The Game

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The Game

The Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Underlined
ISBN: 059317979X
FileSize: 1820kb
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The Game by Summary

Every year a group of high school seniors play Assassin--except this year it's no fun--it's real. A spooky thriller that will keep you turning the pages. It's just a game. Or is it? Every year the seniors at Lincoln High play Assassin. People are placed on hush-hush teams with secret lists of targets. School is a safe zone—and you can only be eliminated if you’re alone. Lia’s been planning her stakeout strategy for months—whether she needs a mega drench-tank backpack or a squirt gun, she’s ready. And not only does Lia finally get to play, she’s paired with her longtime crush, Devon Diaz. But this year, someone is picking people off in alphabetical order, one by one. First it was Abby Ascher. Then it was Ben Barnard, then Cassidy Clarke. Now all are dead, and the school is in a state of panic. Someone Lia knows—someone they all know—is a killer. Underlined is a line of totally addictive romance, thriller, and horror titles coming to you fast and furious each month. Enjoy everything you want to read the way you want to read it.

Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 0425284638
FileSize: 1489kb
File Format: Pdf
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Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A bold work from the author of The Black Swan that challenges many of our long-held beliefs about risk and reward, politics and religion, finance and personal responsibility In his most provocative and practical book yet, one of the foremost thinkers of our time redefines what it means to understand the world, succeed in a profession, contribute to a fair and just society, detect nonsense, and influence others. Citing examples ranging from Hammurabi to Seneca, Antaeus the Giant to Donald Trump, Nassim Nicholas Taleb shows how the willingness to accept one’s own risks is an essential attribute of heroes, saints, and flourishing people in all walks of life. As always both accessible and iconoclastic, Taleb challenges long-held beliefs about the values of those who spearhead military interventions, make financial investments, and propagate religious faiths. Among his insights: • For social justice, focus on symmetry and risk sharing. You cannot make profits and transfer the risks to others, as bankers and large corporations do. You cannot get rich without owning your own risk and paying for your own losses. Forcing skin in the game corrects this asymmetry better than thousands of laws and regulations. • Ethical rules aren’t universal. You’re part of a group larger than you, but it’s still smaller than humanity in general. • Minorities, not majorities, run the world. The world is not run by consensus but by stubborn minorities imposing their tastes and ethics on others. • You can be an intellectual yet still be an idiot. “Educated philistines” have been wrong on everything from Stalinism to Iraq to low-carb diets. • Beware of complicated solutions (that someone was paid to find). A simple barbell can build muscle better than expensive new machines. • True religion is commitment, not just faith. How much you believe in something is manifested only by what you’re willing to risk for it. The phrase “skin in the game” is one we have often heard but rarely stopped to truly dissect. It is the backbone of risk management, but it’s also an astonishingly rich worldview that, as Taleb shows in this book, applies to all aspects of our lives. As Taleb says, “The symmetry of skin in the game is a simple rule that’s necessary for fairness and justice, and the ultimate BS-buster,” and “Never trust anyone who doesn’t have skin in the game. Without it, fools and crooks will benefit, and their mistakes will never come back to haunt them.”

The Game

The Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott Kershaw
Editor: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008395497
FileSize: 1542kb
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Read: 1542


The Game by Scott Kershaw Summary

To save their life, you have to play. ‘Exciting and original’ Simon McCleave ‘A twisty page-turner’ Liz Lawler ‘Chilling, packed with intrigue’ Dan Malakin ___

Disrupting the Game

Disrupting the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Reggie Fils-Aimé
Editor: HarperCollins Leadership
ISBN: 1400226686
FileSize: 1154kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1154


Disrupting the Game by Reggie Fils-Aimé Summary

Reggie Fils-Aimé, retired President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America Inc., shares leadership lessons and inspiring stories from his unlikely rise to the top. Although he’s best known as Nintendo's iconic President of the Americas-immortalized for opening Nintendo’s 2004 E3 presentation with, “My name is Reggie, I'm about kicking ass, I'm about taking names, and we're about making games”-Reggie Fils-Aimé’s story is the ultimate gameplan for anyone looking to beat the odds and achieve success. Learn from Reggie how to leverage disruptive thinking to pinpoint the life choices that will make you truly happy, conquer negative perceptions from those who underestimate or outright dismiss you, and master the grit, perseverance, and resilience it takes to dominate in the business world and to reach your professional dreams. As close to sitting one-on-one with the gaming legend as it gets, you will learn: About the challenges Reggie faced throughout his life and career-from his humble childhood as the son of Haitian immigrants, to becoming one of the most powerful names in the history of the gaming industry. What it takes to reach the top of your own industry, including being brave enough to stand up for your ideas, while also being open to alternative paths to success. How to create vibrant and believable visions for your team and company. How to maintain relentless curiosity and know when to ask questions to shatter the status quo.

