You Can T Beat An Alabama Woman

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You Can't Beat An Alabama Woman

You Can't Beat An Alabama Woman Pdf/ePub eBook Author:
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You Can't Beat An Alabama Woman by Summary

In 1978 Domestic Violence was not a recognized criminal offence nor a term used or understood by most Americans. There were no shelters or services for these victims and their children. The very first shelters were in England and little was known about them. Unscathed by this lack of information or workable data Kathryn had only to hear by accident about the Shelter movement in England when the “light bulb” went off and her mission was confirmed. Against all odds and with the threat of committing “professional suicide” she set out to do that which she had no earthly idea how to accomplish, establish a shelter for battered women and their children. With the encouragement of her women’s organization, The Daughter’s of Penelope the impossible became a reality. Penelope House opened on March 19, 1979 as the first Battered Women’s shelter in Alabama and the fifth such shelter in the United States.

Women Who Kill

Women Who Kill Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ann Jones
Editor: The Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 1558616527
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Women Who Kill by Ann Jones Summary

This landmark study offers a rogues’ gallery of women—from the Colonial Era to the 20th century—who answered abuse and oppression with murder: “A classic” (Gloria Steinem). Women rarely resort to murder. But when they do, they are likely to kill their intimates: husbands, lovers, or children. In Women Who Kill, journalist Ann Jones explores these homicidal patters and what they reflect about women and our culture. She considers notorious cases such as axe-murderer Lizzie Borden, acquitted of killing her parents; Belle Gunness, the Indiana housewife turned serial killer; Ruth Snyder, the “adulteress” electrocuted for murdering her husband; and Jean Harris, convicted of shooting her lover, the famous “Scarsdale Diet doctor.” Looking beyond sensationalized figures, Jones uncovers different trends of female criminality through American history—trends that reveal the evolving forms of oppression and abuse in our culture. From the prevalence of infanticide in colonial days to the poisoning of husbands in the nineteenth century and the battered wives who fight back today, Jones recounts the tales of dozens of women whose stories, and reasons, would otherwise be lost to history. First published in 1980, Women Who Kill is a “provocative book” that “reminds us again that women are entitled to their rage.” This 30th anniversary edition from Feminist Press includes a new introduction by the author (New York Times Book Review).

The Voices From The Past – Hundreds of Testimonies by Former Slaves In One Volume

The Voices From The Past – Hundreds of Testimonies by Former Slaves In One Volume Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Work Projects Administration
Editor: e-artnow
ISBN: 8026873777
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The Voices From The Past – Hundreds of Testimonies by Former Slaves In One Volume by Work Projects Administration Summary

After the end of Civil War in 1865, more than four million slaves were set free. There were several efforts to record the remembrances of the living former slaves. The Federal Writers' Project was one such project by the United States federal government to support writers during the Great Depression by asking them to interview and record the myriad stories and experiences of slavery of former slaves. The resulting collection preserved hundreds of life stories from 17 US states that would otherwise have been lost in din of modernity and America's eagerness to deliberately forget the blot on its recent past. This edition brings to you the complete collection of first hand experiences and voices from the past that makes one question whether is it safe to forget or keep the memories alive for bigger battles ahead. A must read for everyone who is interested in US History, race relations and authentic historical research. Contents: Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Indiana Kansas Kentucky Maryland Mississippi Missouri North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia

Political Groups, Parties, and Organizations that Shaped America: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection [3 volumes]

Political Groups, Parties, and Organizations that Shaped America: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection [3 volumes] Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott H. Ainsworth Ph.D.,Brian M. Harward
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440851972
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Political Groups, Parties, and Organizations that Shaped America: An Encyclopedia and Document Collection [3 volumes] by Scott H. Ainsworth Ph.D.,Brian M. Harward Summary

This three-volume set explores the multiple roles that parties and interest groups have played in American politics from the nation's beginnings to the present. • Provides expert analysis of the emergence and effect of parties and interest groups on the American political system • Offers a broader and more complete understanding of both parties and interest groups in American politics than has been offered previously • Helps readers to move beyond an event-driven knowledge of parties and interest groups to explore the systematic and structural bases for interest group and party behavior • Includes primary source documents that allow readers to discover for themselves the means by which groups or parties place items on the public agenda and thereby come to (or sometimes fail to) shape our governmental system

To the Promised Land: Martin Luther King and the Fight for Economic Justice

To the Promised Land: Martin Luther King and the Fight for Economic Justice Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Michael K. Honey
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393651274
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To the Promised Land: Martin Luther King and the Fight for Economic Justice by Michael K. Honey Summary

“This is a dangerous book.”—Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams Fifty years ago, a single bullet robbed us of one of the world’s most eloquent voices for human rights and justice. To the Promised Land goes beyond the iconic view of Martin Luther King, Jr., as an advocate of racial harmony, to explore his profound commitment to the poor and working class and his call for “nonviolent resistance” to all forms of oppression, including the economic injustice that “takes necessities from the masses to give luxuries to the classes.” “Either we go up together or we go down together,” King cautioned, a message just as urgent in America today as then. To the Promised Land challenges us to think about what it would mean to truly fulfill King’s legacy and move toward his vision of “the Promised Land” in our own time.

7 Dayz on 7 Mile

7 Dayz on 7 Mile Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James McKinney,Keith Robinson
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1543437273
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7 Dayz on 7 Mile by James McKinney,Keith Robinson Summary

Life in Traverse City, Michigan, is good for brothers Marcus and Michael G-Baby Dickerson. But when tragedy befalls G-Baby in the form of leukemia, an immediate bone marrow transplant is his only hope of survival. As both Marcus and his grandmother have tested negative as possible donors, Marcus must locate the boys long-lost fatherknowing only that he works on 7 Mile in Detroit. Terrell T.J. Johnson has his own time-pressing dilemma. T.J. borrowed $25,000 from a local street hustler to start his own business. The money must be paid back with interest in 7 days. Neither realizes what a difference a week can make.

