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36 unsolved mysteries of the world

36 unsolved mysteries of the world Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
Editor: Pustak Mahal
ISBN: 8122312268
FileSize: 361kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 361


36 unsolved mysteries of the world by Summary

36 Unsolved Mysteries of the World is an engrossing account of some breath-taking mysteries of the times to be read with abated breath.


Invisible Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James Patterson,David Ellis
Editor: Little, Brown
ISBN: 031640540X
FileSize: 1228kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1228


Invisible by James Patterson,David Ellis Summary

Read the #1 New York Times bestselling thriller Invisible, then continue the series with Unsolved. Everyone thinks Emmy Dockery is crazy. Obsessed with finding the link between hundreds of unsolved cases, Emmy has taken leave from her job as an FBI researcher. Now all she has are the newspaper clippings that wallpaper her bedroom, and her recurring nightmares of an all-consuming fire. Not even Emmy's ex-boyfriend, field agent Harrison "Books" Bookman, will believe her that hundreds of kidnappings, rapes, and murders are all connected. That is, until Emmy finds a piece of evidence he can't afford to ignore. More murders are reported by the day--and they're all inexplicable. No motives, no murder weapons, no suspects. Could one person really be responsible for these unthinkable crimes? INVISIBLE is James Patterson's scariest, most chilling thriller yet.

He.... An Unsolved mystery

He.... An Unsolved mystery Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Debasree Maity
Editor: Onlinegatha
ISBN: 9390662842
FileSize: 1254kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1254


He.... An Unsolved mystery by Debasree Maity Summary

Based on a true event some identities are not real due to some personal reason. Some doesn’t provide the consent and some are not easy to get in touch with and the one is hard to find out to state his story. A tribute to that gentleman who found out the perfect Me in this imperfect Me. To that man who taught me how to gain self-confidence. It’s his mysterious story. To be somewhere you must keep on moving, you must keep the balance of the cycle-of-life. Be a free-soul, you must not try to tie up anyone or yourself. It can’t be the end always remember it’s the beginning. Just not a story something more than that. At the end of the day you’re your only best companion.

Unsolved Murders in and around Derbyshire

Unsolved Murders in and around Derbyshire Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott C. Lomax
Editor: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 1783408871
FileSize: 1340kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1340


Unsolved Murders in and around Derbyshire by Scott C. Lomax Summary

There is no such thing as the perfect crime. Yet within these pages are thirteen twentieth-century murders whose perpetrators have - so far - escaped justice. Some may still be alive, cold cases awaiting new forensic leads but others have taken their chilling secrets to the grave.Read about the strange theatrical vagrant found brutally murdered in a brick works. Also about the unfortunate girl strangled to death in a derelict building at Christmas; a taxi driver killed by his passenger on a lonely road; a police officers girl friend who was sexually assaulted and murdered on moorland; the dreadful killing of a servant girl; two men shot dead on a quiet highway; the discovery of mysterious and suspicious skeletal remains; and, not least, the callous murderers who allowed innocent men to be stand trial. Famous modern cases are also explored, based on new research. The Barbara Mayo murder is still in the memory of many Derbyshire people as is the Stephen Downing miscarriage of justice. A compelling read for anyone interested in true crime.

Unsolved Problems in Geometry

Unsolved Problems in Geometry Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Hallard T. Croft,Kenneth Falconer,Richard K. Guy
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461209633
FileSize: 1758kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1758


Unsolved Problems in Geometry by Hallard T. Croft,Kenneth Falconer,Richard K. Guy Summary

Mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike have long been fascinated by geometrical problems, particularly those that are intuitive in the sense of being easy to state, perhaps with the aid of a simple diagram. Each section in the book describes a problem or a group of related problems. Usually the problems are capable of generalization of variation in many directions. The book can be appreciated at many levels and is intended for everyone from amateurs to research mathematicians.

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Manish
Editor: Notion Press
ISBN: 1648996507
FileSize: 995kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 995


Hidden Secrets by Manish Summary

“This book gives you a formula for a stress-free life.” - JAN SAMNA “An attempt to solve the unsolved mysteries of life.” - STATE MEDIA “A detailed investigation of the hidden secrets of yoga and meditation.” - DAINIK BULAND SANDESH “This book explains how to live a tension- free life.” - DAINIK SAVERA The ‘SECRET’ has been hidden for ages and made known only to a select few. Even enlightened saints have tried to hide it. Even though this secret is mentioned in all religious, various sects/ groups patented this Ultimate Truth as their own knowledge & thus unavailable for the common men. But, the time has come to reveal this secret. In this book, I will reveal “THE SECRET”, based on my own experience of ‘ENLIGHTENMENT’. This book, which is the first in the series of seven books, will guide you on this uphill task of SELF-REALIZATION, but with easy examples that you can relate to: like a smartphone. I promise you that at the end of this seven-part journey, you can experience God: THE ULTIMATE TRUTH. Precisely speaking, this book is a complete guide for successful materialistic and spiritual life (AWAKENING) and it can answer your all queries.

Unsolved Problems of the Milky Way

Unsolved Problems of the Milky Way Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Leo Blitz,Peter Teuben
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400916876
FileSize: 1801kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1801


Unsolved Problems of the Milky Way by Leo Blitz,Peter Teuben Summary

Although the Milky Way is the most studied and best understood galactic system, there are many fundamental questions about our Galaxy that remain unanswered. This book concentrates on those questions which have the widest applicability in all of astrophysics, and for which answers are most likely to be forthcoming in the next few years. Is the Milky Way a barred spiral, and if so, what are its properties? Is the disk of the Milky Way axisymmetric and what does the answer tell us about its dynamical history? Is there a black hole at the center of the Galaxy? How far does the Galaxy extend? How much dark matter is there in the Milky Way system? And more.

