, reliant systems to handle cybersecurity tasks such as identifying malicious URLs, spam email detection, intrusion detection, network protection, and tracking user and process behavior. Later, you'll apply generative adversarial networks (GANs) and autoencoders to advanced security tasks. Finally, you'll delve into secure and private AI to protect the privacy rights of consumers using your ML models. By the end of this book, you'll have the skills you need to tackle real-world problems faced in the cybersecurity domain using a recipe-based approach. What you will learnLearn how to build malware classifiers to detect suspicious activitiesApply ML to generate custom malware to pentest your securityUse ML algorithms with complex datasets to implement cybersecurity conceptsCreate neural networks to identify fake videos and imagesSecure your organization from one of the most popular threats – insider threatsDefend against zero-day threats by constructing an anomaly detection systemDetect web vulnerabilities effectively by combining Metasploit and MLUnderstand how to train a model without exposing the training dataWho this book is for This book is for cybersecurity professionals and security researchers who are looking to implement the latest machine learning techniques to boost computer security, and gain insights into securing an organization using red and blue team ML. This recipe-based book will also be useful for data scientists and machine learning developers who want to experiment with smart techniques in the cybersecurity domain. Working knowledge of Python programming and familiarity with cybersecurity fundamentals will help you get the most out of this book.

Keep It Simple: A Guide to Assistive Technologies

Keep It Simple: A Guide to Assistive Technologies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ravonne A. Green,Vera Blair
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1591588677
FileSize: 1189kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1189


Keep It Simple: A Guide to Assistive Technologies by Ravonne A. Green,Vera Blair Summary

Simple, straightforward guidance for the practitioner who wants to use assistive technologies to extend library access. • Tutorials on technologies for individuals with disabilities arranged by disability category • 47 Microsoft Accessibility Options screenshots • Extensive bibliographies for each disability category and for universal access, training, and marketing • A glossary of assistive technology terms • Extensive resources for each disability category

New Trends and Opportunities for Central and Eastern European Tourism

New Trends and Opportunities for Central and Eastern European Tourism Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nistoreanu, Puiu
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1799814254
FileSize: 1644kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1644


New Trends and Opportunities for Central and Eastern European Tourism by Nistoreanu, Puiu Summary

Within the past decade, there has been a re-emergence of tourism in Europe, especially in the central and eastern regions. With socialism becoming a distant memory, these former communist countries are now attractive destinations for travel. Research on this current phenomenon is essential, as professionals and scientists must stay informed on the modern development of this global region. New Trends and Opportunities for Central and Eastern European Tourism provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary tourism in Eastern Europe and its effect on economics and sociology. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as monument protection, economic features, and socialist architecture, this book is ideally designed for travel agents, tour developers, restaurateurs, hotel management, economic analysts, government officials, policymakers, tourism journalists, tourism practitioners, researchers, and professors seeking current research on the development of travel in Eastern and Central Europe.

Diverse Methods in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management

Diverse Methods in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lee, In
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522556206
FileSize: 1225kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1225


Diverse Methods in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management by Lee, In Summary

Consumer interaction and engagement are vital components to help marketers maintain a lasting relationship with their customers. By developing positive relationships with consumers, businesses can better maintain their customers’ loyalty. Diverse Methods in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management is a critical scholarly resource that examines how marketing has shifted to a relationship-oriented model. Due to this, there is an increased need for customer relationship marketing and management to emerge as an invaluable approach to strengthening companies and the customer experience. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics such as relational marketing technology acceptance model, and consumer buying behavior, this book is a vital resource for marketing professionals, managers, retailers, advertising executives, academicians, and researchers seeking current research on the challenges and opportunities in customer relationship marketing and management.