Why Honor Matters

Why Honor Matters Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tamler Sommers
Editor: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465098886
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Why Honor Matters by Tamler Sommers Summary

A controversial call to put honor at the center of morality To the modern mind, the idea of honor is outdated, sexist, and barbaric. It evokes Hamilton and Burr and pistols at dawn, not visions of a well-organized society. But for philosopher Tamler Sommers, a sense of honor is essential to living moral lives. In Why Honor Matters, Sommers argues that our collective rejection of honor has come at great cost. Reliant only on Enlightenment liberalism, the United States has become the home of the cowardly, the shameless, the selfish, and the alienated. Properly channeled, honor encourages virtues like courage, integrity, and solidarity, and gives a sense of living for something larger than oneself. Sommers shows how honor can help us address some of society's most challenging problems, including education, policing, and mass incarceration. Counterintuitive and provocative, Why Honor Matters makes a convincing case for honor as a cornerstone of our modern society.

Spare the Kids

Spare the Kids Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Stacey Patton
Editor: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807061050
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Spare the Kids by Stacey Patton Summary

A challenge to the cultural tradition of corporal punishment in Black homes and its connections to racial violence in America Why do so many African Americans have such a special attachment to whupping children? Studies show that nearly 80 percent of black parents see spanking, popping, pinching, and beating as reasonable, effective ways to teach respect and to protect black children from the streets, incarceration, encounters with racism, or worse. However, the consequences of this widely accepted approach to child-rearing are far-reaching and seldom discussed. Dr. Stacey Patton’s extensive research suggests that corporal punishment is a crucial factor in explaining why black folks are subject to disproportionately higher rates of school suspensions and expulsions, criminal prosecutions, improper mental health diagnoses, child abuse cases, and foster care placements, which too often funnel abused and traumatized children into the prison system. Weaving together race, religion, history, popular culture, science, policing, psychology, and personal testimonies, Dr. Patton connects what happens at home to what happens in the streets in a way that is thought-provoking, unforgettable, and deeply sobering. Spare the Kids is not just a book. It is part of a growing national movement to provide positive, nonviolent discipline practices to those rearing, teaching, and caring for children of color.

The Willow Field

The Willow Field Pdf/ePub eBook Author: William Kittredge
Editor: Vintage
ISBN: 0307549364
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The Willow Field by William Kittredge Summary

After numerous essays, short stories and the heralded memoir A Hole in the Sky, William Kittredge gives us a debut novel that ratifies his standing as a leading writer of the American West. Rossie Benasco’s horseback existence begins at age 15 and culminates in a thousand-mile drive of more than 200 head of horses through the Rockies into Calgary. It’s a journey that leads him, ultimately, to Eliza Stevenson and a passion so powerful, his previously unfocused life gains clarity and purpose. From the settlers, cowboys, and gamblers who opened up this country to the landholders and politicians who ran it, this is an epic tale of love and wide open spaces that stretches over the grand canvas of the twentieth-century West.

Casino Women

Casino Women Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan Chandler,Jill B. Jones
Editor: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801462703
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Casino Women by Susan Chandler,Jill B. Jones Summary

Casino Women is a pioneering look at the female face of corporate gaming. Based on extended interviews with maids, cocktail waitresses, cooks, laundry workers, dealers, pit bosses, managers, and vice presidents, the book describes in compelling detail a world whose enormous profitability is dependent on the labor of women assigned stereotypically female occupations—making beds and serving food on the one hand and providing sexual allure on the other. But behind the neon lies another world, peopled by thousands of remarkable women who assert their humanity in the face of gaming empires' relentless quest for profits. The casino women profiled here generally fall into two groups. Geoconda Arguello Kline, typical of the first, arrived in the United States in the 1980s fleeing the war in Nicaragua. Finding work as a Las Vegas hotel maid, she overcame her initial fear of organizing and joined with others to build the preeminent grassroots union in the nation—the 60,000-member Culinary Union—becoming in time its president. In Las Vegas, "the hottest union city in America," the collective actions of union activists have won economic and political power for tens of thousands of working Nevadans and their families. The story of these women's transformation and their success in creating a union able to face off against global gaming giants form the centerpiece of this book. Another group of women, dealers and middle managers among them, did not act. Fearful of losing their jobs, they remained silent, declining to speak out when others were abused, and in the case of middle managers, taking on the corporations' goals as their own. Susan Chandler and Jill B. Jones appraise the cost of their silence and examine the factors that pushed some women into activism and led others to accept the status quo. Casino Women will appeal to all readers interested in women, gambling, and working-class life, and in how ordinary people stand up to corporate actors who appear to hold all the cards.

On the Road to Freedom

On the Road to Freedom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Charles E. Cobb Jr.
Editor: Algonquin Books
ISBN: 1616202262
FileSize: 1526kb
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On the Road to Freedom by Charles E. Cobb Jr. Summary

This in-depth look at the civil rights movement goes to the places where pioneers of the movement marched, sat-in at lunch counters, gathered in churches; where they spoke, taught, and organized; where they were arrested, where they lost their lives, and where they triumphed. Award-winning journalist Charles E. Cobb Jr., a former organizer and field secretary for SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee), knows the journey intimately. He guides us through Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, back to the real grassroots of the movement. He pays tribute not only to the men and women etched into our national memory but to local people whose seemingly small contributions made an impact. We go inside the organizations that framed the movement, travel on the "Freedom Rides" of 1961, and hear first-person accounts about the events that inspired Brown vs. Board of Education. An essential piece of American history, this is also a useful travel guide with maps, photographs, and sidebars of background history, newspaper coverage, and firsthand interviews.

