Ignou Passing marks out of 50, 70 and 100: Pass percentage

Ignou Passing marks out of 50, 70 and 100: Pass percentage

Ignou Passing marks out of 50, 70 and 100: Pass percentage

The Ignou term-end results are now out and declared, you can go to the Ignou official website to check your Ignou grade card and your Ignou Mark sheet. It’s time students know what is the ignou passing marks and pass percentage. Ignou is home to more than 4 million students, each student studying either Certificate, Bachelor or Masters Degree here. The university of Ignou is the largest around the world, Ignou is also called the world’s largest open university.

 Passing marks of Ignou plays an important role in the life of all ignou students. We wish our hope could make everyone pass in their term end exam of Ignou. We at IgnouDocs provide great quality free ignou assignments so that all students can download them and score great marks in their term end exam. Our Ignou solved assignments are quality based products, meeting the needs of the Ignou students securing the indira gandhi National Open University passing marks at least.

Indira Gandhi National Open university term-end results are now out, every student can now get to the official website and get the ignou mark sheet and ignou grade card. You can directly check the ignou passing marks and passing percentage on the official website only with your programme code and enrollment number of Ignou. The ignou mark sheet is visible and the students who have not cleared it with the ignou exam passing marks and passing percentage can reappear for the Ignou exam once again.

The students who have failed in the assignment must take help of the free ignou solved assignments listed on IgnouDocs. We have always been saying that the assignments play an important role in scoring high in Ignou term-end exams. We request all the students to focus on ignou assignments so that they can at least score ignou passing marks and pass percentage. You can regularly visit the ignou website to know more about Indira Gandhi National Open University passing marks. To know, how to write Ignou handwritten Assignments Click Here

Ignou Passing marks

What is the minimum passing marks in Ignou term end exam?

IGNOU also called Indira Gandhi National Open University the largest university across the globe offers many graduates, postgraduate and certificate programs to the students on a distance mode. Ignou is known for making education available at the remotest place in India and accessibility of education is what Ignou is all about. Ignou offers a large number of courses to the students of Indira Gandhi National Open University. The students who are working on their Master’s Degree have a minimum of 40 Marks out of 100 as the minimum passing marks of Ignou. For a Bachelor’s Degree, the students have to score of 35 out of 100 as the minimum passing percentage for Ignou.

For Masters Degree

  • Ignou passing marks for a masters degree is 40 Out of 100 
  • Ignou passing marks for a masters degree is 20 Out of 50 

For Bachelor’s Degree

  • Ignou passing marks for Bachelor’s degree is 35 Out of 100
  • Ignou passing marks for Bachelor’s degree is 18 Out of 50

The Ignou Assignments remain important for all students, it has been made mandatory for all the courses. The Ignou assignment carries around 30% of the marks and is mandatory to submit. The students should take a genuine interest in solving the assignments of ignou so that they can get passing marks in Ignou. Assignments are the key to scoring high, said most of the brilliant students and experienced professors of the eminent university. The best way to score higher is also studying Ignou previous years question papers, if you thoroughly study Ignou previous year question paper, the chances of crossing the ignou passing mark line stay much higher. Hence, we recommend all the students of Ignou to use proper previous year ignou question papers for term end exam preparation. 

Ignou solved assignment usage plays an important role in the higher scoring of the students. The students who use our free ignou solved assignments tend to score much higher than those who don’t rely on the quality based assignments. The students must focus on the assignments given by the university. The assignment is a major game player in the marks scored in ignou. The students who tend to use the solved ignou assignment score much higher than those who don’t. We recommend you to use our assignments and marks to ensure you have the ignou passing marks at least in your Ignou term-end examination.

How can you check the Ignou Passing Marks or Passing percentage

The students can now check the Ignou passing marks and the percentage they secured in their term-end examination online. All the information regarding percentage secured and marks secured are available on the Ignou grade card online. You can now visit the official Ignou website and have a look at the marks scored and also look at them all together ignou grade card. 

Let us help you through the steps in getting your online ignou mark sheet now, have a look at the points below to help yourself get the Ignou mark sheet. 

  • Visit the official Ignou website that is www.ignou.ac.in
  • Select the option of the term-end results
  • Enter your course and enrollment number
  • You can see you Ignou mark sheet
  • You also have an option to download your Ignou mark sheet

These are the important things to keep in mind to know how to score high, hot to attain ignou passing marks and hot to check and download your results online. The results are available online in both Term-end result format and the consolidated results can be found under the Ignou grade card format. You can also have a look at your grade card of Ignou, this gives you the total information about your score in the all three or two years of your bachelor’s or master’s degree. The Ignou Grade card can also be downloaded online, the grade card of ignou can be fetched using the program code and your designated Enrollment number. To know your ignou passing marks of bachelors or masters degree have a thorough read at our blog on Ignou passing marks and Ignou passing percentage given above.

In the previous days, we have seen and studied that the students showing keen interest in making their ignou assignments, using ignou solved assignments are the one who makes it to the top. These students are seen as the most focused students and they are the one who is always scoring high. Study says that the students who make sure the Ignou assignments are made with a lot of effort and they are made clean are the one who is above the general students. We at IgnouDocs help you to join the elite Army of Ignou students. We want you to be the scorers and the one who makes their parents and their country proud. These students not only receive valour after graduating but they also are the ones who get the best jobs. They are the ones to receive the highest paying jobs after they graduate from Ignou. Getting jobs is seen as the finest goal of the students, the students always strive to get the finest jobs and scoring high just keeps adding a feather to your cap. 

Ignou is not just the largest university in the world, it is also one of the best managed and technologically driven universities. The university is seen implementing various new technologies into various parts of it from learning to delivery it has been changing with the coming times. Indira Gandhi National Open University has always showcased its capabilities time and again it has been termed as the best Open university not only in India but also around the world. The university also has shown time and again its tremendous capabilities, it has shown how it can adapt to every situation and come out with flying colours. When spoken to the students about the testimonials of the university, they all had to rate it 5 out of 5. Students say that to them this university is not just an educational institution but it is somewhat a temple to them, they regard this university as Sarawati Mata. Such testimonials from the students are enough for the people around to understand the type of exposure and benefits in terms of education the university provides to its students.


It is prestigious to be a part of Ignou, it is prestigious to be a part of a history and history maker time and again. Ignou has proved itself as the best university in the past, it will do the same in the future. The students say the delivery of education is so prominent that none can ever doubt its ability. It’s not only being a part of a prestigious university, but it’s also about being part of the largest student organization around the globe. Being a part of such a big host of students can never stop impressing you. So to be a part of the largest and on growing university enrol today and be a part of Indira Gandhi National Open University and say with pride that I study in Ignou. Always remember the institute you study plays an important role in your future, and studying with such a great brand keeps your future in safe hands. We wish you great luck, stop worrying and join Ignou today, without a second thought.

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