The Game Console 2.0

The Game Console 2.0 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Evan Amos
Editor: No Starch Press
ISBN: 1718500610
FileSize: 1635kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1635


The Game Console 2.0 by Evan Amos Summary

This revised and expanded second edition of the bestselling The Game Console contains brand new content, with coverage of 50 more consoles, variants, and accessories in 50 added pages. The Game Console 2.0 is a gorgeous coffee table book for geeks and gamers that brings together highly detailed photos of more than 100 video game consoles and their electronic interiors spanning nearly five decades. Revised and updated since the first edition’s celebrated 2018 release, The Game Console 2.0 is an even bigger archival collection of vividly detailed photos of more than 100 video-game consoles. This ultimate archive of gaming history spans five decades and nine distinct generations, chronologically covering everything from market leaders to outright failures, and tracing the gaming industry’s rise, fall, and monumental resurgence. The book’s 2nd edition features more classic game consoles and computers, a section on retro gaming in the modern era, and dozens of new entries — including super-rare finds, such the Unisonic Champion 2711, and the latest ninth-generation consoles. You’ll find coverage of legendary systems like the Magnavox Odyssey, Atari 2600, NES, and the Commodore 64; systems from the ‘90s and 2000s; modern consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5; and consoles you never knew existed. Get a unique peek at the hardware powering the world’s most iconic video-game systems with The Game Console 2.0 — the perfect gift for geeks of all stripes and every gamer’s must-have coffee-table book.

The Game Narrative Toolbox

The Game Narrative Toolbox Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tobias Heussner,Toiya Kristen Finley,Jennifer Brandes Hepler,Ann Lemay
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1317661621
FileSize: 1268kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1268


The Game Narrative Toolbox by Tobias Heussner,Toiya Kristen Finley,Jennifer Brandes Hepler,Ann Lemay Summary

Learn how to create compelling game storylines. Four experienced narrative designers from different genres of game development have banded together to create this all-inclusive guide on what it's like to work as a writer and narrative designer in the videogame industry. From concept to final testing, The Game Narrative Toolbox walks readers through what role a narrative designer plays on a development team and what the requirements are at every stage of development. Drawing on real experiences, authors Tobias Heussner, Toiya Finley, Ann Lemay, and Jennifer Hepler provide invaluable advice for writing compelling player-centered stories and effective dialogue trees in order to help readers make the switch from prose- or screen- writing to interactive. Accompanying every chapter are exercises that allow the reader to develop their own documentation, outlines, and game-dialogue samples for use in applying for industry jobs or developing independent projects. This first installment of Focal Press's Game Design Workshops series is a must-have for individuals looking to create captivating storylines for games.

FGTeeV Presents: Into the Game!

FGTeeV Presents: Into the Game! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: FGTeeV
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062933698
FileSize: 597kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 597


FGTeeV Presents: Into the Game! by FGTeeV Summary

It’s game time! Press start on Into the Game, the awesome-packed, New York Times bestselling graphic novel adventure by YouTube’s favorite family of gamers, FGTeeV! The FGTeeV family gamers have played hundreds of games together. Which is why Moomy decides to make a new game called My Pet Fish. Just one problem: the game is SUPER boring. And one other problem: Moomy and Duddy accidentally got sucked into it—and now they’re trapped! It’s up to the kids, Lexi, Mike, Chase, and Shawn, to jump into the gaming console and rescue their parents. But first, they have to battle their way through their favorite games until they find the one their parents are stuck in. Can the kids take on a vicious pack of vampire prairie dogs, flying doody diapers, some spooky ghouls, and one incredibly dull fish before Moomy and Duddy are bored to death? Game like never before in this exhilarating graphic novel adventure from YouTube sensation FGTeeV, with more than 11 million subscribers and over 11 billion views!