The Grave for Bad Memories Full Circle

The Grave for Bad Memories Full Circle Pdf/ePub eBook Author: K.J. Wallace
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479740845
FileSize: 558kb
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The Grave for Bad Memories Full Circle by K.J. Wallace Summary

Unconditional Love The saga continues in the lives of longtime friends Gerald and Catherine. On December 23, 1984, Catherine Russell marries her best friend, Gerald Lucas. Shortly after theyre married, a lover from Geralds past makes her presence known and causes Catherine to doubt his fidelity. Will old lovers threaten their marriage? While dealing with this drama, an internal affairs agent constantly rehashes the tragic events surrounding Catherines mothers death. Will her unwarranted inquiries into their past jeopardize Geralds career in law enforcement? Over the years, Catherine refused to discuss the traumatic events of her childhood. Ultimately, a secret that she has kept for more than twenty years is revealed, and she is forced to make the hardest decision of her life. Will this secret tear the family apart?

Devil's Music, Holy Rollers and Hillbillies

Devil's Music, Holy Rollers and Hillbillies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: James A. Cosby
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 1476625387
FileSize: 1595kb
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Devil's Music, Holy Rollers and Hillbillies by James A. Cosby Summary

Rock music today is universal and its popular history is well known. Yet few know how and why it really came about. Taking a fresh look at events long overlooked or misunderstood, this book tells how some of the most disenfranchised people in a free and prosperous nation strove to make themselves heard--and changed the world. Describing the genesis of rock and roll, the author covers everything from its deep roots in the Mississippi Delta, key early figures, like deejay "Daddy-O" Dewey Phillips and gospel star Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and the influence of so-called "holy rollers" of the Pentecostal church who became crucial performers--Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard.

Changing the Game

Changing the Game Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Joanne L. Goodwin
Editor: University of Nevada Press
ISBN: 0874179610
FileSize: 1645kb
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Changing the Game by Joanne L. Goodwin Summary

The growth of Las Vegas that began in the 1940s brought an influx of both women and men looking to work in the expanding hotel and casino industries. In fact, for the next fifty years the proportion of women in the labor force was greater in Las Vegas than the United States as a whole. Joanne L. Goodwin’s study captures the shifting boundaries of women’s employment in the postwar decades with narratives drawn from the Las Vegas Women Oral History Project. It counters clichéd pictures of women at work in the famed resort city as it explores women’s real strategies for economic survival and success. Their experiences anticipated major trends in post-World War II labor history: the national migration of workers during and after the war, the growing proportion of women in the labor force, balancing work with family life, the unionization of service workers, and, above all, the desegregation of the labor force by sex and race. These narratives show women in Las Vegas resisting preassigned roles, seeing their work as a testimony of skill, a measure of independence, and a fulfillment of needs. Overall, these stories of women who lived and worked in Las Vegas in the last half of the twentieth century reveal much about the broader transitions for women in America between 1940 and 1990.

Not Even Immortality Lasts Forever

Not Even Immortality Lasts Forever Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ed McClanahan
Editor: Catapult
ISBN: 1640092617
FileSize: 843kb
File Format: Pdf
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Not Even Immortality Lasts Forever by Ed McClanahan Summary

McClanahan crafts his coming–of–age tales with comic wit and refreshing honesty, inviting readers to relive the memories that shaped his character and career—from hilarious childhood antics in small–town Kentucky to eye–opening adventures on the West Coast A good story has a mind of its own; it seeks its truth the way water seeks its own level. But where is the line between memory and imagination, between nonfiction and the telling of a good story? In the mostly true stories that make up Not Even Immortality Lasts Forever, Ed McClanahan intrepidly tests the limits of that distinction. This gathering of fiction–infused autobiographical stories opens in the postwar 1940s with the sudden, brief appearance of an itinerant street performer in McClanahan’s sleepy rural Kentucky hometown, an elderly bicyclist whose artistry seems, to the fourteen–year–old narrator, almost divinely inspired. Subsequent stories trace McClanahan’s uneasy but ultimately tender relationship with his no–nonsense ""bidnessman"" father and, simultaneously, his growing awareness of his own calling as a writer. McClanahan writes his way into the fabled Stanford University Creative Writing Program and forms lasting friendships with Ken Kesey and his then–notorious cohort, the Merry Pranksters. After returning to Kentucky in the 1970s, McClanahan published his long–awaited novel, The Natural Man, in 1983, the first of seven well–received books. In 2019, he was inducted into the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame. “This may be Ed McClanahan’s best book yet. Never again can I say that I don’t laugh out loud—or walk around reciting to the closest human—while reading a book. This memoir belongs on the same shelf as Nordan’s Boy with Loaded Gun and the works of David Sedaris. What a great, comical joyride by a large–hearted man.” —GEORGE SINGLETON

Free at Last

Free at Last Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Derrick McCarson
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1498219047
FileSize: 388kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 388


Free at Last by Derrick McCarson Summary

Grace is supposed to be amazing, but all too often the Christian life can be more about keeping stuffy rules than enjoying a relationship with Christ. The tendency to add works to salvation has been a thorny problem since the gospel was first preached. Legalism--the doctrine of salvation by works--robs the Christian of the grace-filled life. The book of Galatians is like an emancipation proclamation that says, "If the Son has set you free, then you are free at last!" The liberating message of Galatians says believers are free from sin, regulations, and guilt. Free from the need to measure up. Free to be loved by Christ and changed by his grace. Galatians is a guide for recovering Pharisees, and in Free at Last , Derrick McCarson takes us on a verse-by-verse journey through Paul's bondage-busting manifesto. You may be surprised to learn that Paul's message of grace is still as relevant today as it was centuries ago. While the culture has changed much in those intervening years, mankind's inherent desire for performance-based religion has not. This book is a timely reminder to Christians everywhere that if we aren't living by grace, then we have succumbed to spiritual slavery.