What Happened to Paula: On the Death of an American Girl

What Happened to Paula: On the Death of an American Girl Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katherine Dykstra
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393651991
FileSize: 1006kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1006


What Happened to Paula: On the Death of an American Girl by Katherine Dykstra Summary

A People Best Book of Summer A New York Times Most Anticipated Book of the Summer A riveting investigation into a cold case asks how much control women have over their bodies and the direction of their lives. July 1970. Eighteen-year-old Paula Oberbroeckling left her house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Four months later, her remains were discovered just beyond the mouth of a culvert overlooking the Cedar River. Her homicide has never been solved. Fifty years cold, Paula’s case had been mostly forgotten when journalist Katherine Dykstra began looking for answers. A woman was dead. Why had no one been held responsible? How could the powers that be, how could a community, have given up? Tracing Paula’s final days, Dykstra uncovers a girl whose exultant personality was at odds with the Midwest norms of the late 1960s. A girl who was caught between independence and youthful naivete, between a love that defied racially segregated Cedar Rapids and her complicated but enduring love for her mother, and between a possible pregnancy and the freedoms that had been promised by the women’s liberation movement but that still had little practical bearing on actual lives. The more Dykstra learned about the circumstances of Paula’s life, the more parallels she saw in the lives of the women who knew Paula and the women in Paula’s family, in the lives of the women in Dykstra’s own family, and even in her own life. Captivating and expertly crafted from interviews with Paula’s family and friends, police reports, and on-the-scene investigation, What Happened to Paula is part true crime story, part memoir, a timely and powerful look at gender, autonomy, and the cost of being a woman.

Unsolved Mysteries of World War II

Unsolved Mysteries of World War II Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael FitzGerald
Editor: Arcturus Publishing
ISBN: 1789504457
FileSize: 1985kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1985


Unsolved Mysteries of World War II by Michael FitzGerald Summary

During World War II, many deeply mysterious events took place in the fog and chaos of conflict. These were classified, hushed up and kept from the public eye, and yet with the recent opening of secret archives, new light has been shed on these strange circumstances. This brilliant book fills you in on these unsolved cases, teasing fact from fiction. Topics include: • The lost treasure of the Amber Room - a masterpiece made from 5,900 kg of amber which was supposedly spirited away to a secret location and never uncovered since. • The Man Who Never Was - a corpse dressed in military uniform, fitted out with fake documents who was deliberately allowed to fall into Nazi hands. His real identity is still disputed. • The murder of socialite and possible spy, Jane Horney. Her body was never discovered, and many believed she swapped identities with her friend and lookalike before her disappearance. Within these pages the reader will also discover the secrets of the Nazi Ghost Trains; the 17 British soldiers at Auschwitz; and 'the curse of Timur's Tomb'. These intriguing and often chilling conspiracies and subterfuges will leave you stunned.

Solved and Unsolved Problems of Structural Chemistry

Solved and Unsolved Problems of Structural Chemistry Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Milan Randic,Marjana Novic,Dejan Plavsic
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 1498711529
FileSize: 1076kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1076


Solved and Unsolved Problems of Structural Chemistry by Milan Randic,Marjana Novic,Dejan Plavsic Summary

Solved and Unsolved Problems of Structural Chemistry introduces new methods and approaches for solving problems related to molecular structure. It includes numerous subjects such as aromaticity—one of the central themes of chemistry—and topics from bioinformatics such as graphical and numerical characterization of DNA, proteins, and proteomes. It also outlines the construction of novel tools using techniques from discrete mathematics, particularly graph theory, which allowed problems to be solved that many had considered unsolvable. The book discusses a number of important problems in chemistry that have not been fully understood or fully appreciated, such as the notion of aromaticity and conjugated circuits, the generalized Hückel 4n + 2 Rule, and the nature of quantitative structure–property–activity relationships (QSARs), which have resulted in only partially solved problems and approximated solutions that are inadequate. It also describes advantages of mathematical descriptors in QSAR, including their use in screening combinatorial libraries to search for structures with high similarity to the target compounds. Selected problems that this book addresses include: Multiple regression analysis (MRA) Insufficient use of partial ordering in chemistry The role of Kekulé valence structures The problem of protein and DNA alignment Solved and Unsolved Problems of Structural Chemistry collects results that were once scattered in scientific literature into a thoughtful and compact volume. It sheds light on numerous problems in chemistry, including ones that appeared to have been solved but were actually only partially solved. Most importantly, it shows more complete solutions as well as methods and approaches that can lead to actualization of further solutions to problems in chemistry.


Unsolved Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robert J. Hoshowsky
Editor: Dundurn
ISBN: 9781770705340
FileSize: 1428kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1428


Unsolved by Robert J. Hoshowsky Summary

Despite advances in DNA testing, forensics, and the investigative skills used by police, hundreds of crimes remain unsolved across Canada. With every passing day trails grow colder and decades can pass before a new lead or witness comes forward if one comes forward. In Unsolved, Robert J. Hoshowsky examines twelve crimes that continue to haunt us. Some cases are well-known, while others have virtually disappeared from the public eye. All of the cases remain open, and many are being re-examined by police using the latest tools and technology. Hoshowsky takes the reader through all aspects of the crimes and how police are trying to solve them using three-dimensional facial reconstructions, DNA testing, age-enhanced drawings, original crime scene photos, and more. None of the individuals profiled in Unsolved deserved their fate, but their stories deserve to be told and their killers need to be brought to justice.

Murder in California: Serial Killers and Famous Unsolved Murders

Murder in California: Serial Killers and Famous Unsolved Murders Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marques Vickers
Editor: Marquis Publishing
FileSize: 1269kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1269


Murder in California: Serial Killers and Famous Unsolved Murders by Marques Vickers Summary