Teacher's Guide to Using the Next Generation Science Standards With Gifted and Advanced Learners

Teacher's Guide to Using the Next Generation Science Standards With Gifted and Advanced Learners Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cheryll M. Adams,Alicia Cotabish,Debbie Dailey
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000503844
FileSize: 963kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 963


Teacher's Guide to Using the Next Generation Science Standards With Gifted and Advanced Learners by Cheryll M. Adams,Alicia Cotabish,Debbie Dailey Summary

A Teacher's Guide to Using the Next Generation Science Standards With Gifted and Advanced Learners provides teachers and administrators with practical examples of ways to build comprehensive, coherent, and rigorous science learning experiences for gifted and advanced students from kindergarten to high school. It provides an array of examples across the four domains of science: physical sciences; Earth and space sciences; life sciences; and engineering, technology, and applications of science. Each learning experience indicates the performance expectation addressed and includes a sequence of activities, implementation examples, connections to the CCSS-Math and CCSS-ELA, and formative assessments. Chapters on specific instructional and management strategies, assessment, and professional development suggestions for implementing the standards within the classroom will be helpful for both teachers and administrators.

The Magic

The Magic Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Rhonda Byrne
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451673450
FileSize: 1521kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1521


The Magic by Rhonda Byrne Summary

One word changes everything...No matter who you are or where you are, no matter what your current circumstances, The Magic is going to change your entire life! For more than twenty centuries, words within a sacred text have mystified, confused, and been misunderstood by almost all who read them. Only a very few people through history have realized that the words are a riddle, and that once you solve the riddle—once you uncover the mystery—a new world will appear before your eyes. In The Magic, Rhonda Byrne reveals this life-changing knowledge to the world. Then, on an incredible 28-day journey, she teaches you how to apply this knowledge in your everyday life.

Performing Deception

Performing Deception Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brian Rappert
Editor: Open Book Publishers
ISBN: 1800646933
FileSize: 1426kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1426


Performing Deception by Brian Rappert Summary

In Performing Deception, Brian Rappert reconstructs the practice of entertainment magic by analysing it through the lens of perception, deception and learning, as he goes about studying conjuring himself. Through this novel meditation on reasoning and skill, Rappert elevates magic from the undertaking of mere trickery to an art that offers the basis for rethinking our possibilities for acting in the modern world. Performing Deception covers a wide range of theories in sociology, philosophy, psychology and elsewhere in order to offer a striking assessment of the way secrecy and deception are woven into social interactions, as well as the illusionary and paradoxical status of expertise.

1-2-3 Magic

1-2-3 Magic Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thomas Phelan
Editor: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1492629898
FileSize: 1399kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1399


1-2-3 Magic by Thomas Phelan Summary

"Dr. Phelan's strategies have seen a resurgence in the parenting world. Maybe that's why you feel like everywhere you go, you keep overhearing other moms say to their misbehaving children, 'That's one. That's two. That's three.' And then you watch in disbelief as their kid actually stops!" — PopSugar Moms Are you the parent of a strong-willed child? Is bedtime a nightly battle? Are you looking to discipline without stress? Since kids don't come with a manual, 1-2-3 Magic is the next best thing. Dr. Thomas Phelan has developed a quick, simple and scientifically proven way to parent that actually works! Using his signature 1-2-3 counting method, Dr. Phelan helps parents to curb obnoxious behaviors like tantrums and meltdowns, whining and pouting, talking back, sibling rivalry and more in toddlers, preschoolers and middle schoolers. He guides parents through drama-free discipline methods that include handling time outs in public, the appropriate length of a time out, and what to do if your child resists the time out. Dr. Phelan also covers how to establish positive routines around bedtime, dinnertime, homework and getting up and out in the morning, and tips for strengthening your relationship with your kids. For decades, millions of parents from all over the world have used the award-winning 1-2-3 Magic technique to raise happier families and put the fun back into parenting. 1-2-3 Magic is one of Healthline's Best Parenting Books of 2017, a 2016 Mom's Choice Award Winner, a 2016 National Parenting Product Award Winner and a 2016 Family Choice Award Winner.

The Magic World

The Magic World Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Edith Nesbit
Editor: Phoemixx Classics Ebooks
ISBN: 3985942552
FileSize: 778kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 778


The Magic World by Edith Nesbit Summary

The Magic World - Edith Nesbit - The Magic World is an influential collection of twelve short stories by E. Nesbit. It was first published in book form in 1912 by Macmillan and Co. Ltd., with illustrations by H. R. Millar and Gerald Spencer Pryse. The stories, previously printed in magazines such as Blackie's Children's Annual, are typical of Nesbit's arch, ironic, clever fantasies for children.

