Porsche Boxster And Cayman

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Porsche Boxster and Cayman

Porsche Boxster and Cayman Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785002120
FileSize: 1558kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1558


Porsche Boxster and Cayman by Summary

Porsche Boxster and Cayman follows the design and development of this mid-engined sports car and coupe family, from their origins in the company's concerted racing activities in the 1950s and 1960s, to the drawing board, launch and systematic evolution through successive model ranges from 1996 to 2016. There are detailed profiles and evaluation of all Boxster and Cayman derivatives, including 986, 987, 981 and 718. Specifications of the various models are given including entry-level, S, GTS and GT-4. The special Limited Editions, such as the 550 Spyder 40th Anniversary models are also included. The book covers some of the author's international driving experiences at the wheel of Boxster and Cayman including the Bilster Berg race circuit and Tour Auto. There is also an intriguing interview with successful racer Rebecca Jackson, who describes the techniques of Boxster racing and demonstrates the versatility of this best-handling of all Porsche sports cars and an iInterview with Porsche design chief Harm Lagaaij. The book will be of great interest to all motoring enthusiasts and historians and is illustrated with 400 colour photographs, many specially commissioned.

101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster

101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Wayne Dempsey .
Editor: Motorbooks
ISBN: 1610607953
FileSize: 651kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 651


101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster by Wayne Dempsey . Summary

Since its introduction in 1997, the Porsche Boxster has earned a reputation as one of the world’s greatest sports cars, as well as a huge, loyal following of devoted drivers. This book is aimed at those owners of Boxsters who want to improve their machines while avoiding thousands of dollars in mechanic’s costs. Clearly and simply written, with straightforward illustrations, this manual offers 101 projects to help you modify, maintain, and enhance your Porsche. Focusing on the 986 and 987 Boxster models, 101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster presents all the necessary information, associated costs, and pitfalls to avoid when performing a wide array of projects. In a word, it makes owning a Porsche Boxster an unqualified thrill.

Porsche 987 Boxster & Cayman

Porsche 987 Boxster & Cayman Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Adrian Streather
Editor: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845844246
FileSize: 687kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 687


Porsche 987 Boxster & Cayman by Adrian Streather Summary

Stop! Don’t buy a Porsche 987 Boxster or Cayman series without buying this book first! Packed with good advice from running costs, paperwork, vital statistics, valuation and the Porsche community, right through to whether your Porsche will fit in your garage and indeed, with your lifestyle. This is the complete guide to choosing, assessing and buying the Porsche 987 Boxster or Cayman of your dreams.

Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brian Long
Editor: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1903706343
FileSize: 1142kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1142


Porsche Boxster by Brian Long Summary

The full story of Porsche's affordable roadster from prototype stage to the present day. Complete with factory-sourced photographs and details of all German and export market models. Complete, year-by-year coverage of production models.

Porsche Cars: Facts Everyone Should Know About Porsche 64, Porsche 914 and More

Porsche Cars: Facts Everyone Should Know About Porsche 64, Porsche 914 and More Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Oscar Dooley
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1365135667
FileSize: 1470kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1470


Porsche Cars: Facts Everyone Should Know About Porsche 64, Porsche 914 and More by Oscar Dooley Summary

Everything you have ever wanted to know about Porsche's and then some. If you're a Porsche fanatic then you are going to love this ebook, it will give you all the information you have ever wanted to know about them.

Porsche Carrera

Porsche Carrera Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Johnny Tipler
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785005308
FileSize: 734kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 734


Porsche Carrera by Johnny Tipler Summary

The complete story of the innovative, iconic and enduring Porsche Carrera. Although considered a classic car, the 911 continues in production today and the 1,000,000th 911 is at the Porsche Museum, Zuffenhausen. This book takes the reader on a journey from the development of its risky water-cooled design through its racing success and continued production today, to practical maintenance and modification. A true homage to the Porsche Carrera, covering the concept, design and evolution of the 996,997 and 991, and including an interview with harm Lagaaji, stylist in the Porsche design studios. Other interviews include racing drivers - past and present - Mike Wilds, Timo Bernhard, Richard Attwood, Richard Westbrook, Mario Andretti, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Wolf Henzler, Brendon Hartley and Peter Dumbreck. There is a section on how to buy, maintain and modify a Porsche Carrera and the book is superbly illustrated with 420 colour photographs many of which were taken by renowned car photographer, Antony Fraser.