“Murder in California” profiles some of California’s most infamous serial killers and unsolved murder cases. The edition more photographically transports you to several of the murder sites where the homicides occurred and/or images related to the case and perpetrator(s). The images and profiles offer a descriptive account, detailed location, and trial aftermath providing an important understanding into the further reaching effects of each crime. Convicted killers and their confirmed victims are identified. For criminals still living, their current incarceration location is provided. The captured snapshots portray visual testimonies of extinguished lives removed by acts of violence. Crime scenes often revert back into unremarkable landscape or unassuming buildings over the ensuing years and decades. Several have altered little since their moment of infamy. Many are passed daily by pedestrian and vehicular traffic unaware of a location’s unique significance. California has been the site for many notorious serial killers. The following are portrayed in this edition: The Zodiac: The Taunting Killer Charles Manson: Removing the Myths Behind an Iconic Serial Killer Dorothea Puente: Arsenic and Old Lace: Killing for Profit Efren Saldivar’s Definition of Assisted Medical Homicide Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber): To Arms Against A Faceless Society and Enemy The Zebra Killings: A Racially Intended Genocide? The Heaven’s Gate Cult Shutters Operations Abruptly and Permanently Edmund Kemper III: Constructing the Perfect Frankenstein Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris: Pitch Darkened Hearts Juan Corona: The Macabre Massacre of the Invisible Richard Trenton Chase: The Consummation of Darkness The Boneyards of the Dead Speak: The Speed Freak Killers Herbert Mullin: The Blood Sacrifices of Earthquake Preventiveness David Carpenter: The Devil Behind Bifocals and a Stutter Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple Massacre: No Way Home The Hillside Strangler Duo: Killing Cousins Rodney Alcala: A Beastly Killing Machine Slaying Beauty Richard Ramirez: The Devil’s Ambassador Golden State Killer: The Triumph of Forensic Evidence The section on famous unsolved murders include: The Santa Rosa Hitchhiking Murders: Preying on the Innocent David Nadel: The Death of a Man and Rebirth of a Performance Icon The Continued Fascination With the Black Dahlia Murder Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle: Ten-Minute Disputed Sex Scandal Was a 1963 Beachfront Slaying of a High School Couple a Prelude to Future Terror? Geneva Ellroy: The Transference of Tragedy Into Literary Expression Kym Morgan: Death By Classified Advertisement Kevin Collins: A Solitary Bus Bench Memorial to Every Parent’s Nightmare Ted Healy: The Suspected Homicide of the Fourth Stooge The Resolute Will To Keep William Desmond Taylor’s Murder Unsolved Ramona Irene Price Strolls Innocently Into A Vanished Past Raymond Washington: A Cycle of Senseless Violence Devours A Former Founder Author Marques Vickers’ own introduction into the expansive consequences of murder began with the 1968 killings of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jenson by the Zodiac killer in the author’s hometown. Faraday was an acquaintance of the author and his older sister knew both victims. His reflections on the trauma inflicted on his intimate suburban community correspond with the realization that a single homicide affects far more individuals than simply the victim. Hundreds and often thousands may be touched by the arbitrariness and unfairness of life being terminated abruptly and prematurely.

Box Set: Until Proven Innocent and The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh Books One and Two

Box Set: Until Proven Innocent and The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh Books One and Two Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Arthur Jay Harris
Editor: Arthur Jay Harris
FileSize: 486kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 486


Box Set: Until Proven Innocent and The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh Books One and Two by Arthur Jay Harris Summary

UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT The prosecutor was no longer sure both murder defendants were guilty. So he asked his dad -- the real-life Kojak. A mother's dying, gasping call to 911: "My husband! My baby!" In her secluded ranch house, she'd been stabbed with a kitchen knife. Her husband, infant and elderly father-in-law had all been shot in the head, point-blank. For three years, police had two suspects under surveillance, then arrest. Both faced the death penalty. But prosecutor Brian Cavanagh began to doubt that the defendants were partners. So he consulted with his father, a retired NYPD cop whose reputation for savvy sleuthing had inspired the creation of one of the most beloved characters in television history. Now the question was: Could Dad help solve the case? THE UNSOLVED MURDER OF ADAM WALSH The famous missing child case of Adam Walsh, a 6-year-old last seen at a Sears in a shopping mall in Hollywood, Florida, in July 1981 was the worst nightmare imaginable. Two weeks later, a child's severed head was found and identified as Adam. No one has ever been arrested for the crime. For the most part, the case's narration has been told by the victims, Adam's parents Reve and John Walsh. However, there has been another voice, independent investigative journalist and author of five True Crime books about Florida, Arthur Jay Harris, who has continued to write about it for two decades, and has worked on it with ABC News, The Miami Herald, and others. The deeply-researched story he tells disputes almost everything that everyone in the public has been led to believe. IN BOOK ONE, Harris shows that the taker of Adam was most likely not the drifter Ottis Toole, as police now say, but rather the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who was arrested ten years later with eleven severed heads in his apartment. Harris documented him by a police report living near Hollywood as a transient about when Adam disappeared. That report had him supposedly finding a dead body in an alley behind where he worked. The report referred to a meter and storage room steps away where Harris and ABC News found blood droplets rising up a wall next to a lumberman's axe and a sledgehammer. Was this Dahmer's doing? Further, Dahmer was identified by seven police witnesses who said they saw him at the mall with or near Adam when he was taken. One of those witnesses said he saw him throw Adam into a blue van and get away. Where Dahmer worked there was a blue van, easily and often taken for personal use, without permission. Early on, a blue getaway van was Hollywood's first, best clue. IN BOOK TWO, Harris shows that all the official files are incredibly missing the most customary documents that would prove the ID of the found child who was said to be Adam. Among the documents missing are the autopsy report, a forensic dental report (considering that the ID was strictly based on a tooth comparison), and Adam's dental chart and dental X-rays. An investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed his finding. In fact, the ID was not only shoddy and inadequate but is overwhelmingly likely wrong. In Adam's last photo he was clearly missing both his top front teeth. A police crime scene photo, never before published, shows the found child had a mostly-in buck tooth -- a top left front tooth. Harris consulted a number of pediatric and forensic dental and medical examiner experts who confirmed the obvious: there wasn't enough time for Adam to have grown it in that far. All that would have been exposed at a court trial -- but more than 30 years after Adam's disappearance, there has never been one. Did police end the search for Adam too soon? Could Adam still be alive? In fact not so impossible, Harris found...

Roanoke, the Lost Colony

Roanoke, the Lost Colony Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jane Yolen,Heidi E. Y. Stemple
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1665912960
FileSize: 1354kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1354


Roanoke, the Lost Colony by Jane Yolen,Heidi E. Y. Stemple Summary

In this spine-tingling book from the nonfiction An Unsolved Mystery from History picture book series, journey to colonial America and discover the enduring mystery of the missing Roanoke Colony. In 1587 John White was chosen by Sir Walter Raleigh to lead a new colony at Roanoke off the Atlantic coast. After bringing many men, women, and children to the new land, White went back to England to gather supplies for the long winter. But when he finally returned to the fort almost three years later, he found that all of the colonists had vanished. The only signs of life left were the letters CRO carved into a tree and the word CROATOAN carved into one of the fort’s posts. Did the Spanish army capture the colonists? Did the colonists get in a battle with the native people—or join them? Did they try to follow John White to England and get lost at sea? Become a detective, study the clues, and see if you can help solve this chilling mystery from history!