Gathering Shadows

Gathering Shadows Pdf/ePub eBook Author: P.G. Simmons
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493103547
FileSize: 1748kb
File Format: Pdf
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Gathering Shadows by P.G. Simmons Summary

In 1860, Jessie Buchanan, a fiery redhead, was living life to the fullest and enjoying the leisurely Southern lifestyle, but it took all of her strength to fulfill her duties after her father’s death. A breach between family members and the discovery of love caused her internal conflict as the Civil War began. When the war’s horrors and hardships came to a close, the Southern way of life had been crushed by the Union. A murder of a Yankee carpetbagger, a hasty trial, a violent hurricane, and a close brush with death brought Jessie’s turbulent struggles to an end.

They Met at the Alabama-Florida Line

They Met at the Alabama-Florida Line Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Chris Warner
Editor: Wagon Publishing
FileSize: 408kb
File Format: Pdf
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They Met at the Alabama-Florida Line by Chris Warner Summary

What do four LSU fraternity brothers, three Auburn sorority sisters and a Birmingham volunteer church group have in common? They’re on a road trip to the iconic Flora-Bama Lounge & Package to first experience the world-famous Interstate Mullet Toss! Unbeknownst to them, they’re on an unprecedented collision course for fun, sun and subtle fame—meaning their lives will certainly never be the same. The Flora-Bama’s new owners, against the wishes of their minority partner, have cut a lucrative Hollywood deal to produce a “no-holds-barred…anything goes” documentary on the zany, voyeuristic beach party known for string bikinis, cold beer, frothy bushwhackers and of course, thrown fish. The filmmakers have coughed up major dough, and have been given full reign of the quintessential beach bar and its patrons for the duration of the risqué four-day event. What they witness and capture on film is wilder than anything Tinsel Town could have scripted. In their quest for a memorable time the college kids find unforgettable adventure. Amazingly, all the frat guys hook up with people who look better than them. The unfortunate fact for one is that unbeknownst to him, his significant other—a gorgeous church volunteer and preacher’s daughter—is underage—by almost two years. After a raucous night, an arrest lands the two in the local hoosegow, where that latter, salient fact is painstakingly revealed, warranting a more serious charge. The desperate kids seek and find help in the iconic bar’s founder, Joe, who uses local resources to try and ease them out of the jam they precariously find themselves. However, the gig is complicated by the fact that Hollywood producers have trained their cameras on the developing story, spooking the entrenched power players within the good ole’ boy network who will determine what level and brand of Southern-style justice is ultimately served—if at all. The loveable bar owner, Joe, and his inner circle of unique characters, musicians and connected island dwellers are challenged like never before to save not only the reputations and records of the kids he has befriended—but for posterity, the character of his beloved beach bar and the community it faithfully supports. A fast-paced yarn reminiscent of its predecessor, “They Met at the Alabama-Florida Line,” is the second fictional tome by Chris Warner set at the world-famous Flora-Bama Lounge & Package. It is another romantic, satirical tale seeking to draw semblance to Southern living, art, failed politics and pop culture.

With Amusement for All

With Amusement for All Pdf/ePub eBook Author: LeRoy Ashby
Editor: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 081314132X
FileSize: 1370kb
File Format: Pdf
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With Amusement for All by LeRoy Ashby Summary

Popular culture is a central part of everyday life to many Americans. Personalities such as Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan are more recognizable to many people than are most elected officials. With Amusement for All is the first comprehensive history of two centuries of mass entertainment in the United States, covering everything from the penny press to Playboy, the NBA to NASCAR, big band to hip hop, and other topics including film, comics, television, sports, dance, and music. Paying careful attention to matters of race, gender, class, technology, economics, and politics, LeRoy Ashby emphasizes the complex ways in which popular culture simultaneously reflects and transforms American culture, revealing that the world of entertainment constantly evolves as it tries to meet the demands of a diverse audience. Trends in popular entertainment often reveal the tensions between competing ideologies, appetites, and values in American society. For example, in the late nineteenth century, Americans embraced "self-made men" such as John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie: the celebrities of the day were circus tycoons P.T. Barnum and James A. Bailey, Wild West star "Buffalo Bill" Cody, professional baseball organizer Albert Spalding, and prizefighter John L. Sullivan. At the same time, however, several female performers challenged traditional notions of weak, frail Victorian women. Adah Isaacs Menken astonished crowds by wearing tights that made her appear nude while performing dangerous stunts on horseback, and the shows of the voluptuous burlesque group British Blondes often centered on provocative images of female sexual power and dominance. Ashby describes how history and politics frequently influence mainstream entertainment. When Native Americans, blacks, and other non-whites appeared in the nineteenth-century circuses and Wild West shows, it was often to perpetuate demeaning racial stereotypes -- crowds jeered Sitting Bull at Cody's shows. By the early twentieth century, however, black minstrel acts reveled in racial tensions, reinforcing stereotypes while at the same time satirizing them and mocking racist attitudes before a predominantly white audience. Decades later, Red Foxx and Richard Pryor's profane comedy routines changed American entertainment. The raw ethnic material of Pryor's short-lived television show led to a series of African-American sitcoms in the 1980s that presented common American experiences -- from family life to college life -- with black casts. Mainstream entertainment has often co-opted and sanitized fringe amusements in an ongoing process of redefining the cultural center and its boundaries. Social control and respectability vied with the bold, erotic, sensational, and surprising, as entrepreneurs sought to manipulate the vagaries of the market, control shifting public appetites, and capitalize on campaigns to protect public morals. Rock 'n Roll was one such fringe culture; in the 1950s, Elvis blurred gender norms with his androgynous style and challenged conventions of public decency with his sexually-charged performances. By the end of the 1960s, Bob Dylan introduced the social consciousness of folk music into the rock scene, and The Beatles embraced hippie counter-culture. Don McLean's 1971 anthem "American Pie" served as an epitaph for rock's political core, which had been replaced by the spectacle of hard rock acts such as Kiss and Alice Cooper. While Rock 'n Roll did not lose its ability to shock, in less than three decades it became part of the established order that it had originally sought to challenge. With Amusement for All provides the context to what Americans have done for fun since 1830, showing the reciprocal nature of the relationships between social, political, economic, and cultural forces and the way in which the entertainment world has reflected, refracted, or reinforced the values those forces represent in America.

