The Collapse Of Fortress Bush

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The Collapse of Fortress Bush

The Collapse of Fortress Bush Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814776254
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The Collapse of Fortress Bush by , Summary

When the Bush presidency began to collapse, pundits were quick to tell a tale of the “imperial presidency” gone awry, a story of secretive, power-hungry ideologues who guided an arrogant president down the road to ruin. But the inside story of the failures of the Bush administration is both much more complex and alarming, says leading policy analyst Alasdair Roberts. In the most comprehensive, balanced view of the Bush presidency to date, Roberts portrays a surprisingly weak president, hamstrung by bureaucratic, constitutional, cultural and economic barriers and strikingly unable to wield authority even within his own executive branch. The Collapse of Fortress Bush shows how the president fought—and lost—key battles with the defense and intelligence communities. From Homeland Security to Katrina, Bush could not coordinate agencies to meet domestic threats or disasters. Either the Bush administration refused to exercise authority, was thwarted in the attempt to exercise authority, or wielded authority but could not meet the test of legitimacy needed to enact their goals. Ultimately, the vaunted White House discipline gave way to public recriminations among key advisers. Condemned for secretiveness, the Bush administration became one of the most closely scrutinized presidencies in the modern era. Roberts links the collapse of the Bush presidency to deeper currents in American politics and culture, especially a new militarism and the supremacy of the Reagan-era consensus on low taxes, limited government, and free markets. Only in this setting was it possible to have a “total war on terrorism” in which taxes were reduced, private consumption was encouraged, and businesses were lightly regulated. A balanced, incisive account by a skilled observer of U.S. government, The Collapse of Fortress Bush turns the spotlight from the powerful cabal that launched the war in Iraq to tell a much more disturbing story about American power and the failure of executive leadership.

Panorama of a Presidency: How George W. Bush Acquired and Spent His Political Capital

Panorama of a Presidency: How George W. Bush Acquired and Spent His Political Capital Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Steven E Schier
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317463250
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Panorama of a Presidency: How George W. Bush Acquired and Spent His Political Capital by Steven E Schier Summary

As the controversial presidency of George W. Bush draws to a close, this work provides the first dispassionate, even-handed assessment of Bush's years in office. Widely respected scholar and author Steven E. Schier goes beyond the perspective of contemporary political commentary, and draws on wide-ranging literature about presidential history and strategy to carefully identify both the unique and the familiar aspects of George W. Bush's presidency. "Panorama of a Presidency" examines Bush's innovative electoral and governing strategies, ambitious foreign and domestic policy initiatives, and the bitterly divisive consequences of his mode of governance. As the first analysis to place the George W. Bush presidency in a broad historical and theoretical context, the book will be an essential foundation for any future studies on the topic.

The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Poverty [2 volumes]

The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Poverty [2 volumes] Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robert S. Rycroft
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1610697588
FileSize: 654kb
File Format: Pdf
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The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Poverty [2 volumes] by Robert S. Rycroft Summary

What is the "American Dream"? This book's author argues that contrary to what many believe, it is not achieving the wealth necessary to enter the top one percent but rather becoming members of the great middle class by dint of hard work and self-discipline. • Includes content related to all the themes of the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and the Common Core requirements for primary documents and critical thinking exercises • Focuses on the intersections of middle class society to current issues of interest and policy debates, including diversity, gender, taxation, race, minimum wage, unions, student loan interest rates, school closings, and labor issues • Documents the perspectives of the major economists of each era on the middle class

The Economics of War

The Economics of War Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Imad A. Moosa
Editor: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1788978528
FileSize: 1801kb
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The Economics of War by Imad A. Moosa Summary

Bad things occur and persist because of the presence of powerful beneficiaries. In this provocative and illuminating book, Imad Moosa illustrates the economic motivations behind the last 100 years of international conflict, citing the numerous powerful individual and corporate war profiteers that benefit from war.