The Game of Life and How to Play It

The Game of Life and How to Play It Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Florence Scovel Shinn
Editor: St. Martin\'s Essentials
ISBN: 1250250706
FileSize: 354kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 354


The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn Summary

Explore the wisdom of a New Thought classic and master the game of life! In this classic bestseller, Florence Scovel Shinn helped to define the personal success genre. Written in the new thought tradition, her message is simple yet transformative—we receive back what we put into the world through our actions, energy, and attitudes. Negativity and pessimism are returned in kind, but by switching the script in favor of positive attitudes and affirmations, we are able to manifest success and joy in everything we do. Life, Shinn tells us, is not a battle of us against the world, but rather a game of giving and receiving. What we give to the world we receive back—whether that be the dark weight of fear and inhibition or the freedom of joy and empowerment. This new edition of The Game of Life and How to Play It combines the text of Shinn’s original edition with a sleek design that will inspire a new generation of readers.

99: Stories of the Game

99: Stories of the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Wayne Gretzky,Kirstie McLellan Day
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0735232636
FileSize: 1012kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1012


99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky,Kirstie McLellan Day Summary

#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER First he rewrote the record book. Now, to mark the NHL's ninety-ninth anniversary, Wayne Gretzky has written the story of our game. In 99: Stories of the Game, Gretzky looks back on the last ninety-nine years and tells us, from his point of view, about the NHL’s most memorable moments. We already know what he means to the game. Now he shows us what the game means to him. From hockey's fierce early battles on natural ice; through its mythical golden era, where Howe, Richard, Béliveau, Hull, Orr, and Esposito defined greatness; through the unforgettable dynasties in Montreal, New York, and Edmonton and the success stories of today’s NHL, Gretzky takes us onto the ice and into the dressing room to share never-before-published stories about the great players and great characters who have inspired him. With the insight of someone who knows the incomparable thrill of lifting the Stanley Cup, as well as the agony of falling short against a bitter rival, Gretzky weaves in his own memories with the saga of the game that has meant so much to him. Warm, direct, and personal, these are accounts of friendship and rivalry, triumphs and upsets, role players and heroes. All of them great stories of the game.

The Game Design Reader

The Game Design Reader Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katie Salen Tekinbas,Eric Zimmerman
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262303175
FileSize: 445kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 445


The Game Design Reader by Katie Salen Tekinbas,Eric Zimmerman Summary

Classic and cutting-edge writings on games, spanning nearly 50 years of game analysis and criticism, by game designers, game journalists, game fans, folklorists, sociologists, and media theorists. The Game Design Reader is a one-of-a-kind collection on game design and criticism, from classic scholarly essays to cutting-edge case studies. A companion work to Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman's textbook Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals, The Game Design Reader is a classroom sourcebook, a reference for working game developers, and a great read for game fans and players. Thirty-two essays by game designers, game critics, game fans, philosophers, anthropologists, media theorists, and others consider fundamental questions: What are games and how are they designed? How do games interact with culture at large? What critical approaches can game designers take to create game stories, game spaces, game communities, and new forms of play? Salen and Zimmerman have collected seminal writings that span 50 years to offer a stunning array of perspectives. Game journalists express the rhythms of game play, sociologists tackle topics such as role-playing in vast virtual worlds, players rant and rave, and game designers describe the sweat and tears of bringing a game to market. Each text acts as a springboard for discussion, a potential class assignment, and a source of inspiration. The book is organized around fourteen topics, from The Player Experience to The Game Design Process, from Games and Narrative to Cultural Representation. Each topic, introduced with a short essay by Salen and Zimmerman, covers ideas and research fundamental to the study of games, and points to relevant texts within the Reader. Visual essays between book sections act as counterpoint to the writings. Like Rules of Play, The Game Design Reader is an intelligent and playful book. An invaluable resource for professionals and a unique introduction for those new to the field, The Game Design Reader is essential reading for anyone who takes games seriously.