Encyclopedia of American Indian Removal [2 volumes]

Encyclopedia of American Indian Removal [2 volumes] Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Daniel F. Littlefield Jr.,James W. Parins
Editor: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313360421
FileSize: 1495kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1495


Encyclopedia of American Indian Removal [2 volumes] by Daniel F. Littlefield Jr.,James W. Parins Summary

This work is a comprehensive encyclopedia of Indian removal that accurately presents the removal process as a political, economic, and tribally complicit affair. • Contains insightful information from 16 contributors • Presents Georgia Laws in 1828 and 1830 • Provides a chronological timetable of Indian removal • Includes an annotated bibliography of Indian removal to facilitate further research

The Furious Method

The Furious Method Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tyson Fury
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1473584531
FileSize: 339kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 339


The Furious Method by Tyson Fury Summary

The knock-out Sunday Times bestseller from BBC Sport Personality of the Year nominee, the People's Champion and Gypsy King: Tyson Fury ________________________________________ PICK YOURSELF UP OFF THE CANVAS. TRANSFORM YOUR BODY AND MIND. MAKE YOUR COMEBACK. ________________________________________ 'Tyson's story ranks as one of the greatest comebacks ever. Not just in sport.' Telegraph 'Full of tips on getting physically and mentally fitter ... a great antidote to battling lockdown blues.' Evening Standard From weighing twenty-eight stone and fighting a deep depression, to his amazing return to heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson opens up and share his inspiring advice and tips on diet, exercise regime, and his incredible journey back to a healthier body and mind. Frank, accessible and inspiring, The Furious Method is a feel-good and motivating tonic, full of inspirational advice for readers on how we can all improve our physical and mental health. And how we can all create a champion mind-set. Whatever your starting point or past set-backs, Tyson will show you how you can make your own comeback and start living your life to the fullest - fighting fit, mentally restored, and stronger than ever. ________________________________________ 'King of the ring ... king of how to make a regime work for you. [Passes] on the message without preaching, without lecturing' Chris Evans 'It's a very positive book, it's got some incredible things in here ... [this] book will help so many people' Roman Kemp 'A number of very useful tips ... A great example to anyone' Phillip Schofield 'It's a very open, honest book ... I think the advice in it is great.' Susanna Reid 'It's a great read ... a great book' Piers Morgan 'There's great humour in the book ... This is my favourite interview we've ever done' Holly Willoughby 'Inspirational ... must-have gift for Christmas' Alan Brazil 'The Furious Method is a feel-good and motivating tonic, full of inspirational advice for readers on how we can all improve our physical and mental health.' The Sportsman

A Belle of the Fifties (Expanded, Annotated)

A Belle of the Fifties (Expanded, Annotated) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Virginia Clay-Clopton,Ada Sterling
FileSize: 767kb
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A Belle of the Fifties (Expanded, Annotated) by Virginia Clay-Clopton,Ada Sterling Summary

She knew everyone and everyone knew her. A wealthy belle, married to prominent legislator, Clement Clay, she became one of Washington, D.C.'s great hostesses. This is as witty, gossipy, fashionable, and gritty a tale of antebellum Washington as you'll ever read. As her biographical researcher stated: "I have come upon no record of any other woman of her time who has filled so powerful a place politically, whose belleship has been so long sustained, or whose magnetism and compelling fascinations have swayed others so universally as have those of Mrs. Clay-Clopton." When the American Civil War came, however, she and her husband transferred their loyalty, services, and her "belleship" to the south. She describes in wonderful detail her life in Washington, the sorrows and privations of the war, and her husband's incarceration after the war during his life-threatening illness. Once the war was over, Virginia Clay was right back in the midst of high society in Washington. She took her plea for her husband's release personally to Secretary of War Stanton, Lieutenant-General Grant, and right into the office of President Andrew Johnson. Old northern friends embraced her warmly and she was astonished to be welcomed back into social circles. This volume is Abridged and Annotated. For less than you'd spend on gas going to the library, this long out-of-print volume is available as an affordable, well-formatted book for e-readers and smartphones. Be sure to LOOK INSIDE by clicking the cover above or download a sample.