Four Crises of American Democracy

Four Crises of American Democracy Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alasdair Roberts
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190459913
FileSize: 1611kb
File Format: Pdf
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Four Crises of American Democracy by Alasdair Roberts Summary

In the last decade, observers of Western governments have become increasingly concerned about an apparent crisis of democracy. They argue that endemic corruption, inadequate services, and increasing voter disaffection have produced a dire result: a global resurgence of authoritarianism. The political climate surrounding the 2016 presidential election in the United States has only reinforced the perception of democratic crisis. In Four Crises of American Democracy, Alasdair Roberts locates the U.S.'s recent bout of democratic malaise in a larger context, arguing that it is the latest in a series of very different crises that have plagued America throughout the entire post-Civil War era. He focuses on four crises, describing the features of each and outlining solutions the government adopted in response. The first crisis-the "crisis of representation"-occurred in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and was dominated by fears of plutocracy and debates about the rights of African Americans, women, and immigrants. The "crisis of mastery" spanned the years 1917-1948, and focused on building administrative capabilities so that government could better manage both an increasingly complex economy and volatile international system. The "crisis of discipline," beginning in the 1970s, was triggered by the perception that voters and special interests were overloading governments with unreasonable demands, and the response was to limit government's reach. The current crisis, what Roberts calls the "crisis of anticipation," is ongoing. Roberts pronounces it a future-oriented crisis, preoccupied with the capacity of democratic systems to deal with long-term problems such the rise of China and climate change. Roberts suggests that democratic solutions to this present crisis will win out over more authoritarian ones, as occurred in previous crises. Features like societal openness and pragmatism give the democratic model a distinct advantage. A powerful account of how successive crises have shaped American democracy, this is essential reading for anyone interested in the forces driving the current democratic malaise both in the U.S. and around the world.

The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration

The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration Pdf/ePub eBook Author: B Guy Peters,Jon Pierre
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 1473971136
FileSize: 1886kb
File Format: Pdf
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The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration by B Guy Peters,Jon Pierre Summary

The original Handbook of Public Administration was a landmark publication, the first to provide a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the discipline. The eagerly-awaited new edition of this seminal international handbook continues to provide a complete review and guide to past and present knowledge in this essential field of inquiry. Assembling an outstanding team of scholars from around the world, the second edition explores the current state-of-the-art in academic thinking and the current structures and processes for the administration of public policy. The second edition has been fully revised and updated, with new chapters that reflect emerging issues and changes within the public sector: - Identifying the Antecedents in Public Performance - Bureaucratic Politics - Strategy Structure and Policy Dynamics - Comparative Administrative Reform - Administrative Ethics - Accountability through Market and Social Instruments - Federalism and intergovernmental coordination. A dominant theme throughout the handbook is a critical reflection on the utility of scholarly theory and the extent to which government practices inform the development of this theory. To this end it serves as an essential guide for both the practice of public administration today and its on-going development as an academic discipline. The SAGE Handbook of Public Administration remains indispensable to the teaching, study and practice of public administration for students, academics and professionals everywhere.

The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism

The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kostas Gouliamos,Christos Kassimeris
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1136475141
FileSize: 843kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism by Kostas Gouliamos,Christos Kassimeris Summary

The post-9/11 era and the overall impact of international terrorism have generated much debate regarding the role of military apparatus in modern society. This book assesses the inherent meaning of the militarization from a critical, interdisciplinary perspective. Against the background of democracy and capitalism, The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism challenges prevailing accounts of the "military-industrial complex" as it explores significant interrelated themes denoting the accelerating process of militarization of society. Designed to address pressing socio-political phenomena, this book is the first of its genre contesting conventional wisdom about the perceived link between war and the "military-industrial complex." It is unique not merely because of its approach, but also for its thorough analysis of deeply affected social institutions and processes such as education, popular culture, geopolitics, military expenditure, space and the environment. Contributing authors advance the discussion by exposing factual information demonstrating the nature and scope of society’s militarization. Their analysis is also broadened to encompass key concepts and diverse aspects of the subject matter that provoke a lively debate. The book offers compelling arguments that will be indispensable to scholars, students, professionals, and policy and decision makers with an interest in social and political sciences as well as in other related fields.

Executive Politics in Times of Crisis

Executive Politics in Times of Crisis Pdf/ePub eBook Author: M. Lodge,K. Wegrich
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137010266
FileSize: 1694kb
File Format: Pdf
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Executive Politics in Times of Crisis by M. Lodge,K. Wegrich Summary

Executive Politics in Times of Crisis brings together leading international scholars to consider key trends and challenges that have defined executive politics over the past decade. It showcases key debates in executive politics and contributes to an understanding of the 'executive factor' in political life.

