The Definitive Guide To Drupal 7

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The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Apress
ISBN: 143023136X
FileSize: 684kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 684


The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 by Summary

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 is the most comprehensive book for getting sites done using the powerful and extensible Drupal content management system. Written by a panel of expert authors, the book covers every aspect of Drupal, from planning a successful project all the way up to making a living from designing Drupal sites and to contributing to the Drupal community yourself. With this book you will: Follow practical approaches to solving many online communication needs with Drupal with real examples. Learn how to keep learning about Drupal: administration, development, theming, design, and architecture. Go beyond the code to engage with the Drupal community as a contributing member and to do Drupal sustainably as a business. The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 was written by the following team of expert Drupal authors: Benjamin Melançon, Jacine Luisi, Károly Négyesi, Greg Anderson, Bojhan Somers, Stéphane Corlosquet, Stefan Freudenberg, Michelle Lauer, Ed Carlevale, Florian Lorétan, Dani Nordin, Ryan Szrama, Susan Stewart, Jake Strawn, Brian Travis, Dan Hakimzadeh, Amye Scavarda, Albert Albala, Allie Micka, Robert Douglass, Robin Monks, Roy Scholten, Peter Wolanin, Kay VanValkenburgh, Greg Stout, Kasey Qynn Dolin, Mike Gifford, Claudina Sarahe, Sam Boyer, and Forest Mars, with contributions from George Cassie, Mike Ryan, Nathaniel Catchpole, and Dmitri Gaskin. For more information, check out the Drupaleasy podcast #63, in which author Benjamin Melançon discusses The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 in great detail:

Programmer's Guide to Drupal

Programmer's Guide to Drupal Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jennifer Hodgdon
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1491912626
FileSize: 1225kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1225


Programmer's Guide to Drupal by Jennifer Hodgdon Summary

If you’re a web programmer, your experiences have taught you certain lessons—and only some of them apply well to Drupal. Drupal has its own set of programming principles that require a different approach, and many programmers make mistakes when relying on skills they’ve used for other projects. This book will show you which programming techniques you can use—and which you should avoid—when building web applications with this popular content management framework. Updated to cover both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, the guidelines in this book demonstrate which programming practices conform to the "Drupal way" and which don’t. The book also serves as an excellent guide for Drupal 7 programmers looking to make the transition to Drupal 8. Get an overview of Drupal, including Drupal core and add-on modules and themes Learn Drupal’s basic programming principles, such as the ability to customize behavior and output with hooks Compare Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 programming methods, APIs, and concepts Discover common Drupal programming mistakes—and why hacking is one of them Explore specific areas where you can put your programming skills to work Learn about the new object-oriented Drupal 8 API, including plugins and services

Drupal 7

Drupal 7 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tom Geller
Editor: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0321658833
FileSize: 624kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 624


Drupal 7 by Tom Geller Summary

Visual QuickStart Guides, designed in an attractive tutorial and reference format, are the quickest, easiest, and most thorough way to learn applications, tasks, and technologies. The Visual QuickStart Guides are a smart choice and guide the learner in a friendly and respectful tone. Visually presented with copious screenshots, the focused discussions by topic and tasks make learning a breeze and quickly take you to exactly what you want to learn. The free and open-source package Drupal is one of the most user-friendly and popular web content management systems (CMSes) available. Sites built on it are highly visible and include The White House and Amnesty International. Its web-based interface allows those with little or no experience to create professional-looking sites quickly while its flexibility gives them access to such features as blogs, polls, and forums. Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide uses plenty of screenshots and step-by-step instructions to walk a reader through the process of building a site using Drupal. To begin, the book details the process of downloading and unpacking Drupal, creating the MySQL database, and installing Drupal. It then moves on to explain the administrative interfaces, how to select a visual theme and create and customize content, and how to improve access to that content. Next the book walks readers through managing user accounts, customizing Drupal’s look and feel, and extending Drupal with modules. Although Drupal 7: Visual QuickStart Guide is written for beginners, it goes beyond the basic package to ease readers into advanced topics. A glossary and cross-references throughout the book give readers complete possession of the concepts, vocabulary, and steps necessary to reach Drupal mastery. From start to finish, it’s a complete guide for getting up and running with Drupal 7.