Magic By The Lake

Magic By The Lake Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Edward Eager
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 054789242X
FileSize: 1011kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1011


Magic By The Lake by Edward Eager Summary

When wishing for magic, it's hard not to wish for too much. If Jane, Mark, Katharine, and Martha had stopped to think—oh, if they had only stopped to think!—they would have ordered magic by the pound, or by the day, or even by the halves as they had in Half Magic. But no, they asked for magic by the lake—and now they have to deal with a whole lakeful of enchantment! Soon the children are awash in magic. They find themselves cavorting with mermaids, outwitting pirates, and—with the help of a cranky old turtle—granting a little magical help to the one person who needs it most.

The Magic of Believing

The Magic of Believing Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Claude M. Bristol
Editor: Courier Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486840247
FileSize: 949kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 949


The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol Summary

"One of the greatest inspirational and motivational books ever written." — Norman Vincent Peale In this bestselling self-help book, a successful businessman reveals the secrets behind harnessing the unlimited energies of the subconscious. Millions of readers have benefited from these visualization techniques, which show you how to turn your thoughts and dreams into actions that can lead to enhanced income, happier relationships, increased effectiveness, heightened influence, and improved peace of mind. World War I veteran Claude M. Bristol (1891–1951) wrote The Magic of Believing to help former soldiers adjust to civilian life. A pioneer of the New Thought movement and a popular motivational speaker, Bristol addressed those in all walks of life, from politicians and leaders to performers and salespeople. His timeless message of the powers of focused thinking and self-affirmation remains a vital source of inspiration and a practical path to achievement.

Night of the Ninjas

Night of the Ninjas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Editor: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375894225
FileSize: 652kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 652


Night of the Ninjas by Mary Pope Osborne Summary

The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system! Have you ever met a real live ninja? Jack and Annie do when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to ancient Japan, where they find themselves in the cave of a ninja master. Will they learn the secrets of the ninja? Or will the evil samurai warriors get them first? Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures Have more fun with Jack and Annie at MagicTreeHouse.com!

Afternoon on the Amazon

Afternoon on the Amazon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Editor: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375894233
FileSize: 1821kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1821


Afternoon on the Amazon by Mary Pope Osborne Summary

The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system! Vampire bats and killer ants? That's what Jack and Annie are about to run into when the Magic Tree House whisks them away to the Amazon River. It's not long before they get hopelessly lost. Will they be able to find their way back to the tree house? Or are Jack and Annie stuck forever in the rain forest? Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures

Midnight on the Moon

Midnight on the Moon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Editor: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 037589425X
FileSize: 819kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 819


Midnight on the Moon by Mary Pope Osborne Summary

The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system! Three …two…one…BLAST OFF! The Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie off to the moon—and the future. Their mission? To find the last "M" thing that will free Morgan from the spell. Can they do it before the air in their oxygen tank runs out? Will the mysterious moon man help them? And why is Peanut the mouse acting so strange? Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures

Soul Dust

Soul Dust Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nicholas Humphrey
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 140083807X
FileSize: 678kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 678


Soul Dust by Nicholas Humphrey Summary

A radically new view of the nature and purpose of consciousness How is consciousness possible? What biological purpose does it serve? And why do we value it so highly? In Soul Dust, the psychologist Nicholas Humphrey, a leading figure in consciousness research, proposes a startling new theory. Consciousness, he argues, is nothing less than a magical-mystery show that we stage for ourselves inside our own heads. This self-made show lights up the world for us and makes us feel special and transcendent. Thus consciousness paves the way for spirituality, and allows us, as human beings, to reap the rewards, and anxieties, of living in what Humphrey calls the "soul niche." Tightly argued, intellectually gripping, and a joy to read, Soul Dust provides answers to the deepest questions. It shows how the problem of consciousness merges with questions that obsess us all—how life should be lived and the fear of death. Resting firmly on neuroscience and evolutionary theory, and drawing a wealth of insights from philosophy and literature, Soul Dust is an uncompromising yet life-affirming work—one that never loses sight of the majesty and wonder of consciousness.