The Game

The Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sean Kelly
Editor: Black Inc.
ISBN: 1743821980
FileSize: 1420kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1420


The Game by Sean Kelly Summary

What happens when the prime minister views politics only as a game? Australia wanted Scott Morrison. In a time of uncertainty, the country chose in 2019 to turn to a man with no obvious beliefs, no clear purpose and no famous talents. That we wanted Scott Morrison was the secret we did not know about ourselves. What precisely that secret is forms the subject of this book. In The Game, Sean Kelly gives us a portrait of a man, the shallow political culture that allowed him to succeed and the country that crowned him. Morrison understands – in a way that no other recent politician has – how politics has become a game. He also understands something essential about Australia – something many of us are unwilling to admit, even to ourselves. But there are things Scott Morrison does not understand. This is the story of those failures, too – and the way that, as his prime ministership continues, Morrison’s failure to think about politics as anything other than a game has become a dangerous liability, both to him and to us.

Finding the Game

Finding the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gwendolyn Oxenham
Editor: St. Martin\'s Press
ISBN: 1250010888
FileSize: 1775kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1775


Finding the Game by Gwendolyn Oxenham Summary

Across two dozen countries—from back alleys to remote beaches to the roofs of skyscrapers—an eye-opening journey into the heart of soccer Every country has a different term for it: In the United States it's "pickup." In Trinidad it's "taking a sweat." In Brazil it's "pelada" (literally "naked"). It's the other side of soccer, those spontaneous matches played away from the bright lights and manicured fields—the game for anyone, anywhere. At sixteen, Gwendolyn Oxenham was the youngest Division I athlete in NCAA history, a starter and leading goal-scorer for Duke. At twenty, she graduated, the women's professional soccer league folded, and her career was over. In Finding the Game, Oxenham, along with her boyfriend and two friends, chases the part of the game that outlasts a career. They bribe their way into a Bolivian prison, bet shillings on a game with moonshine brewers in Kenya, play with women in hijab on a court in Tehran—and discover what the world looks like when you wander down side streets, holding on to a ball. An entertaining, heartfelt look at the soul of a sport and a thrilling travel narrative, this book is proof that on the field and in life, some things need no translation.

Get in the Game

Get in the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cal Ripken, Jr.,Donald T. Phillips
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1440631921
FileSize: 431kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 431


Get in the Game by Cal Ripken, Jr.,Donald T. Phillips Summary

Baseball's all-time Iron Man, Cal Ripken, Jr., retired from baseball in 2001 after breaking countless records, including Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive games played. Now, in Get in the Game, he gives us his insights on hard work and success that can be applied on and off the field, based on stories from his exhilarating career in baseball. Get in the Game includes Ripken's 8 Elements of Perseverance: 1. The Right Values 2. A Strong Will to Succeed 3. Love What You Do 4. Preparation 5. Anticipation 6. Trusting Relationships 7. Life Management 8. The Courage of Your Convictions Ripken is admired not only for his relentless perseverance but also for his unparalleled integrity. From his numerous public-speaking engagements each year to his weekly "Ask Cal" column for the Baltimore Sun, Cal Ripken, Jr., is a sought-after advisor and role model to fans from all walks of life.

To Play the Game

To Play the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: J. Bowyer Bell
Editor: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412840095
FileSize: 485kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 485


To Play the Game by J. Bowyer Bell Summary

In this fascinating analysis of the development, structure, and strategies of sports, Bell argues that games are an institution that not only reflect society but also mold society. He develops a typology of seven game levels from the primitive to the decadent and examines the history of game development in Western civilization, through the relation of the various game levels to national ambitions and strategies. To Play the Game is both enlightening and entertaining, an original contribution to the growing scholarship on sports.

The Games That Changed the Game

The Games That Changed the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ron Jaworski,David Plaut,Greg Cosell
Editor: ESPN
ISBN: 0345517970
FileSize: 1894kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1894


The Games That Changed the Game by Ron Jaworski,David Plaut,Greg Cosell Summary

Professional football in the last half century has been a sport marked by relentless innovation. For fans determined to keep up with the changes that have transformed the game, close examination of the coaching footage is a must. In The Games That Changed the Game, Ron Jaworski—pro football’s #1 game-tape guru—breaks down the film from seven of the most momentous contests of the last fifty years, giving readers a drive-by-drive, play-by-play guide to the evolutionary leaps that define the modern NFL. From Sid Gillman’s development of the Vertical Stretch, which launched the era of wide-open passing offenses, to Bill Belichick’s daring defensive game plan in Super Bowl XXXVI, which enabled his outgunned squad to upset the heavily favored St. Louis Rams and usher in the New England Patriots dynasty, the most cutting-edge concepts come alive again through the recollections of nearly seventy coaches and players. You’ll never watch NFL football the same way again.