The Executive Unbound

The Executive Unbound Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Eric A. Posner,Adrian Vermeule
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199830460
FileSize: 1281kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Executive Unbound by Eric A. Posner,Adrian Vermeule Summary

Ever since Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. used "imperial presidency" as a book title, the term has become central to the debate about the balance of power in the U.S. government. Since the presidency of George W. Bush, when advocates of executive power such as Dick Cheney gained ascendancy, the argument has blazed hotter than ever. Many argue the Constitution itself is in grave danger. What is to be done? The answer, according to legal scholars Eric Posner and Adrian Vermeule, is nothing. In The Executive Unbound, they provide a bracing challenge to conventional wisdom, arguing that a strong presidency is inevitable in the modern world. Most scholars, they note, object to today's level of executive power because it varies so dramatically from the vision of the framers. But there is nothing in our system of checks and balances that intrinsically generates order or promotes positive arrangements. In fact, the greater complexity of the modern world produces a concentration of power, particularly in the White House. The authors chart the rise of executive authority straight through to the Obama presidency. Political, cultural and social restraints, they argue, have been more effective in preventing dictatorship than any law. The executive-centered state tends to generate political checks that substitute for the legal checks of the Madisonian constitution.

Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist

Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robert Lockwood Mills
Editor: Algora Publishing
ISBN: 0875868266
FileSize: 1857kb
File Format: Pdf
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Conscience of a Conspiracy Theorist by Robert Lockwood Mills Summary

Conscience of a Conspiracy Theoristseeks to show how governmental deceit and (corporate-controlled) media silence have combined to keep the public misinformed about shocking events in American history. In the process, skeptics who question the "official accounts" are labeled "conspiracy theorists," a pejorative term that carries with it suggestions of foolishness and a lack of patriotism. The book focuses on critical moments in American history, with particular focus on the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, and the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. It exposes flaws in the conventional wisdom in each case, in a non-partisan manner that separates political ideology from an objective analysis of the facts. The author's style is at once objective and academic, utilizing historical background information (often neglected by other historians and the media) to illuminate current circumstances. The book's primary value to readers and libraries lies in its willingness to go where other authors, most major publishers, and the mainstream media refuse to go...into direct criticism of government leaders and their cronies. The term "false-flag event" isn't well understood, but it has been a valuable tool for corrupt leaders and tyrants since the first century AD. Until the reader understands what a false-flag event is, he or she is incapable of recognizing the difference between a conspiracy theorist and an honest skeptic.

Road to Iraq

Road to Iraq Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Muhammad Idrees Ahmad
Editor: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748693041
FileSize: 536kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 536


Road to Iraq by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad Summary

The Iraq war "e; its causes, agency and execution "e; has been shrouded in an ideological mist. Now, Muhammad Idrees Ahmad dispels the myths surrounding the war, taking a sociological approach to establish the war's causes, identify its agents and describe how it was sold. Ahmad presents a social history of the war's leading agents "e; the neoconservatives "e; and shows how this ideologically coherent group of determined political agents used the contingency of 9/11 to overwhelm a sceptical foreign policy establishment, military brass and intelligence apparatus, propelling the US into a war that a significant portion of the public opposed. The book includes an historical exploration of American militarism and of the increased post-WWII US role in the Middle East, as well as a reconsideration of the debates that John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt sparked after the publication of 'The Israel lobby and US Foreign Policy'.

Get Things Moving!

Get Things Moving! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mordecai Lee
Editor: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438471386
FileSize: 606kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 606


Get Things Moving! by Mordecai Lee Summary

Recounts the forgotten but important work of Wayne Coy, the Office for Emergency Management’s Liaison Officer, during the early years of World War II. Shortly after Hitler’s armies invaded Western Europe in May of 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt activated a new agency within the Executive Office of the President called the Office for Emergency Management (OEM). The OEM went on to house many prewar and wartime agencies created to manage the country’s arms production buildup and economic mobilization. After World War II a consensus by historians quickly gelled that OEM was unimportant, viewing it as a mere administrative holding company and legalistic convenience for the emergency agencies. Similarly they have dismissed the importance of the Liaison Officer for Emergency Management (LOEM), viewing the position as merely a liaison channel between OEM agencies and the White House. Mordecai Lee presents a revisionist history of OEM, focusing mostly on the record of the longest serving LOEM, Wayne Coy. Drawing upon largely unexamined archival sources, including the Roosevelt and Truman Presidential Libraries and the National Archives, Lee gives a precise account of what Coy actually did and, contrary to the conventional wisdom, concludes he was an important senior leader in the Roosevelt White House, engaging in management, policy, and politics. “Underscoring how a seminal, yet relatively unknown, figure worked to advance New Deal initiatives and some of the federal government’s response to mechanisms associated with trying to end the Great Depression, Lee illuminates a forgotten element of this historic time in US administrative history.” —Stephanie P. Newbold, author of All But Forgotten: Thomas Jefferson and the Development of Public Administration

Can Government Do Anything Right?