Septimus Heap, Book Seven: Fyre

Septimus Heap, Book Seven: Fyre Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Angie Sage
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062219871
FileSize: 897kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 897


Septimus Heap, Book Seven: Fyre by Angie Sage Summary

The seventh book in the internationally bestselling Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage, featuring the funny and fantastic adventures of a wizard apprentice and his quest to become an ExtraOrdinary Wizard. New York Times Bestselling Series “To wrap up her deservedly popular series, Sage calls back nearly all of the first six volumes’ cast members, living and dead, for a fresh flurry of Magykal feats and threats from the Darke.” —Kirkus Reviews “Sage is a master of her created world, paying devoted attention to the smallest detail; the world and the characters in it are as vivid and engaging in this final installment as they have been throughout the Septimus Heap series.” —ALA Booklist Favorite characters return in this stunning seventh and final book in Angie Sage's New York Times bestselling magykal series: ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand, Alchemist Marcellus Pye, and of course Septimus Heap, Jenna, Beetle, Simon, Lucy, and the rest of the Heap gang. Jenna will soon be Queen and Beetle is now Chief Hermetic Scribe. Septimus, however, must rid the Castle of the Darke Domaine by destroying the Two-Faced Ring. His skills in both Magyk and Physik will be tested, as will his loyalties. Filled with Angie Sage's characteristic humor and heart, Fyre is a grand finale that is fantasy adventure at its best.

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Full-Color Edition)

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Full-Color Edition) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Editor: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375987169
FileSize: 1157kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1157


Dinosaurs Before Dark (Full-Color Edition) by Mary Pope Osborne Summary

We are celebrating by bringing full color to the Cretaceous period—full-color art that is! This jacketed hardcover edition boasts new artwork, plus extras, like an interview between the creators, a letter from Mary Pope Osborne, and up-to-date dinosaur info! Join Jack and Annie as they travel back to the time of dinosaurs where they encounter all sorts of dinos from the terrifying T-Rex to the crowd-pleasing Triceratops—and start on a life-time of adventures with new readers.

Magic and the Dignity of Man

Magic and the Dignity of Man Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brian P. Copenhaver
Editor: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674242181
FileSize: 562kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 562


Magic and the Dignity of Man by Brian P. Copenhaver Summary

Pico della Mirandola, one of the most remarkable thinkers of the Renaissance, has become known as a founder of humanism and a supporter of secular rationality. Brian Copenhaver upends this understanding of Pico, unearthing the magic and mysticism in the most famous work attributed to him, The Oration on the Dignity of Man.

The White-Magic Book

The White-Magic Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Le Breton
Editor: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 147335191X
FileSize: 1048kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1048


The White-Magic Book by John Le Breton Summary

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Les NFT en 40 questions

Les NFT en 40 questions Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jean-Guillaume Dumas,Pascal Lafourcade,Etienne Roudeix,Ariane Tichit,Sébastien Varrette
Editor: Armand Colin
ISBN: 210084136X
FileSize: 1288kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1288


Les NFT en 40 questions by Jean-Guillaume Dumas,Pascal Lafourcade,Etienne Roudeix,Ariane Tichit,Sébastien Varrette Summary

Les NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) sont des jetons uniques et identifiables. Par exemple, un ticket de train est non-fongible : Il en existe des milliers qui présentent les mêmes caractéristiques de base, mais chacun a aussi ses caractéristiques propres comme le numéro de la place, le numéro du train ou les heures de départs et d’arrivée. Un jeton non fongible est un type spécial de jeton cryptographique qui représente quelque chose d'unique ; il n'est donc pas interchangeable. Cette nouvelle technologie offre ainsi la possibilité de gérer des biens uniques et identifiables de manière dématérialisée et sécurisée sur une blockchain. Les exemples les plus courants actuellement sont les œuvres d’art, mais on peut aussi penser à de nombreux autres biens, à des paris sportifs, à des actions, à des biens immobiliers, etc ... Cette technologie n’est pas un effet de mode mais bien l’une des applications les plus prometteuses de la blockchain. Ce livre est conçu sous forme de 40 questions-réponses qui permettent d'aborder un à un les multiples aspects de cette technologie novatrice un peu compliquée, que ce soit sous un angle informatique, économique, juridique...