Psychology Gets in the Game

Psychology Gets in the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Christopher D. Green,Ludy T. Benjamin
Editor: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 080322673X
FileSize: 1956kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1956


Psychology Gets in the Game by Christopher D. Green,Ludy T. Benjamin Summary

"Although sport psychology did not fully mature as a recognized discipline until the 1960s, pioneering psychologists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, making greater use of empirical research methodologies, sought to understand mental factors that affect athletic performance. Though the psychologists behind the studies described here worked independently of one another and charted their own distinct courses of inquiry, their works, taken together, provided the corpus of precedents and foundations on which the modern field of sport psychology was built. The essays collected in this volume tell the stories not only of these psychologists and their subjects but of the social and academic context that surrounded them, shaping and being shaped by their ideas"--Provided by publisher.

The Game

The Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Neil Strauss
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062130110
FileSize: 1939kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1939


The Game by Neil Strauss Summary

Hidden somewhere, in nearly every major city in the world, is an underground seduction lair. And in these lairs, men trade the most devastatingly effective techniques ever invented to charm women. This is not fiction. These men really exist. They live together in houses known as Projects. And Neil Strauss, the bestselling author and journalist, spent two years living among them, using the pseudonym Style to protect his real-life identity. The result is one of the most explosive and controversial books of the last decade—guaranteed to change the lives of men and transform the way women understand the opposite sex forever. On his journey from AFC (average frustrated chump) to PUA (pick-up artist) to PUG (pick-up guru), Strauss not only shares scores of original seduction techniques but also has unforgettable encounters with the likes of Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Heidi Fleiss, and Courtney Love. And then things really start to get strange—and passions lead to betrayals lead to violence. The Game is the story of one man's transformation from frog to prince to prisoner in the most unforgettable book of this generation.

Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Neil Strauss
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062130102
FileSize: 1231kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1231


Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss Summary

If you want to play the Game, you've got to know the Rules. In his international bestseller The Game, Neil Strauss delved into the secret world of pick-up artists—men who have created a science out of the art of seduction. Not only did he reveal the techniques that they had developed, but he became a master of The Game, and the world's No. 1 PUA, as Style. Now, in this bestselling companion, Strauss reduces three books of life-changing knowledge into a single-volume set. The first book, The Stylelife Challenge, breaks down the knowledge he learned and techniques he invented into simple step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow to meet and land the women of their dreams. In the second book, Strauss takes readers into the dark side of The Game. The Style Diaries offers a series of tales of seduction and sexual (mis)adventure. From accidentally getting married during a drunken night in Reykjavik, to luring a famous musician's granddaughter into a threesome; to the stress and frustration of the torturous and highly unorthodox "30 Day Sex Experiment," The Style Diaries takes you further into the seduction underworld than ever before. Finally, in the all-new, updated third volume, Strauss collects the greatest, most powerful, field-tested, word-for-word routines. You don't need money, looks, or fame to succeed with women. All you need is an understanding of how attraction works—and this thirty-day workout program for your social skills, which has already guided countless men from frustration to fulfillment.

Who's in the Game?

Who's in the Game? Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Terri Toles Patkin
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 1476642117
FileSize: 1199kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1199


Who's in the Game? by Terri Toles Patkin Summary

Some board games--like Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Clue, Guess Who, The Game of Life, Monopoly, Operation and Payday--have popularity spanning generations. But over time, updates to games have created significantly different messages about personal identity and evolving social values. Games offer representations of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, age, ability and social class that reflect the status quo and respond to social change. Using popular mass-market games, this rhetorical assessment explores board design, game implements (tokens, markers, 3-D elements) and playing instructions. This book argues the existence of board games as markers of an ever-changing sociocultural framework, exploring the nature of play and how games embody and extend societal themes and values.