Unsolved: The JonBenét Ramsey Murder 25 Years Later

Unsolved: The JonBenét Ramsey Murder 25 Years Later Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Paula Woodward
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1947951475
FileSize: 1115kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1115


Unsolved: The JonBenét Ramsey Murder 25 Years Later by Paula Woodward Summary

In 1996, six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey was tortured and murdered in her family home. Twenty-five years later, Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist Paula Woodward revisits the cold case to share new insider information on the heinous murder that gripped the nation. After the murder of JonBenét Ramsey, rumors and misinformation planted by Boulder, Colorado law enforcement sped rapidly around the world. Suspicion immediately fell on the family as police sought to exploit her death in the media. Prosecutors and law enforcement intentionally manipulated existing evidence and ignored inconvenient evidence. Child beauty pageant photos of JonBenét whipped the case into a judgmental frenzy. Paula Woodward was one of the few journalists who reported the family’s side of the story. She’s still investigating the 25-year conspiracy to convict John and Patsy Ramsey by law enforcement who acted with arrogance, insecurity, incompetence, and benign neglect. In Unsolved, the follow-up to Woodward’s award-winning and acclaimed true crime exposé We Have Your Daughter, Woodward explores outstanding questions still swirling around the cold case: Who wrote the baffling ransom note? What was found in the 11 pages of exclusive police report summaries backgrounding the Ramseys? And why has the case languished for years? Included in the book are new, exclusive interviews with John Ramsey, his wife Jan, and his son John Andrew as they look back at the case, 25 years later, and react with stunning candor. New photos and reports from JonBenét’s teachers, friends, and family cut through the sensationalized headlines to show who JonBenét really was. Interwoven throughout the book is expert commentary on what the actual evidence shows, and whether the killer might ever be caught. With never-before-released evidence from a now-passive investigation, Unsolved presents the known facts of the killing of JonBenét Ramsey, the bizarre yet intriguing aspects of this ongoing mystery, and gives you rare insight into whether a family member or an intruder savagely murdered JonBenét.

We Have Your Daughter

We Have Your Daughter Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Paula Woodward
Editor: Easton Studio Press, LLC
ISBN: 1632260786
FileSize: 707kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 707


We Have Your Daughter by Paula Woodward Summary

New information from We Have Your Daughter has been revealed. Here is some of it. The Family As a top reporter in Denver, Paula Woodward was one of the few who had access to the Ramsey attorneys and thus the family. One of the prevailing questions in most of the television specials is about the bowl of pineapple on the kitchen table with Burke and Patsy’s fingerprints on the bowl. That pineapple has been linked to JonBenét’s death on some television broadcasts because of a reference in the autopsy to JonBenét having “fragments like pineapple” in her stomach. For more than a year after the murder, the pineapple theory behind her death was talked about. But when Boulder police finally had the material in her stomach tested at the University of Colorado in Boulder in October of 1997, they found out two months later in December, that the material was pineapple, plus grapes, grape skins, and cherries. That is food similar to that found in a fruit cocktail. What does that mean? This is the type of exclusive and factual information you will find in We Have Your Daughter that allows you to challenge preconceived theories. In 2010, Woodward interviewed Burke Ramsey specifically for her book. • Burke discussed his family and the chaos surrounding the case. Woodward has obtained a Boulder Social Services Evaluation of the Child about Burke Ramsey that states “From the interview it is clear that Burke was not a witness to JonBenét’s death.” That raises more doubts about those who believe Burke was involved in his sister’s death and again reinforces the information Woodward has researched and uncovered. • In an interview with Burke Ramsey from 2010, he talks about his mom and how she taught him he could be optimistic or pessimistic about all the tragedies in their family. She chose positive for herself and so did he both believing it was important to find joy in each day. • After Patsy Ramsey was diagnosed again with cancer in 2002, she began sharing private conversations with Paula in 2004 and 2005. This information was to be used after she died. • John Ramsey gave Paula access to his personal journal as well as access to JonBenét’s personal drawings and photos The Handwriting Test Results Handwriting is another key controversial part of this investigation and story. Paula has information and findings that show issues with how Boulder Police handled this aspect of the investigation. She discusses the results of the handwriting. Exclusive Reports & Documents Investigative Reporter Paula Woodward reviewed portions of thousands of police reports and documents for her book. Here are some highlights of her findings which she includes in the book, all of which affected the investigation and the public’s view of the family. Exclusive: The police report from the Boulder Police Officer who was FIRST to arrive on scene the morning of December 26, 1996 – before JonBenét’s body was found and why he didn’t find it. Exclusive: In the police report from the BPD Detective who stayed on scene until JonBenét’s body was found – Paula lists some discrepancies in that report. Exclusive: Paula discovered what she calls a “deliberate campaign of disinformation” by law enforcement, based on information she received from her sources. She also cites issues with the media coverage, with outlets reporting information without verifying it. Woodward says much of the information and “anonymous leaks” reported were untrue and has all had an effect on the investigation. She cites several examples. Exclusive: Paula found found that Boulder police withheld the results of the DNA tests that excluded the Ramsey family from both the Boulder district attorney and the public. The evidence that was submitted as DNA excluded the Ramseys. In We Have Your Daughter: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Twenty Years Later, Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist Paula Woodward offers an unprecedented, definitive, insider perspective on the twentieth anniversary of one of the most heinous, sensationalized, unsolved crimes in American history. Here for the first time, Woodward examines conversations and information from all sides of those involved in the case. She shares information compiled during the twenty years she reported on the murder, including private conversations with law enforcement individuals directly involved in the case, their thoughts and dissections of what went wrong and right, and who they now believe is the killer. Woodward has included drawings by JonBenét, letters from her teachers, and photographs that show a normal, happy six-year-old whose life was cut short in such a horrible manner. She shares portions of John Ramsey’s private journal, where he wrote of his torment and grief in the aftermath of the murder. And she recounts personal conversations with JonBenét’s mother prior to her death from cancer in 2006. JonBenét’s brother Burke talks publicly about his sister’s death and how it affected the family and his life. We have Your Daughter is an extraordinary work of journalism, twenty years in the making. It depicts a family under siege with their guilt or innocence still openly questioned. This book allows readers to decide in this heartbreaking story - was it Ramsey or an unknown intruder?