Using Drupal

Using Drupal Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Angela Byron,Addison Berry,Bruno De Bondt
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1449336159
FileSize: 1561kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1561


Using Drupal by Angela Byron,Addison Berry,Bruno De Bondt Summary

Take advantage of Drupal’s vast collection of community-contributed modules and discover how they make this web framework unique and valuable. With this guide, you’ll learn how to combine modules in interesting ways (with minimal code-wrangling) to develop several community-driven websites— including a job posting board, photo gallery, online store, product review database, and event calendar. The second edition focuses on Drupal 7, the latest version of this open source system. Each project spans an entire chapter, with step-by-step "recipes" to help you build out the precise functionality the site requires. With this book, developers new to Drupal will gain experience through a hands-on introduction, and experienced Drupal developers will learn real-world best practices. Learn Drupal’s concepts and building blocks, and how everything works together Hit the ground running—build your first Drupal site hands-on Explore solutions that meet each project’s requirements, and discover why specific modules were selected Understand the projects through case studies, including the client’s needs and desires Learn how to configure modules with a bird’s-eye view of how they work Discover new modules, including Drupal Commerce, Media, and Workbench

Pro Drupal 7 Development

Pro Drupal 7 Development Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John VanDyk,Todd Tomlinson
Editor: Apress
ISBN: 1430228393
FileSize: 1024kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1024


Pro Drupal 7 Development by John VanDyk,Todd Tomlinson Summary

Pro Drupal 7 Development updates the most popular development reference for the release of Drupal 7. With several new and completely-rewritten essential APIs and improvements in Drupal 7, this book will not only teach developers how to write modules ranging from simple to complex, but also how Drupal itself works. Learn the Drupal APIs and major changes in Drupal 7 Learn how to write Drupal modules using the APIs Learn proper development practices and how to become a contributing community member

Beginning Drupal

Beginning Drupal Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jacob Redding
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470881720
FileSize: 748kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 748


Beginning Drupal by Jacob Redding Summary

A thorough introduction that lessens the learning curve to building sites with Drupal 7 Drupal 7 is the latest version of the free, open source content management system Drupal. A powerful content management system and framework Drupal has an unfortunate reputation of having a steep learning curve. This guide to Drupal 7 methodically demystifies Drupal and shortening the learning curve. Author Jacob Redding is deeply embedded in the Drupal community, and walks first-time Drupal developers through the installation and configuration of a Drupal system. In-depth information on key areas of Drupal explore the Drupal hook system, Drupal's theming layer, and Drupal's API. You'll also get sample code, and lessons that guide you through various aspects of Drupal. Introduces you to every aspect of Drupal 7 Demystifies key areas of Drupal and shortens the learning curve for even the most novice beginner Features lessons and sample code that offer extra insight into a Drupal web site Exploring simple single website installations and more advanced multiple site installations that share users and/or content. Addresses how to use Drupal's theming layer to your advantage. With this comprehensive and clear book by your side, you will quickly learn to leverage Drupal's impressive power.

Drupal 7 Media

Drupal 7 Media Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Liran Tal
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 184951609X
FileSize: 1945kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1945


Drupal 7 Media by Liran Tal Summary

This is a practical, hands-on guide packed with examples that will help you build rich Drupal 7 media web applications.If you are a Drupal site builder and you wish to spice up your web applications with rich media content, then this book is for you. A basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and basic PHP module development in Drupal would be helpful, but is not necessary.

Drupal 7 First Look

Drupal 7 First Look Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mark Noble
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781849511230
FileSize: 1265kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1265


Drupal 7 First Look by Mark Noble Summary

4. Drupal 7 Administration; New administration interface; Administration toolbar; Dashboard; Overlay window; Appearance section; Installing and updating themes and modules; Installing new themes and modules; Updating themes and modules; People section; Modules section; Configuration section; Configuring settings; Regional and language; Regional settings; Date and time; Language; Translate interface; Search and metadata; Clean URLs; Search settings; URL aliases; Development; Logging and errors; Maintenance mode; Performance; Testing; Media section; File system; Image styles.

Drupal 9 Module Development

Drupal 9 Module Development Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Daniel Sipos
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1800200544
FileSize: 963kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 963


Drupal 9 Module Development by Daniel Sipos Summary

Drupal 8 brought a release cycle that allows for new functionality to be added at a much faster pace. This extends into the new shiny Drupal 9 release. However, this also means code deprecations and changing architecture that you need to stay on top of. This book updates the previous editions and includes the new functionality introduced in ...