Porsche 70 Years

Porsche 70 Years Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Randy Leffingwell
Editor: Motorbooks
ISBN: 0760359563
FileSize: 879kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 879


Porsche 70 Years by Randy Leffingwell Summary

There's something for every Porsche enthusiast in Porsche 70 Years, whether rear-engine 911 loyalist, race fan, or follower of contemporary vehicles. Fasten your seatbelt and hit the gas. Porsche is one of the most important and iconic automotive manufacturers in history. From its first 356 to today's technical tour de force, the 918, Porsche has advanced from strength to strength for nearly seven decades. In Porsche 70 Years: There is No Substitute, author Randy Leffingwell offers a richly illustrated and detailed book that captures the full story of one of the world's leading automotive companies. Beautiful, contemporary, photos and rare historical images accompany in-depth analyses of milestone cars and events. Created with Porsche's cooperation, the book brings to light the engineering anddesign stories behind Stuttgart's most famous cars--such as the 356, 904, 917, 911, 928, 935, 956 and others--as well as its key players. Comprising the most comprehensive overview of the company's entire history, Porsche 70 Years truly has no substitute.

Mercedes-Benz W114 and W115

Mercedes-Benz W114 and W115 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Taylor
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785008250
FileSize: 1661kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1661


Mercedes-Benz W114 and W115 by James Taylor Summary

The W114 and W115 models were enormously successful for Mercedes-Benz, and their sales in nine years of production between 1967 and 1976 almost equalled the total of all Mercedes passenger models built in the 23 years between 1945 and the time of their introduction in 1968. There were many reasons for this success, but perhaps the most important was that Mercedes expanded the range to include a simply vast amount of variants including four-cylinder and six-cylinder petrol engines, four-cylinder diesels; saloons, coupes and long-wheelbase models. With around 200 photographs, this book features the story of the design and development of the W114 and W115 ranges. It gives full technical specifications, including paint and interior trim choices; includes a chapter on the special US variants; gives production tables and model type codes and explores the Experimental Safety Vehicles developed from these cars. Finally, there is a chapter on buying and owning a 114- or 115-series Mercedes.

The book of the Lamborghini Murciélago

The book of the Lamborghini Murciélago Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Thillainathan Pathmanathan
Editor: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1787118126
FileSize: 1359kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1359


The book of the Lamborghini Murciélago by Thillainathan Pathmanathan Summary

The wedge-shaped V12 Lamborghini flagships were always spectacular – in shape, sound and performance.The Murciélago was an evolution of the Countach and the Diablo, and was as iconic in its time as its illustrious predecessors were in theirs. This book examines the Murcielago in detail, while casting a look back through Lamborghini’s troubled history, to understand how the Murciélago came into being. Ferrucio Lamborghini, Patrick Minram, Megatech, Chrysler, and finally VW-Audi, all played their part in the birth of this modern classic. The book touches on the people and organisations involved in the production of this iconic car, before examining each of the model variants, and discusses the joys and tribulations of ownership.

Alfa Romeo 2000 and 2600

Alfa Romeo 2000 and 2600 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tony Bagnall
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785006320
FileSize: 853kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 853


Alfa Romeo 2000 and 2600 by Tony Bagnall Summary

After a period of post-war austerity, in 1957 Alfa Romeo decided it was time to re-enter the market for luxury/executive class cars with a new range designed for the growing number and prosperity of potential customers. Thus, the first models in the new 2000 series emerged, followed by the 2600 series in 1962. That they were not hugely successful, although some 18,540 were manufactured between 1957 and 1966, can be attributed to a number of factors, principally cost. Largely ignored for many years, these cars are now recognized as a significant element in Alfa Romeo's history and this book is a valuable record of their story. Richly illustrated with over 200 colour and black & white photographs, this book introduces the history of the company and its early designs; describes the early Berlina saloon, Spider convertible and Sprint coupe, and their development into the 2600 series; details the evolution of the 1900-based engine into the 6-cylinder 2600 engine; provides a history of the SZ Sprint Zagato; includes information on prototypes, show specials, specification tables, colour schemes and production numbers and, finally, includes a chapter on owning a 2000 or 2600.