Can Government Do Anything Right? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alasdair Roberts
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1509521542
FileSize: 1217kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1217


Can Government Do Anything Right? by Alasdair Roberts Summary

Across the Western world, people are angry about the inability of government to perform basic functions competently. With widespread evidence of policy failures at home and ill-conceived wars and interventions abroad, it is hardly surprising that politicians are distrusted and government is derided as a sprawling, wasteful mess. But what exactly is government supposed to do, and is the track record of Western governments really so awful? In this compelling book, leading scholar of public policy and management, Alasdair Roberts, explores what government does well and what it does badly. Political leaders, he explains, have always been obliged to wrestle with shifting circumstances and contending priorities, making the job of governing extraordinarily difficult. The performance of western democracies in recent decades is, admittedly, far from perfect but - as Roberts ably shows - it is also much better than you might think.

Fall of Hitler's Fortress City

Fall of Hitler's Fortress City Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Isabel Denny
Editor: Casemate / Greenhill
ISBN: 1612000584
FileSize: 841kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 841


Fall of Hitler's Fortress City by Isabel Denny Summary

“A superb portrait of a forgotten but vital World War II battle of strategic importance and bestial savagery” (Simon Sebag Montefiore, New York Times–bestselling author of The Romanovs) Through firsthand accounts, as well as archival material, The Fall of Hitler’s Fortress City tells the dramatic story of the place and people that bore the brunt of Russia’s vengeance against the Nazi regime. In 1945, in the face of the advancing Red Army, two and a half million people were forced out of Germany’s most easterly province, East Prussia, and in particular its capital, Königsberg. Their flight was a direct result of Hitler’s ill-fated decision to invade the Soviet Union in 1941. The Russians launched Operation Bagration in June 1944, to coincide with the D-Day landings. As US and British forces pushed west, the Russians liberated Eastern Europe and made their first attacks on German soil in the autumn of 1944. Königsberg itself was badly damaged by two British air raids at the end of August 1944, and the main offensive against the city by the Red Army began in January 1945. The depleted and poorly armed German army could do little to hold it back, and by the end of January, East Prussia was cut off. The Russians exacted a terrible revenge on the civilian population, who were forced to flee across the freezing Baltic coast in an attempt to escape. On April 9, the city surrendered to the Russians after a four-day onslaught. “Denny fills in a gap in the historiography of World War II’s European eastern front.” —Booklist

New Common Ground

New Common Ground Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Amitai Etzioni
Editor: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1597974072
FileSize: 1689kb
File Format: Pdf
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New Common Ground by Amitai Etzioni Summary

Toward a new consensus on rights and responsibilities

Fellow Tribesmen

Fellow Tribesmen Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Frank Usbeck
Editor: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 1782386556
FileSize: 1692kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1692


Fellow Tribesmen by Frank Usbeck Summary

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Germans exhibited a widespread cultural passion for tales and representations of Native Americans. This book explores the evolution of German national identity and its relationship with the ideas and cultural practices around “Indianthusiasm.” Pervasive and adaptable, imagery of Native Americans was appropriated by Nazi propaganda and merged with exceptionalist notions of German tribalism, oxymoronically promoting the Nazis’ racial ideology. This book combines cultural and intellectual history to scrutinize the motifs of Native American imagery in German literature, media, and scholarship, and analyzes how these motifs facilitated the propaganda effort to nurture national pride, racial thought, militarism, and hatred against the Allied powers among the German populace.