Blood Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Allison Moorer
Editor: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 0306922673
FileSize: 1788kb
File Format: Pdf
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Blood by Allison Moorer Summary

The Grammy- and Academy Award- nominated singer-songwriter's haunting, lyrical memoir, sharing the story of an unthinkable act of violence and ultimate healing through art Mobile, Alabama, 1986. A fourteen-year-old girl is awakened by the unmistakable sound of gunfire. On the front lawn, her father has shot and killed her mother before turning the gun on himself. Allison Moorer would grow up to be an award-winning musician, with her songs likened to "a Southern accent: eight miles an hour, deliberate, and very dangerous to underestimate" (Rolling Stone). But that moment, which forever altered her own life and that of her older sister, Shelby, has never been far from her thoughts. Now, in her journey to understand the unthinkable, to parse the unknowable, Allison uses her lyrical storytelling powers to lay bare the memories and impressions that make a family, and that tear a family apart. Blood delves into the meaning of inheritance and destiny, shame and trauma -- and how it is possible to carve out a safe place in the world despite it all. With a foreword by Allison's sister, Grammy winner Shelby Lynne, Blood reads like an intimate journal: vivid, haunting, and ultimately life-affirming.

From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women in the World Volume IV

From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women in the World Volume IV Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marilyn French
Editor: The Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 1558616284
FileSize: 1669kb
File Format: Pdf
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From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women in the World Volume IV by Marilyn French Summary

The conclusion of the “remarkable” four-volume history by the New York Times–bestselling author of The Women’s Room (Publishers Weekly). In the twentieth century, women became a force for change, in part through suffrage, and in part through mass organizing. This final volume of Marilyn French’s wide-ranging survey offers a vibrant history of multiple political revolutions as well as the century’s horrors—including genocides and the atom bomb. It ends with a thoughtful investigation into the various indigenous feminist movements throughout the world and asks what these peaceful revolutions might augur for the future. Eschewing easy answers, French suggests that the defining moral moments of the twenty-first century should, and will, build from a global human rights agenda.

Bending Toward Justice

Bending Toward Justice Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Gary May
Editor: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465050735
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Bending Toward Justice by Gary May Summary

When the Fifteenth Amendment of 1870 granted African Americans the right to vote, it seemed as if a new era of political equality was at hand. Before long, however, white segregationists across the South counterattacked, driving their black countrymen from the polls through a combination of sheer terror and insidious devices such as complex literacy tests and expensive poll taxes. Most African Americans would remain voiceless for nearly a century more, citizens in name only until the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act secured their access to the ballot. In Bending Toward Justice, celebrated historian Gary May describes how black voters overcame centuries of bigotry to secure and preserve one of their most important rights as American citizens. The struggle that culminated in the passage of the Voting Rights Act was long and torturous, and only succeeded because of the courageous work of local freedom fighters and national civil rights leaders -- as well as, ironically, the opposition of Southern segregationists and law enforcement officials, who won public sympathy for the voting rights movement by brutally attacking peaceful demonstrators. But while the Voting Rights Act represented an unqualified victory over such forces of hate, May explains that its achievements remain in jeopardy. Many argue that the 2008 election of President Barack Obama rendered the act obsolete, yet recent years have seen renewed efforts to curb voting rights and deny minorities the act's hard-won protections. Legal challenges to key sections of the act may soon lead the Supreme Court to declare those protections unconstitutional. A vivid, fast-paced history of this landmark piece of civil rights legislation, Bending Toward Justice offers a dramatic, timely account of the struggle that finally won African Americans the ballot -- although, as May shows, the fight for voting rights is by no means over.

Protecting Alabama’s Kids: SEAL of Protection Military Romantic Suspense Novel

Protecting Alabama’s Kids: SEAL of Protection Military Romantic Suspense Novel Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susan Stoker
Editor: Susan Stoker
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Protecting Alabama’s Kids: SEAL of Protection Military Romantic Suspense Novel by Susan Stoker Summary