Mastering Drupal 8 Views

Mastering Drupal 8 Views Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gregg Marshall
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785885391
FileSize: 1375kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1375


Mastering Drupal 8 Views by Gregg Marshall Summary

Accelerate your development process using Drupal 8 Views with this advanced, practical guide About This Book A practical, step-by-step guide with illustrative examples to give you a clear understanding of Drupal 8 views Get the only book on the market that talks about Drupal 8 views and their importance for developers Get an understanding of how views work and how they help to create modular applications Who This Book Is For This book is for web developers, web designers, and website administrators who use Drupal 8, have some basic knowledge of managing and developing apps with Drupal, and who want to get an advanced, practical knowledge of views and how to leverage them in Drupal 8 applications. What You Will Learn Create displays of content that are automatically updated when you add new content Show maps and rotating image carousels on your site Combine content to create composite displays using the same data in different ways Use fields from more than one content type to create powerful views of multi-table data Modify the field data being displayed, combining it in different ways or changing the HTML that might be normally generated Add headers and footers above and below a views display Make the output of your view look exactly like the designer specifies Change the order in which a list of content is displayed, limit the content shown to only certain content types or values Filter content using values passed to the view in the URL, making a single view work different ways In Detail Learn how to build complex displays of content—all without programming. Views were used on more than 80% of all Drupal 7 sites; now they are part of the Drupal 8 core. While most site builders and site owners are aware of views, they don't understand how to take full advantage of their power to create many amazing pages and blocks. If they use views, they might build 10 different view displays with different filters, without knowing that a contextual filter would require only a single display. Using our sample company, we'll take its existing content and evolve an ever more complex and powerful website for that company, starting with adapting the administration the user sees and moving on to making complex pages of information for site visitors. While the book is written for Drupal 8, the similarities between Views in Drupal 7 and 8 make this a useful reference for Drupal 7 site builders also. Style and approach This is the only advanced resource that will show you how to create, customize, and manage views in the Drupal 8 development environment. This has become more important since Drupal 8 has made views part of its core architecture.

Drupal User's Guide

Drupal User's Guide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Emma Jane Hogbin
Editor: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0132161036
FileSize: 1793kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1793


Drupal User's Guide by Emma Jane Hogbin Summary

Finally, Drupal Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide from Planning to Finished Site The open source content management system Drupal offers amazing flexibility, sophistication, and power. The catch? Many first-time users find it difficult to get started, and most Drupal books don’t help with the initial stages. Drupal™ User’s Guide is different: easy to use, fun to read, practical, and complete! Long-time Drupal site developer Emma Jane Hogbin guides you through every step of building sites with Drupal, from installation and site planning through launching your first site. Drawing on her experience teaching thousands of beginners, she covers both Drupal and Web design tasks, showing exactly how they fit together. Drupal™ User’s Guide shows how to use Drupal 7’s newest improvements to build more modern, manageable sites for any business or organization. Hogbin covers crucial topics other Drupal books ignore, including search engine optimization and accessibility. Walk through installing Drupal on Mac OS X and Linux Web servers Get comfortable with Drupal 7’s new administrative interface Build a basic site in minutes Create S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) site goals Audit your existing content so you can make the most of it Explore, choose, and customize Drupal themes Walk through building a community site with private discussion area Build a complete business association directory site Use Web forms to capture and display any kind of content Take advantage of Drupal’s powerful Views module Choose the right Drupal and third-party modules to build virtually any site Optimize your site for Google and other search engines Use advanced techniques to improve your visitors’ experiences If you want to create great sites with Drupal–with no hassle, no confusion, and no degree in computer science–this is the book for you!

Planning and Managing Drupal Projects

Planning and Managing Drupal Projects Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dani Nordin
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1449317103
FileSize: 1336kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1336


Planning and Managing Drupal Projects by Dani Nordin Summary

If you're a solo website designer or part of a small team itching to build interesting projects with Drupal, this concise guide will get you started. Drupal’s learning curve has thrown off many experienced designers, particularly the way it handles design challenges. This book shows you the lifecycle of a typical Drupal project, with emphasis on the early stages of site planning. Learn how to efficiently estimate and set up your own project, so you can focus on ways to make your vision a reality, rather than let project management details constantly distract you. Plan and estimate your project by discovering your client’s goals and audience perceptions Discover how Drupal works under the hood, and learn basic DrupalSpeak Frame the UX design challenge through a deeper understanding of your site’s intended users Get real content for your project as early as possible—before you start prototyping Choose the right modules for your project, and learn about several go-to modules Understand how to walk clients through the Drupal design and development process

The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing

The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Al Lieberman,Pat Esgate
Editor: FT Press
ISBN: 0133092305
FileSize: 318kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 318


