Ignou Exam Form June 2020 Last Date

Ignou Exam form June 2020 Last date is here now, to appear in the term-end exams of Ignou enrol today.

Ignou Exam form June 2020 Last date is 20th. May 2020. Ignou is also called the people’s university, it is the largest University around the world consisting more than 4 million students across. Ignou’s term end or Ignou upcoming TTE entrance exams are just about to come. Let’s help you in filling the Ignou term end exam form today. This process of filling the examination form of Ignou can be done online as well as offline. Once you check your eligibility and find you are eligible to fill the TTE form of Ignou this year let get going then. We find the online one more sensible as India fights COVID-19 this year with a huge Lockdown in India. Let us all go online to fill the ignou exam form online, let’s not go offline listen to the government and stay home and stay safe. The method online exam form fill up Ignou is not just faster it’s more reliable and safe as well. You can fill the form in minutes and end it paying your Exam fee status securely. Filling online also helps in paying the Ignou Exam fee status online, that is faster than the offline method. 

The offline method is quite tougher than the online one, and right now we suggest you not to go for it, according to the government COVID-19 or Coronavirus Lockdown in India. In the offline method, the individual candidate has to get the exam form of Ignou downloaded in the first place then he needs to take it for submission to the regional center. Once in the regional centre with the Ignou Exam form the student has to clear his/her fees of the tte exam in the concerned regional centre, pay via cheque, DD or Cash Challan according to your liking. The exam forms are also at times available at the regional exam centers of Ignou, but it’s recommended to stay home and stay safe during India Lockdown. It’s also reported that at this point most regional centers may not accept it offline and you need to get it done online. 

The Exam fee status for June 2020 is Rs150 per subject  

The fee for the tte exam or the Exam fee status for June 2020 is Rs 150 per subject, it’s been revised from the past Rs120 fee. The fee remains the same for both the theory or practical papers for Ignou exam June 2020. One must submit the fees via online or offline according to one’s liking as the fees remain the mandatory part to appear for the Ignou TTE June 2020 Exam. Students who have specific project work must get in contact with the concerned department in Ignou to get the detailed idea of the project fees.

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Few important points to keep in mind before you fill the Ignou Exam form

  1. The Assignment of the specific program you are studying must have been submitted at your respective study centre before you start filling the Exam for 2020 for Ignou.
  2. You need to make sure that your registration and admission as a student of Ignou is valid and ongoing.
  3. Have a right look at your past Ignou results properly before you apply for the ignou tte exam June 2020.
  4. The individual must make sure that he or she is eligible for the program applying for the Ignou term end exam June 2020.
  5. One must have cleared the minimum duration to be in before you go for your first exam. The Exam and admission duration must be valid before filling up the ignou exam form.
  6. Keep things straight, don’t make mistakes with the data in exam form. Things are simple and sorted all courses are listed separately for better readability.
  7. All the procedures and guidelines of Ignou must be followed while filling up the Ignou exam for June 2020. 

Important dates about the Ignou exam form June 2020.

One must be very serious about the term-end exams, the results affect the grade card of Ignou. So one must keep all the dates in mind so that you never miss any update over the ignou term end exam June 2020. We always have been telling you to get over the guidelines of the examination by Ignou exam. We request all the Ignou learners to fill the exam form before the last date that is mentioned as once the date goes by you don’t have the opportunity to give exams this June. 

  • Online start date to fill up remains intact on 11th March 2020.
  • The last date to apply without any late fee is April 30th 2020.
  • The last date to fill up the form with a late fee of Rs 1000 is 20th May 2020.

Important Notice on FST-1, BSHF-1 and BEVAE-181 exams.

The university has notified the following subjects FST-1, BSHF-1 and BEVAE-181 have been said to be done in the order of multiple-choice questions. These courses will be having proper exams in MCQ pattern hence the students of the respective courses are requested to study and prepare in the same way so that they can score in the right manner.

How to fill the Ignou exam for June 2020 online

  • Go to the Ignou online form page where you can submit your application form online.
  • Now you need to select your program code from the list and enter your valid program code and verify it once before you move to the next step.
  • Once done, now you can fill up your enrollment number given to you by the university.
  • Now that you are in the application, you need to select your regional centre from the drop-down menu, you select your regional center from the list and proceed. 
  • This is the important part now your main application form opens where you can alter and input all the necessary details. Enter your birth date and the gender and select the subject for which you want to appear in this academic session.
  • Now it’s time to click on the assignment submission tick box, you need to tick it as yes and submit the form after verifying it once. 
  • Now pay the Exam fee status and get your automatically generated control number by the university. 

Click here to fill the Ignou Exam for June 2020

What are the payment methods available online?

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card 
  • Net Banking

Can the student change the Ignou Exam center online?

Yes, this is the first time the university, Ignou has come up with a way to change the existing exam center to some other. We are attaching a link to this page so that you can directly reach the specific need of yours of changing your exam center for Ignou term end exam. The change of exam center can only be made in between the given dates of the university online.

Click here to get the list of the exam center for Ignou exam June 2020

One must also know that the Exam fee status for once filled is non-refundable. Hence its clear and evident that there is no refund policy acceptable with the Ignou exam for June 2020. The refund is only made if you have paid the Exam fee status more than once due to technical difficulties and payment gateway failures. If in case it’s not refunded automatically candidates can directly write an email to the grievance cell and they will surely look into the matter and offer a refund for such transactions. 

Students enrolled as International students,  have only one way to fill the ignou exam form that is online. The international students of Ignou are not allowed for any offline faculty of filling or submitting the payment offline. Hence each of the International students giving the examination of Ignou has to fill the ignou tte exam form online at the given dates.

The Ignou exam form is available for the students for checking its status exactly after 72 hours of submission. Every student can have a look at the status of the examination form after 72 hours. One can simply click here to get to the specific page where you can check the status of your online exam form of Ignou 2020

This is for the note to the students that the university released the Ignou hall ticket or the Ignou admit card around 7-10 days before the final exam in June. So it must be available for download in the last week of May 2020 online.

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