A second chance at happiness is rare, but they will stop at nothing for love and family. At just ten years old, Tommy has already been through more horror than most people suffer their entire lives. So when he’s placed in his latest foster home, under the gentle care of Abe and Alabama Powers, he lashes out. He’s scared, confused, angry…and convinced it won’t be long before these new foster parents send him away, too. No one wants a boy his age, especially one who’s broken, dirty. It’ll take all of Alabama and Abe’s love, the sibling adoration of his foster sisters, Brinique and Davisa, and Abe’s entire extended SEAL family to prove to Tommy that being nice, being respectful, and opening his heart to love are things he can choose. Even still, despite so much support, it’s hard for Tommy to believe he deserves a loving family, and a second chance at happiness. Until one of the most unexpected friends arrives, just when Tommy needs him the most. He’ll show the little boy just how special he is…even if he has to use a little magic to prove it. **Protecting Alabama's Kids is in the SEAL of Protection Series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s recommended you read the books in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the series. --- Read what others are saying about New York Times bestselling author, Susan Stoker: “Susan Stoker never disappoints. She delivers alpha males with heart and heroines with moxie.” Jana Aston, NYT Bestselling Author “No one does military romance like Susan Stoker!” Corinne Michaels, NYT Bestselling Author “Susan Stoker knows what women want. A hot hero who needs to save a damsel in distress…even if she can save herself!” CD Reiss, NYT Bestselling Author “When you pick up a Susan Stoker book you know exactly what you’re going to get…a hot alpha hero and a smart, sassy heroine. I can’t get enough!” Jessica Hawkins, USAT Bestselling Author “I love reading about men in uniform and Susan always delivers…the full package!” Kayti McGee “Susan writes the perfect blend of tough, alpha heroes and strong yet vulnerable heroines. I always feel emotionally satisfied at the end of one of her stories!” Meghan March, NYT Bestselling Author “One thing I love about Susan Stoker’s books is that she knows how to deliver a perfect HEA while still making sure the villain gets what he/she deserves!” T.M. Frazier, NYT Bestselling Author --- Read the entire SEAL of Protection romance series! Protecting Caroline Protecting Alabama Protecting Fiona Marrying Caroline Protecting Summer Protecting Jesskya Protecting Julie Protecting Melody Protecting the Future Protecting Kiera Protecting Alabama's Kids Protecting Dakota Topics: contemporary romance, military romance, series, romantic suspense series, mystery, bbw romance, funny romance, modern romance, urban romance, Texas, Texas romance, wealthy, USA today, USA today bestseller, homeless romance, city romance, smart romance, mystery, dogs in romance, lighthearted romance, hot romance, susan stoker, susan stoker romance, proposal, proposal romance, engagement, engagement romance, new york times bestseller romance, NYT romance, new york times romance, sexy, heartwarming, heart-warming, family, love, love books, kissing books, emotional journey, contemporary, contemporary romance, romance series, long series, long romance series, army, army series, former military, cop, police officer, policeman, cop romance, wealthy hero, firefighter, fireman, fireman romance, sassy, strong heroine, captivating romance, hot, hot romance, forbidden love, sparks, loyalty, swoon, contemporary, rescue, kidnap, handicap, justice, single mother, Texas, Officer, enlisted, daughter, shelter, claiming, defending, protect, drowning, forgiveness, second chance romance, damsel in distress, hospital, doctor, drama, action and adventure, action romance, Delta Force, Army romance, veteran, disabled veteran, former soldier, soldier, romantic, paraplegic, Killeen, Fort Hood, Alpha, commander, California, San Diego, Navy SEAL, Sailor, foster, imaginary friend, troll, paranormal, fantasy, children, brother, sister, interracial, adoptive parents, adopt, Other readers of Stoker's books enjoyed books by: Riley Edwards, Caitlyn O'Leary, Maryann Jordan, Dale Mayer, Lynn Raye Harris, Cat Johnson, Alexis Abbott, Meli Raine, Nicole Elliot, Lori Ryan, Meghan March, Kristin Ashley, Kris Michaels, Brittney Sahin, Sharon Hamilton, Catherine Cowles, Lexi Blake, Piper Davenport, Abbie Zanders, Lani Lynn Vale, and Kristen Proby.

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Can't Stop Won't Stop Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jeff Chang
Editor: St. Martin\'s Press
ISBN: 1429902698
FileSize: 1467kb
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Can't Stop Won't Stop by Jeff Chang Summary

Can't Stop Won't Stop is a powerful cultural and social history of the end of the American century, and a provocative look into the new world that the hip-hop generation created. Forged in the fires of the Bronx and Kingston, Jamaica, hip-hop became the Esperanto of youth rebellion and a generation-defining movement. In a post-civil rights era defined by deindustrialization and globalization, hip-hop crystallized a multiracial, polycultural generation's worldview, and transformed American politics and culture. But that epic story has never been told with this kind of breadth, insight, and style. Based on original interviews with DJs, b-boys, rappers, graffiti writers, activists, and gang members, with unforgettable portraits of many of hip-hop's forebears, founders, and mavericks, including DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Chuck D, and Ice Cube, Can't Stop Won't Stop chronicles the events, the ideas, the music, and the art that marked the hip-hop generation's rise from the ashes of the 60's into the new millennium.

Making Constitutional Law

Making Constitutional Law Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mark Tushnet
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195357653
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Making Constitutional Law by Mark Tushnet Summary

Following on Making Civil Rights Law, which covered Thurgood Marshall's career from 1936-1961, this book focuses on Marshall's career on the Supreme Court from 1961-1991, where he was the first African-American Justice. Based on thorough research in the Supreme Court papers of Justice Marshall and others, this book describes Marshall's approach to constitutional law in areas ranging from civil rights and the death penalty to abortion and poverty. It locates the Supreme Court from 1967 to 1991 in a broader socio-political context, showing how the nation's drift toward conservatism affected the Court's debates and decisions.

The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John A. Kirk
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119583624
FileSize: 1363kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Civil Rights Movement by John A. Kirk Summary

A new civil rights reader that integrates the primary source approach with the latest historiographical trends Designed for use in a wide range of curricula, The Civil Rights Movement: A Documentary Reader presents an in-depth exploration of the multiple facets and layers of the movement, providing a wide range of primary sources, commentary, and perspectives. Focusing on documents, this volume offers students concise yet comprehensive analysis of the civil rights movement by covering both well-known and relatively unfamiliar texts. Through these, students will develop a sophisticated, nuanced understanding of the origins of the movement, its pivotal years during the 1950s and 1960s, and its legacy that extends to the present day. Part of the Uncovering the Past series on American history, this documentary reader enables students to critically engage with primary sources that highlight the important themes, issues, and figures of the movement. The text offers a unique dual approach to the subject, addressing the opinions and actions of the federal government and national civil rights organizations, as well as the views and struggles of civil rights activists at the local level. An engaging and thought-provoking introduction to the subject, this volume: Explores the civil rights movement and the African American experience within their wider political, economic, legal, social, and cultural contexts Renews and expands the primary source approach to the civil rights movement Incorporates the latest historiographical trends including the "long" civil rights movement and intersectional issues Offers authoritative commentary which places the material in appropriate context Presents clear, accessible writing and a coherent chronological framework Written by one of the leading experts in the field, The Civil Rights Movement: A Documentary Reader is an ideal resource for courses on the subject, as well as classes on race and ethnicity, the 1960s, African American history, the Black Power and economic justice movements, and many other related areas of study.