Mercedes-Benz SL and SLC 107-Series 1971-1989

Mercedes-Benz SL and SLC 107-Series 1971-1989 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew Noakes
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785003666
FileSize: 1161kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1161


Mercedes-Benz SL and SLC 107-Series 1971-1989 by Andrew Noakes Summary

As one of the most remarkable models that Mercedes-Benz has ever created, the 107-series was a sales success for nearly two decades and has been an automotive icon for far longer. Elegant styling, effortless performance and superior build quality are central to the appeal of the Mercedes-Benz R107 SL and C107 SL models. This book details the complete history of the model from its design in the late 1960s, its launch in 1971, its development through the 1970s and 1980s to the end of production in 1989. Accompanied by over 250 archive pictures and original images, Mercedes-Benz SL and SLC 107-Series 1971-1989 - The Complete Story reveals the story behind the racing SLs and the works rally SLCs, and provides a valuable guide to buying and running these cars. Superbly illustrated with 260 archive and original colour and black & white photographs.

Motoring the Future

Motoring the Future Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Engelbert Wimmer
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 0230307817
FileSize: 1842kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1842


Motoring the Future by Engelbert Wimmer Summary

The crisis in the auto industry has resulted in a race between Volkswagen, as challenger, and Toyota, as tattered global market leader. Whether it is theGerman or theJapanese firm that takes pole position, the winner will change the balance of power in the automotive industry and lead the way to the automobiles of the future.

Porsche Air-Cooled Turbos 1974-1996

Porsche Air-Cooled Turbos 1974-1996 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Johnny Tipler
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785006703
FileSize: 1711kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1711


Porsche Air-Cooled Turbos 1974-1996 by Johnny Tipler Summary

Porsche applied turbocharging to its racing cars in 1972 and, within a year, this technology had crossed over into its production cars: the first road-going 911 Turbo was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1973. Johnny Tipler tells the story of the air-cooled turbocharged 911s, starting with the 934 and 935 race cars that fostered the Type 930 in 1974. The 930 accounted for over 21,000 vehicle sales before being replaced by the 964 Turbo in 1990, followed by the 993 Turbo in 1995. With 300 colour photographs, many taken specially by renowned photographer Antony Fraser this book also presents exclusive interviews with Klaus Ludwig, Jochen Mass and Nick Heidfeld, as well as including full specification tables for each key model type. Foreword is by Alois Ruf.

Mercedes-Benz Sport-Light Coupe

Mercedes-Benz Sport-Light Coupe Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nik Greene
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785008234
FileSize: 436kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 436


Mercedes-Benz Sport-Light Coupe by Nik Greene Summary

In the very beginning, the automotive industry was dominated by open-top vehicles whose body shapes were very much based on the horse-drawn carriage, there were open and closed carriages and then there was the Coupe. These were developed from the type of carriage known as the Berlin coach, which was designed as a classic vehicle for individual luxury travel and prestige. This type of carriage offered an intimate atmosphere focused exclusively on the passengers; it did not even have space for luggage, it simply exuded style, elegance and luxury in every way. This first volume of the Mercedes-Benz Coupe book addresses the journey from what was a functional sports car design to what has become the incomparable Mercedes-Benz 'Sports Coupe'; its timeless body design has remained, even today both a dream car and a dream Coupe to anyone whom aspires to follow in the footsteps of the early individualists who chose style and elegance over practicality. With over 300 photographs and illustrations, this book includes: an overview of the early days of 'Sports-Car' design; the influences of aerodynamics on design evolution; early protagonists at Daimler-Benz and how they influenced design of the Coupe shape; how the Racing Coupe influenced what became the production Sport Coupe; the experimental and one-off prototypes, and finally the continuation of the Super Sport Light concept through the 'S-Class' range.

Electric and Hybrid Cars

Electric and Hybrid Cars Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Curtis D. Anderson,Judy Anderson
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 0786457422
FileSize: 536kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 536


Electric and Hybrid Cars by Curtis D. Anderson,Judy Anderson Summary

This illustrated history chronicles electric and hybrid cars from the late 19th century to today’s fuel cell and plug-in automobiles. It describes the politics, technology, marketing strategies, and environmental issues that have impacted electric and hybrid cars’ research and development. The important marketing shift from a “woman’s car” to “going green” is discussed. Milestone projects and technologies such as early batteries, hydrogen and bio-mass fuel cells, the upsurge of hybrid vehicles, and the various regulations and market forces that have shaped the industry are also covered.