The Game of Missions

The Game of Missions Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andrew Byers
Editor: Ann & James Publishers
FileSize: 616kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 616


The Game of Missions by Andrew Byers Summary

The Game of Missions... The game of cards you never want to play. Or do you? After a long day of renovating, tradies, Dave and Jim, will never forget the day they sat down to play The Game of Missions. The card game that will send you anywhere, any place, any time... discovered mates Jim and Dave soon after they sat down to play a card game with the deck they'd found in the attic earlier that day. Following the rules given to them from the deck of cards soon saw them facing mission after mission, not knowing where they'd end up, what the mission was, or who they would meet. Will the tradies ever complete the card game and finish their own renovating mission? Or are they forever stuck in The Game of Missions?

The Game With Minutes

The Game With Minutes Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Frank C. Laubach
Editor: Colchis Books
FileSize: 529kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 529


The Game With Minutes by Frank C. Laubach Summary

Practicing the presence of God is not on trial. It has already been proven by countless thousands of people. Indeed, the spiritual giants of all ages have known it. Christians who do it today become more fervent and beautiful and are tireless witnesses. Men and women who had been slaves of vices have been set free. Catholics and Protestants find this practicing the presence of God at the heart of their faith. Conservatives and liberals agree that here is a reality they need. People who are grateful for what this booklet has done for them are ordering wholesale quantities to give to friends. Letters from all parts of the world testify that in this game multitudes are turning defeat into victory and despair into joy. The results of this program begin to show clearly In a month. They grow rich after six months, and glorious after ten years. Somebody may be saying, “All this is very orthodox and very ancient.” It is indeed, the secret of the great saints of all ages. “Pray without ceasing,” said Paul, “in everything make your wants known unto God.” “As many as are led by the Spirit of God these are the sons of God.”

The Game

The Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Elizabeth Neal
Editor: Darby Creek ™
ISBN: 1541547233
FileSize: 1899kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1899


The Game by Elizabeth Neal Summary

Marcus and his best friend Taj have never been great at basketball. But during the final game of the season, their coach finally gives them the chance to play. As the minutes count down, Marcus chokes and misses his shot while Taj saves the day with a buzzer-beater. That night Marcus receives a text from an unknown number asking if he would like a do-over. He accepts and gets to relive the game and make the winning shot. But will correcting his mistake be worth taking away his best friend's moment to shine?

Playing The Game

Playing The Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
Editor: St. Martin\'s Press
ISBN: 1429944773
FileSize: 1212kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1212


Playing The Game by Barbara Taylor Bradford Summary

In New York Times bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford's new novel, Annette Remmington, a London art consultant and private dealer, is at the top of her game. She is considered a rising star in the international world of art, and has a roster of wealthy clients who trust her judgment and her business acumen. Her success reaches new heights when a rare and long lost Rembrandt finds its way into her hands, which she restores and sells for top dollar. Called the auction of the year, Annette becomes the most talked about art dealer in the world. Annette is married to her mentor and personal champion, the much older Marius Remmington. For twenty years, Marius has groomed her into the international art star that she has become, not to mention saving her from a dark and gritty past. She is his pride and joy, and as her best advisor, it's with great care that he hand picks only the best journalist possible to do a profile on his beloved wife in a popular London Sunday newspaper. Jack Chalmers is a bit of a celebrity himself, becoming one of the top journalists of his time. Marius believes only he will be able to capture the true brilliance of his lovely wife. But Marius never intends to put his marriage in jeopardy. How could he have known that the connection between Jack and Annette would ignite so many secrets? And how could he know that Jack would uncover a scandal that could ultimately destroy them all? Barbara Taylor Bradford does it again in this epic novel of seduction, passion and international intrigue. Playing the game has never been so thrilling.

The Game of Language

The Game of Language Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jaakko Hintikka
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401098476
FileSize: 830kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 830


The Game of Language by Jaakko Hintikka Summary

Since the first chapter of this book presents an intro duction to the present state of game-theoretical semantics (GTS), there is no point in giving a briefer survey here. Instead, it may be helpful to indicate what this volume attempts to do. The first chapter gives a short intro duction to GTS and a survey of what is has accomplished. Chapter 2 puts the enterprise of GTS into new philo sophical perspective by relating its basic ideas to Kant's phi losophy of mathematics, space, and time. Chapters 3-6 are samples of GTS's accomplishments in understanding different kinds of semantical phenomena, mostly in natural languages. Beyond presenting results, some of these chapters also have other aims. Chapter 3 relates GTS to an interesting line of logical and foundational studies - the so-called functional interpretations - while chapter 4 leads to certain important methodological theses. Chapter 7 marks an application of GTS in a more philo sophical direction by criticizing the Frege-Russell thesis that words like "is" are multiply ambiguous. This leads in turn to a criticism of recent logical languages (logical notation), which since Frege have been based on the ambi guity thesis, and also to certain methodological sug gestions. In chapter 8, GTS is shown to have important implications for our understanding of Aristotle's doctrine of categories, while chapter 9 continues my earlier criticism of Chomsky's generative approach to linguistic theorizing.