Magic, Science and Religion and Other Essays

Magic, Science and Religion and Other Essays Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bronislaw Malinowski
Editor: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1473393124
FileSize: 436kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 436


Magic, Science and Religion and Other Essays by Bronislaw Malinowski Summary

This book contains three prolific essays by the world renown polish anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski. First published in 1926, Magic, Science and Religion provides its readers with a seminal collection of texts exploring the concepts of magic, religion, science, rite and myth, detailing how they interlink to offer exciting and informative insights into the Trobrianders of New Guinea. A must-have for any students of anthropology and collectors of Malinowski’s work, we are republishing this classic work with a new introductory biography of the author.

Magic, Witchcraft and the Otherworld

Magic, Witchcraft and the Otherworld Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan Greenwood
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000181227
FileSize: 1507kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1507


Magic, Witchcraft and the Otherworld by Susan Greenwood Summary

Anthropology's long and complex relationship to magic has been strongly influenced by western science and notions of rationality. This book takes a refreshing new look at modern magic as practised by contemporary Pagans in Britain. It focuses on what Pagans see as the essence of magic - a communication with an otherworldly reality. Examining issues of identity, gender and morality, the author argues that the otherworld forms a central defining characteristic of magical practice. Integrating an experiential ethnographic approach with an analysis of magic, this book asks penetrating questions about the nature of otherworldly knowledge and argues that our scientific frameworks need re-envisioning. It is unique in providing an insider's view of how magic is practised in contemporary western culture.

The Philosophy Of Natural Magic

The Philosophy Of Natural Magic Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Agrippa von Nettesheim
Editor: Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN: 3849644596
FileSize: 1015kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1015


The Philosophy Of Natural Magic by Agrippa von Nettesheim Summary

In the last half of 1509 and the first months of 1510, Cornelius Agrippa, known in his day as a Magician, gathered together all the Mystic lore he had obtained by the energy and ardor of youth and compiled it into the elaborate system of Magic, in three books, known as Occult Philosophy, the first book of which--Natural Magic--constitutes the present volume. This is true and sublime Occult Philosophy. To understand the mysterious influences of the intellectual world upon the celestial, and of both upon the terrestrial; and to know how to dispose and fit ourselves so as to be capable of receiving the superior operations of these worlds, whereby we may be enabled to operate wonderful things by a natural power--to discover the secret counsels of men, to increase riches, to overcome enemies, to procure the favor of men, to expel diseases, to preserve health, to prolong life, to renew youth, to foretell future events, to see and know things done many miles off, and such like as these. These things may seem incredible, yet read but the ensuing treatise and thou shalt see the possibility confirmed both by reason and example.

The Complete Autumn and Winter Cookbook

The Complete Autumn and Winter Cookbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: America's Test Kitchen
Editor: America\'s Test Kitchen
ISBN: 1948703858
FileSize: 347kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 347


The Complete Autumn and Winter Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen Summary