Unsolved! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Craig P. Bauer
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400884799
FileSize: 828kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 828


Unsolved! by Craig P. Bauer Summary

Watch Craig Bauer discuss the Zodiac Killer’s cipher on HISTORY’s new miniseries The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer In 1953, a man was found dead from cyanide poisoning near the Philadelphia airport with a picture of a Nazi aircraft in his wallet. Taped to his abdomen was an enciphered message. In 1912, a book dealer named Wilfrid Voynich came into possession of an illuminated cipher manuscript once belonging to Emperor Rudolf II, who was obsessed with alchemy and the occult. Wartime codebreakers tried—and failed—to unlock the book's secrets, and it remains an enigma to this day. In this lively and entertaining book, Craig Bauer examines these and other vexing ciphers yet to be cracked. Some may reveal the identity of a spy or serial killer, provide the location of buried treasure, or expose a secret society—while others may be elaborate hoaxes. Unsolved! begins by explaining the basics of cryptology, and then explores the history behind an array of unsolved ciphers. It looks at ancient ciphers, ciphers created by artists and composers, ciphers left by killers and victims, Cold War ciphers, and many others. Some are infamous, like the ciphers in the Zodiac letters, while others were created purely as intellectual challenges by figures such as Nobel Prize–winning physicist Richard P. Feynman. Bauer lays out the evidence surrounding each cipher, describes the efforts of geniuses and eccentrics—in some cases both—to decipher it, and invites readers to try their hand at puzzles that have stymied so many others. Unsolved! takes readers from the ancient world to the digital age, providing an amazing tour of many of history's greatest unsolved ciphers.

Cold Case Vancouver

Cold Case Vancouver Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Eve Lazarus
Editor: arsenal pulp press
ISBN: 1551526301
FileSize: 1713kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1713


Cold Case Vancouver by Eve Lazarus Summary

Cold Case Vancouver delves into fifty years of some of Vancouver's most baffling unsolved murders. In 1953, two little boys were found murdered in the city's storied Stanley Park, and who remain unidentified to this day. In 1975, a country singer was murdered just as she was on the verge of an amazing career. And in 1994, Nick Masee, a retired banker with connections to the renegade Vancouver Stock Exchange, disappeared along with his wife Lisa, their bodies never found. Cold Case Vancouver is an intriguing whodunit for true-crime aficionados and armchair detectives. Eve Lazarus's previous books include Sensational Vancouver.

The McGlincy Killings in Campbell, California

The McGlincy Killings in Campbell, California Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tobin Gilman
Editor: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439663858
FileSize: 1712kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1712


The McGlincy Killings in Campbell, California by Tobin Gilman Summary

A “comprehensive” account of the cold case that “still captivate[s] the people of Campbell and Santa Clara County” (Culture Trip). On the morning of May 27, 1896, the peaceful township of Campbell awoke to shocking news. Six people were brutally murdered at the home of Colonel Richard P. McGlincy, one of the town’s most respected citizens. The suspect, James Dunham—the colonel’s son-in-law—fled the scene and disappeared into the hills of Mount Hamilton overlooking Santa Clara County. This heinous crime triggered a massive, nationwide manhunt while investigators pieced together the details. Author Tobin Gilman examines the mind and motives of the killer, the sensational media coverage and the colorful personalities associated with the protracted and unresolved pursuit of justice. Includes photos! “The book includes parts of Campbell’s history at the turn of the century, theories of what may have provoked the killings and the manhunt that never led to Dunham’s capture.”—The Mercury News

Unsolved Murders

Unsolved Murders Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Amber Hunt,Emily G. Thompson
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0744022029
FileSize: 848kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 848


Unsolved Murders by Amber Hunt,Emily G. Thompson Summary

MURDERS THAT DEFY DETECTION. Discover the stories behind some of the most infamous unsolved murders of the last century, including the Black Dahlia, the Zodiac Killer and the JonBenét Ramsey case. Detailing essential evidence. Profiling key suspects. Tracking police investigations. Sorting facts from speculation.

The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crimes

The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crimes Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Roger Wilkes
Editor: C & R Crime
ISBN: 1780333730
FileSize: 1973kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crimes by Roger Wilkes Summary

The biggest and best collection of unsolved murder and mystery cases - updated and expanded. This compelling volume presents thirty-five of the most intriguing crime cases that still defy solution, as reported by leading authors and journalists in the field of crime writing. Expanded and updated, this new edition includes the mystery of 'Jack the Stripper' who preyed on prostitutes in Hammersmith in the 1960s, the death of Starr Faithful whose young body was found on Long Island, the vicious murder of Oxford nurse Janet Brown in her own home in 1995, and the case of Lizzie Borden who, according to the rhyme, 'took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks'. Other cases include: Colin Wilson and the 'Zodiac' killer of California; Russell Miller and the obsession with the Black Dahlia; Rebecca West on the killing of Stanley Setty, and the man who contracted out of humanity; Brian Masters on the killing of Rachel Nickell; Kenneth Alsop on who shot 'Jake' Lingle, and his connection with Al Capone; Philip Sugden on that most famous Victorian enigma, Jack the Ripper; Sydney Horley on the woman who was cleared of killing her husband, and went on to become a Broadway star. Nearly all the cases involve one or more acts of murder, and all are left with a question mark hanging over them with real-life whodunits that offer a continuing challenge to all who find fascination in the criminal mind.

Unsolved Case Files: Jailbreak at Alcatraz

Unsolved Case Files: Jailbreak at Alcatraz Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tom Sullivan
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062991566
FileSize: 622kb
File Format: Pdf
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Unsolved Case Files: Jailbreak at Alcatraz by Tom Sullivan Summary

An ALA Top Ten Best Graphic Novel for Children The second book in this graphic nonfiction series about real FBI cases is a gripping account of an escape from Alcatraz, the infamous island prison. CASE NO. 002: THE ROCK June 12, 1962 SAN FRANCISCO BAY, CALIFORNIA 7:18 A.M. A corrections officer at Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary tries to awaken inmate AZ-1441, Frank Morris. But when he shakes the unresponsive man, his head rolls off the pillow and crashes to the floor! Soon the guards realize that Morris and two other inmates, brothers John and Clarence Anglin, had done the seemingly impossible: escaped from the notorious island prison. This is the incredible true story of the daring and inventive escape and a decades-long manhunt in a case that remains unsolved to this day. Comics panels, reproductions of documents from real FBI files, and photos from the investigation combine for a thrilling read for sleuths of all ages. This entry in the Unsolved Case Files series is just as compelling as the first book, Unsolved Case Files: Escape at 10,000 Feet, which Kirkus praised as "compulsively readable."