The Bush Administration (1989-1993) and the Development of a European Security Identity

The Bush Administration (1989-1993) and the Development of a European Security Identity Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sophie Vanhoonacker
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1351775650
FileSize: 517kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 517


The Bush Administration (1989-1993) and the Development of a European Security Identity by Sophie Vanhoonacker Summary

This title was first published in 2001. This compelling study draws insightful conclusions about US foreign policy towards Europe at a critical juncture in the post-Cold War period. An absorbing and illuminating account, this material will be useful to non-specialists and student readers of US foreign policy, European integration, and international relations alike.

Writing on the Wall

Writing on the Wall Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Philip Van Notten
Editor: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 1581122659
FileSize: 318kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 318


Writing on the Wall by Philip Van Notten Summary

Although the significance of '9/11' is subject to debate, it is symbolic of a general sentiment of discontinuity whereby society is vulnerable to undefined and highly disruptive events. Recent catalysts of this sentiment are eye-catching developments such as the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and bird flu outbreaks, the Enron and Parmalat scandals, political assassinations in Sweden and the Netherlands, regime changes in Iraq and Afghanistan, and terrorist attacks in Bali, Istanbul, Madrid, and various parts of the Middle East. However, recent discontinuities should not be seen as evidence that discontinuities occur more frequently now than they did before. Looking back in history we see that disruptive processes are common. For example, 25 years ago few Europeans would have predicted the upcoming upheavals on their own continent: the collapse of communism, Berlin as the capital of a reunited Germany, the wars in the former Yugoslavia, the single European currency, and the near doubling of the number of European Union member states. Changes elsewhere have been no less discontinuous and unforeseen: the fall of the Asian tigers, the emergence of the Internet and mobile telecommunication, and the presidency of Nelson Mandela. Societal discontinuity is a relatively new area of concern in policy development. Since the 1970s the consideration of change and discontinuity has gained some ground over predictive forecasting, which tended to reason from continuous developments and linear processes. Rather than making forecasting the future, it has become popular to use scenarios as a manner to consider several possible futures. Scenarios are coherent descriptions of alternative hypothetical futures that reflect different perspectives on past, present, and future developments, which can serve as a basis for action. Scenario development aims to combine analytical knowledge with creative thinking in an effort to capture a wide range of possible future developments in a limited number of outlooks. Scenario development assumes that the future is uncertain and the directions in which current developments might range from the conventional to the revolutionary. In theory, scenario development is a way to consider future discontinuity. However, there are indications that the theoretical promise is not reflected in scenario practice. Research has shown that scenarios do not consider the idea of discontinuity as a matter of course. In our research, we found that a scenario study would benefit from efforts to create and foster a 'culture of curiosity' for exploring the future and the possible discontinuities rather than simply commissioning a scenario study to provide insights about the future. Only then can one read the writing on the wall of future developments.

The Bush Presidency

The Bush Presidency Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dilys M. Hill,Phil Williams
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1349234028
FileSize: 367kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 367


The Bush Presidency by Dilys M. Hill,Phil Williams Summary

The four years of the Bush presidency cover a momentous era in American and world history. In international affairs the events in Eastern Europe and the then Soviet Union in late 1989 gave the President a high profile. The advent of the 'New World Order' made the United States pre-eminent: the triumph of the West was assured, with the added bonus of the 'peace dividend' as arms control agreements and defense savings seemed imminent. The President's personal popularity flourished in this climate and reached a new peak with the triumph of the allied forces in the Gulf War. The Gulf conflict saw Bush at his most decisive: firm in his moral stance, skilled in his action to bring together allied support backed by the United Nations, and confident in his handling of public opinion.

Fortress Rabaul

Fortress Rabaul Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Bruce Gamble
Editor: Zenith Press
ISBN: 1610600711
FileSize: 1061kb
File Format: Pdf
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Fortress Rabaul by Bruce Gamble Summary

For most of World War II, the mention of Japan's island stronghold sent shudders through thousands of Allied airmen. Some called it “Fortress Rabaul,” an apt name for the headquarters of the Imperial Japanese forces in the Southwest Pacific. Author Bruce Gamble chronicles Rabaul’s crucial role in Japanese operations in the Southwest Pacific. Millions of square feet of housing and storage facilities supported a hundred thousand soldiers and naval personnel. Simpson Harbor and the airfields were the focus of hundreds of missions by American air forces. Winner of the "Gold Medal" (Military Writers Society of America) and "Editor's Choice Award" (Stone & Stone Second World War Books), Fortress Rabaul details a critical and, until now, little understood chapter in the history of World War II.