Celebrate the season with this treasure trove of cozy cooking and baking recipes, from soul-warming soups and simple dinners to showstoppers and weekend projects. As the air grows chillier and nights longer, these dishes draw us to the table and the warmth of an active kitchen: Slow-simmered dishes like Cider-Braised Pork Roast, cheesy weeknight pasta like Unstuffed Shells with Butternut Squash, or a crusty bread like Fig and Fennel Bread. When the flavors of summer fade, autumn and winter fruits and vegetables can be just as bold and bountiful. Find recipe inspiration from the season's first ripe figs and plump brussels sprouts to roasty sides featuring celery root, kohlrabi, and kabocha squash, or a cranberry curd tart to brighten a winter's night. Themed chapters showcase all the reasons to love autumn and winter cooking: • Find new celeberation favorites with a chapter of centerpiece dishes like Turkey and Gravy for a Crowd or Swiss Chard Pie to wow your guests. • Picked apples on an autumnal adventure? All Things Apple covers both sweet and savory recipes like French Apple Cake and Celery Root, Fennel, and Apple Chowder to help you use them up. • Create the ultimate party spread with chapters devoted to Appetizers, Festive Drinks, and Brunch: Try fried Korean fried chicken wings, latkes with beet-horseradish applesauce, or Everything Straws. • Obsessed with pumpkin? So are we! In the Everyone Loves Pumpkin chapter you'll find everything from Creamy Pumpkin-Chai Soup to Rum Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. • Bake to your heart's content with chapters covering breads, cookies, cakes, pies, puddings, and more. • Give the gift of food with recipes for Rocky Road Bark and Fruits of the Forest Liqueur. America's Test Kitchen's tips and tricks guarantee every meal is a success. Flip to the introduction for menus and entertaining tips. Plus, we've added seasonally themed spreads throughout so you can decorate the perfect holiday cookies or plan a charcuterie board with last-second appetizers.

Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook

Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: L. G Nicholas,Kerry Ogamé
Editor: Ed Rosenthal
ISBN: 0932551335
FileSize: 1592kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1592


Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook by L. G Nicholas,Kerry Ogamé Summary

Here is a practical step-by-step guide to cultivating four species of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, indoors and outside. Anyone with a clean kitchen, some basic equipment, and a closet shelf or shady flowerbed will be able to grow a bumper crop. This Handbook also includes an introduction to mushroom biology, a guide for supplies, and advice on discreetly integrating psychedelic mushrooms into outdoor gardens. Hand-drawn illustrations and full-color and black-&-white photographs provide the reader with steps in the cultivation process and exact identification of desired species. The four species detailed include two species that have previously had very little coverage: Psilocybe mexicana (a tiny mushroom used for millennia by indigenous Mexican shamans) and Psilocybe azurescens (a newly described species native to the Pacific Northwest and easily grown outdoors on woodchips). This innovative book also offers a wealth of information about the use of psilocybin-containing mushrooms in both traditional and modern contexts. Contributing ethnobotanist Kathleen Harrison highlights the history, ritual and mythology of sacred Psilocybe mushrooms used in indigenous shamanic settings. The book’s authors offer insights into how these principles might be put into practice by the modern voyager, to provide, safe, healing and fruitful journeys.

Magical Mathematics

Magical Mathematics Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Persi Diaconis,Ron Graham
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400839386
FileSize: 1731kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1731


Magical Mathematics by Persi Diaconis,Ron Graham Summary

The mathematics behind some of the world's most amazing card tricks Magical Mathematics reveals the secrets of fun-to-perform card tricks—and the profound mathematical ideas behind them—that will astound even the most accomplished magician. Persi Diaconis and Ron Graham provide easy, step-by-step instructions for each trick, explaining how to set up the effect and offering tips on what to say and do while performing it. Each card trick introduces a new mathematical idea, and varying the tricks in turn takes readers to the very threshold of today's mathematical knowledge. Diaconis and Graham tell the stories—and reveal the best tricks—of the eccentric and brilliant inventors of mathematical magic. The book exposes old gambling secrets through the mathematics of shuffling cards, explains the classic street-gambling scam of three-card Monte, traces the history of mathematical magic back to the oldest mathematical trick—and much more.

The magic shop

The magic shop Pdf/ePub eBook Author: H. G. Wells
Editor: Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing
FileSize: 983kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 983


The magic shop by H. G. Wells Summary

Out for a walk in London one day, Gip and his father happen upon a magic shop. At Gip's urging, the two go in — and things grow more and more curious by the minute. Counters, store fixtures, and mirrors seem to move around the room, and the shopkeeper is most mysterious of all. Gip is thrilled by all he sees, and his father is at first amused, but when things become stranger and sinister father is no longer sure where reality ends and illusion begins. Famous works of the author Herbert Wells: "The Time Machine", "The War of the Worlds", "The War in the Air", "The Island of Dr. Moreau", "The Complete Science Fiction Treasury of H.G. Wells", "The Invisible Man", "When the Sleeper Wakes", "The First Men in the Moon", "The Food of the Gods", "The Magic Shop".