Land Rover Freelander

Land Rover Freelander Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Taylor
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785003275
FileSize: 986kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 986


Land Rover Freelander by James Taylor Summary

Land Rover Freelander - The Complete Story recounts the history of the Land Rover Freelander, and its popular successor, the Freelander 2. This new book covers the original Freelander, from its design and development to its launch and reception in 1997. In 2006 , the innovative Freelander 2 was launched, with its pioneering technology in fuel efficiency. Also covered are the Freelander variants from across the world, and its use in UK law enforcement. This is an indispensable guide to the history of both generations of Freelander and is aimed at enthusiasts of Land Rover throughout the world. Lavishly illustrated with 284 colour photographs.

Mercedes-Benz W126 S-Class 1979-1991

Mercedes-Benz W126 S-Class 1979-1991 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nik Greene
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785005421
FileSize: 478kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 478


Mercedes-Benz W126 S-Class 1979-1991 by Nik Greene Summary

The Mercedes 126 S-Class of 1979-1991 remains the most successful premium saloon in the company's history and is considered by many to be one of the best cars in the world. "You don't simply decide to buy an S-Class: it comes to you when fate has ordained that your life should take that course. The door closes with a reassuring clunk - and you have arrived,” said the sales brochure of the first real Sonderklasse, the W116. With over 300 colour photos and production histories and specifications for both Generation One and Two models, this is an essential resource for anyone with an interest in this timeless car. The book covers an overview of the key personalities who drove the development of this model; the initial 116 Sonderklasse and its subsequent evolution; the history and personality of each model and finally detailed analysis of the different engines - both petrol and diesel. This essential resource explores both the technical and social sides of how this legend was born and is superbly illustrated with 314 colour photographs.

Alfa Romeo Alfasud

Alfa Romeo Alfasud Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Chris Martin
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785009095
FileSize: 605kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 605


Alfa Romeo Alfasud by Chris Martin Summary

Launched in 1971, the Alfasud was an all-new departure for Alfa Romeo, both in its design and its execution and became the best-selling model in the history of Alfa Romeo . Originally it was developed with the dual intentions of launching the company into large volume production and providing a more affordable model than their highly regarded sports cars. However, its story was far from straightforward. Although respected for its technically brilliant design and universally praised for its ride and handling, the model never quite reached its full sales potential and its reputation was marred by problems that could not have been foreseen. With over 240 colour photographs, the book includes a brief history of Alfa Romeo to the end of the 1960s. The development of the Alfasud’s design and the political reasons for building a new factory are given along with the car’s reception from both the press and owners. The evolution of the model from initial prototypes, to the improvements to build quality and performance, including the Giardinetta and Sprint variations are covered as well as Alfasuds in competition. The political and labour problems, as well as the early quality control issues are discussed. Finally, there are numerous specification tables, performance data, chassis numbers, engine codes and colour charts.


BMW E30 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Taylor
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785008730
FileSize: 747kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 747


BMW E30 by James Taylor Summary

The E30 3 Series was the car that defined BMW more than any other during the 1980s, and it has gone on to become a much-loved modern classic. This book tells the full story of the cars from the time in 1976 when work first began on the successor to the original E21 3 Series. This new book features the story of how and why BMW designed their new compact E30 saloon for the 1980s; the styling, engineering and specification changes introduced over the lifetime of the model. There are full technical specifications, including paint and interior trim choices given along with a chapter on the special US variants. Details of the M3 and the cars produced by the leading German tuners and finally, there is a chapter on buying and owning a BMW E30.

Rover P6: 2000, 2200, 3500

Rover P6: 2000, 2200, 3500 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Taylor
Editor: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 178500722X
FileSize: 1817kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1817


Rover P6: 2000, 2200, 3500 by James Taylor Summary

The Rover P6 was unquestionably one of the best saloon cars to come out of Britain in the 1960s and was winner of the first-ever European Car of the Year award. It combined a wealth of technical innovation with a distinctive appearance that incorporated exactly the right degree of Italianate sharp-suited appearance for its time. It was, and remains, a great car to drive, and all these qualities were combined with the space and practicality of a four-seat family saloon. Rover P6: 2000, 2200, 3500 - The Complete Story documents its evolution from the earliest ideas in the 1950s to the end of production in 1977. It describes all the models with specification tables and paint and trim options, including NADA and Federal cars and remembers the motorsport successes and failures. It records the manufacturing process at Solihull and CKD overseas and includes a useful chapter on buying and owning a Rover P6.