Unsolved Case Files: Escape at 10,000 Feet

Unsolved Case Files: Escape at 10,000 Feet Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tom Sullivan
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062991531
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File Format: Pdf
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Unsolved Case Files: Escape at 10,000 Feet by Tom Sullivan Summary

An ALA Top Ten Best Graphic Novel for Children A thrilling new graphic nonfiction series about real FBI cases, launching with a gripping, minute-by-minute account of the only unsolved airplane hijacking in the U.S. CASE NO. 001: NORJAK NOVEMBER 24, 1971 PORTLAND, OREGON 2:00 P.M. A man in his mid-forties, wearing a suit and overcoat, buys a ticket for Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305 bound for Seattle. 3:07 P.M. The man presents his demands: $200,000 in cash and four parachutes. If the demands are not met, he threatens to detonate the explosive device in his briefcase. So begins the astonishing true story of the man known as D.B. Cooper, and the only unsolved airplane hijacking case in the United States. Comic panels, reproductions of documents from real FBI files, and photos from the investigation combine for a thrilling read for sleuths of all ages. What better way to draw readers into nonfiction than through an exciting graphic novel? This series will appeal to readers of series such as Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales. Fans of history and whodunits, CSI-club kids, and graphic novel enthusiasts alike will be pulled in by the suspenseful, complex, and kid-appropriate cases in this series. Sidebars provide fun facts about pre-2001 air travel, serial numbers on currency, airplane design, and more. Backmatter showcases period photos and primary source material in FBI archives.

Lost Girls

Lost Girls Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robert Kolker
Editor: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0063022419
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Lost Girls by Robert Kolker Summary

New York Times Bestseller • Now a Netflix Film “Rich, tragic...monumental . . . true-crime reporting at its best.”—Washington Post The bestselling account of the lives of five young women whose fates converged in the perplexing case of the Long Island Serial Killer. Now updated, with a new epilogue by the author. One late spring evening in 2010, Shannan Gilbert—after running through the oceanfront community of Oak Beach screaming for her life—went missing. No one who had heard of her disappearance thought much about what had happened to the twenty-four-year-old: she was a Craigslist escort who had been fleeing a scene—of what, no one could be sure. The Suffolk County police, too, seemed to have paid little attention—until seven months later, when an unexpected discovery in a bramble alongside a nearby highway turned up four bodies, all evenly spaced, all wrapped in burlap. But none of them Shannan’s. There was Maureen Brainard-Barnes, last seen at Penn Station in Manhattan three years earlier, and Melissa Barthelemy, last seen in the Bronx in 2009. There was Megan Waterman, last seen leaving a hotel in Hauppauge, Long Island, just a month after Shannon’s disappearance in 2010, and Amber Lynn Costello, last seen leaving a house in West Babylon a few months later that same year. Like Shannan, all four women were petite, in their twenties, and had come from out of town to work as escorts, and they all had advertised on Craigslist and its competitor, Backpage. Lost Girls is a portrait of unsolved murders in an idyllic part of America, of the underside of the Internet, and of the secrets we keep without admitting to ourselves that we keep them. Long considered “one of the best true-crime books of all time” (Time), this edition includes a new epilogue that speaks to developments in the case, including the shocking fate of Mari Gilbert, Shannan’s mother, for whom this case became the crusade of a lifetime.

Cold Case Reopened

Cold Case Reopened Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Caridad Piñeiro
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488072698
FileSize: 1791kb
File Format: Pdf
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Cold Case Reopened by Caridad Piñeiro Summary

They are on a cold trail And running out of time. Rhea Reilly is certain her twin sister’s sudden disappearance six months ago wasn’t a suicide, no matter what Colorado authorities think. She can’t afford to trust police detective Jackson Whitaker—even if he’s risking his career to uncover the truth. But a lethal trail of lies is drawing them together…and into an inescapable trap. From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served. For more action-packed stories, check out the other books in the Unsolved Mystery Book series: Book 1: Cold Case Colorado by Cassie Miles Book 2: Cold Case Reopened by Caridad Pi–eiro

Score Plus CBSE Question Bank and Sample Question Paper with Model Test Papers in Economics (Subject Code 030) CBSE Term II Exam 2021-22 for Class XII

Score Plus CBSE Question Bank and Sample Question Paper with Model Test Papers in Economics (Subject Code 030) CBSE Term II Exam 2021-22 for Class XII Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Suman Lata ,Dr. Salineeta Chaudhari, Vandeep Bajaj, Nikhil Mishra, Karanjeet Singh ,Vaishali Jain ,Jyoti Singh, Dr. Gaurav Dhamija ,Jaya Mehta, Nisha Hastir
Editor: Goyal Brothers Prakashan
ISBN: 9392530935
FileSize: 1593kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1593


Score Plus CBSE Question Bank and Sample Question Paper with Model Test Papers in Economics (Subject Code 030) CBSE Term II Exam 2021-22 for Class XII by Suman Lata ,Dr. Salineeta Chaudhari, Vandeep Bajaj, Nikhil Mishra, Karanjeet Singh ,Vaishali Jain ,Jyoti Singh, Dr. Gaurav Dhamija ,Jaya Mehta, Nisha Hastir Summary

Score Plus CBSE Question Bank and Sample Question Paper with Model Test Papers in Economics (Subject Code 030) CBSE Term II Exam 2021-22 for Class XII As per the latest CBSE Reduced Syllabus, Design of the Question Paper and the latest CBSE Sample Question Paper for the Board Examinations to be held in 2021. The latest CBSE Sample Question Paper 2020-21 (Solved} along with marking scheme, released by the CBSE in October 2020 for the Board Examinations to be held in 2021. 10 Sample Papers (Solved} based on the latest Reduced Syllabus, Design of the Question Paper and the latest CBSE Sample Question Paper for the Board Examinations to be held in 2021. 10 Model Test Papers (Unsolved} based on the latest Reduced Syllabus, Design of the Question Paper and the latest CBSE Sample Question Paper for the Board Examinations to be held in 2021. Goyal Brothers Prakashan

Score Plus CBSE Question Bank and Sample Question Paper with Model Test Papers in Physics (Subject Code 042) CBSE Term II Exam 2021-22 for Class XII

Score Plus CBSE Question Bank and Sample Question Paper with Model Test Papers in Physics (Subject Code 042) CBSE Term II Exam 2021-22 for Class XII Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ◆ Richa Bhatia ,◆ Jatin Kumar Mittal ,◆ Amit Kumar ,◆ Ashwani Dhatwalia ,◆ Shivangi Kathuria ,◆ Nirmala Nakshine,◆ Anurag Kumar Sharma ,◆ Naveen Dubey ,◆ Dr Anupam Kumar Sharma ,◆ Vaibhav Thakur
Editor: Goyal Brothers Prakashan
ISBN: 9392530390
FileSize: 938kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 938