Just Add Magic

Just Add Magic Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cindy Callaghan
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442402695
FileSize: 1659kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1659


Just Add Magic by Cindy Callaghan Summary

Take three friends. Add an old cookbook. Combine with cute boys and a pinch of magic…and see what kind of chaos ensues! When Kelly Quinn and her two BFFs discover a dusty old cookbook while cleaning out the attic, the girls decide to try a few of the mysterious and supposedly magical recipes that are inside. To their surprise, the Keep ’Em Quiet Cobbler actually silences Kelly’s pesky little brother and the Hexberry Tart puts a curse on mean girl Charlotte. Is it possible that the recipes really are magic? Who wrote them and where did they come from? And most importantly of all, when boys get involved, what kind of trouble are the girls stirring up for themselves?

เซ็ปติมัส ฮีป ปาฏิหาริย์หมายเลขเจ็ด เล่ม 4 ภารกิจดับชะตา

เซ็ปติมัส ฮีป ปาฏิหาริย์หมายเลขเจ็ด เล่ม 4 ภารกิจดับชะตา Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Angie Sage
Editor: Nanmeebooks
ISBN: 6160419390
FileSize: 426kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 426


เซ็ปติมัส ฮีป ปาฏิหาริย์หมายเลขเจ็ด เล่ม 4 ภารกิจดับชะตา by Angie Sage Summary

เซ็ปติมัส ฮีป ซึ่งเพิ่งเรียนมนตราได้แค่ 3 ปี ถูกบังคับให้เข้าร่วมพิธีกรรม "จับหินภารกิจ" ซึ่งศิษย์เอกผู้วิเศษวิสามัญทุกคน ต้องทำเมื่อเรียนจบ ศิษย์เอกที่จับหินได้ ต้องเดินทางไปทำภารกิจ และไม่เคยมีใครได้กลับมา แต่พิธีกรรมเก่าแก่ครั้งนี้มาถึงเร็วเกินไป เซ็ปติมัส สังหรณ์ว่า อาจมีแผนร้ายบางอย่างซ่อนอยู่ ติดตามการผจญภัยสุดอันตราย ครั้งที่ 4 ของเซ็ปติมัส ฮีป ทั้งภารกิจ มนตราโบราณ และการช่วยเหลือเพื่อนผู้ติดอยู่ในอดีต

Pirates Past Noon

Pirates Past Noon Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Editor: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375894217
FileSize: 1911kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1911


Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne Summary

The #1 bestselling chapter book series of all time celebrates 25 years with new covers and a new, easy-to-use numbering system! It's a treasure trove of trouble! Jack and Annie are in for a high-seas adventure when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to the days of deserted islands, secret maps—and ruthless pirates! Will they discover a buried treasure? Or will they be forced to walk the plank? Did you know that there’s a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures

Math Circles for Elementary School Students

Math Circles for Elementary School Students Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Natasha Rozhkovskaya
Editor: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 1470416956
FileSize: 1851kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1851


Math Circles for Elementary School Students by Natasha Rozhkovskaya Summary

The main part of this book describes the first semester of the existence of a successful and now highly popular program for elementary school students at the Berkeley Math Circle. The topics discussed in the book introduce the participants to the basics of many important areas of modern mathematics, including logic, symmetry, probability theory, knot theory, cryptography, fractals, and number theory. Each chapter in the first part of this book consists of two parts. It starts with generously illustrated sets of problems and hands-on activities. This part is addressed to young readers who can try to solve problems on their own or to discuss them with adults. The second part of each chapter is addressed to teachers and parents. It includes comments on the topics of the lesson, relates those topics to discussions in other chapters, and describes the actual reaction of math circle participants to the proposed activities. The supplementary problems that were discussed at workshops of Math Circle at Kansas State University are given in the second part of the book. The book is richly illustrated, which makes it attractive to its young audience. In the interest of fostering a greater awareness and appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and everyday life, MSRI and the AMS are publishing books in the Mathematical Circles Library series as a service to young people, their parents and teachers, and the mathematics profession. Titles in this series are co-published with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI).


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