If..., Volume 3

If..., Volume 3 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Evelyn McFarlane,James Saywell
Editor: Villard
ISBN: 0307415635
FileSize: 1934kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1934


If..., Volume 3 by Evelyn McFarlane,James Saywell Summary

From the Introduction: “Love. Romance. Sex. From the imaginative lover to the imaginary one, our imaginations play central role in our love lives. Pity the person who believes there exists no connection between the heart and the imagination, or pity their lover, anyway. From the first time we begin to discover there’s a thing called love—tumultuous, chaotic, confusing, frightfully powerful, and stunningly joyous—we begin to imagine what might be if . . . And as long as we are able to love (in other words, as long as we are alive), our imaginations help us through it, fill in the gaps, make us hopeful, steel our nerves, augment our romantic ideas, protect our humility, guide our actions, and help keep things interesting. Would we dare enter into love otherwise? Yet as wonderful and wrenching as romantic love can be, it remains startlingly incomprehensible, and the mysteries of our own hearts tantalize us. Can we know more? Are we meant to? Ask yourself some of these questions, and ask those you love, or would like to. Where will they take you? What will they reveal? Do you have the courage to answer? Be prepared for anything. And always, always, treasure the game of love. We would like to add that some of the following questions are rather direct, and personal, and not everyone will choose to ponder them, but in no case do we intend offense.”

The Game of Life & How to Play It

The Game of Life & How to Play It Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Florence Scovel Shinn
Editor: e-artnow
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The Game of Life & How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn Summary

"The Game of Life and How to Play It" deals with several topics, including success, prosperity, faith and Devine Design. Contents: The Game The Law of Prosperity The Power of the Word The Law of Nonresistance The Law of Karma and the Law of Forgiveness Casting the Burden Love Intuition Or Guidance Perfect Self-Expression or the Divine Design Denials and Affirmations Denials and Affirmations


Chance Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joaquim P. Marques de Sá
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540744177
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Chance by Joaquim P. Marques de Sá Summary

This is a unique book on how probability affects our everyday lives. It guides the reader in an almost chronological trip through the fascinating and amazing laws of chance, omnipresent in the natural world and in our daily lives. Along the way many fascinating topics are discussed. These include challenging probability paradoxes, "paranormal" coincidences, game odds, and causes and effects. Finally the author discusses possibilities and limitations of learning the laws of a Universe immersed in chance events. This charming book, with its many easy-to-follow mathematical examples, will inform and entertain the scientist and non-scientist alike.

Discipline : The Game Changer

Discipline : The Game Changer Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Vidya Sagar
Editor: vidya sagar
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Discipline : The Game Changer by Vidya Sagar Summary

This book will help an individual to live a disciplined life. The way you see life will change post reading this concise ebook . It has been my utmost effort to make one know the importance of discipline, therefore I dedicate this book to all mankind to understand the importance of discipline. Hope you will gain something out of my effort to make you know about these.

The Game Audio Tutorial

The Game Audio Tutorial Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard Stevens,Dave Raybould
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136127011
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The Game Audio Tutorial by Richard Stevens,Dave Raybould Summary

Design and implement video game sound from beginning to end with this hands-on course in game audio. Music and sound effects speak to players on a deep level, and this book will show you how to design and implement powerful, interactive sound that measurably improves gameplay. If you are a sound designer or composer and want to do more than just create audio elements and hand them over to someone else for insertion into the game, this book is for you. You'll understand the game development process and implement vital audio experiences-not just create music loops or one-off sound effects. The Game Audio Tutorial isn't just a book-you also get a powerful website (

Do Not Eat the Game!