Score Plus CBSE Question Bank and Sample Question Paper with Model Test Papers in Physics (Subject Code 042) CBSE Term II Exam 2021-22 for Class XII by ◆ Richa Bhatia ,◆ Jatin Kumar Mittal ,◆ Amit Kumar ,◆ Ashwani Dhatwalia ,◆ Shivangi Kathuria ,◆ Nirmala Nakshine,◆ Anurag Kumar Sharma ,◆ Naveen Dubey ,◆ Dr Anupam Kumar Sharma ,◆ Vaibhav Thakur Summary

Score Plus CBSE Question Bank and Sample Question Paper with Model Test Papers in Physics (Subject Code 042) CBSE Term II Exam 2021-22 for Class XII As per the latest CBSE Reduced Syllabus, Design of the Questions Paper, and the latest CBSE Sample Question Paper for the Board Examinations to be held in 2021. The latest CBSE Sample Question Paper 2020-21 (Solved) along with the marking scheme, released by the CBSE in October 2020 for the Board Examinations to be held in 2021. 10 Sample Papers (Solved) based on the latest Reduced Syllabus, Design of the Question Paper and the latest CBSE Sample Question Paper for the Board Examinations to be held in 2021. 10 Model Test Papers (Unsolved) based on the latest Reduced Syllabus, Design of the Question Paper and the latest CBSE Sample Question Paper for the Board Examinations to be held in 2021. Goyal Brothers Prakashan


Unexplained Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Richard MacLean Smith
Editor: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1492697729
FileSize: 1066kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1066


Unexplained by Richard MacLean Smith Summary

In every corner of this earth there are secrets. They are hidden in the dark edge of the woods, nestled in the cold stars, and staring out from a stranger's eyes. And whether they be demonic possession or an unsolved murder, the unknown has always haunted our dreams. From the hit podcast Unexplained comes a volume perfectly crafted for the curious, the cynical, and the not-easily-frightened. Richard Maclean Smith is the expert in the unknown, and humbly offers up ten tales of real-life events that continue to evade explanation. With these chilling stories comes the missing key: a connection to our own beliefs in science, superstition, and perception. What can a case of demonic possession teach us about free will? What can a cursed box show us about the act of storytelling? What can a supposed instance of reincarnation tell us about developing a concept of the self? Perhaps some things are just better left unexplained...

Race Against Time

Race Against Time Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jerry Mitchell
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451645155
FileSize: 1815kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1815


Race Against Time by Jerry Mitchell Summary

“For almost two decades, investigative journalist Jerry Mitchell doggedly pursued the Klansmen responsible for some of the most notorious murders of the civil rights movement. This book is his amazing story. Thanks to him, and to courageous prosecutors, witnesses, and FBI agents, justice finally prevailed.” —John Grisham, author of The Guardians On June 21, 1964, more than twenty Klansmen murdered three civil rights workers. The killings, in what would become known as the “Mississippi Burning” case, were among the most brazen acts of violence during the Civil Rights Movement. And even though the killers’ identities, including the sheriff’s deputy, were an open secret, no one was charged with murder in the months and years that followed. It took forty-one years before the mastermind was brought to trial and finally convicted for the three innocent lives he took. If there is one man who helped pave the way for justice, it is investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell. In Race Against Time, Mitchell takes readers on the twisting, pulse-racing road that led to the reopening of four of the most infamous killings from the days of the Civil Rights Movement, decades after the fact. His work played a central role in bringing killers to justice for the assassination of Medgar Evers, the firebombing of Vernon Dahmer, the 16th Street Church bombing in Birmingham and the Mississippi Burning case. Mitchell reveals how he unearthed secret documents, found long-lost suspects and witnesses, building up evidence strong enough to take on the Klan. He takes us into every harrowing scene along the way, as when Mitchell goes into the lion’s den, meeting one-on-one with the very murderers he is seeking to catch. His efforts have put four leading Klansmen behind bars, years after they thought they had gotten away with murder. Race Against Time is an astonishing, courageous story capturing a historic race for justice, as the past is uncovered, clue by clue, and long-ignored evils are brought into the light. This is a landmark book and essential reading for all Americans.

The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jane Yolen,Heidi E. Y. Stemple
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 166591291X
FileSize: 1194kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1194


The Mary Celeste by Jane Yolen,Heidi E. Y. Stemple Summary

In this spooky book from the nonfiction An Unsolved Mystery from History picture book series, set off on the high seas to a ghost ship left completely abandoned and adrift on the waves. The Mary Celeste was discovered adrift on the open sea by another ship in 1872—with no sign of captain or crew. What happened? Did the crew mutiny? Were they attacked by pirates? Caught in a storm? No one ever found out. Inside this book are the clues that were left behind and the theories of what people think happened aboard that ship. Become a detective, study the clues, and see if you can help solve this chilling mystery from history!

Finding Everett Ruess

Finding Everett Ruess Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David Roberts
Editor: Crown
ISBN: 0307591786
FileSize: 1624kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1624


Finding Everett Ruess by David Roberts Summary

The definitive biography of Everett Ruess, the artist, writer, and eloquent celebrator of the wilderness whose bold solo explorations of the American West and mysterious disappearance in the Utah desert at age twenty have earned him a large and devoted cult following. “Easily one of [Roberts’s] best . . . thoughtful and passionate . . . a compelling portrait of the Ruess myth.”—Outside Wandering alone with burros and pack horses through California and the Southwest for five years in the early 1930s, on voyages lasting as long as ten months, Ruess became friends with photographers Edward Weston and Dorothea Lange, swapped prints with Ansel Adams, took part in a Hopi ceremony, learned to speak Navajo, and was among the first "outsiders" to venture deeply into what was then (and to some extent still is) largely a little-known wilderness. When he vanished without a trace in November 1934, Ruess left behind thousands of pages of journals, letters, and poems, as well as more than a hundred watercolor paintings and blockprint engravings. Everett Ruess is hailed as a paragon of solo exploration, while the mystery of his death remains one of the greatest riddles in the annals of American adventure. David Roberts began probing the life and death of Everett Ruess for National Geographic Adventure magazine in 1998. Finding Everett Ruess is the result of his personal journeys into the remote areas explored by Ruess, his interviews with oldtimers who encountered the young vagabond and with Ruess’s closest living relatives, and his deep immersion in Ruess’s writings and artwork. More than seventy-five years after his vanishing, Ruess stirs the kinds of passion and speculation accorded such legendary doomed American adventurers as Into the Wild’s Chris McCandless and Amelia Earhart.