The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing by Al Lieberman,Pat Esgate Summary

Entertainment Marketing NOW: Every Platform, Technology, and Opportunity Covers film, cable, broadcast, music, sports, publishing, social media, gaming, and more Reflects powerful trends ranging from smartphones to globalization Demonstrates breakthrough strategies integrating advertising, promotion, PR, and online content distribution By industry insiders with decades of experience as leaders and consultants Entertainment spending is soaring worldwide, driven by new technologies, new platforms, new business models, and unrelenting demand amongst seven billion consumers. That means entertainment marketing opportunities are soaring, too. But this business is more complex and competitive than ever–and it’s changing at breakneck speed. Now, two leading practitioners show how to transform content into profits today and tomorrow…any content, on any platform, in any market, worldwide. You’ll master innovative new ways to grab consumers’ attention and wallets fast…make your experiences wannasee, haftasee, mustsee…drive more value through social platforms, mobile technologies, and integrated marketing strategies…overcome challenges ranging from bad buzz to piracy…fully leverage licensing, merchandising, and sponsorships…and successfully market all forms of entertainment.

Mapping with Drupal

Mapping with Drupal Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alan Palazzolo,Thomas Turnbull
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1449326358
FileSize: 491kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 491


Mapping with Drupal by Alan Palazzolo,Thomas Turnbull Summary

Build beautiful interactive maps on your Drupal website, and tell engaging visual stories with your data. This concise guide shows you how to create custom geographical maps from top to bottom, using Drupal 7 tools and out-of-the-box modules. You’ll learn how mapping works in Drupal, with examples on how to use intuitive interfaces to map local events, businesses, groups, and other custom data. Although building maps with Drupal can be tricky, this book helps you navigate the system’s complexities for creating sophisticated maps that match your site design. Get the knowledge and tools you need to build useful maps with Drupal today. Get up to speed on map projections, the ethics of making maps, and the challenges of building them online Learn how spatial data is stored, input by users, manipulated, and queried Use the OpenLayers or GMap modules to display maps with lists, tables, and data feeds Create rich, custom interactions by applying geolocation Customize your map’s look and feel with personalized markers, map tiles, and map popups Build modules that add imaginative and engaging interactions

Drupal for Designers

Drupal for Designers Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dani Nordin
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1449325327
FileSize: 955kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 955


Drupal for Designers by Dani Nordin Summary

Are you a solo web designer or part of a small team itching to build interesting projects with Drupal? This hands-on book provides the tools and techniques to get you going. Award-winning designer Dani Nordin guides you through site planning, teaches you how to create solid, user-centered design for the Drupal framework, and shows you tricks for using real, honest-to-goodness, developer Ninja Magick. This book is a compilation of three short guides—Planning Drupal Projects, Design and Prototyping for Drupal, and Drupal Development Tricks for Designers—plus exclusive "director’s material." If you’re familiar with HTML and CSS, but struggling with Drupal’s learning curve, this is the book you’ve been looking for. Get extra material, including an expanded Grids chapter, more recommended modules, and a Short Form Project plan Learn how to work user-centered design practices into Drupal projects Choose the right modules for your project, and discover several go-to modules Use strategies for sketching, wireframing, and designing effective layouts Manage Drupal’s markup, including code generated by the powerful Views module Learn how to work with Drupal on the command line Set up your development environment and collaborate with other designers and developers Learn the basics of Git, the free open source version control system

Drupal 7 Business Solutions

Drupal 7 Business Solutions Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Trevor James,Mark Noble
Editor: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1849516650
FileSize: 1128kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1128


Drupal 7 Business Solutions by Trevor James,Mark Noble Summary

This book takes a step-by-step approach to building a complete business website using Drupal and enhancing it to include modern technology used by cutting-edge companies. All instructions are written in such a way that they make sense to readers of any technical level. This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to set up a website quickly for their business using the super powerful Drupal open source content management software.

