Instructions on Ignou Assignments with Ignou Assignment Front Page

Instructions on Ignou Assignments with Ignou Assignment Front Page

Instructions on Ignou Assignments with Ignou Assignment Front Page



Instructions on Ignou Assignments with Ignou Assignment Front Page

We would cover all the necessary information one must be aware of before they start making their Ignou Assignment, this article also would give an insight on the front page of ignou assignment. Before we get going trying to understand all the rules and regulations of how to make the assignment and how to score well in ignou assignment, we request every student to make sure they are sure about everything they do, you must be double sure about the rules and regulations. Hence its a kind request that the students who are preparing the Ignou Assignments make sure that they read the section properly and make a proper idea of how things are to be done. This could indeed help students to get better scores on their Grade Card of Ignou. 

Most students who study through IGNOU, have some queries in common. They ask about these to us via multiple platforms. Let us also get together solving all our common problems. The most important question most students ask is, how does the ignou assignment front page look like? How to make the ignou assignment front page? The front page of Ignou assignment has an important role. Each assignment students submit to the regional study centre must have a proper ignou assignment front page. The front page of ignou assignment has been made compulsory for each and every ignou assignment you submit. The Ignou assignment front page helps the evaluator in many different ways in evaluating your assignment given by ignou. This front page also brings a lot of swiftness into the evaluation process and keeps it transparent hence the university has made it mandatory in every assignment you submit to the study center. To know, how to write Ignou handwritten Assignments Click Here


Instructions on Ignou Assignments with Ignou Assignment Front Page

The IGNOU assignment front page or IGNOU assignment cover page

Ignou assignment front page is available for download below.

Once students get the help of the free ignou solved assignment of IgnouDocs and make the assignment they are now worried about how to submit it. This is when the students must get into making the ignou assignment cover page or the Ignou assignment front page. This page is where the students make the most of the mistakes, one must be very cautious while designing the cover page. In the upcoming list, we have made a list of important points that must be available on the ignou assignment cover page or the front page. Every given detail on the list is a mandate to be written on the ignou assignment front page or the ignou assignment cover page.

  • Full Name of the Ignou Programme you are studying
  • The Course code
  • The Course Title of Ignou 
  • Assignment Code
  • Study Center according to your ID card
  • Session Month with Year
  • Your Mobile Number 
  • Your Enrollment Number 
  • Enter your Name (Student Name)
  • Your Residential address
  • Your Signature 
  • Submission Date


Important instruction on making or preparing your Ignou assignment

  • The entire assignment must be written only on A4 size papers also known as foolscap papers. The paper must be thick enough so that it looks good.
  • Make sure you leave some space at the end of your answer as well as at the end of the paper so that the evaluator is able to jot down some remarks there. Such things count a lot while portraying a skill set. 
  • According to the Ignou university officials it is recommended to use the scaled or ruled papers instead of using blank or clear sheets of pages. Ruled papers are not only recommended but also they are helpful in writing neatly.
  • The official website says students must use either Black or Blue pens while writing the assignments for Ignou. Under no circumstance, the officials will allow the students making the assignment to use the Red coloured pens.
  • It is mandatory that the Ignou assignments have to be handwritten, you cannot print the assignment and submit the printed file to the regional centre.   
  • The University also says that they don’t allow the copy of answers from any of their study material directly, the student must write it on their own. Copying anything directly from any unit of the block will attract a zero on the question.
  • One must make sure they don’t copy the assignment from other students if copied and found the student’s assignment will be rejected directly without any notice.
  • Every assignment is different, the students must write all the assignments differently, none of the Ignou assignments is the same. So the students must not make a single file for all the Ignou assignments. All ignou solved assignments must be submitted and prepared differently.
  • The students must make sure they write every question before they write the answers in the Ignou assignment, this is a mandatory warning by the university.
  • Once the Ignou Assignments are made, arrange them properly, use the ignou assignment cover page or the ignou assignment front page and then spiral bind the assignment. 
  • The assignment once ready the students have to visit the study center assigned to the student. The student needs to be there personally and submit the assignment himself to the concerned authorities at the Ignou study center.  
  • Once submitted the Ignou solved assignment, the students should make sure to take the receipt from the concerned authorities before leaving.
  • Ahh! You are now done, you can leave the centre, your Ignou assignments are made and submitted at the right place. 

Make sure you do the things correctly and in case of doubt read the blog, again and again, to make sure things are done properly. The Ignou assignments are very important; they carry 30% of the marks weightage which is important to score higher. So make sure the assignments of Ignou are done in the best way possible. Best wishes scoring high.

Ignou assignment front page download Here

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