Erdös on Graphs

Erdös on Graphs Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Fan Chung,Ron Graham,At&T Labs
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 100010866X
FileSize: 1259kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1259


Erdös on Graphs by Fan Chung,Ron Graham,At&T Labs Summary

This book is a tribute to Paul Erdos, the wandering mathematician once described as the "prince of problem solvers and the absolute monarch of problem posers." It examines the legacy of open problems he left to the world after his death in 1996.

Resolution in Europe: The Unresolved Questions

Resolution in Europe: The Unresolved Questions Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Andreas Dombret,Patrick S. Kenadjian
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110644061
FileSize: 1048kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1048


Resolution in Europe: The Unresolved Questions by Andreas Dombret,Patrick S. Kenadjian Summary

The work draws conclusions of the fourth conference in a series on the subject of "too big to fail", hosted by the Institute for Law and Finance at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main on April 23, 2018. It presents the views of key European Union officials as well as senior executives from the financial sector on where Europe stands in this crucial area.

Central Counterparties Resolution—An Unresolved Problem

Central Counterparties Resolution—An Unresolved Problem Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mr.Manmohan Singh,Dermot Turing
Editor: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1484348427
FileSize: 1119kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1119


Central Counterparties Resolution—An Unresolved Problem by Mr.Manmohan Singh,Dermot Turing Summary

Recovery and resolution regimes are being developed for central counterparties (CCPs). We analyse current resolution tools in the context of policy, which is to restore the critical functions of a failed CCP. We conclude that the toolkit is insufficient to avoid the costs of resolution being borne by taxpayers, and propose alternative policy suggestions for addressing the problem of a failed CCP.

Basic Principles of Membrane Technology

Basic Principles of Membrane Technology Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marcel Mulder
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940091766X
FileSize: 1746kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1746


Basic Principles of Membrane Technology by Marcel Mulder Summary

III . 2 Preparation of synthetic membranes 72 III . 3 Phase inversion membranes 75 III. 3. 1 Preparation by evaporation 76 III . 3. 2 Precipitation. from the vapour phase 76 III . 3. 3 Precipitation by controlled evaporation 76 Thermal precipitation 76 III . 3. 4 III . 3. 5 Immersion precipitation 77 Preparation techniques for immersion precipitation 77 III . 4 Flat membranes 77 III . 4. 1 78 III . 4. 2 Tubular membranes 81 III . 5 Preparation techniques for composite membranes 82 III. 5. 1 Interfacial polymerisation Dip-coating 83 III . 5. 2 III . 5. 3 Plasma polymerisation 86 III . 5. 4 Modification of homogeneous dense membranes 87 III . 6 Phase separation in polymer systems 89 III . 6. 1 Introduction 89 III . 6. 1. 1 Thermodynamics 89 III . 6. 2 Demixing processes 99 III . 6. 2. 1 Binary mixtures 99 III . 6. 2. 2 Ternary systems 102 III . 6. 3 Crystallisation 104 III . 6. 4 Gelation 106 III . 6. 5 Vitrification 108 III . 6. 6 Thermal precipitation 109 III . 6. 7 Immersion precipitation 110 III . 6. 8 Diffusional aspects 114 III . 6. 9 Mechanism of membrane formation 117 III. 7 Influence of various parameters on membrane morphology 123 III. 7. 1 Choice of solvent-nonsolvent system 123 III . 7. 2 Choice of the polymer 129 III . 7. 3 Polymer concentration 130 III . 7. 4 Composition of the coagulation bath 132 III . 7. 5 Composition of the casting solution 133 III . 7.

The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond

The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Franco Ferrari,Harry Flechtner,Ronald A. Brand
Editor: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3866537301
FileSize: 948kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 948


The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond by Franco Ferrari,Harry Flechtner,Ronald A. Brand Summary

“The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond” is one of the most useful single volumes available on the CISG. It includes the full text of the draft “UNCITRAL Digest” which catalogues the cases and arbitral awards to date that have interpreted and applied the CISG on an article by article basis. “The Digest and Beyond” includes also commentary by eminent CISG scholars that addresses issues not yet considered in the cases. With more than 1000 decisions applying the CISG in courts and arbitral tribunals around the world, the UNCITRAL Secretariat charged five CISG experts from a variety of regions with the task of creating a digest of CISG case law. “The Digest and Beyond” includes the draft “UNCITRAL Digest”, even before it is released officially by UNCITRAL. It also goes where the authors of the Digest were not allowed to go, given the narrow mandate within which the drafters were asked to work. Its chapters build upon the work of the “UNCITRAL Digest”. The Digest describes the reasoning and results of existing CISG cases; in “The Digest and Beyond”, the Digest authors analyze those cases, and discuss issues that have not yet arisen in the case law. Thus, in many ways, “The Digest and Beyond” provides scholarship that can direct future cases in areas that have not yet been considered by courts and arbitrators as well as in areas in which contradictory court decisions exist.

Working with Traumatic Memories to Heal Adults with Unresolved Childhood Trauma

Working with Traumatic Memories to Heal Adults with Unresolved Childhood Trauma Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jonathan Baylin,Petra Winnette
Editor: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 1784501824
FileSize: 1364kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1364


Working with Traumatic Memories to Heal Adults with Unresolved Childhood Trauma by Jonathan Baylin,Petra Winnette Summary

What potential does psychotherapy have for mediating the impact of childhood developmental trauma on adult life? Combining knowledge from trauma-focused work, understandings of the developmental brain and the neurodynamics of psychotherapy, the authors explain how good care and poor care in childhood influence adulthood. They provide scientific background to deepen understanding of childhood developmental trauma. They introduce principles of therapeutic change and how and why mind-body and brain-based approaches are so effective in the treatment of developmental trauma. The book focuses in particular on Pesso Boyden System Psychotherapy (PBSP) which uniquely combines and integrates key processes of mind-body work that can facilitate positive change in adult survivors of childhood maltreatment. Through client stories Petra Winnette and Jonathan Baylin describe the clinical application of PBSP and the underlying neuropsychological concepts upon which it is based. Working with Traumatic Memories to Heal Adults with Unresolved Childhood Trauma has applications relevant to psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists working with clients who have experienced trauma.

Unresolved Tensions

Unresolved Tensions Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Crabtree,Laurence Whitehead
Editor: University of Pittsburgh Pre
ISBN: 0822973480
FileSize: 1292kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1292


Unresolved Tensions by John Crabtree,Laurence Whitehead Summary

This volume brings together an expert group of commentators and participants from within the Bolivian political arena to offer diverse perspectives on ethnicity, regionalism, state-society relations, constitutional reform, economic development, and globalization.