Research Methods for Digital Work and Organization

Research Methods for Digital Work and Organization Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gillian Symon,Katrina Pritchard,Christine Hine
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0192604791
FileSize: 1125kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1125


Research Methods for Digital Work and Organization by Gillian Symon,Katrina Pritchard,Christine Hine Summary

Digital work has become increasingly common, taking a wide variety of forms including working from home, mobile work, gig work, crowdsourcing, and online volunteering. It is organizationally, interpretively, spatially, and temporally complex. An array of innovative methodologies have begun to emerge to capture this complexity, whether through re-purposing existing tools, devising entirely novel methods, or mixing old and new. This volume brings together some of these techniques in an accessible sourcebook for management, business, organizational, and work researchers. It presents a range of innovative methods which capture and analyse digitally-related work practices through reflexive accounts of real-world research projects, and elucidates the range of challenges such methods may raise for research practice. It outlines debates and recommendations, and provides further reading and information to support research practice. The book is organised in four sections that reflect different areas of focus and methodological approaches: working with screens; digital working practices; distributed work and organizing; and digital traces of work. It then concludes by reflecting on the methodological issues, research ethics, requisite skills, and future of research given the intensification of digital work during a global pandemic that has impacted all aspects of our lives.

Gatsby: The Definitive Guide

Gatsby: The Definitive Guide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Preston So
Editor: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
ISBN: 1492087467
FileSize: 903kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 903


Gatsby: The Definitive Guide by Preston So Summary

Get the definitive guide on Gatsby, the JavaScript framework for building blazing fast websites and applications. Used by Nike, Costa Coffee, and other companies worldwide, Gatsby is emerging as one of the key technologies in the Jamstack (JavaScript, APIs, and markup) ecosystem. With this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to architect, build, and deploy Gatsby sites independently or with CMSs, commerce systems, and other data sources. Author Preston So begins by showing you how to set up a Gatsby site from scratch. From there, youâ??ll learn ways to use Gatsbyâ??s declarative rendering and GraphQL API, build complex offline-enabled sites, and continuously deploy Gatsby sites on a variety of platforms, including Gatsby Cloud. Discover how Gatsby integrates with many data sources and plug-ins Set up, configure, and architect Gatsby sites using Gatsby's CLI, React, JSX, and GraphQL with high performance out of the box Build an independent Gatsby site based on Markdown and data- and content-driven Gatsby sites that integrate with CMSs and commerce platforms Deploy Gatsby sites with full CI/CD and test coverage on a variety of platforms, including Netlify, Vercel, and Gatsby Cloud

The Definitive Guide to Magento

The Definitive Guide to Magento Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Adam McCombs,Robert Banh
Editor: Apress
ISBN: 9781430272281
FileSize: 1946kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1946


The Definitive Guide to Magento by Adam McCombs,Robert Banh Summary

This book takes a comprehensive look at Magento, a robust and flexible e-commerce platform built on the Zend framework. With more than 750,000 downloads, Magento is the fastest growing open source e-commerce solution. This book walks you through all of the steps necessary to build a fully functional Magento-based web site. It also includes information on managing products, customers, and orders. This book is directed at web site designers and developers, but will also be extremely useful for business owners who have web sites built on the Magento platform. Introduces you to Magento, the fastest-growing open-source e-commerce platform Demonstrates how to configure and use Magento Covers how to customize Magento and develop extensions for the Magento platform

Foundation Drupal 7

Foundation Drupal 7 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: RJ Townsend
Editor: Apress
ISBN: 1430228091
FileSize: 1465kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1465


Foundation Drupal 7 by RJ Townsend Summary

Drupal is a content management framework that powers web sites from simple online brochures to more advanced sites including social networking sites, blogs, e-commerce sites, business portals, and more. It is free, open source software that allows anyone to quickly and easily build web sites. Its full range of modules—including user permissions, security mechanisms, JavaScript menus, image uploaders, WYSIWYG editors, and more— helps you easily create the foundation for a powerful web site. With its templating system (and a few tips and tricks), any graphic design file can be used to create a Drupal web site. Foundation Drupal 7 covers all the topics necessary to quickly build Drupal-powered web sites, explaining in simple terms how Drupal works and providing you with concepts, tips, and code snippets for every step of the development process. From setting up a Drupal-ready web host and installing Drupal to using the administrative interface and configuring a site from start to finish, there is something here for everyone. In addition to thoroughly discussing all of Drupal’s core modules, this book reviews more than 50 contributed modules, including WYSIWYG HTML editors, JavaScript drop-down menus, web forms, and even the powerful Views module. Stephanie Pakrul, creator and maintainer of the Fusion theme, coauthors a chapter on how to lay out and add graphics to a site through Drupal’s administrative section. After reading this book, you will walk away with everything you need to know to quickly and successfully build a Drupal-powered web site. Whether you’re an experienced Drupal site builder looking to expand your skills, a web developer or designer interested in learning Drupal, or a weekend hobbyist looking to build your first site, Foundation Drupal 7 will give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to bring your ideas to life.