The Raid

The Raid Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Lee Lynch
Editor: Bold Strokes Books Inc
ISBN: 1602828040
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The Raid by Lee Lynch Summary

Before Stonewall, having a drink with friends or your girl could mean jail. In 1961, The Old Town Tavern is more than just a gay bar. ItÕs a home to strangers who have become family. Murph, the dapper unschooled storyteller. Rockie Solomon, the gentle, generous observer. Lisa Jelane, in all her lonely dignity. Gorgeous Paul, so fragile, and his twin (straight?) sister Cissy. Deej, the angry innocent. Norman, plump and queenly lover of a college professor whoÕs happiest in schoolmarm drag. Harry Van Epps, police officer, and old Dr. Everett, ÒfamilyÓ physician. They drink, they dance, they fall in lust and in love. They donÕt even know who the enemy is, only that it is powerful enough to order the all-too-willing vice squad to destroy the bar and their lives. Would these women and men still have family, a job, a place to live afterÉThe Raid? This was how it was done then, this was the gay life, and this is the resilient gay will.

NFL Head Coaches

NFL Head Coaches Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Maxymuk
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 0786492953
FileSize: 1021kb
File Format: Pdf
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NFL Head Coaches by John Maxymuk Summary

The 466 men who have held the increasingly demanding and prestigious position of Head Coach in the National Football League and the two leagues that merged into it (the All America Football Conference of the 1940s and the American Football League of the 1960s) form an exclusive club. This book essentially answers three questions about every professional head coach since 1920: Who was he? What were his coaching approach and style, in terms of both leadership and gridiron tactics? How successful was he? Every entry begins with standard background information, followed by each coach’s yearly regular season and postseason coaching record, and then his statistical tendencies toward scoring, defense and play calling. The entry then addresses the three questions noted above.

You Can Go Home Again

You Can Go Home Again Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Patricia Claggett French
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1456875213
FileSize: 990kb
File Format: Pdf
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You Can Go Home Again by Patricia Claggett French Summary

This book is a compilation of stories and lifetime experiences over a seventy-one year period in the author’s life. From World War II through the Space Age: from childhood innocence through the adventures of adulthood. All of this, motivated by her desire for her children, grandchildren, and subsequent generations to see what she has seen, and know her as a person. “I’ve always wished I had asked my grandmothers more questions about their lives. I don’t think I’m unique in that respect,” she says. Its filled with humor, history, and simply the joy of living while striving to become the person you think you were meant to be.

The Wind in My Hair

The Wind in My Hair Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Masih Alinejad
Editor: Little, Brown
ISBN: 031654907X
FileSize: 1623kb
File Format: Pdf
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The Wind in My Hair by Masih Alinejad Summary

An extraordinary memoir from an Iranian journalist in exile about leaving her country, challenging tradition and sparking an online movement against compulsory hijab. A photo on Masih's Facebook page: a woman standing proudly, face bare, hair blowing in the wind. Her crime: removing her veil, or hijab, which is compulsory for women in Iran. This is the self-portrait that sparked 'My Stealthy Freedom,' a social media campaign that went viral. But Masih is so much more than the arresting face that sparked a campaign inspiring women to find their voices. She's also a world-class journalist whose personal story, told in her unforgettably bold and spirited voice, is emotional and inspiring. She grew up in a traditional village where her mother, a tailor and respected figure in the community, was the exception to the rule in a culture where women reside in their husbands' shadows. As a teenager, Masih was arrested for political activism and was surprised to discover she was pregnant while in police custody. When she was released, she married quickly and followed her young husband to Tehran where she was later served divorce papers to the shame and embarrassment of her religiously conservative family. Masih spent nine years struggling to regain custody of her beloved only son and was forced into exile, leaving her homeland and her heritage. Following Donald Trump's notorious immigration ban, Masih found herself separated from her child, who lives abroad, once again. A testament to a spirit that remains unbroken, and an enlightening, intimate invitation into a world we don't know nearly enough about, The Wind in My Hair is the extraordinary memoir of a woman who overcame enormous adversity to fight for what she believes in, and to encourage others to do the same.


Sociology Pdf/ePub eBook Author: David M. Newman
Editor: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1544373872
FileSize: 1497kb
File Format: Pdf
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Sociology by David M. Newman Summary

In Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, David Newman shows students how to see the "unfamiliar in the familiar"—to step back and see organization and predictability in their personal experiences. Through his approachable writing style and lively personal anecdotes, the author has maintained his goal from the first edition: to write a textbook that "reads like a real book." Many adopters of this book are fans of Peter Berger′s classic works, which helped introduce the idea of "social constructionism" to sociology. Newman uses the metaphors of "architecture" and "construction," to help students understand that society is not something that exists "out there," independently of themselves; it is a human creation that is planned, maintained, or altered by individuals. Using vivid prose, current examples, and recent data, the Thirteenth Edition presents a unique and thought-provoking overview of how society is constructed and experienced. Instead of surveying every subfield in sociology, the more streamlined coverage (14 chapters) focuses on the individual and society, the construction of self and society, and social inequality in the context of social structures. Give your students the SAGE Edge! SAGE Edge offers a robust online environment featuring an impressive array of free tools and resources for review, study, and further exploration, keeping both instructors and students on the cutting edge of teaching and learning. Learn more at