Do Not Eat the Game! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Matthew McElligott
Editor: Crown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 1524767255
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Do Not Eat the Game! by Matthew McElligott Summary

Learning to play by the rules has never been so much fun! This picture book told through a game board is the perfect read-along for family game nights. To play this game, you will need a friend--but what if your friend is a monster? With each player's next turn, the competition is fierce, and the action spills off the game board. Learning how to play well with others--taking turns, playing fair, and being a good loser--has never been so fun or inventive. Win or lose, Do Not Eat the Game! will inspire readers to unplug and enjoy doing something fun together.

The Game Maker's Bible

The Game Maker's Bible Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Adam Jeremy Capps
Editor: Adam Jeremy Capps
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The Game Maker's Bible by Adam Jeremy Capps Summary

The Game Maker’s Bible is a book that teaches good game making. It goes over good ideas, bad ideas, different kinds of games, story development, particular elements such as game mechanics, and more. It also contains a section for all new ideas that are free to use. This is a new public domain book.

Stuck in the Game

Stuck in the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Christopher Keene
Editor: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 1950020541
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File Format: Pdf
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Stuck in the Game by Christopher Keene Summary

Noah promised himself he would never play the world’s most popular MMORPG—the Dream State. He’d already lost too many friends to the addictive virtual world. But after a devastating car crash leaves Noah paralyzed, he’s forced inside the game. The Dream State not only provides a connection with the outside world but also keeps his brain awake long enough for his body to heal. Dying in the game, however, could send Noah into a coma forever. To stay safe, he must remain in the lower levels, far away from the most dangerous monsters and players. Meanwhile, doctors grow concerned when Noah’s girlfriend, Sue—who also sustained serious injuries in the crash—seemingly fails to connect to the game. When a mysterious avatar suggests to Noah that the last remnants of Sue’s consciousness are being held prisoner in the highest level, Noah decides to risk everything to save her. Leaving the safety of the lower levels, Noah rises through the ranks and enters the most dangerous part of the game, allying with high-level players and unearthing clues to a sinister plot along the way. Now top players from across the world are hunting him. With his life on the line, can Noah save Sue and uncover the mystery?

The Game Played in the Dark

The Game Played in the Dark Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ernest Bramah
Editor: Good Press
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File Format: Pdf
Read: 1862


The Game Played in the Dark by Ernest Bramah Summary

"The Game Played in the Dark" by Ernest Bramah. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

The Game Beat: Observations and Lessons from Two Decades Writing About Games

The Game Beat: Observations and Lessons from Two Decades Writing About Games Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Kyle Orland
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 035964919X
FileSize: 1402kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Game Beat: Observations and Lessons from Two Decades Writing About Games by Kyle Orland Summary

The Game Beat examines the whos, hows, and whys of the journalists and critics covering the young but growing game industry. This collection of over 80 columns covers everything from the decline of print gaming magazines to the ethics of paid junkets to the importance of review scores and much more.

The Game Music Handbook

The Game Music Handbook Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Noah Kellman
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190938714
FileSize: 995kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Game Music Handbook by Noah Kellman Summary

Do you want to learn everything you need to know to be a fantastic video game music composer? The Game Music Handbook is for you. This book takes readers on a journey through many of the greatest video game soundscapes to date, discussing key concepts and technical practices for how to create top-level game scores. It organizes game scoring techniques into an applicable methodology that gives readers a clear picture of how to design interactive elements, conceive and create a score, and implement it into the game. Readers will gain a solid understanding of the core techniques for composing video game music, the conceptual differences that separate it from other compositional fields, as well as many advanced techniques and topics essential to excellent game music scoring. These topics include using music to design emotional arc for nonlinear timelines, the relationship between music and sound design, music and immersion, discussion of the player's interaction with audio, and more. For beginning composers, this book makes the learning process as clear as possible. However, it also offers invaluable information for intermediate to advanced readers. It includes discussion of game state and its effect on player interaction, a composer-centric lesson on programming, as well as information on how to work with version control, visual programming languages, procedural audio, and more. It also offers indispensable knowledge about advanced reactive music concepts, scoring for emergent games, music for VR, and other important topics. Overall, this book explores the practical application of player and music interaction through the examination of various techniques employed in games throughout video game history to enhance immersion, emphasize emotion, and create compelling interactive experiences.